Check 06-22-24 Updated Home Pages.
Updated Pages:
Truro Engine 483
Truro Tender 484
Truro Ambulance 486
West Barnstable Forestry 295
Duxbury new Car 3
Duxbury Squad 1
Kingston Ambulance 2
Kingston C1
Kingston Breaker 74
Onset Car 2
Onset DFS ISU-3
Plymouth C18
Plymouth E5


Check 06-19-24 Updated Home Pages.
Updated Pages:
Hyannis Marine 809 (Marine 2)
Sandwich new Engine 454
Wellfleet Ladder 93
Wellfleet new Engine 95
Chilmark new Engine 121
Edgartown Ambulance Echo 90
Edgartown Ambulance Echo 91
Oak Bluffs Chief 510
Oak Bluffs Deputy 511
Oak Bluffs Ambulance Oscar 90
Oak Bluffs Ambulance Oscar 91
Oak Bluffs Ambulance Oscar 92
Oak Bluffs Forestry 530
Fire Stations
Chilmark new Headquarters
Chilmark new Tri-Town Ambulance Station
Yarmouth FD new Deputy Scott Smith.


Check 06-11-24 Updated Home Pages.
New Features:
Sandwich 2nd Alarm, Daniel Webster Inn June 11, 2024
Vineyard Trip June 2024
Wareham Engine 5 & Equipment May 2024

05-21-24 Updated Home Pages.
New Features:
COMM Intern Graduates 05-17-24
Brewster W/F Sea Pines Inn, Main Street, 05-20-24
COMM Helps Celebrate Citizen's 100th Birthday 05-21-24


Check 04-30-24 Updated Home Pages.
New West Barnstable Fire Chief Dave Paananen.
COMM Fire Chief Mike Winn plans June Retirement.
Bourne Fire Chief Dave Cody announces July Retirement.
Photo Features:
West Barnstable Change of Command April 29, 2024.
Onset 3rd Alarm Fire Fearing Street 04-29-24


Check 04-28-24 Updated Home Pages.
Dennis Funeral and Tribute to (ret) FF/Paramedic Nancy Moyer.
Eastham 2nd Alarm Colony Road.
West Barnstable Retirement of Fire Chief Joe Maruca and promotion of new Fire Chief David Paananen.




Check 04-09-24 Updated Home Pages.
Feature: Solar Eclipse 2024.
Feature: Dennis 2nd Alarm Great Western Road.
Apparatus Updates:
West Barnstable ET-296 Retired
West Barnstable L-297 Retired
West Barnstable 'new' Engine 297
Plymouth Engine 1 Refurb
Plymouth Engine 6 update
Lakeville Car 1
Lakeville new Ladder Tower 1
Onset Car 3


Check 04-04-24 Updated Home Pages.
Dennis FD Regrets to announce the passing of (ret) FF/Paramedic Nancy Moyer on April 3, 2024.
West Barnstable FD will promote Deputy Dave Pannanen to West Barnstable Fire Chief on Sunday April 28, 2024.



Check 03-28-24 Updated Home Pages.
Feature: Yarmouth Retirements, Deputy Sawyer and Capt Huck March 27, 2024.
Retirement of Provincetown Deputy James Roderick.
Updated Apparatus pages:
Wellfleet Ladder 93
Wellfleet UTV
Orleans Car 171 new

03-14-24 Updated Home Pages.
West Barnstable Fire Chief Joe Maruca retiring April 28, 2024.
Yarmouth Deputy Jon Sawyer retiring Mar 27, 2024
Apparatus Updates:
COMM C321 new
COMM C322 new
COMM C329 reassigned
COMM A327 Update
Carver C2 Update
Carver F24 Update
Carver EMS C1 new
Carver EMS C3 new
Carver EMS A1 new
Lakeville C2 update
Onset C1 new
Plymouth C3 update
Plymouth C8
Plymouth C9
Plymouth C10
Plymouth C11
Plymouth C12
Plymouth C13
Plymouth C15
Wareham S1 update


Check 02-22-24 Updated Home Pages.

Check 02-11-24 Updated Home Pages.
Updated some Apparatus Pages with photos and info:
Falmouth Eng 10
Falmouth Eng 20
Falmouth Eng 21
Falmouth Eng 22
Yarmouth New Amb 54
Yarmouth Car 568
Wareham Breaker 403
Plymouth Car 7
Plymouth Car 10
Plymouth Engine 10
Plymouth Tower 1
Plymouth B179


Check 01-23-24 Updated Home Pages.
Updated some Apparatus Pages, photos or info:
Carver Car 1
Carver Car 2
Carver Spare Car 3
Falmouth Engine 20
Falmouth Engine 21
Falmouth Engine 22
Nantucket A-1
Nantucket E-4
Nantucket E-7
Plymouth Car 1
Plymouth Car 2
Plymouth Car 3
Plymouth Car 8
Plymouth Car 9
Plymouth Car 12
Plymouth Car 13
Updates Stations Construction:
Dennis Station 2
Falmouth Hatchville Station
Plymouth Sta 2
Plymouth Sta 5

Check 01-15-24 Updated Home Pages.
Truro A-489
PTown C-590
Updated many Department Pages
Joint Base FD Page
Hyannis FD Page

01-13-24 Updated Home Pages.
Updated some Department Pages

Check 01-11-24 Updated Home Pages.
Posted Approx 2023 Run Totals

NOTE: I am trying to maintain the website while making a transition to a newer computer (Windows 11).

From the beginning in 2000, the website has always been built using MS Frontpage (2003). Unfortunately, that software, because of its "age" (and mine), isn't really supported that well any more, making it difficult to know if the pages look the way they should or not. Very frustrating!

I hope to find ways to keep the site up to date, while hopefully learning and building a new parallel site (using Adobe Dreamweaver & Bootstrap?) The learning curve is challenging and time consuming. If anyone out there has experience with those, I could use a mentor!  EMAIL me if you might like to help!

The shear amount of pages, photos, and history of this site over 23 years is so massive! I don't want to lose the important history, but would love to get the site updated and responsive for newer technology.

Hopefully, the site can be maintained for all of you to use. Someday, that might be a problem. For now, fingers crossed.

Check 01-02-24 Updated Home Pages.
Posted Features:
Falmouth Mayday 3rd Alarm Rivers Edge 121723
Falmouth 3rd Alarm 176 Main St
New Years Day



Check 12-31-23 Updated Home Pages.
Updated Apparatus:
COMM A-324 New
COMM A-327 Reassigned (was 324)
HYA C-804 - new
HYA C-805 - new
FAL C15 - Reassigned
FAL C16 - Renumbered

Added Feature: BCSO Asst Chief Deputy James Fletcher Retirement 12-29-23

Check 12-13-23 Updated Home Pages.
Posted Feature:
Florida Trip - March 2023

12-1-23 Updated Home Pages.
Posted Full Multi-Page Photo Feature:
Posted Feature:
COMM Fire Wianno Ave 11-26-23

Check 11-22-23 Updated Home Pages.
Provincetown WF 616 Commercial St.

Check 11-18-23 Updated Home Pages.
Features Added:
Barnstable Promotions & Recognition 2023.
Yarmouth Remembers Chief Randy Sherman

Check 11-08-23 Updated Home Pages.
Retired Yarmouth Fire Chief C. Randall Sherman, age 71, passed away Nov 1, 2023. He was Chief 2004-2008.

10-31-23 Updated Home Pages.
Feature Updated:
Features Added Pages:
Fireboat - Chiba City, Japan
Fireboat - Hatsukaichi City, Japan
Fireboat - Hiroshima, Japan
Fireboat - Ichikawa City, Japan
Fireboat - Kawasaki City, Japan
Fireboat - Kobe 1, Japan
Fireboat - Kobe 2 CG, Japan
Fireboat - Osaka, Japan
Fireboat - Sakai City, Japan
Fireboat - Tokyo 1-Rinko, Japan
Fireboat - Tokyo 2-Takanawa, Japan
Fireboat - Tokyo 3-Hamacho, Japan
Fireboat - Yokohama 1, Japan
Fireboat - Yokohama 2, Japan

10-26-23 Updated Home Pages.
Updated and New Apparatus:
Harwich Car 76
Falmouth Car 15
Mattapoisett Engine 3
Carver Car 3
Cotuit-Sandwich Ambulance 275

Check 10-17-23 Updated Home Pages.
New Sandwich FD Deputy Sean Butler and other promotions
New Dennis FD Asst Chief Geoff Mulholland and other promotions
New Features:
COMM Mourns 2 Past Members
COMM FD Recognition Night 2023
Sandwich Retirement Capt Bob Black and Promotions Oct 17, 2023

10-16-23 Updated Home Pages.
Dennis FD has promoted Geoff Mulholland as the new Asst Chief, other promotions...
Sandwich FD is promoting Sean Butler as Deputy Chief, numerous other promotions.

Check 09-19-23 Updated Home Pages.
COMM FD Mourning 2 retired members:
Ret Capt Miles J "Mac" Pawloski Sept 16
Ret FF Gary Johnson
Sept 17
On Special Assignment - Japan.
NOTE: 10-11-23. Unfortunately, I had some trouble posting updates from Japan. Home again and have some catching up to do!

Check 09-02-23 Updated Home Pages.
Approaching 23rd Anniversary of Launch of on Sept 11, 2000.
Updated Pages/photos
Barnstable new Car 200
Harwich Car 76

Check 08-24-23 Updated Home Pages.
Updated Pages, added Photos:
Fireboats Main Page
Fireboat Sandwich MA
Fireboat New Bedford MA

Check 08-14-23 Updated Home Pages.
Added New features:
Bourne FD Clam Boil Aug 13, 2023
Mashpee Promotions Capt Thayer & Lt Montesi Aug 14, 2023

Check 08-12-23 Updated Home Pages.
Mashpee new C370
New Features:
Cape Cod Tornado - M Mills Aug 8, 2023.
Boston-Fenway - Royals v Sox Aug 8, 2023
Cotuit Captain  Promotions Aug 11, 2023

Check 08-07-23 Updated Home Pages.
Plymouth (ret) Firefighter Dale J Melanson, age 58, passed away from ALS.
Plympton Fire Department's New Fire Chief Cheryl Davis replaced retired Chief Steve Silva.
Cotuit Forestry 260
Cotuit new Officers

Check 08-03-23 Updated Home Pages.
Falmouth Car 31
Falmouth Car 32
Cotuit Car 260

Check 07-26-23 Updated Home Pages.
Osterville MVC Wianno Ave July 26, 2023


Check 07-17-23 Updated Home Pages.
New Feature:
RI Muster - SPAAMFAA 2023

Check 07-08-23 Updated Home Pages.

Check 07-04-23 Updated Home Pages.
New Feature:
Sandwich Deputy Tim McMahon Retired.

Check 06-28-23 Updated Home Pages.
Falmouth Ambulance 34 in service
Falmouth Car 32 Medic (was 34)
Falmouth moved around several units

Check 06-24-23 Updated Home Pages.
Apparatus Updates:
Bourne Ambulance 132 was A136
Bourne Ambulance 133
Bourne Ambulance 134
Bourne Ambulance 135 New
Bourne Ambulance 136 New
Bourne Marine 130-Alpha Renumbered
Bourne Marine 130-Bravo Renumbered
Bourne Marine 130-Charlie Renumbered
Sandwich Ambulance 456 - A2
Sandwich Ambulance 457 - A4 was A3
Sandwich Ambulance 458 - A1
Sandwich Ambulance 459 - A3 New
Hyannis Ambulance 831 - A1
Hyannis Ambulance 832 - A2
Hyannis Ambulance 833 - A3
Hyannis Ambulance 834 - A4
Hyannis Ambulance Spare
Hyannis Car 802A - Car 2 Alpha Asst Chief
Hyannis Car 802B - Car 2 Bravo Deputy
Hyannis E1 Ahrens Fox
Hyannis E5 Mack
Provincetown Ambulance 596

Apparatus Page
Bourne Roster
Sandwich Roster
Falmouth Roster
Hyannis Roster
Provincetown Roster

Check 06-20-23 Updated Home Pages.
Posted Features:
MAFAA Wilmington Muster 2023
Hyannis - Fire on the SSA Katama

Check 06-12-23 Updated Home Pages.
Retired Bourne Deputy Chief James "Jimmy" Newell, age 73, passed away on June 2, 2023.
Sandwich Deputy Chief Timothy McMahon will be retiring on July 3, 2023.
Updated Hyannis Dept page.

Check 06-04-23 Updated Home Pages.
Hyannis recent promotions:
Assistant Chief Mark Storie
Deputy Chief Greg Dardia
Joint Base Promotion:
Acting Fire Chief Dennis Ragazzini
Posted Features:
Bourne Firefighter Safety Training May 10
Hyannis Local 2172 Firefighter Retiree Breakfast June 2, 2023
The Harwich FD Bank Street Station Project
A number of Apparatus Updates are coming as they become more definitive.

Check 05-31-23 Updated Home Pages.
Joint Base Fire Chief Jackson Emery Retirement 05-30-23.
Apparatus Updates:

Check 05-25-23 Updated Home Pages.
Joint Base Fire Chief Jackson Emery is retiring after 36 years. Last day coffee on Tuesday May 30, 2023 10-2.
New Features:
Falmouth FD History and Apparatus
Webster Tri-State Muster 2023

Check 05-17-23 Updated Home Pages.
Apparatus Updates:
Bourne F127
Marion F127
Middleboro A-1
Middleboro A-2
Onset Tanker 1
Wareham Car 1
Wareham Car 2
Wareham Car 3
Wareham Car 7
Wareham Squad 4
Wareham Tower 1

Stations Updates
Dennis Station 2 Const
Falmouth Station 6 Const

Department Profile Updates:
Bourne Fire Dept
Wareham Fire Dept

Updated Mutual Aid Page
Updated M/A Run Cards:
01 - Bourne
02 - Sandwich
03 - Joint Base
04 - Falmouth
05 - Mashpee
06 - Cotuit
07 - COMM
08 - Hyannis
09 - West Barnstable
10 - Barnstable
11 - Yarmouth
12 - Dennis
13 - Brewster
14 - Harwich
15 - Chatham
16 - Orleans
17 - Eastham
18 - Wellfleet
19 - Truro
20 - Provincetown

Check 05-08-23 Updated Home Pages.
Retired Otis Fire Department Chief Calvin Hitchcock, age 93, passed away April 17, 2023.
Added/Updated Station profiles:
Dennis Station 2 Construction
Falmouth Hatchville Station 6 Construction
Edgartown Approved new Station
Provincetown Police Station Construction
Updated Apparatus Pages:
Falmouth Engine 24 update
Harwich new Car 60 was C61
Harwich new Car 61
Harwich new Car 62
Harwich new Car 63  was C62
Harwich new Car 76
Yarmouth new Car 562
New Feature:
Provincetown "Run to the Top" 2023.


Check 04-30-23 Updated Home Pages.
Apparatus numbers 270-279 formerly with Cape Cod National Seashore reassigned to Cotuit Fire Dept. CCNS Apparatus currently no longer assigned Barnstable County radio numbers.
Cotuit - Breaker 267 no longer a Cotuit Asset.
The 2001 International/Murphy breaker will be a JBCC asset after a refurbishing.
Cotuit - Skid unit may be placed in C-260
Cotuit new Deputy - Car 270
Dennis - Engine 111 back from refurbishing
Eastham - Ambulance 162 refurbed as 3rd
Eastham - new Ladder Quint 157
Eastham - Tanker 157 no longer
Falmouth - Fire Alarm Truck 19 no longer
Harwich new Ambulance 75
Harwich new Car 60 was C61
Harwich new Car 61
Harwich new Car 62
Harwich new Car 63  was C62
Harwich new Ladder Quint 66
Harwich retired Engine 69 - not replaced
Wellfleet - Deputy Car 82 - Deputy Cappello
Wellfleet - Utility Car 83
Yarmouth new Car 58 Fire Prev

Dennis Fire Chief Robert "Buster" Brown Retired April 28, 2023.
Dennis new Fire Chief Christopher Guerreiro now Car 101

Hyannis promoted Deputy Mark Storie to newly created Assistant Fire Chief position. Captain Greg Dardia promoted to Deputy Chief. More to follow.

Departments Updates:
Updated Cotuit
Updated Yarmouth
Updated Dennis
Updated Harwich
Updated Eastham
Updated Wellfleet

Rosters Updated:
Updated Falmouth Roster
Updated Cotuit Roster
Updated West Barnstable Roster
Updated Yarmouth Roster
Updated Dennis Roster
Updated Harwich Roster
Updated Eastham Roster
Updated Wellfleet Roster

Sandwich Brush Tarragon Trl April 10, 2023
Dennis Chief Brown Retires April 28, 2023


Check 04-25-23 Updated Home Pages.

Check 04-12-23 Updated Home Pages.
Dennis Fire Department Chief Robert "Buster" Brown will retire in April.
Asst Chief Christopher Guerreiro will become the new Dennis Chief. Congratulations!
Yarmouth Fire Department new Fire Chief Enrique Arrascue was sworn in April 4, 2023. Congratulations.
Cotuit Fire Department new Deputy Shane Clark.

Added Pages & photos to fireboat Pages:
Added New Pages
 - Boca Raton, FL - FB 3
 - Cape Coral, FL - FB 9
 - North River - Palmetto, FL - FB 516
 - Destin, FL - Boat 9
 - Orange Beach, AL - FB 2 & 5
 - Hopewell, VA - FB 1
 - James City County, VA - FB 1
 - Newport News 2 - FB 2
 - Poquoson, VA - FB 1

Updated Pages
 - Newport News, VA - FB 1
 - Spotsylvania, VA - FB 2
 - FLORIDA Boats


Check 03-21-23 Updated Home Pages
Added Pages & photos to fireboat Pages:
Added Historic Photos
 - FDNY Historic P3 - "The New Yorker"
 - FDNY Historic P5 - "Thomas Willett"
 - FDNY Historic P6 - "William J Gaynor"
 - FDNY Historic P8 - "John H Glenn Jr"

Added Page & Photos
 - Groton Long Point Fireboat "G230"
 - New Fairfield - Squantz Fireboat
Updated -
Added Page and Photos
 - Towson MD Fire Museum

Updated - MARYLAND Boats
Added Page & Photos
 - Chesterfield County, VA Fireboat
 - Spotsylvania County, VA Fireboat
Updated - VIRGINIA Boats
Added Page & Photos
 - Denver, NC Fireboat
 - Long Bridge, NC Fireboat
 - Sherrills Ford Terrell Fireboat
Added Page

Check 03-08-23 Yarmouth Fire Department has selected COMM FD Captain Enrique Arrascue to become the next YFD Fire Chief.

Check 03-05-23 Updated Home Pages.
Updated a couple Department pages.
Updated a couple other pages

Check 02-26-23 Added a Feature
A look back about 50 years to my

Check 02-23-23 Updated Fireboats Page.

Check 02-21-23 Updated Home Pages.
2022 Run Totals Updated.
New Truro C480.
Updated photos of new Dennis Station 2 Construction.

Check 02-17-23 Updated Home Pages.
Mashpee new C372, C373, C376
Joint Base new R421, Ranger
Joint Base Update C415, F422, F423, F601
Feature COMM Housefire Capt Deyoung Ter. M Mills 021223.
Updated Department Pages.


Check 02-10-23 25TH ANNIVERSARY of Provincetown Whaler's Wharf Fire, Feb 10, 1998.

Check 02-08-23 Updated Home Pages and a few other pages.


Check 01-27-23 Posted Photos from the Services for COMM FD Retired Deputy Chief Phil Field.

Check 01-21-23 Saddened to report the passing of COMM FD Retired Deputy Philip Field ,age 66, on Jan 21, 2023. He was one of the first Paramedics on Cape Cod and in Massachusetts.
Featured photos of Deputy Field


Check 01-12-23 Updated Home Pages
Early 2022 Run Stats.


Check 12-31-22 Updated Home Pages
Posted Feature:
COMM Structure Fire Partridge Way.


Check 12-24-22 Updated Home Pages.
New Apparatus:
Eastham A163, A164
Hyannis A1 (831)
Updated the Hyannis apparatus pages
New Features:
COMM WF Route 149 Dec 8, 2022
Hyannis WF Bay Shore Road Dec 14, 2022
Updated a number of other pages including various Apparatus, Departments, Rosters.

NOTE: This Update was delayed a few weeks following an unfortunate and complete computer hard drive failure and the associated recovery and rebuilding process.

12-03-22 Updated Home Pages.
New Chatham Fire Chief Justin Tavano and Deputy Chief Ryan Clarke.
Retired Lakeville Fire Chiefs Douglas Mills and Roger Hamilton both passed away.
Features Added:
Harwich Dedicated new Ladder 66
Chatham new Fire Chief Justin Tavano
Hyannis Retirement Party Paul Medeiros.
Update New Harwich Ladder 66
Harwich Engine 69 Retired
12-03-22 is 23RD ANNIVERSARY
of the Worcester Cold Storage Building Fire that claimed the lives of 6 Worcester Firefighters on Dec 3, 1999.

Check 11-21-22 Updated Home Pages.
New Barnstable Fire Chief Christopher Beal and Deputy Kevin Brailey.
Barnstable Chief Pulsifer Retired Nov 17
Barnstable Promotional Ceremony Chief Beal, Deputy Brailey, Others Nov 19, 2022.


Check 11-05-22 Updated Home Pages.
Wareham recently promoted Capt Mark Rogers to Wareham Asst Chief.
New Eastham Squad 160
Hyannis - Dive/Water Rescue Hyannis Harbor 110522
Hyannis - Vehicle Fire Walton Ave 110522


Check 10-31-22 Updated Home Pages.
Retired Wellfleet Fire Chief Warren F Dyer, age 94, Passed away Oct 21, 2022.
Posted new features:
Hyannis:  Hyannis Retirement Party Lt KC Pike 102222
Orleans: Orleans Dedication New E175 102622
County: Cape Cod Center for Training Dennis Demo 102722
COMM: COMM Retirement Party 102822

Check 10-12-22 Updated Home Pages.
Posted new features:
WBFD Wake for John P Jenkins Oct 7, 2022
WBFD Funeral for Chief Jenkins Oct 8, 2022
Hyannis 3rd Alarm, Yachtsman Condos, Ocean Street, Oct 8, 2022

Check 10-05-22 Updated Home Pages.
Plan for Chief Jenkins' Services.
Remembering Chief Jenkins

Chatham Fire Chief Dave DePasquale planning Retirement in November. Deputy Chief Justin Tavano to become next Chief.

Check 10-01-22 New Nantucket Fire Chief Micahel Cranson.

Check 09-29-22 Updated Home Pages.
Apparatus Updates
Cotuit Car 269
West Barnstable Car 292
Harwich Car 62
New Special Feature
West Barnstable Tanker Shuttle Drill

Check 09-28-22 Updated Home Pages.
Retired West Barnstable Fire Chief John P Jenkins, age 77, has passed away Sept 28, 2022.

Check 09-25-22 Updated Home Pages.
Updated some pages and features.



Check 09-22-22 Updated Home Pages.
Barnstable Fire Chief Frank Pulsifer announced November pending retirement. Deputy Chris Beal to move up to Chief.
Posted new Special Feature:
Road Trip Long Island - CT - Upstate NY. Lots of pictures.
Major Update of
Fireboats Feature.
Added a BUNCH of New Fireboats, photos
New Pages Added
Alexandria Bay, NY - Fireboat 371
Boght, NY - Fireboat "Boat 1"
Brewerton, NY - Fireboat "WR-1"
Center Moriches, LI, NY - Boat "5-4-26"
Clayton, NY - Fireboat "14-7-1"
East Marion, LI, NY Boat
East Moriches, LI, NY - Boat "5-7-26"
Flanders, LI, NY - Boat "9-7-9"
Greenport, LI, NY - Marine "8-3-10"
Henderson, NY - Fireboat "M-1"
Montauk, LI, NY - Fireboat "M-2" 
North Sea, LI, NY - Fireboat "7-4-20" 
Orient, LI, NY - Fireboat "8-1-11"
Old Forge, NY - Fireboat "M-202"
Poughkeepsie, NY - Fireboat "M-1"
Quaker Springs, NY - Fireboat "M-508"
ackets Harbor, NY - Fireboat "40-7-3"
Sag Harbor, LI, NY - Dive Boat
Shelter Island, LI, NY - Fireboat "M-10"
Skaneateles, NY - Fireboat "WR-2"
Union Springs, NY - Fireboat "WR-1"
Verdoy, NY - "Fireboat 11"

Danbury, CT - Marine 1
Sherman, CT - Marine 7

New Boat Added
Patchogue, LI, NY - New FB "5-19-26"

Pages Updated
Bellport, LI, NY  - Fireboat
Lake George, NY - "Marine 1"
Port Jefferson, LI, NY - "Marine 6"


Check 09-11-22 Updated Home Pages.

Remembering 21Years Since 9/11/01.
Updated photos:
Plymouth B176, B173
Kingston E4, B75
Special Feature Back Online:
Cape Cod Brush Breakers
My original Photo Feature. Rebuilding.
Much more to follow, but posted in Honor of 9/11 and our 22nd Anniversary.

Check 09-02-22 Updated Home Pages.
Nantucket Fire Chief Steve Murphy Retired
Posted New Features
COMM FPO Grossman Retirement
ROAD TRIP Maine & Portland Fire Museum
Update - Fireboats Features with new boats
Augusta FD Boat,
Bangor Fireboat,
South Portland Fireboat.

Check 08-23-22 Updated Home Pages
Updated Apparatus Plymouth County Page
Updated Fireboats Page
Updated New Bedford Fireboat
New Apparatus:
Hyannis new C-8
West Barnstable Chief Car 291
Updated apparatus:
Mattapoisett A-412
Marion Tower 1

Check 08-20-22 Posted Feature Mattapoisett Boatyard Fire 5th Alarm.  

Check 08-19-22  
Major 5 Alarm+ Fire at Mattapoisett Boat Yard. More to follow.

Check 08-11-22  Updated Home Pages.
Updated many Department pages.
New feature on Hyannis Lt/Paramedic KC Pike Retirement.

Check 07-12-22  Updated Home Pages.
Posted photo feature of 4 Alarm Mashpee Structure Fire at Summerfield Park 800 Falmouth Road today.
Middleborough Fire Chief Lance Benjamino Retired July 11, 2022.

Check 07-08-22  Updated Home Pages.
Added photos of Retired Chatham Deputy Dick Hunter Services June 30, 2022.
Updated several Apparatus:
Duxbury "new" C1, new Squad 1
Kingston new Tower 1, update Marine 1
Lakeville new A-3, new S-3
Duxbury Fire Chief Kevin Nord is retiring on July 15, 2022 after 18 years as Chief and nearly 45 years service. Deputy Rob Reardon will be new Chief, and Brian Monahan will become Deputy.


Check 06-29-22  Updated Home Pages.
Retired Chatham Deputy Chief Richard "Dick" Hunter, age 70, passed away June 26, 2022.
Updated a number of Apparatus Pages
Barnstable: C201, E202, A203, A204, E205, L206, C210, F211, C212, M218, M219 updated info and equipment list.
Bourne: New Forestry 127.
Duxbury: New Ambulance 2. update photos of Engine 1, Engine 2
Eastham: Update photos of F158
Hyannis: Delivery of new C-8 Mechanic truck
Mashpee: Reassignment of C371 and C372.
Orleans: New Engine 175 and reassigned Engine 177
Wellfleet: New Chief Car 81
Yarmouth: Updated photos of E43, E45, E47
Updated some Station pages:
Dennis Station 1update photo
Dennis Station 2 Construction Update
Hyannis HQ updated photo
Yarmouth Station 1, Station 2, Station 3 updated photos


Check 06-22-22  Updated Home Pages.
Posted photos from Dennis Asst Chief John Donlan Services.
Posted new feature Visits to Boston June 2022 including FDNY Firefighter, 2 games at Fenway, and a few Stations.
Posted Cotuit Save Recognition Ceremony from May 24, 2022.
Posted update of Boston Fire Stations feature

Check 06-12-22  Updated Home Pages.
Retired Dennis Asst Chief John Donlan, age 65, passed away June 7, 2022.
Hyannis Deputy Eric Kristofferson retired in June 2022. Mark Storie named new Hyannis Deputy Chief.
Posted feature on Hyannis TK 10K Road Race held on June 4, 2022.

Check 05-27-22  Updated Home Pages.
New Yarmouth Acting Fire Chief Jon Sawyer and Acting Deputy Kevin Huck.
New Mashpee Deputy Joe Peltier, Capt Nicole Stanley, and Lt Chris Shute

Check 05-10-22  Updated Home Pages.
Congratulations to Yarmouth Fire Chief Phil Simonian who retired May 6, 2022.

Check 05-02-22  Updated Home Pages.
New features:
Hyannis Lt/Paramedic Paul Medeiros Retired April 29, 2022.

Check 05-02-22  Updated Home Pages.
New features:
Hyannis Lt/Paramedic Paul Medeiros Retired April 29, 2022.
Carver Brush Breaker Drill May 1, 2022.

Check 04-26-22  Updated Home Pages.
New feature: Mashpee FD Change of Command, new Chief Jack Phelan. Retirement of Chief Tom Rullo.
Updated several apparatus pages including:
Joint Base Car 401
Mashpee Small Boat
Updated a number of Department and other pages.

Check 04-22-22  Updated Home Pages.
Recent Retirement of CCNS Fire Management Officer David Crary Jr.
Falmouth - Update FA Truck 19
Falmouth - new Spare Engine 10
Tisbury - New Forestry 632

Check 04-19-22  Updated Home Pages.
Apparatus updates:
Brewster new Ambulance 243
Provincetown new Ambulance 595
Provincetown new Car 191
Provincetown Car 191-B
Wellfleet retired old Ladder 93.
Replacement Ladder 93 will undergo some work before going in service.
Wellfleet upgraded Forestry 90.
Wellfleet new Boat and UTV.
Feature - DCR District 3 Freetown.

Check 04-14-22  Updated Home Pages.
Added new Joint Base Forestry 423.
Run Totals Update: 72,599 Runs for Barnstable County Departments in 2021.
Retirement of Plymouth Fire Chief Edward Bradley after 47 years of service including 15 years as Chief. Promotion of new Plymouth Fire Chief Neil Foley and Deputy Chief Jermome Hart.
New Feature Falmouth Brush Fire Training.

Check 04-09-22  Posting of the Passing of the Founder of The Fire Bell in West Dennis, John "Jack" Cuneo on April 2, 2022. Rest in Peace.

04-07-22  Home Pages Updated.
Added new Features:
Mattapoisett New Fire Station
Cotuit New Fire Chief Sean Brown
News - Mashpee Fire Chief Thomas Rullo is retiring soon. Deputy Jack Phelan to become new Mashpee Fire Chief.

Check 04-04-22  Home Pages Updated.
Retired Dennis FD Deputy Chief Brad Morse passed away March 27, 2022 at age 83. Served Dennis FD from 1972 to 2000.
Wareham Fire Department Chief Matt Rowley retired March 31, 2022 after 3 years as Chief and over 37 years with Wareham FD. Asst Chief John Kelley was sworn in as the new Wareham Fire Chief. 

Check 03-26-22  Home Pages Updated.
Apparatus Updates:
Yarmouth new E42 in Service
Yarmouth new E48 in Service - was E42
Yarmouth new C59 in Service
Dennis new E112 in Service
Dennis new Small Boat 1 in Service
Plympton new Forestry 183 Delivered
Middleborough new Engine 3 Delivered
Kingston - updated Tower 1 Photo


Check 03-19-22  Home Pages Updated.
Cotuit has selected the new Fire Chief Sean Brown, will start in April.

Check 03-14-22  Home Pages Updated.
Updated Fireboats Feature. Guest Photos of New Fireboat Suffolk, VA

03-06-22  Home Pages Updated.
Updated a number of Department News pages.
Updated a couple Fire Department Patches.
Updated 2021 Run Stats.
Wareham announced April 1 promotion of John Kelley to be next Wareham Fire Chief with retirement of Chief Matt Rowley.
Added feature - COMM Fatal House Fire, Lakeside Dr, Marstons Mills, Mar 6, 2022.

Check 03-03-22  Home Pages Updated
Updated many of the department NEWS pages.

Check 02-25-22  Home Pages Updated

02-05-22  Home Pages Updated.
Yarmouth promotions. Harwich Promotions. Passing of (Ret) Yarmouth Capt Lee Pareseau, age 73, Feb 2, 2022.

Check 01-31-22  Home Pages Updated.
Apparatus Updates:
Update Barnstable Ladder 206
New Carver Forestry 25
Update Forestry 24, Car 2
Feature: Barnstable Deputy Pfautz Retirement and Deputy Beal Promotional Ceremony
Barnstable Deputy Chris Beal

Check 01-14-22  Home Pages Updated
Feature added - Eastham Promotions - Deputy Chief Lisa Albino.
Eastham Deputy Lisa Albino

Check 01-13-22  Home Pages Updated
Added photos of Dennis Station 2 Ground Breaking.

Check 01-04-22  Home Pages Updated
Updated 2021 Run Stats
Updated many Department Profile Pages
Cotuit Chief Paul Rhude Retired 12-31-21
Cotuit Interim Chief Michael Small.

Check 01-03-22  Home Pages Updated.
Breaking News: Early 2021 Run Stats.


Check 12-31-21  Home Pages Updated.
Barnstable - New Ambulance 204
Mashpee - New Car 372
Mattapoisett - New Fire Station Open
Dennis - Station 2 Project Begins

12-27-21  Home Pages Updated.
Orleans - New Ambulance 174
Truro - New Ambulance 486, photos A487
Feature - Barnstable House Fire Commerce Road & Harvey Ave Dec 27, 2021


Check 12-31-21  Home Pages Updated.
Barnstable - New Ambulance 204
Mashpee - New Car 372
Mattapoisett - New Fire Station Open
Dennis - Station 2 Project Begins

12-27-21  Home Pages Updated.
Orleans - New Ambulance 174
Truro - New Ambulance 486, photos A487
Feature - Barnstable House Fire Commerce Road & Harvey Ave Dec 27, 2021


Check 12-21-21  Home Pages Updated.
Barnstable new Car 212 in service
Added Features...
Barnstable's new Ladder 206 delivered.
COMM 2 Alarm House Fire Short Beach Road, Centerville Dec 20, 2021
December 2021 Florida Trip
Updated Palm Beach County Fire Stations & Apparatus Pages
Updated Fireboat Pages
Bowley's Quarters MD Marine 219
Fairfax County VA new Marine 420
Savannah GA Marine 2 update
Annapolis MD Fireboat 36 update
Anne Arundel MD Fireboat update
Kent Island MD Fireboat 1 update

Check 11-30-21  Home Pages Updated
Onset promoted Asst Chief Howard Anderson and Deputy Chief Jeff Dias.
Updated several department pages.

Check 11-25-21  Small update
The new Eastham Fire Chief Dan Keene was promoted Nov 19, 2021.

Check 11-14-21  Home Pages Updated.
New Mashpee Car 375
New Wareham Tower 1
Updated Wareham S-4
Feature - Hyannis Capt Lawrence Retirement Party photos.

Check 11-05-21  Home Pages Updated.
Added new Joint Base C401, C402
Update Sandwich TSU Trailer 466
Feature Sandwich Burn Trailer Training
Feature Harwich Wide Area Search Drill

Check 11-02-21  Home Pages Updated.
New Bourne C144, C145, C146.
New Dennis Engine 112 arrived.

Check 10-25-21  Home Pages Updated.
Updated several rosters and other pages.
Updated photos Hyannis E3, E4, E6, C9
Updated photos Provincetown E193

Check 10-20-21  Home Pages Updated.
Added Several New Features:
New: COMM W/F Dory Circle, MM Oct 19, 2021
New: Hyannis Training Captain Brian Lawrence Retiring Last Day Oct 19, 2021
New: COMM Recognition and Promotions Ceremony Oct 18, 2021
New: Dennis Fire Department Promotions Ceremony October 18, 2021
New: Hyannis Retirement Party Lt Robert Hennessy Oct 16, 2021
Update: Hyannis Lt Robert Hennessy Retired June 30, 2020.
Cotuit Deputy Joseph Pouliot has retired.
Cotuit Fire Chief Paul Rhude has announced plan to retire soon.
Barnstable Deputy Chief Richard Pfautz announces plan to Retire Feb 2022.

10-15-21  Home Pages Updated.
Updated some Apparatus
New COMM C301
New BMA RIV 816
New PTown A-594

Check 10-07-21  Home Pages Updated.
Onset Fire Station has opened.
The Mass District 1 Haz Mat Truck 12 has been reassigned from Bourne to the new Onset Station.

Check 09-30-21  Home Pages Updated.
Eastham Fire Chief Kent Farrenkopf has announced his planned Retirement in Nov 2021.
Posted new Features: 
Warwick, RI Muster Sept 26, 2021.
Hyannis Barnstable Airport Disaster Drill Sept 28, 2021

Check 09-24-21  Home Pages Updated.
Posted Feature of MAFAA 2021 MUSTER in Wilmington 09-18-21.
Bourne Station 4 may have to close.

Check 09-17-21  Home Pages Updated.
Posted Feature on TRI-STATE MUSTER in Webster Sept 12, 2021.

Check 09-11-21  Home Pages Updates.
Added Features
Recent Road Trip Cleveland Baseball
2nd Alarm Mashpee South Cape Resort
Sept 11 - 20 Year Anniversary - Hyannis

Check 09-09-21  Home Pages Updates.
Updated Photos:
Barnstable A204
Yarmouth Engine 43
Dennis Marine 118 


Check 08-20-21  Home Pages Updates.
Update new Onset Marine 1
Update Kingston Tower 1

Check 08-15-21  Home Pages Updates.
Posted photo feature of Dennis FD Asst Chief John Donlan Retirement Aug 13, 2021.
Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin officially retired August 13, 2021 and Jeffery Osswald was sworn in as the new Onset Fire Chief.

Check 08-09-21  Updated Home Pages.
Updated some Duxbury info and pages.

Check 08-08-21  Updated Home Pages.
New Dennis Car 102.
COMM Fatal House Fire on Harrison Road, Centerville.

07-31-21  Updated Home Pages.
BREAKING - Structure Fire, Citizens Bank, Osterville.
Updated Apparatus Photos & Info
Brewster E234, E239, ES241, L237, F240,
C230, C249
Harwich F71, Amb 74
Cape Cod's Providence Canteen 4
Hyannis A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4
Hyannis Engine 2, Engine 3, Engine 4,
Engine 6
Posted Feature COMM FF Tom Long Retired.
Posted Feature Mattapoisett Maxims

Check 07-28-21  Updated Home Pages.
Dennis Asst Chief John Donlan Retiring Aug 13, 2021 after 46 years.


Check 07-21-21  Updated Home Pages.
Updated photos:
Hyannis Engine 2
Kingston A4, C1, C2, "new" Tower Ladder 1
Plymouth C13, Engine 10

Check 07-17-21  Updated Home Pages.
Dennis Fire Department promotes Deputy Tony Kent.
Onset Fire regrets passing of Retired Deputy Chief William W. "Bill" Cook, age 79. He  served Onset for 60 years, from 1956 to 1997.

Check 07-01-21  Updated Home Pages.
 HAPPY JULY 4, 2021!
Carver new Tanker 1
Carver Tanker 2
Hyannis new Car 7
Hyannis Car 9
West Tisbury Fire Chief Manuel Estrella III retired after 30 years as Chief. New West Tisbury Chief Greg Pachico sworn in. Congrats!

Check 06-22-21  Updated Home Pages.
Photos of new Carver Tanker 1

Check 06-20-21  Updated Home Pages.
Updated several apparatus:
Lakeville Car 4
Marion Squad 1
Marion Tanker 1
Plympton Ambulance 1
Wareham new Breaker 404
Wareham Squad 5
Updated a number of photos with other units
Updated Dukes County Radio Frequencies
Guest Photos by Chuck Schneckloth of a Saw Mill Fire in New York State on June 16, 2021


Check 06-14-21  Updated Home Pages
Updated Dukes County FD Rosters.
Updated Fireboats Page
new Portsmouth, RI Fireboat "Marine 1"
Updated ARFF Pages
visit to Boston Massport Logan Airport apparatus update.

Check 06-10-21  Updated Home Pages
Added and Updated a number of Dukes County (Martha's Vineyard) Apparatus:
Aquinnah: Removed Rescue 361, Hummer, and Boat.
Chilmark: New Chief Car 110
Chilmark: New Engine 123
Chilmark: Removed Squad 141
Edgartown: New Engine 223
Edgartown: New Squad 230
Edgartown: Updated Squad 240
Martha's Vineyard ARFF 941
Martha's Vineyard ARFF 943
Oak Bluffs EMS Car Oscar 93
Tisbury Ambulance Tango 90
Tisbury Ambulance Tango 91
Tisbury Chief Car 610
West Tisbury Chief Car 710
West Tisbury Engine 722
Updated some station and related pages.
NOTE: Dukes County has made switch to new Radio System with new Freqs and Digital. It can be monitored.

Check 06-08-21  Updated Home Pages.
Added Feature of services for
Sandwich (Ret) FPO Donald Campbell.
Posted new Feature of
Edgartown-Oak Bluffs Water Rescue on June 7, 2021.
Updated ARFF Feature with new Martha's Vineyard Airport (MVY) Truck 941.


Check 06-02-21  Updated Home Pages.
Joint Base Cape Cod officially appointed new Fire Chief Jackson Emery and Deputy Fire Chief Dennis Ragazzini. Congrats!
Arrangements for (Ret) Sandwich Fire Prevention Officer Donald Campbell, age 68.

Check 05-30-21   Retired Sandwich Fire Inspector Don Campbell passed away occupational cancer.

Check 05-27-21   Updated Home Pages.
Updated Apparatus Pages:
Hyannis new Engine 2 (822)
Hyannis new Engine 4 (824?)
Chatham new Car 181
Chatham new Car 391
Chatham new Car 390
Chatham new Car 392
Yarmouth Marine 563
Yarmouth Haz Mat 14
Onset new Marine 1
Marion "new" Breaker 124
Marion new Squad 1
Mattapoisett Rescue 1
Mattapoisett Unit 1
Mattapoisett Unit 2
Updated corresponding Roster pages.


Check 05-24-21   Updated Home Pages.
Oak Bluffs new Fire Chief Nelson Wirtz was sworn in May 23, 2021. West Tisbury Fire Department will be promoting Deputy Greg Pachico to be the next WTFD Fire Chief when Chief Manuel Estrella III retires at the end of June.
Added Feature Road Trip May 2021:
P1 - CT & Long Island
P3 - FDNY Oceanic VFD
P4 - Jersey Shore
P5 - Toledo, Detroit, Portage, Chicago
P6 - Family in Ohio, Baseball
P7 - PA & NY
Added photos to Feature: Baseball & Fireboats. Which Cities Have Both?

Check 05-20-21   Updated Home Pages.
Added several new Fireboats
Lake Shore, PA Marine 519
Owasco, NY Marine 1
Rochester, NY Marine 1
NOTE: Did some editing of
Fireboats Main Page and moved "older" photos to a NEW Fireboats Photos Page.

Check 05-13-21   Updated Home Pages.
Added Photos to Airport ARFF apparatus at JFK in New York.
New Fireboats Added:
Brookfield, CT - Marine 25
Bayport, LI, NY - Fireboat 3-14-26
Elizabeth, NJ - Marine 4
Carteret, NJ - Marine 1
Toms River, NJ - Boats
Scullville, NJ - Marine 3
Sea Isle City, NJ - Marine 1
Bowleys Quarters, MD - Marine 217
Toledo, OH - Fireboats
Detroit, MI - Update
Portage, IN - Marine 1
Chicago, IL - Marine 6-8-5 & 6-8-8


Check 04-27-21   Added some Videos of the
5 Alarm Hyannis Fire at the Hyannis Harbor Hotel.

Check 04-26-21   Photo Feature in the works of
HYANNIS 5 ALARM FIRE at Hyannis Harbor Hotel on Sunday April 25, 2021.

Check 04-24-21   Updated Home Pages.
Posted 3 Features:
Hyannis Structure Iyannough Rd
Mashpee 2nd Alarm Collins Lane
Falmouth 2nd Alarm Crosby Lane

Check 04-22-21   Updated Home Pages.
Sandwich Tower 1 (450) has been taken OUT OF SERVICE for mechanical reasons.
Falmouth new Ladder 26 in service replacing old L26 and HR31.
new Marion Tanker 1
new DCR Dist 2 Tanker 1
new Plymouth Engine 4
Updated associated Rosters and Station pages

Check 04-21-21   Updated Home Pages.
New Feature:
Road Trip Florida March 2021
Added Fireboat Troy, NY
Updated NY Fireboat pages.


Check 04-16-21   Updated Home Pages.
Updated Joint Base Cape Cod Apparatus including new
Foam 404, Foam 405, Forestry 422, and Army National Guard Forestry 601.
Updated Joint Base Cape Cod ARFF Pages.
Added new ARFF Page for Memphis, TN International Airport.
Posted Feature Just for Fun: Baseball & Fireboats. Which Cities Have Both?

Check 04-12-21   Posted Feature:
Dennis Final Salute to Flippy

Check 04-11-21  Updated Home Pages.
Posted Feature:
Dennis Honoring Lt. Flippy

Updated and Added pages to:
Houston, TX
Baytown, TX Fireboat
Crosby, TX
Galveston, TX
League City, TX Fireboat
Seabrook, TX Fireboat
Hendersonville, TN Fireboat
Louisville, KY
Harrods Creek, KY Fireboat
Clarksville, IN
Jeffersonville, IN
New Albany, IN
Cincinnati, OH
Covington, KY
Boone County, KY
Wilder, KY


Check 04-09-21  Updated Home Pages
Apparatus Updates:
Dennis Ambulance 107 
Orleans Car 167 
Orleans Car 179

Check 04-06-21  Updated and Added Fireboat pages to Fireboat Feature. More to come!  

FLORIDA Fireboats
Captiva Island, FL
Iona-McGregor, FL FB-70
Fort Myers, FL
Biloxi, MS Fireboat
Gulfport, MS Fireboat
Ocean Springs, MS
Pascalouga, MS
Ridgeland, MS
Vicksburg, MS
Baton-Rouge, LA FB

New Orleans, LA FB  
Port of New Orleans FB "Kelley"
Port of Plaquemines, LA Fireboats
Port of Southern Louisiana, LA Fireboats

04-05-21  Updated Home Pages.
Visitation Sun April 11, 14:00-17:00,
Halletts, South Yarmouth.

Feature: Remembering Flippy
Former Cotuit Fire Chief Walter "Spike" Dottridge, age 93, passed away March 18. Congrats to new Bourne Fire Chief David Cody and new Dennis Fire Chief Robert "Buster" Brown. Also congrats to long time BSO Dispatcher William "Bill" Watson, retiring after 28+ years.
Several Features being updated and added following some recent travels.

Check 03-17-21  Updated Home Pages. Onset Fire Chief Ray Goodwin Retiring. Deputy Jeffery Osswald takes over as Onset Acting Fire Chief. Falmouth new Ladder 26 delivered. Updates to Fireboats feature with additional photos of Miami City and Miami-Dade Fire Boats.

Check 03-07-21  Updated and added some Fireboat pages - Miami-Dade FB21, updated other Florida Pages.

Check 02-27-21  Updated Home Pages. Retired Dennis Fire Department Lt/Paramedic Daniel "Flippy" O'Connell passed away from occupational cancer.

Check 02-12-21  Updated Home Pages. Note passing of retired Sandwich VFD Chief Howard "Fizzy" Crowell and passing of retired Edgartown FD Chief Antone "Tony" Bettencourt.

Check 01-26-21  Updated Home Pages. Updated Hyannis re-numbered ambulances: A1=831, A2=832, A3=833, A4=834, A5=Spare. Updated Hyannis Station, Roster page.

Check 01-25-21  Updated Home Pages. Falmouth new Car 12, new Car 27. Minor 2020 Run Stats update with a correction.

Check 01-23-21  Updated Home Pages. Wareham Fire Dept LODD FF David "Wally" Wahlstrom, age 57, from occupational cancer.

Check 01-21-21  Updated Home Pages. Also updated and modified top Menu on Pages.

Check 01-20-21  Updated Home Pages. A couple pages updated in Fireboats Feature.

Check 01-18-21  Tragic Cotuit House Fire kills 2 Family Dogs.

Check 01-16-21  Updated Home Pages.
New photos Onset Engine 1, Engine 2,
West Barnstable Forestry 295.
New Feature Providence Fire Stations.
Updated Fire Stations Across USA

Check 01-12-21  Updated Home Pages. Posted new Eastham Promotions of (1) Captain and (4) new Lieutenants.

Check 01-10-21  Updated Home Pages. Posted several new vehicles and updated photos.
Sandwich new Car 441 (C1), new Car 444 (C9), u/d Sandwich S-1, u/d Sandwich Forestry 467 (F7), u/d Yarmouth Ambulance 53, u/d Hyannis Amb 827 (A4), Amb 828 (A3), Kingston new Car 2, Car 5. Plympton new Car 1, Car 4, Ambulance 1. Updated related Rosters. New Feature with Yarmouth Training at former Pirates Cove.

Check 01-05-21  Updated Home Pages.
Posted early 2020 Run Stats.  Updates to many of the Cape Cod Fire Department pages.

Check 01-02-21  Updated Home Pages. Posted new Feature of COMM FD FPO Martin MacNeely Retirement.


12-29-20  Updated Home Pages. Added new Harwich Ambulance 73. New feature on Harwich Training Day. Also recommend a look back at Harwich Captain Bobby J who passed in Dec 2009. Finally, a Review of 2020 as we prepare for 2021. Best wishes to ALL in the New Year!

12-28-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated Duxbury Car 2 and Car 5, and Roster. Updated 2019 Run Stats page. Additional tweaking of pages.

12-23-20  Updated Home Pages

12-22-20  Updated Home Pages.


Check 12-18-20  Updated Home Pages. Thinned out Apparatus News page. Orleans Promotions.

Check 12-17-20  Updated several pages.

Check 12-16-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated Fireboats feature with guest photos of new Philadelphia Fire Department boats and a few of the historic FDNY John J Harvey.

Check 12-15-20  Updated Home Pages. Falmouth new Fire Chief Timothy Smith and Deputy Chad Absten.

Check 12-05-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated Cotuit apparatus including new Car 261, Car 260, Car 269.

Check 12-04-20  Updated Home Pages. Decorated for the Holidays.

Check 12-02-20  Updated some pages.

Check 12-01-20  Updated Home Pages. Dennis Fire Chief Dellner plans retirement. REMEMBER WORCESTER 6 - DEC 3, 1999.

Check 11-27-20  Updated Home Pages. Posted new feature COMM Capt Richard Sargent Retired.

Check 11-12-20  Updated Home Pages. Oak Bluffs retired Capt Allan deBettencourt passing.

Check 11-07-20  Updated Home Pages. Added new Kingston A-3, A-4. Wareham C-3. Updated Kingston Roster, Stations.

Check 11-04-20  Updated several pages including DCR-Dist 2 Roster and units, Plympton Roster, Wareham Roster, Stations, units. Yarmouth Roster, Stations, units.

Check 11-03-20  Updated Home Pages. Passing of retired BSO Dispatcher Paul Edwards.

Check 10-28-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated Truro Profile, Station, Roster.  Update of Barnstable County & Tech Rescue Team units including:
Trailer 906, Trailer 907, Trailer 908, Trailer 909, Dive 910, Dive 911, Trailer 914, new Mobile Burn-Smoke Trailer, Rehab Bus.

Check 10-24-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated more Department pages and other pages.
Added guest photos of new Philadelphia Fireboats Marine Unit 3 and Marine Unit 4.

Check 10-20-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated many of the Department Pages and a number of apparatus pages that were out of date. NOTE: Passing of 89 year old Retired DCR District 1 Fire Warden Clyde Tripp on Oct 13, 2020.

Check 10-14-20  Updated Home Pages.
New Apparatus including:
Hyannis Amb 825 (A-1)
Sandwich Amb 458 (A-1)
Sandwich BLS Amb A-5
Sandwich MTU
Sandwich Forestry 467 (F-7) update
JBCC Heavy Rescue 411
JBCC Foam 10

Updated Department Pages
Falmouth FD
Wareham FD
Hyannis promoted Deputy Eric Kristofferson to fulltime Deputy Position and Nate Coughlan to Captain.
Joint Base Cape Cod Acting Fire Chief Jackson Emery and Acting Deputy Dennis Ragazzini.


Check 10-01-20  Updated Home Page. Updated and Added some Fireboat Pages:
Dartmouth, MA Fireboat
Fairhaven, MA FD Boat
Fall River, MA Fireboat
Somerset, MA Fireboat
Barrington, RI FD Boats
Bristol, RI Fireboat "Marine 7" NEW
Portsmouth, RI FD Boat "Marine 2"
Tiverton, RI FD Boat "Marine 14"

Warren, RI FD Boat

2nd Alarm Structure Fire Route 130 Sandwich

Check 09-24-20  Updated Home Pages. New Apparatus:
Chatham Amb 184
Yarmouth Amb 53
Lower Cape Amb 598
Reassigned Apparatus:
Harwich Car 61 and Car 62
Updated Photos:
Harwich Forestry 71
Dennis Forestry 108
Orleans Car 179


Check 09-12-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated Bourne FD Profile (acting officers),
Added some new Fireboat Pages and Photos
New - Hyannis, MA Fireboat Marine 2
New - Lynn, MA Fireboat
New - Marblehead, MA Fireboat Boat 1
New - Newburyport, MA Fireboat Marine 1
New - Portsmouth, NH Fireboat Marine 1
Photos - Beverly, MA Fireboat
Photos - Salisbury, MA Fireboat

Check 09-11-20  CAPECODFD.COM
                    20TH ANNIVERSARY

Check 09-07-20  Updated Home Pages Added feature COMM Boat Rescue in Osterville 9-7-20.

Check 09-02-20  Updated Home Pages. Added new Hyannis Marine 2, updated West Barnstable Forestry 288 and Forestry 295, Barnstable Forestry 211.

Check 08-25-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated apparatus pages. Added/Updated Bourne Boats
M-130, M-131, M-132, M-138. Updated Bourne Roster and stations. Added/Updated DCR District 1 units 1-8, 1-9, and Boat. DCR Roster.


Check 08-14-20  NOTICE: The Host Site of had this site on an older server (the site is 20 years old)! For some reason, it failed, and the site went off the web as a result. The issue was addressed and we are in the process of uploading all of our historical files, pages, photos, and info to restore the site. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep an eye on the site and if you come across missing photos or issues, let us know so we can make sure the site continues to serve as needed. Thanks for your patience.

Check 08-09-20  Updated Home Pages.

Check 07-31-20  Updated Home Pages. Posted feature on Retirement of Falmouth Fire Chief Mike Small. Falmouth Acting Fire Chief Tim Smith.

Check 07-31-20  Updated Home Pages. Posted feature on Retirement of Falmouth Fire Chief Mike Small. Falmouth Acting Fire Chief Tim Smith.

Check 07-27-20  Updated Home Pages. Updated Mashpee Ambulances A-361, A-362, and A-363.  Updated Plymouth Fire Stations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 apparatus assignments and updated new Plymouth Station 7 info.

Check 07-20-20  Updated Home Pages.
Apparatus updates: new Chatham Engine 188, DCR Car 1-9.
New Plymouth Station 7 Opened. Updated Plymouth Stations and assignments.
Retirement of Harwich Chief Norm Clarke Jr.
New Harwich Fire Chief David LeBlanc, Deputy Craig Thornton, Capt Justyne Walorz, and Lt Brad Willis.
New Features:
Wellfleet Tech Rescue Dive Incident,
Harwich Promotional Ceremony Chief LeBlanc.

Check 07-03-20 HAPPY JULY 4, 2020!
Updated Home Pages. Several changes in apparatus:  Orleans new Squad 170, reassigned C166, C167, C171, and C179 Several retirements and department promotions across the Cape to check out. Also feature on Hyannis Lt Bob Hennessy Retirement.

Check 06-20-20 Updated Home Pages. Falmouth Fire Chief Mike Small announced July 2020 Retirement plans.

Check 06-14-20 Updated Home Pages. Added Features -
Hyannis and COMM Minor Fires June 14, 2020.
Sandwich FD Funeral for Savannah, GA FD Captain Matt Kelly June 13, 2020
COMM HQ Task Force 1-B Staging June 3, 2020.
Added updated photos of Fairhaven Marine 25 and  photos of Fall River's new Munson fireboat
Fall River Fireboat Marine 1.

Check 05-29-20 Updated Home Pages.
Added new feature: Retirement of Chatham Fire Chief Peter Connick and promotion of new Chatham Fire Chief David DePasquale and Deputy Justin Tovano.
Added photos of Fairhaven Marine 25

Check 05-24-20 Update Pages.
New Apparatus:
Hyannis Ambulance 5
Falmouth Ambulance 37, Ambulance 38, Reassigned Engine 24.  Updated Falmouth Roster and Stations.
Mashpee Tanker 358, Ambulance 361, loaner A363
Marion Ambulance 2
Duxbury Ambulance 1
Kingston Car 3, Car 4
Wareham Heavy Rescue 1
Tisbury FD next Fire Chief will be 

Check 05-20-20 Update Pages.
Congratulations to Deputy David LeBlanc, the next Harwich Fire Chief.
Added new Fireboat Pages/Photos:
North Beach/Chesapeake Beach MD
Kent Island, MD
Secaucus. NJ

Check 05-06-20 Update Pages.
Congratulation to Orleans new Deputy Tim Gula
Updated Feature: Volusia County Stations & Appar
Updated Feature: FLA-2020-Page 8

Check 04-25-20 Update Pages
Guest Photos Feature - Falmouth 2nd Alarm, Crystal Spring, Ave, North Falmouth 04-22-20.

Check 04-24-20 Updated Home Pages.
Added a Page 8 More Photos from the
Florida Winter 2020 Trip.
Added a new Photo Feature -
Apparatus Colors of the Rainbow.
Added a new FireBoat Page - Volusia County, FL

Check 04-17-20 Updated Home Pages.

Check 04-10-20  HAPPY EASTER 

Check 03-29-20 Updated Home Pages. Added feature on "My Last Working Fire" from Oct 2010.
Congratulations to newly appointed Cotuit Deputy Chief Joseph Pouliot.

Check 03-22-20 Updated Home Pages. Updated a number of pages.

Check 03-18-20 Updated Home Pages.
Posted features: COMM FD FF Bobby O'Melia Retiring. Onset Cranberry 5th Alarm Mar 29, 2010
10 Year Anniversary

Check 03-09-20 Updated Home Pages.
Added Feature on Florida Winter 2020 Trip.
Added or Updated FIREBOAT PAGES:
Bonita Springs, FL "Fireboat 27"
Cape Coral, FL Fireboats
Captiva Island, FL "Fireboat"
Charlotte County, FL "Marine 1"
Matlacha-Pine Island, FL - "Fireboat 156"

Punta Gorda, FL Police-Fireboat
San Carlos Park, FL "Marine 50"

Check 02-28-20 Updated Home Pages. Updated most of the Cape Cod Department Profile Pages.

Check 02-22-20 Updated Home Pages. Deputy Chief Geof Deering will be the next Orleans Fire Chief replacing retired Chief Tony Pike. Feb 21, 2020.
Updated several Fireboats Pages:
Edgewater, NJ Fireboat
Hoboken, NJ Fireboat
Secaucus, NJ Fireboat
South Bowers, DE Fireboat
Slaughter Beach, DE Fireboat
Smith Mountain Lake, VA Fireboats
Port of Canaveral, FL Fireboat

 Check 02-14-20  After encountering some frustrating website computer issues.... Updated Home Pages.
New Dennis Car 101, Car 102, Car 109, new Brewster Ambulance 244, and Hyannis Car 9. Harwich officially moved into the new Station 2 the end of January. Dennis is planning to seek funding for a new Station 2 in the spring.

Several Fire Chiefs in the update.
Bourne Fire Chief Norman "Spanky" Sylvester, Jr officially retired January 31, 2020 after 5 years as Chief.
The Acting Bourne Fire Chief David Cody who previously served as the Bourne Assistant Chief since 2018 took over Jan 31, 2020.
The Vineyard has a couple Chief changes:
Oak Bluffs Fire Chief John Rose is stepping down after 7 years as Chief. Deputy Shawn Broadly is also retiring in February.
Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling
will retire in  June 2020 after 18 years as Chief.
Orleans Fire Chief Tony Pike is retiring and will have a Final Day Coffee on Feb 21, 2020 at 0900 at the station.
Harwich Fire Chief Norman Clarke will also be retiring this spring.
Joint Base Cape Cod Fire Chief Walter Stecchi is retiring and will have a retirement party in March.
Chatham Fire Chief Peter Connick is also expected to retire this spring as his contract ends in May.
Best wishes to all! 

Check 01-20-20  Updated Home Pages. New Bourne Ambulance 133 and Ambulance 134. Also new Plymouth Engine 3 and Engine 10. Added feature on COMM MVC involving Mashpee Ambulance 361on 1-13-20. Updated Fireboats Main Page.

Check 01-08-20  Updated Home Pages. New Plymouth Engine 3, updated photos Plymouth E5, LT1. Updated photos Sandwich Engine 451, Bourne C144, Onset refurbished Engine 2, E3, L1. Posted preliminary Run Stats for 2019.

Check 01-05-20  Updated Home Pages. Posted some final 2019 photo features including: Nantucket New Fire Headquarters Opened, Nantucket 1937 American LaFrance Engine 4, and Eastham Captain William Sprague Retired.

Check 01-02-20  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Posted some updates and new photos to Nantucket Apparatus: C-1, C-2, C-4, C-5... T-1, T-2, B-1, U-6... A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4...E-1, E-2, E-3, E-4, E-7, L-1... and others including Nantucket Airport ARFF T3. MUCH MORE to come in 2020!


Check 12-25-19  Updated Home Pages. Added feature of Hyannis W/F Murray Way on Dec 22. Some photos from visit to new Nantucket Fire Station and apparatus. More will be coming soon. Bourne Fire Chief Norman "Spanky" Sylvester Jr announced his pending retirement at the end of January 2020.

Check 12-18-19  Updated Home Pages. Made a few updates to Fireboats Pages. Finally got photos and pages posted from Jan-Apr 2019 Florida Vacation:
1-The Trip South  2-Winter Home  3-Family +1
4-Fire Stations   5-Fireboats   6-Florida Fun   
7-The Trip North
. Hyannis FF/Paramedic Andy Kleamenakis is Retiring after 29+ Years.

Check 12-15-19  Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich Ladder 3 (453) in service. New Mashpee Ambulance 361, updated Ambulance 362. New Yarmouth Ambulance 57. Updated photos Dennis Marine 118 on new dock.

Check 12-11-19  Updated Home Pages. Announcements of Retirement Plans by TWO Fire Chief, Harwich Chief Norm Clarke and Orleans Chief Tony Pike in 2020.

Check 12-10-19  Updated Home Pages. Update of Feature List Page.

Check 12-09-19  Updated Home Pages. Updated Onset new Squad 1 and reassigned Squad 2. Updated Onset Roster. Photo Feature of 2019 24th Annual Stuff-A-Bus on Dec 8.

Check 12-02-19  Posted photos from Hyannis House Fire on High School Rd 120219.

Check 12-01-19  Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of Dive 116. New feature Harwich Station 2 Dedication Ceremony.

Check 11-25-19  Updated Home Pages. New Hyannis Car 3 (803), new Provincetown Engine 193. Updated photos for Hyannis E822, Tower 829, Heavy Rescue 821. Added new Feature for COMM Haz Mat / MCI at Cape Regency 11-25-19.

Check 11-20-19  Updated Home Pages. New apparatus including Wareham Ambulance 2 and Rochester Engine-Tanker 198. Added some now photos of Rochester Engine 192. Updated Wareham EMS radio numbers. Updated Middleboro Roster and station assignments. Updated Lakeville Roster.

Check 11-15-19  Updated Home Pages.  WORCESTER FD LIEUTENANT JASON MENARD, AGE 39, WAS KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY NOV 14, 2019  Services planned for Sun & Mon. . Posted new feature on COMM FF Charles "Chucky" Schneckloth Retirement after 43 years. Plymouth FD closed their Station 7 on Nov 6, the second station to be closed in the past month, due to being uninhabitable. 

Check 11-04-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new Provincetown Engine 190 and Engine 195. New Engine 193 due in a week or so. Accomplished a major (long over due) cleanup of some Homes pages in particular Stations news.

Check 10-31-19  Updated Home Pages. Some new apparatus deliveries. Sandwich new Quint Ladder 3 / 453, Sandwich Utility 2, updated several Sandwich apparatus pages anticipating assignment changes. Also new Plymouth Ladder 3 delivered.

Check 10-27-19  Updated Home Pages. Added feature Sandwich Fire Station Open House.

Check 10-20-19  Updated Home Pages. Updated Bourne C-146, Mashpee C-372. C373, C-375. Added new Lakeville Engine 2, updated Lakeville B-85, A-1.
Barnstable 3rd Alarm Allyn Lane.Oct 20, 2019.

Check 10-13-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new Feature: Hyannis Fire Rescue Headquarters & Firefighters Memorial Dedication.

Check 09-29-19  Updated Home Pages - Posted Remembering Sept 11, 2001 page. Posted Sandwich Public Safety Complex Dedication Sept 27, 2019. .

Check 09-12-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new feature on Hyannis September 11, 2001 18th Anniversary ceremony.

Check 09-10-19  Updated Home Pages.
Updated some vehicles including Barnstable Car 212, West Barnstable Unit 288, Truro ATV and Truro Boat, updated related Rosters.

Check 09-05-19  Updated Home Pages. New apparatus and updated photos: Sandwich new C441, Sandwich new C442, updated C449. Sandwich Engine 451 Out of Service, Sandwich Breaker 461 Out of Service.  Updated Sandwich Stations and Roster. Updated Barnstable County Fire Academy page and apparatus including BCFTA Eng 4, BCFTA Eng 265, BCFTA Ladder 1, BCFTA Utility, BCFTA Trailer.   Also posted new Barnstable County Rehab Bus.

Check 08-30-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new apparatus: Barnstable County Rehab Unit, Chatham School car,  Orleans new Ambulance 173, ORV 604, ORV 605, new Sandwich Ambulance 456, Mashpee Ambulance 362., Mashpee Car 375. Sandwich moved HQ into the new Station 3.

Check 08-25-19  Added several new Fireboat Pages: Long Island Fireboats; Miller Place, LI, NY; Mount Sinai, LI, NY; Port Jefferson, LI, NY; Setauket, LI, NY; Stony Brook, LI, NY.

Check 08-23-19  Updated Home Pages. Added several pages of Photo Features: Ohio-New York Trip pages: P1 To Ohio  P2 Red Sox Indians  P3 New York 
P4 World Trade Center  P5 Indians Yankees Night  P6 Indians Yankees Day  P7 Long IslandHyannis Exec Asst Debe Schiavi Retired.

Check 08-11-19  Updated Home Pages. Congratulations to newly Retired Chilmark Fire Chief David Norton after 20 years as Chief and to new Chief Jeremy Bradshaw. Mashpee A-362 Out of Service following MVC.

Check 08-10-19  Added a few new Fireboat Pages: Norwich, CT Fireboat, Jefferson Township, NJ Fireboat, Sandusky, OH Fireboat, Huron, OH Fireboat.

Check 08-05-19  Updated Home Pages. New Barnstable Car 201. Updated photos of Sandwich Station 3 and new Communications Center.

Check 07-28-19  Updated Home Pages. New Brewster Car 249. Posted feature on Brewster Fire Rescue Retirements & Recognition Ceremony July 26, 2019.

Check 07-22-19  Posted photos of a visit by the United States Honor Flag to COMM Fire on July 22, 2019.

Check 07-21-19  Posted photo feature from 10th Annual Big Nick's Ride held on July 21, 2019.

Check 07-18-19  Updated Home Pages. Updated some Dept pages and personnel changes.

Check 07-10-19  Updated Home Pages. Added photos to Boston Fire Stations feature. Added new feature on Chatham's 1926 Maxim Engine 1, Truro's Last Cape Cod Maxim, and photos of Barnstable Mourns for Barnstable Police Sgt Jason Sturgis who passed away at age 42 on Saturday July 6, 2019. 

Check 07-06-19  Updated Home Pages. New Wellfleet Car 83, updated photo Engine 89, New Truro Tender 484, new Truro Boat, new Truro Beach ATV, new Chatham Marine 399

Check 07-02-19  Updated Home Pages. Added feature Hyannis Deputy Dean Melanson Retirement Party. Also added photos to Boston Fire Stations feature.

Check 06-26-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new photo feature - Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus show in Wilmington, MA June 22, 2019. and photos from Memorial Day 2019. Added Info for memorial seevice for  Retired Brewster Fire Chief Roy E Jones III.

Check 06-23-19  Updated Home Pages. Retired Brewster Fire Chief Roy Jones III passed away on June 22, 2019.

Check 06-20-19  Updated some Home Pages.

Check 06-14-19  Posted new Feature Hyannis Captain Thomas F Kenney Wake & Funeral June 10, 11, 2019.

Check 06-10-19  Posted some photos from the Hyannis Captain Kenney wake.

Check 06-07-19  Arrangements for Captain Thomas P Kenney services.

Check 06-05-19  It is with Deepest Regrets that the Hyannis Fire Department announces the Line of Duty Death of recently Retired Captain Thomas Kenney on June 5, 2019 after his brief battle with Cancer. Rest in Peace TK.

Check 06-04-19  Updated Home Pages. Posted new feature - Hyannis Deputy Melanson Retired May 31, 2019.

Check 05-30-19  Updated Home Pages.  Posted GUEST PHOTOS of Bourne 3rd Alarm on Sandwich Road on May 28, 2019.

Check 05-26-19  Updated Home Pages. Updated apparatus including: Bourne Tanker 128, Sandwich Squad 454, COMM Ambulance 325, Wareham S-2, and updated some photos of Bourne Car 145, Sandwich Car 443, Marine 469B, updated station photos for Onset, Wareham Sta 2, Marion Sta 1 and Sta 2

Check 05-17-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new West Barnstable 280, and Yarmouth 560. Congrats to new fulltime Rochester Fire Chief Scott Weigel.

Check 05-16-19  Added new Feature on Hyannis Structure Fire Camp Street on May 16, 2019.

Check 05-13-19  Added some photos to the Fireboat Feature for Cleveland "Anthony J Celebrezze"

Check 05-12-19  Added new Feature - Cleveland, OH Fire Department Stations & Apparatus.

Check 05-03-19  Added some new Fireboat Pages: Englewood, FL Boat, Tarrytown, NY new Fireboat 5, West Haven, CT new Fireboat. Added some new photos to Tampa, FL FB1, Perth Amboy, NJ FB5, Bayonne, NJ FB, and the recently Dazzled former FDNY M2 "John J Harvey"   Updated CONNECTICUT BOATS, FLORIDA BOATS, NEW JERSEY BOATS,

Check 05-02-19  Hyannis Deputy Chief Dean Melanson announced his pending retirement.

Check 04-29-19  Posted Feature Hyannis Water Rescue Kalmus Beach.

Check 04-28-19  Updated Home Pages. Added new apparatus: Eastham Forestry 158, Falmouth Ambulance 39, Engine 21, Engine 22, Mashpee Ambulance 361, update A-362 and A-363, Sandwich Engine 451. Updated corresponding station pages and rosters.

Check 04-14-19  Added more photos to Palm Beach County Fire pages. Posted updated Mashpee FD profile page.

Check 04-14-19  Added photos to Palm Beach County Fire pages.

Check 03-29-19  Updated Home Pages.  We have been doing some updates on Department Profiles.  Thanks to those who have helped by providing updated info.
Sandwich, Joint Base, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Eastham.  Other departments are also updated, but some info may not be completely current. Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee, Cotuit, COMM, West Barnstable, Hyannis, Orleans, Wellfleet, Truro, PTown.. MORE to follow.

Check 03-14-19  Update Home Pages. Updated Dennis and Harwich Department pages. Some updates to Palm Beach County pages.

Check 03-09-19  Update Home Pages. Congratulations to Plymouth Deputy Chief Stanley Eldridge, retiring after 36 years in fire service.

Check 03-01-19 MARION FD LINE OF DUTY DEATH Call Firefighter Thomas Nye, age 72, Feb 27, 2019.

Check 02-25-19 Updated Home Pages. Added some new photos to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue pages. Posted New and long awaited Photo Feature - Seagrave Fire Apparatus - Over 138 Years of Service. Congratulations to Sandwich FD Captain James Huska who retired after 30+ years of service and Bourne Call Firefighter Bob Hodge retiring after 43 years of service! CONGRATS!

Check 02-16-19 Updated Home Pages. Added a few Fund Raising Events coming up for local members. Happy to report that the Barnstable County Public Safety Live  Scanner is BACK ON LINE. Police and Fire on Broadcastify.

Check 02-14-19 Added more photos to Features
Palm Beach Fire Stations North,
Palm Beach Fire Stations South.

Check 02-12-19 Update. Added some photos to some features. Palm Beach Fire Stations North, Palm Beach Fire Stations South.. Some Fireboats added: new Narragansett, RI Marine 2, new Jacksonville, FL Marine 39, new City of Miami, FL Fireboat 15. Added photos of Boston Marine 4.

Check 02-07-19 Posted Feature "Patriot Stations" with Boston Fire Stations.

Check 01-25-19 Updated Home Pages. Added NEW Harwich Ambulance 74, updated Marine 76, Small Boats, updated Station 1 and Station 2 Pages, Roster. NEW Joint Base Cape Cod Engine 410, updated Roster. Added NEW Provincetown Car 191A, Pickup Truck, High Water Truck, Utility Car, and Antique Engine 4 1936 American LaFrance, updated Station 1, Sta 4, Sta 5 pages, Roster. Posted Under Construction Updates for Harwich Station 2, Hyannis Headquarters Phase 2, and Sandwich Fire & Police Stations.

Check 01-19-19 Updated Home Pages. Updated Apparatus pages: Bourne E121, NEW Bourne E123, Bourne E125, NEW Dennis Ambulance 105, Dennis Dive 116,  NEW Falmouth Engine 21Engine 22, Engine 23,.NEW  Sandwich 460 (Car 3), NEW  Sandwich School Car, Sandwich Foam Trailer 4,   Note Plymouth E5 out of service following an electrical fire. Updated associated Roster Pages, Station Pages. New Feature COMM Ice Rescue  Drill.

Check 01-11-19 Posted some photos from a Centerville House Fire on Jan 8, 2019.

Check 01-05-19 Updated Some Pages. Wareham Roster, Onset Roster, Marion Roster, Rochester Roster. Related Station and Apparatus pages. Working on Run Card Pages - Barnstable, Bourne, Brewster.

Check 01-04-19 Updated Home Pages. Updated Early Run Stats for 2018. Photos of new Falmouth Engine 21 and Joint Base Engine 410 just delivered.

Check 01-02-19  EARLY RUN TOTALS.  A Very Busy 2018!

Check 01-01-2019  HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
Updated Home Pages and several other pages for the new year. New Bourne Engine 123 and Dennis A105 delivered.




Check 12-15-18 Updated some home pages. Updated Lakeville A-1.

Check 12-13-18 A BUSY DAY. Posted a Sandwich Working Fire on Timber Way, a Sandwich Promotional Ceremony, a Middleboro Medflight, and a Chatham 2nd Alarm in Commerce Park..

Check 12-10-18 Update Home Pages. NOTE: LODD of Worcester FF Christopher Roy.

Check 12-06-18 Update Home Pages. Retired Yarmouth Fire Chief Dana Whittimore passed away at age 96.

Check 12-02-18  Update.Home Page. Remembering Worcester Dec 3, 1999.

Check 11-24-18  Update.Home Page. Updated photos Bourne Car 143, Car 144, Sandwich Car 442, Car S-2.

Check 11-21-18  Update. Home Pages. Posted photos from 2018 29th Annual Massachusetts Firefighter of the Year Awards Ceremony in Worcester on November 20, 2018.

Check 11-14-18  Update. Hyannis Old Station being torn down.

Check 11-11-18  Updated Home Pages. Added West Barnstable Medflight call on Nov 11, 2018.

Check 11-10-18  Updated Home Pages, particularly the Stations Page and several Station Construction pages including Hyannis, Harwich, Sandwich, Orleans PD, and Wellfleet PD.

Check 11-07-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new Dennis Car 100. Added Feature Hyannis Capt Tom Kenney Retirement Party Nov 3, 2018..

Check 10-31-18  Added Special Feature - Falmouth Working Fire, Menauhant Road.

Check 10-28-18  Added a few new Historic FDNY Fireboats photos Fuller & Protector.

Check 10-26-18  Update Home Pages. New Harwich Engine 68, new Tisbury Engine 622, new Bourne Car 141, Car 142, reassigned Car 143, Car 144, new Sandwich Car 441, reassigned Car 442, C443, Car S-2. updated photos Hyannis Dive 810, BCTRT Dive 910, Trailer 914, Refurbished Plymouth Tower 1.
Wellfleet new Police Station operational.

Check 10-19-18  Update Home Pages. Added new COMM C323, C308. New Nantucket Brush Breaker 1. New Features West Barnstable LT "Muffy" Clough Retirement, Nantucket new Brush Breaker, Hyannis End of an Era Old Station, Hyannis Moves into new Headquarters, Hyannis Capt Tom Kenney Retired.

Check 10-12-18  Quick Update. Hyannis and Sandwich pending promotions.

Check 10-11-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new West Tisbury Engine 722.  Added Feature on Dennis FD Lt. "Flippy" Retirement Last Day at HQ.

Check 10-03-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new Harwich Car 62. Added photos of "Flippy's Last Work Shift"

Check 10-02-18  Updated Home Pages. Added several new / updated photos from Martha's Vineyard,  Aquinnah Amb Alpha 90, Car Alpha 93, Engine 321, Rescue 361, Jet Ski 362, Chilmark E-122, Edgartown Car 210, new Engine 222, Amb Echo 90, Martha's Vineyard Airport ARFF Station, Oak Bluffs Engine 524, Tisbury Car Tango 93.

Check 09-26-18  Sad to learn of passing of retired Yarmouth Firefighter Bill Smith.on Sept 25, 2018.  RIP.  Updated photos of Cotuit M-266. Updated several Cape Cod Fireboats pages.

Check 09-25-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new Cotuit M-266, DCR Car 1-0.  Added new Special Features - Barnstable & Hyannis Retirement Party for Bill & Donna Rex, Hyannis "Last Supper" at the Old Fire Station.

Check 09-20-18  Updated Home Pages.  Updated a number of Department pages. Added new Marion Marine 225, Wareham Squad 4

Check 09-10-18  Updated Home Pages. CAPECODFD.COM TURNS 18 ON SEPT 11!
Added New Feature Hyannis-Barnstable Municipal Airport Disaster Drill.  Also added several new Fireboat Pages. Eureka-Tarentum, PA, Pittsburgh, PA Fireboat 1, and Pittsburgh, PA River Rescue Boats. More photos from our Pittsburgh, PA Visit.

Check 09-01-18  Updated Home Pages.  Added new Brewster Ambulance 242, Orleans Car 167, updated some Brewster apparatus photos, added Cape Cod Canal Boat Fire.

Check 08-20-18  Updated Home Pages.  Added Hyannis new Service 1, Sandwich "new" loaner Engine 451.
Added several new Historic FDNY Fireboat photos. Updated some Rosters, Station pages, Department pages.

Check 08-11-18  Posted Photo Feature - Hyannis Lt Richard A Knowlton Wake & Funeral photos.

Check 08-05-18  Updated Home Pages.


Check 08-01-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new Barnstable Ambulance 204. Updated rosters, station pages, other pages. New patches for Joint Base and Mashpee.

Check 07-25-18  BREAKING NEWS Added photo Feature - Dramatic COMM Osprey Nest Fire.

Check 07-21-18  Added photo Feature - Yarmouth 2nd Alarm Fire Route 28 July 21, 2018.

Check 07-20-18  Added photo features for Retirement of Harwich Capt John Clarke and Harwich Promotional Ceremony for Captain Leighanne Smith and Lt Justin White.

Check 07-16-18  Added photo feature - Hyannis Stick with Rick Knowlton July 15, 2018.

Check 07-14-18  Updated Home Pages. Congratulations to Sandwich Fire Department's new Fire Chief John "J.J." Burke appointed on July 12, 2018. Updated photos of Brewster E234, E239, A242, A243, C231, Yarmouth Marine 563. Harwich Engine 68 (originally COMM E315) has retired from service.


Check 07-11-18  Updated Home Pages.  Posted new feature, Washington DC visit July 2018.

Check 07-09-18 Added and updated Fireboat Pages:
Updated Page - NEW YORK BOATS
New Page Added - Haverstraw, NY Fireboat 4
New Page Added - Thiells, NY Fireboat 26
Updated Photos - Irvington, NY Marine 4
Updated Photos - Tarrytown, NY Fireboat 5
New Page Added - Kearny, NJ Marine 3
Updated Photos - Marbury, MD Dist 10 Fireboat 8
New Page Added - Northport-Edgemere, MD Fireboats 268 & 269
New Page Added - Potomac heights, MD Fireboat 7
Updated Photos - Prince George's County, MD Fireboat 858
Updated Photos - Prince George's Volunteers, MD Fireboat 57
Added  New Photos - Ridge, MD Fireboat 4
New Page Added - Riviera Beach, MD Boat
Updated Photos - Washington, DC new Fireboat 2
Updated Photos -
Alexandria, VA Fireboat 201

Check 06-28-18 Updated Home pages. Added new apparatus for Eastham Beach Trailer, updated photos of Eastham E156, Wellfleet Marine 92, updated some info on Hyannis apparatus. Updated some Rosters.

Check 06-24-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new features Bill and Donna Rex Retiring and Brewster Fire Station Dedication..
Wareham new Fire Chief Matthew Rowley

Sad to report passing of several former firefighters. Bourne
Retired Call Captain Robert "Bobby" Ronayne, Bourne
Retired Deputy Chief Stuart Small,
Retired Captain Jack Grant.

Check 06-15-18  Updated Home Pages. Updated the Police Pages.

Check 06-09-18  Updated home.   New Duxbury Engine 3. Added new feature Lynnfield 2018.  Added photos of new Winthrop FD Boat.

Check 06-06-18  Updated home pages. East Sandwich Station 2 staffed and opened on Sunday June 3, 2018  New feature added Wareham 3rd Alarm House Fire on Great Neck Road 060618.

Check 06-02-18  Added new feature - Dennis 2nd Alarm Upper County Road.

Check 05-25-18  Updated Home Pages. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Check 05-21-18  Update. Added new Feature Epsom, NH Fire Truck Show. Added new Fireboat Pages for Old Lyme, CT Marine 38.  Updated photos Warren, RI Marine 3, Watch Hill, RI Marine 101, Braintree, MA Fire Rescue 1.

Check 05-13-18  Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich Ambulance 457. Refurbished COMM L-307. Updated photos of Harwich Car 62, Cotuit Amb 262, Brewster Car 249, Sandwich Engine 451, Engine 452.  Added a few new Fireboat PagesNewburyport, MA. Salisbury, MA. New Castle, NH. Updated Cape Cod Fireboat Pages.

Check 05-04-18  Updated Home Pages. Added new Bourne C-141 and West Barnstable Ambulance 293.  Added new Fireboat Page for Newport, RI Fireboat 6. Added Sendoff for Sandwich Fire Chief William Carrico headed for Medfield FD.

Check 04-27-18  Added 3rd Alarm Structure Fire in Barnstable, Millway.


Check 04-25-18  MAJOR UPDATE
Updated Home Pages.  Added and updated the following Apparatus Pages.
Barnstable C-210 New Deputy Car
Barnstable U-211 LMTV High Water
Updated Barnstable Roster
Brewster C-230  New Pickup
Brewster Removed E-233 (eliminated)
Brewster Removed F-238  (eliminated)
Brewster E-239 u/d photo
Brewster Removed HR-241 (replaced)
Brewster Squad-Engine 241  New Squad Eng
Updated Brewster Roster & Station
Chatham C-180 New Pickup
Chatham A-182 New Amb
Chatham E-185 New Engine
Chatham E-186 New Engine
Chatham E-188 Reassigned Engine
Chatham C-390 u/d photo and info
Updated Chatham Roster
Eastham C-151 u/d photo
Eastham C-152 u/d photo
Harwich F-71 New Forestry
Orleans C-167 u/d photo
Orleans C-179 u/d photo
Orleans Removed Marine 601 (Now Yar M-563)
Updated Orleans Roster and Station page
Sandwich B-461 u/d photo
Sandwich B-462 New Breaker u/d photos
Sandwich F-468 u/d photos
Wellfleet A-99 New Amb
Updated Wellfleet Roster
West Barnstable A-293  New Amb (no photo)
West Barnstable E-294  New Engine
W Barnstable Removed B-295  (eliminated)
Updated West Barn Roster and Station
Yarmouth F-40 u/d photo
Yarmouth LT-41 u/d photo
Yarmouth E-42 u/d photo
Yarmouth E-43 u/d photo
Yarmouth E-45 u/d photo - new assignment
Yarmouth A-55 u/d assignment
Yarmouth A-56 New Amb
Yarmouth A-57 u/d photo
Yarmouth M-463 New Boat
Updated Yarmouth Roster and Station pages

Carver Squad 1  New Squad
Carver EMS A-2  New Amb
Update Carver Roster
Duxbury A-3  New Amb
Duxbury C-3  New Car
Duxbury E-2  u/d photos
Duxbury HW-9  New High Water Unit
Duxbury Added DEP Trailer
Duxbury Added Special Ops Trailer
Update Duxbury Roster and Station pages
Kingston C-1  New Car
Kingston C-2  u/d photo
Kingston A-3 u/d photo
Update Kingston Roster and Station
Marion Car 1  New car
Marion Car 2  Reassigned Car
Update Marion Roster
Middleboro Dive 1  u/d photo
Onset Car 1  New Car
Onset Car 10  Reassigned Car
Update Onset Roster
Added Photo Feature ON THE ROAD 2018 -
10 - Returning North from Florida


Added a Photo Feature Carver Vehicle Fire

Added new Fireboat Pages or photos:
Charleston Area, SC Fireboats
Charleston, SC Marine 101
North Charleston, SC Marine 201
Mt Pleasant, SC Marine 501
St John's, SC Marine 701
Sullivan's Island, SC Marine 1201
Georgetown, SC Fireboat
Midway-Pawleys Island, SC Fireboat
Murrell's Inlet, SC Boat
Horry County, SC Fireboat 2
Wilmington, NC Fireboat 1
New Bern, NC Fireboat
Virginia Beach, VA Fireboats 1, 6, 12, 30
St. Michaels, MD Fireboat 40
Piermont, NY new Marine 13
Waterford-Goshen, CT Fireboat 93

Check 04-13-18 

Check 04-08-18  Updated Home Pages. Added several pages to Special Features of Florida Winter 2018
07-Red Sox in Miami
08-Daytona Speedway
09-Brush Fire Daytona
Updated Florida Brush Trucks page.:

Check 04-06-18  Updated Home Pages.
Added new ARFF page 
Daytona International New ARFF Station.
Added photos and updated Volusia County, FL Stations Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.
Updated Miami City Fireboat 1 and DiveBoats
Updated Miami-Dade Fireboat 73 and Spare.

Check 03-30-18  Updated
Added new Fireboat Photos: Cape Coral, FLCharlotte County, FLHillsborough County, FLSarasota County, FL. Updated Palm Beach County Stations 1 and Palm Beach County Stations 2

Check 03-25-18  Added a new Fireboat - Sanford, FL.  Also added a Volusia County Fire Stations guide.

Check 03-14-18  Added Page 6-FLA Bike Week  and added a few photos to  Florida Brush Trucks.

Check 03-09-18  Updated Florida Brush Trucks feature.

Check 03-07-18  Updated Home Pages. Added several pages to Special Features of Florida Winter 2018:
0-Trip South
1-Rocket launch
3-FLA West Coast Appar
4-Spring Training Baseball
5-FLA East Coast Appar

Check 02-28-18  Updated and added a number of new Fireboat Pages.
Bonita Springs, FL,
Brevard County, FL
Charlotte County (Punta Gorda), FL,
Clearwater, FL
Dunedin, FL
Estero, FL,
Matlacha-Pine Island, FL,
Naples, FL,
North Collier County, FL Fi,
Palm Beach County, FL
Sanibel Island, FL,
Seminole, FL,
Tampa, FL Fireboats 1 & 2

Treasure Island, FL
West Manatee County (Holmes Beach) FL

Also added a new ARFF Page - Punta Gorda, FL

Check 02-20-18  Updated Home Pages.  Significant change in how Hyannis FD apparatus Radio IDs are identified on fire alarm channel. Also update of Bourne unit assignments with C142 being assigned to Asst Chief. 

Check 02-13-18  Updated Home Pages. Updated a couple department profiles. Bourne new Assistant Chief David Cody (Car 142).

Check 02-10-18  Updated Home Pages.  Added photo feature - On the Road Flashback - Canada New Brunswick - Prince Edward Island - Nova Scotia - July-Aug 2011.

Check 02-08-18  Updated Home Pages.  Updated 2017 Run Stats. Added features for 2017 Year in Review, On The Road Again! Florida- Rocket launch. Also, check out the Provincetown Whaler's Wharf Fire feature on the 20th Anniversary of the Feb 10, 1998 5 Alarm fire. A Youtube video has been created with the radio traffic from the WHALER'S WHARF FIRE that night.

Check 01-27-18  Updated some Fireboat pages; Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. Added new fireboat pages and photos: Hampton VA, Oxford MD, Tilghman MD

Check 01-24-18  Updated some department profiles.  Added special feature Falmouth MVC Fuel Tanker.

Check 01-21-18  Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee Amb 363. Added a couple Fireboat pages: Braintree, MA , Hampton, VAPortsmouth, VA

Check 01-07-18  Updated Home Pages. Initial Run Stats for 2017.

Check 01-05-18  Updated Home Pages. Lots of new apparatus, apparatus changes, apparatus updates with this update:
Bourne E121. E123 rehab, LT126. Joint Base Cape Cod new E406. Mashpee new E352, "new" E353 (was E355), new ET-358 (was ET-352).Hyannis new A828.  Yarmouth E42, new E43, E44, "new" E45, "new" E47, E48. Dennis new C101, "new" C102, new C109. Harwich new F-71, new Boat. Eastham new C151, new C152.. Plymouth new E6, new E9.. Updated related Rosters, Station pages, and Department pages.  New feature Working Fire Falmouth Plum Hollow Road.

Check 01-01-18   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!  Updated Home Pages. Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


Check 12-31-17  Updated Home Pages. Added new Fireboat Feature pages for Ocean City, MD; Nyack, NY; and York County, VA.

Check 12-20-17  Updated Home Pages. Added several pages of ON THE ROAD AGAIN feature. Palm Beach County 1, Palm Beach County 2, Florida Keys 3.

Check 12-9-17  Added 2 new ARFF Pages: Marathon, FL and Key West, FL Added new Fireboat page for Key West, FL.

Check 11-14-17  Added new Fireboat Ft Lauderdale FL Fireboat 49.

Check 11-12-17  Updated Home Pages. Added several new Fireboat Pages, Charlestown MD, Nanjemoy MD, St Augustine FL, St Johns County FL. Updates for Hyannis Station and Brewster Station construction.  New Edgartown Fire Chief to be Alexander Schaeffer.

Check 10-30-17  Updated Home Pages.  Added new features on CIEMSS 2017 Awards and a Working House Fire in West Yarmouth.  Also regret to announce the passing on Oct 26, 2017 0f retired Hyannis Fire Chief Paul David Chisholm.

Check 10-19-17  Added new Sandwich Breaker 462.  Also added new feature COMM & Hyannis Dive Drill.

Check 10-14-17  Updated Home Pages. New vehicles: Falmouth Car 29, Bourne A-135, Onset Marine 2.
updated Onset Marine 1, Wareham Harbor Patrol Marine Unit 1.  New features COMM 1930 Ford Engine 3 and Yarmouth Fire Academy Training.

Check 10-06-17  Updated Home Pages. Changes with some Sandwich FD radio number assignments. See Sandwich Roster.

Check 09-28-17  Updated Home Pages. Updated Sandwich F-468, Yarmouth new Car 52, Car 562, Lakeville new A2, Boat 1, Plymouth new C-2, C-3, C-7, C-8, C-12, C-14, C-16, C-17, C-A, Boat 3,
Updated related rosters, stations.

Check 09-23-17  Updated Home Pages. New Eastham Deputy Car 152. Orleans Marine 601 taken out of Service. New feature Hyannis Lt John Cosmo Retirement.

Check 09-11-17  New Feature Added - Hyannis FD Ceremony 16th Anniversary 9-11-01.

Updated a number of pages. Eastham FD hired new Deputy Chief Dan Keane and renumbered the Fire Chief as C-151, Deputy as C-152, and the former boat 152 is reassigned as Marine 164. West Barnstable has assigned C-292 as the deputy vehicle (POV) and has a new Forestry 288.  COMM L-307, Bourne E123, and Plymouth LT-1 have all been sent out for major refurbishing. Several new apparatus are expected over the next few weeks.
Wareham Robert McDuffy retired on Sept 8, 2017 after 36 years in the fire service, the past 18 as Chief. Congratulations!
Feature with photos from services held for Bourne Firefighter Chad Cerulli held on Sept 7 & 8, 2017.
Updated Feature of Cape Cod 9-11 Memorials


Check 09-03-17  Updated several pages. Updated pages and added several new photos (from William Noonan collection) to the FDNY Historical Pages including:
"Harry M. Archer MD"
 "James Duane"
 "John H. Glenn Jr"
 "John J. Harvey"
 "Abraham S. Hewitt"
 "John D. Mckean"
 "John Purroy Mitchell"
 "The New Yorker"
 "Governor Alfred E. Smith"
 "William L. Strong"
"H. Sylvia A. H. G. Wilks"


Check 09-02-17  Bourne FD announced the passing of off duty active Firefighter / Paramedic Chad Cerulli, age 40 on Sept 1, 2017.

Check 08-19-17  Updated Home Pages.  Updated Bourne Car 142, Car 143, Car 145. Eastham FD has selected former Sandwich FD LT Dan Keane to become Eastham's Deputy Chief.  Congrats!  Added new feature On The Road Again CT-NY 2017

Check 08-14-17  Updated Home Pages. New apparatus includes Hyannis Tower 829 in service, updated photos M-808. Brewster new Car 231 and C-232. Harwich C-70 new paint job. Added several pages to the Fireboats Feature:and updated several pages.

Added New Pages: Deep River, CT Fireboat 5-2, East Hartford, CT Fireboat M-1, Greenwich, CT Fireboat 139, Middletown, CT Fireboat M-1, Portland, CT Fireboat 7, Newburgh, NY Fireboat M-1, Stony Point, NY Fireboat M-1,
Bellport, LI, NY Fireboat M26, Cutchogue, LI, NY Fireboat M8-5-10,  Patchogue, LI, NY Fireboat, Port Washington, LI, NY Fireboat 85-M-1,
NEW YORK STATE FIREBOATS, LONG ISLAND FIREBOATS, Bolton Landing, NY Fireboat, Irvington, NY Fireboat,
Mamaroneck, NY Fireboat, Piermont, NY Fireboat, Tarrytown, NY Fireboat, Freeport, LI, NY Fireboat,  Wantagh, LI, NY Fireboat,
Updated Pages - Added photos: Massport Fireboat 31, FDNY Marine 4, FDNY Marine 6,

Check 08-05-17 -  Added new feature on the Falmouth FD services for Capt Greg Clements.

Check 08-02-17 -  Updated info on services for Falmouth Capt Greg Clements to be on Sat Aug 5, 2017.

Check 07-31-17 -  Falmouth FD regrets to announce the unexpected passing of Captain Greg Clements, age. 54, on Sunday July 30, 2017.  Arrangements are incomplete.

Check 07-24-17 -  Updated Home Pages. New Bourne Car 141.  New feature new Hyannis Fire Chief Peter Burke  takes office. Barnstable makes Capt Rick Pfautz Acting Deputy Chief.. Also added some more photos to the Hyannis Ladder Tower Training feature.

Check 07-19-17 -  Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of Falmouth C11, C13, C19, C27, MDU. Falmouth E-22 Out of Service Long Term. Updated photo Hyannis "old" LT-829. Updated photos Marion A2/A-395, Engine 2, Engine 3 relettered.
Wareham Chief Robert McDuffy announced his pending retirement (September 2017) after 36 years of service with Wareham FD. Chatham FD announces passing of retired Fire Chief Robert C. Greenough on July 19, 2017. New features with Hyannis New Tower Ladder Training and COMM FD returns long time C&O Muster Truck back to the Tisbury Fire Department where it once served. Also updated feature on COMM FD & BPD Training held on May 30, 2017.

Check 07-16-17 -  Updated Home Pages. Updated several other pages.

Check 07-11-17 -  Updated Home Pages. Updated Cotuit pages to Chief Paul Rhude.  Orleans new Special Hazards 610

Check 07-01-17 -  Updated Homepages. Added feature New Cotuit Fire Chief Paul Rhude. Hyannis LT829 delivered.

Check 06-29-17 -  Updated Homes Pages. Added new Kingston A-1, A-2, and A-3. Also new Middleboro Tanker 2 and Car 93. Also new Plymouth Car 1C-12, and Dive Trailer,  updated C-6. Updated photos Brewster F240, M246, M247, Cotuit E265, Orleans C167, C171, C179, M602, Dive.  Yarmouth C58 and C59Cotuit Fire Chief Chris Olsen retires on July 1, 2017. Former Nantucket Fire Chief Paul Rhude will become the new Cotuit Fire Chief.

Check 06-11-17 -  Added 2 new features.  Photos from a COMM FD & BPD training exercise on May 30, 2017 and photos from the 2017 Lynnfield Muster June 10, 2017.

Check 05-28-17 -  Updated Home Pages.  Added a couple features:  Hyannis Drilling on Roof Ventilations with LT-829, Massport Fireboat 31 in the Cape Cod Canal, and Memorial Day weekend Cape Cod Cares for Our Troops.

Check 05-15-17 -  Updated Home Pages.
Updated new Oak Bluffs Fire Station. Updated Martha's Vineyard ARFF Station under construction. New Edgartown Car 200 (E-93), new Car 210, new Forestry 230, former E222 out of service, acting Engine 222. New Oak Bluffs Amb O-94, new Car 510, Dive 541. Updated  Tisbury Amb T-90  New West Tisbury Engine 721. Updated Dive 770.

Check 05-08-17 -  Updated Home Pages.  Added several new features including:  Carver-Plymouth County Brush Breaker Drill 2017, Hyannis Fire Station Ground Breaking, Hyannis FD Heavy Rescue Training, and a Hyannis Working Structure Fire on Rosary Lane.  Added new Hyannis Car 807, Rochester Car 190., Nantucket Tanker 2,  Updated photos Onset B149, Rochester B194, Kingston B74, Plympton B183  

Check 05-03-17 -  Added new feature  Dennis WF 608 Route 28.

Check 05-02-17 -  Updated Home Pages. New feature added on Nozzle Forward Fire Academy Class.

Check 04-30-17 -  Updated a number of Fire Department Profile pages.

Check 04-27-17 -  Some photos of the new Nantucket Tanker 2 heading to the island.

Check 04-24-17 -  Updated Home Pages.

Check 04-23-17 -  Added new feature - COMM 3rd Alarm House Fire Seaview Ave Osterville.

Check 04-19-17 -  Updated Home Pages.

Check 04-15-17 -  Added new feature - West Barnstable Brush Fire Oak Street.

Check 04-13-17 -  Added some new photos to the FDNY Historic Fireboats pages  including the Hewitt, Archer, McKean, Devaney, Willett, Gaynor, Harvey, and Fire Fighter.

Check 04-04-17 -  Posted photos from Hyannis Firefighter Barry Pina's Retirement Party.

Check 04-02-17 -  Updated Home Pages. New apparatus includes: Bourne Ambulance 136, COMM Ambulance 326, COMM Dive 319Harwich Ambulance 72, refurbed Harwich Ladder 66, Sandwich Car 440Carver's new Fire Station is open. Chatham Fire Chief Michael Ambriscoe has retired. Peter Connick sworn is as new Chatham Fire Chief COMM Working House Fire Connors Road.  Added new Fireboats: Bowleys Quarters, MD and Tinicum, PA.

Check 03-14-17 -  Updated Home Pages.  Completed an update of many of the Department Profile pages, some apparatus pages, rosters, stations, etc.  Cleaned up a number of links.  2016 Run Totals Updated.

Check 03-12-17 -  Updated Home Pages.

Check 03-11-17 -  Updated Home Pages. Added several pages to Features including: On The Road Again 1-Punta Cana, On The Road Again 2-East Florida, On The Road Again 3-West Florida, On The Road Again 4-Spring Training, and On The Road Again 5-Clearwater Boat Fire.

Check 03-04-17 -  Added a number of new pages to the Fireboats Feature including the following Florida boats: Cape Coral, Clearwater, Dunedin, Everglades City, Hillsborough County, Isle of Capri-Greater Naples, Longboat Key, Marco Island, Medeira Beach, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Sarasota, St Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, and Venice.

Check 02-28-17 -  Update Home Pages.  Added new pages to Fireboats Feature:  Broward County, FLFort Lauderdale, FLMiami Beach, FL.  Also added photos to Punta Cana, DR ARFF and Fort Lauderdale FL ARFF pages. 
Also sorry to report the passing of Brewster FD Capt (Ret) Henry Sears on Jan 31, 2017 and the passing of Onset Call FF and former DCR District 2 Warden (Ret) Ron Aseltine on Feb 26, 2017.
More complete update coming soon!

Check 01-20-17 -  Update. Congratulations to Hyannis FD  Deputy Dean Melanson appointed to serve as Acting Fire Chief as of  Jan 9, 2017!  Captain Eric Farrenkopf will serve as Acting Deputy Chief.  Congrats to Hyannis FF Barry Pina upon his retirement after 42 years in the fire service, nearly 10 years with COMM and 32 years with Hyannis. Dennis FD appointed Chris Guerreiro to Captain Jan 2017.   Congrats!
Saddened to report of the passing of retired
Falmouth Fire Chief Paul D. Brodeur on January 20, 2017.  R.I.P.

Check 01-05-17 -  Posted a long over due feature from the Florida Spring 2016 Trip including stations, apparatus, boats, and baseball.

Check 01-04-17 -  Added a couple Historic Photos of the FDNY Fireboat Fire Fighter. Also updated and added information to each of the Historic pages.

Check 01-03-17 -  Updated Home Pages. 
Preliminary Run Totals for 2016.
Bourne moved HQ to Sagamore.


Check 12-26-16 -  Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich Tanker 464, Rochester Ambulance 207. Added feature from the Joint Base Cape Cod Fire on Oct 28, 2016.  Added new feature on Crosby Fall 2016 Cross Country Trip

Check 12-14-16 -  Updated Home Pages. Our NEW Cape Cod "Fire only" Live Radio Feed is now broadcasting!  Check it out at the CAPE COD Area Live Fire Radio link above or go to the Broadcastify site and see the Barnstable, Dukes, Nantucket and Plymouth Counties Fire Departments. This fills a gap left when Tim Caldwell of Cape Wide News retired and moved south. Enjoy listening on your computer or smart phone with the  Scanner Radio  app.

Check 12-07-16 -  Added new COMM C308, Dennis Engine114, Harwich C62, Wellfeet Engine 89. Added new ARFF Station Jacksonville FL.  Added a few Fireboat photos, including FDNY Historic photos of Firefighter as Marine 8. Also several of Massport Marine 34.

Check 12-02-16 - Updated Home Pages. Added new COMM C321, new JBCC T-414, new Duxbury C4, Duxbury Engine 2, new Marion E-1, Marion A-1, Mattapoisett A-413. Remember the Worcester 6 Cold Storage Warehouse Fire of Dec 3, 1999.

Check 11-20-16 - Updated Home pages. Congrats to Barnstable FD Capt Ed Guilford retired after 31 years and to new Capt Kevin Brailey.

Check 11-18-16 - Added several more Fireboats
Lake Havasu City, AZ - Fireboat
Lake Powell, AZ - Fireboat
West Taney/Branson, MO - Fireboat
Memphis, TN - Fireboat 1
Huntington, WV - Fireboat 1
Marieta, OH - Fireboat 1
Havre de Grace, MD - Fireboat

Check 11-16-16 - Update Home Pages. New Carver Engine 1, Engine 2, Engine 3, Engine 4. New Lakeville Tower 1, Car 1. New Duxbury Car 1, update Engine 3. Updated Plympton C-3. Updates to related  Rosters, Stations, Department pages.

Check 11-15-16 - The process of adding new Fireboat Pages from our West Coast visit continues, including a few from CANADA::
Drumheller, Alberta, Cowichan, BC...
From CALIFORNIA:: CALIFORNIA BOATS, Alameda, CAEureka-Humboldt Bay, CALong Beach, CA BoatsLong Beach FB 15Long Beach FB 20Los Angeles FireboatsLAFD FB 1LAFD FB 2LAFD FB 3LAFD FB 4LAFD FB 5LA County FB 110 & 310LA County Lifeguards; Monterey, CAOakland, CAOrange County-Dana PointOrange County-Newport BeachOrange County-Sunset-HuntingtonRedwood City, CA; Richmond, CASan Diego Harbor Police Fireboats 1&2Fireboats 3, 4, and 5San Diego Lifeguards; San Francisco FireboatsSan Francisco FB1San Francisco FB2San Francisco FB3Sausalito-S Marin, CA; Tiburon, CA.  Believe it or not...Still more to come! 

Check 11-11-16 - Updated Home pages. Added new Falmouth Engine 25, Engine 20 spare, Falmouth Cert 1 vehicle, and Sandwich new Ambulance 459.

Check 11-05-16 - Updated Home Pages. Added new apparatus: Harwich C61, C79, Chatham A183.  Note JBCC E412 recalled. Hyannis Fire Chief Brunelle Retires 10-31-16.
Added new ARFF Pages Seattle-Tacoma International ARFF, Portland, OR ARFF, John Wayne-Orange County ARFF, Grand Canyon ARFFJohn Wayne - Orange County Airport Drill.

Check 10-30-16 - Updated Home Pages. Updated the Fireboats Main Page and  updated each of the fireboat pages posted on 10-13-16. Added new fireboat pages including:
Vancouver, BC FB1; Vancouver, BC FB4; Vancouver, BC FB5; Victoria, BC FB 1 & 2.
Bellingham, WA; Kingston-North Kitsap, WA; Pasco, WA; Port Townsend-East Jefferson, WA; Ridgefield-Clark County, WA; Seattle, WA; Tacoma, WA 1; Tacoma, WA 2; Tacoma, WA 3; Vancouver, WA; West Pierce, WA.
Astoria, OR; North Bend, OR; Portland, OR FB 6; Portland, OR FB 17 old and FB 17 new; Portland, OR FB 21; Port of Portland, OR FB 80.

Check 10-13-16 - Added several new pages to Fireboats Feature including:
Seattle Fireboat 1, Seattle Fireboat 2, Seattle Fireboat Chief Seattle, Seattle Fireboat Leschi, and Seattle other boatsTacoma, WA  Fireboat "Commencement". Tacoma FB "Defiance" and Tacoma FB "Destiny".   Much more to follow.

Check 09-21-16 - Added a couple new ARFF Pages for Pocatello, ID and Pasco, WA.

Check 09-09-16 - Sad to announce the passing of my friend and fellow retired COMM FD Firefighter Fred Lewis. RIP Fredie.  Added a number of new Fireboat pages including: Pittsburgh PA, Wheeling WVCovington KY, Louisville KY, St Louis MO, Peoria IL, Moline IL, Davenport IA, Clinton IA, and St Paul MN. .

Check 08-29-16    INFO Barnstable County Firefighter Entry Level Screening Exam scheduled for November 2016.

Check 08-28-16    Added feature for Working Fire Marstons MillsHyannis Fire Chief Harold Brunelle announced intention to retire soon.

Check 08-26-16    Updated Home Pages. Updated Harwich C63, new Wellfleet E94, updated other Wellfleet appar info, Orleans Station page and Roster u/d, added new Feature on Air Force One visit 2016 and  Sandwich FF Robert George retirement.

Check 08-16-16    Updated Cotuit Engine 265. Updated Joint Base Cape Cod apparatus including adding new Engine 412 and Ambulance 424, as well as updating the 179th and 180th Army National Guard units. Updated Haz Mat Page units. . Updated a few Rosters. Added new pages and photos to Fireboats Feature including new New Bedford Marine 38 and new Fall River Marine 1. Also Jamestown, RI Marine 1, and boats from Watch Hill, RI.

Check 08-12-16    Added feature Hyannis 2nd Alarm Alberto's Ristorante & Lounge.

Check 08-10-16    Updated Home Pages. Changes to Harwich apparatus numbering: C62 now Deputy, C63 will be duty officer vehicle, A62 is now A72, A63 is now A74, C72 is now C79. New Bourne A135. New JBCC USCG A424, New JBCC E412. New Plymouth Dive trailer and Tanker 2.
Added new features COMM Disp Jeff Gifford retired and Mass DFS Haz Mat Dist 1 training at COMMBourne 2nd Alarm at Transfer Station.

Check 07-27-16    Updated Home Pages. Added photos of new Cotuit Engine 265 and of a 2nd Alarm House Fire on Main Street Cotuit on July 27, 2016

Check 07-20-16    Updated Home Pages. Updated Duxbury C3, C4, C5. Updated Mattapoisett refurbished E2. New Wareham EMS Car 740 and Wareham FD S-3.

Check 07-10-16    Updated Home Pages. Added photo feature on Falmouth FD Promotional Ceremony July 8, 2016.

Check 07-07-16    Updated Home Pages. Updated photo of new Falmouth Car 14. Also added a new feature of a visit to FDNY E273-L129.

Check 06-28-16    Updated Home Pages. Added new apparatus: Barnstable Marine 219, Brewster Ambulance 243, Dennis Ambulance 106, Lower Cape Ambulance 599, Yarmouth Car 551. Also updated photos Yarmouth ATV 567..  Falmouth new Deputy Chief Scott Thrasher... Congrats!

Check 06-26-16    Updated Home Pages.  Updated Mattapoisett Car 1, Unit 1, Middleboro Car 94, new Wareham Marine 4.  Also added some new fire-rescue boat photos including Fairhaven, Ma M25, Mamaroneck, NY Marine 2, and a RARE FDNY historic photo of "Fire Fighter" as Marine 5.

Check 06-19-16    Updated Home Pages.  Added new feature on Long Island Antique Fire Apparatus Epic Photo Shoot held on June 12, 2016.

Check 06-13-16    Added feature page for new Chatham Fire Headquarters.  Updated Chatham Station page. Added photo feature Wetdown  & Christening new Islip, Long Island Fireboat

Check 06-12-16  Added and updated a few Fireboat Pages.... new Islip, LI, NY fireboat, Wantagh, LI, NY Fireboat, Freeport, LI, NY Fireboat..  Updated a few more LI, NY Fireboat pages.

Check 06-08-16  Updated Home pages. Sorry for delay in updating, it was an uploading problem more than an updating issue. Recent updates include: New Boston Marine 2 and updated Boston Fireboat pages.. CONGRATS to new Falmouth Fire Chief Michael Small.  Chatham has opened their new Fire Headquarters.. Retired Mattapoisett Fire Chief Donald "Woody" Wood passed away May 22, 2016 and retired Oak Bluffs Fire Chief Dennis Alley passed away on May 30, 2016.

Check 05-22-16  Updated Home Pages. Updated and added several new apparatus including: New Falmouth Car 13, Car 14, Car 33. New Harwich Ambulance 75. New BCTRT Dive 910 bus. New Eastham new ATV-159. New Lower Cape Ambulance 598 and new Provincetown Ambulance 198. Also new Wareham Ambulance 1. Updated some associated rosters and station pages.

Check 05-15-16  Added feature on Barnstable Train Derailment Evacuation & MCI Drill May 14, 2016

Check 05-10-16  Added feature of Sandwich 2nd Alarm Brush Fire on Atkins Road May 10, 2016.

Check 05-02-16  Updated Home Pages. Added new feature on Working Structure Fire in Centerville on May 2, 2016. Also if note is the recent passing of retired CCH RN Faye Everson on April 23, 2016.

Check 04-21-16  Updated some Home Pages. Added new apparatus for Barnstable Sandy Neck Trailer, Barnstable new Boat Marine 219,  State DCR Car 2, Duxbury Forestry 49, Mattapoisett Marine 1,  Updated some photos Brewster HR241, E234, E239, Onset E1,  Updated several associated  Roster and  Station pages.  Added new feature with Mashpee Working Fire Park Place Way.. Former Dennis FD, State Fire Tower spotter, news reporter, and well known Fire photographer Harold "Buzzy" Cobb passed away at age 73 on April 20, 2016.

Check 04-17-16  Added new feature 2016 Carver Plymouth County Brush Breaker Drill.

Check 04-14-16  Updated Home Pages. Added a "new" Fire Station Barnstable Sta.2. Added some NEW Cape apparatus: Brewster BCTRT Dive trailer, COMM Marine 314, Hyannis C806, C830, Yarmouth new Forestry 40, Squad 50, Marine 564, Marine 565, Marine 566, and ATV 567.  Added a few photos to Salisbury, MD Fireboat page and to Cape Cod Fire Rescue Boat Page 3, Page 4, Page 5. .
Congrats to Hyannis FD for getting new Fire Headquarters approved on April 9, 2016!.

Check 04-12-16  Updated Home Pages. Added several new Fireboat Pages including: Colonial Beach, VABenedict, MD, Cobb Island, MD, Deale, MD, Newburg, MD, Shady Side, MD,  and  Solomons, MD.  Updated several other pages including Maryland Fireboats and Virginia Fireboats.

Check 04-07-16  Added several new Fireboat pages including: Mobile, AL Fireboat 2, Orange Beach, AL, Niceville, FL, Panama City, FLPensacola, FL, and Savannah, GA.  Also added photos to Palm Beach International, FL ARFF..

Check 03-24-16  Added new pages to Fireboat Feature: Miami-Dade County, FL Fireboat 1 and Fireboat 2. Also several photos of City of Miami Fireboat 1. Added a new airport to the ARFF Feature - Daytona Beach International Airport ARFF.

Check 03-15-16  Updated Home pages.  Updated ARFF Pages and added new pages for Fort Myers, Fl Page Field and Southwest Fla International Airport.  Also added two new fireboat pages:  Fort Myers, FL and Iona-McGregor, FL Fireboats

Check 02-25-16  Updated Home Pages.  Posted features on previous stories:  Retirement of Falmouth Fire Chief Mark Sullivan and Mashpee FD  Training.  New feature posted of Fall River General Alarm Mill Fire Feb 20, 2016

Check 02-19-16  Updated Home Pages.  Added new Eastham Ambulances A162 and A163.

Check 02-16-16  Added new feature - 3rd Alarm in Marstons Mills Feb 15, 2016.


Check 02-10-16  Updated Home Pages.  Retired Marion Fire Chief Richard Guerzoni passed away Feb 9, 2016 at age 61. Final full 2015 Run Stats are posted... 63,779 calls on Cape Cod in 2015.

Check 01-29-16  Updated Home Pages. New Cotuit Car 261 and Car 269. New Hyannis Ambulance 831.  Updated photos of Harwich Amb 62.  Added feature of Harwich Promotion Captain Craig Thorton and Recognition of several members. Congratulations to retiring State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan who served Massachusetts for 20 years overseeing the implementation of a number of important fire prevention and fire support services including the State's Hazardous Materials Response Teams, the Incident Support Units, Rehab Units, and much more!  Best wishes Marshal Coan.   

Check 01-16-16  Updated a few pages.

Check 01-15-16  Updated Home Pages.  Added new Falmouth Engine 24 in service at West Falmouth. Falmouth Fire Chief Mark Sullivan retired. Falmouth new Acting Fire Chief Mike Small.

Check 01-12-16  Added feature: Barnstable Fire Dept says Goodbye to Ret FF Billy Fleming.

Check 01-09-16  Updated Run Stats for 2015. Yarmouth #1 official totals at 7,096, up slightly from initial estimated total.

Check 01-08-16  Updated Home Pages. Added some new apparatus. Updated photos Rochester Tower 1, new Onset Squad 1, Lakeville Amb 1, Middleboro Car 91, Carver EMS Car 3, Yarmouth Ambulance 55.

Check 01-06-16  Updated Home Pages. Added new Yarmouth ATV, Orleans C179, Orleans C167, updated Harwich C71 photo, Orleans C171 photo.
Posted UNOFFICIAL 2015 RUN STATS.  Congrats to Harwich LT Mike Mason upon retirement and to newly promoted Harwich Lt Justyne Walorz.  Posted info on services for Ret Barnstable FF William "Bill" Fleming. .

Check 01-01-16  Updated Home Pages. Added new feature: Barnstable New Years Day Splash!  Also added a few new Patches to the Patch pages.


Check 12-31-15  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!  Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich Car 441, reassigned Harwich Car 60, Car 71.  Updated several Roster Pages and some station pages to reflect current assignments.

Check 12-29-15  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!  Updated Home Pages. Added new COMM Car 302. . Added several new features: On The Road Again 1-Maryland, On The Road Again 2-Virginia, On The Road Again 3-Savannah GA, On The Road Again 4-Florida, On The Road Again 5-North Carolina, and On The Road Again 6-New York City,

Check 12-23-15  WISHING EVERYONE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Updated Home Pages. Added a few new Special Feature "Gifts" for you to enjoy: Falmouth Fords Retired, Onset Ladder 1 End of an Era,.  Long Island Stump Jumpers, New Jersey Brush Trucks, Florida Brush Trucks, .Also note that Oak Bluffs has occupied their new fire headquarters and Falmouth has purchased a used engine.  .

Check 12-20-15  Added several new Fireboat Pages to Fireboat FeatureCharlotte NC FB-38, Coarnelius-Lemley NC FB-4, Fairfax County VA FB-420, Henrico VA FB-2, Jacksonville FL Fireboats Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, FDNY New Marine 6 "William M. Feehan", Prince George's County MD FB-858 .



Check 12-09-15  Reorganized and added some new pages for the FDNY Historical Fireboats in the Fireboats Pages..

Check 12-04-15  Updated Home Pages. Onset placed new Ladder 1 in service and retired their 1971 Maxim open cab 85' aerial. Note: Retired Harwich Fire Chief Robert Hudson, Age 80 passed away Sept 15, 2015 in Florida.

Check 12-02-15  Updated a couple more Fire Boat pages.... Jacksonville, FL REMEMBERING THE WORCESTER6 DEC 3, 1999

Check 12-01-15  Updated Home Pages.  Added a number of new Fire Boat Pages: Chesapeake, MD FB-2, Kent Island, MD FB-1, Romancoke-United Communities FB-9, Deale, MD FB-42, Marbury, MD Dist 10 FB-8, Avenue, MD Dist 7 FB-5, Newport News, VA FB-1, Norfolk, VA FB-1 and FB-13, Virginia Beach, VA FB-1, Savannah, GA Marine 1, and a new FDNY Historic photo of Cornelious W. Lawrence/

Check 11-22-15 sadly reports the passing of good friend and former Hyannis FF/Paramedic Brett Grandaw, age 55, on Nov 18, 2015.  Kent Farrenkopf sworn in as the new Eastham FD Fire Chief on November 20, 2015.

Check 11-15-15  Updated Home Pages. Falmouth has taken Engine 20, Engine 24, Breaker 16, and Breaker 17 OUT OF SERVICE permanently.  New Onset Ladder 1 arrives. Check out video of progress with new Oak Bluffs Fire Station.

Check 11-11-15  Added some photos from the Harwich Fire Dept Promotional Ceremony for Lieutenant and Deputy Chief .David Leblanc.  Also completed posting of a large number of new Fireboat Pages and photos.... see Fireboat Page and Newest Updates for complete list of CT, NY, NJ, DE, and MD boats added. 

Check 11-10-15  Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Orleans FD at Fire Academy and another On The Road Trip to New Jersey-Delaware.  

Check 10-30-15  Updated Home Pages.  Chatham LT-189, Harwich C60,. Added photo feature of Sandwich FD at smoke house.

Check 10-29-15  Posted new Feature of Hyannis Barnstable Municipal Airport Disaster Drill conducted on Oct 28, 2015.


Check 10-27-15  Updated Home Pages.  Apparatus includes Orleans Ambulance 172., update Marine 601.  New Truro Fire Chief Tim Collins and announcement of Kent Farrenkopf as the next Eastham Fire Chief . Also David LeBlanc as next Deputy Chief in Harwich. 

Check 10-23-15  Updated Home Pages. Added new Rochester Tower Ladder, updated B195.

Check 10-18-15  Poster new photo feature - On The Road - Connecticut and Long Island, NY Fire Stations, Trucks, and Fireboats.

Check 10-12-15  Posted feature on Our Great Summer Adventure of 2015 with fire stations, apparatus, and scenic photos from 24 state cross country trip.

Check 10-10-15  Updated and added several pages of Fireboats from Long island New York including Babylon, Bay Shore, Bayville, East Islip, Northport, and West Islip and well as several other Long Island Fire Rescue Boats.

Check 10-09-15  Updated and added several new pages of Fireboats from Connecticut including Branford, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Guilford, Milford, Mystic, and Stratford. Added several new historic FDNY Fireboat  photos

Check 09-28-15  Updated Home Pages. New Hyannis Car 801, reassigned Car 807, Car 830

Check 09-26-15  Updated Home Pages.  Added photo feature Rhode Island Antique Fire Apparatus meet Sept 20, 2015.

Check 09-22-15  Added Sept 21, 2015  Mashpee Working Fire on Timberlane Drive.. Photos of new Chatham Tower Ladder 189.  Added new photos of Providence Marine 1 and Warwick Marine 4.

Check 09-13-15  Updated several Rosters. Added a couple FDNY Historic photos P13.

Check 09-10-15  Updated Home Pages and several Department Pages..

Check 09-09-15  Updated Home Pages. Updated several apparatus pages:
Updated photo Bourne E125.
Sandwich new Car 442, "new" Car 443,  updated Car 449, Car 455Car 467. Updated Sandwich Roster:
Falmouth new Ambulance 36, updated C13, C14A38, A39. Updated Falmouth Roster
West Barnstable updated  Car 291.
Dennis updated Ambulance 106
Chatham new Car 391, updated C392. updated F187
Eastham new Marine 153, Marine 154.
Wellfleet updated  S-80.
Truro new Car 471
Provincetown new  Car 191
Onset new Squad 3

Check 09-07-15  Added new historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Pg 13 and Pg 14. Also added photos of Boston Marine 1 responding and Massport Marine 32.

Check 08-30-15  Updated Home Pages. Added feature for COMM FD Charlie Faria retirement and a Haz Mat Call in Marion on Aug 18, 2015. New fire chief in Marion Brian Jackvony..

Check 08-15-15  Added some new FDNY Historic fireboat photos P12 and P13.  Also added new pages of Port of Houston Fire boats and New Orleans FD Fireboat.

Check 07-17-15  Update. Congrats to COMM Capt Paul Rhude, selected as Nantucket's next Fire  Chief.  Updated Fireboat Feature with pictures from Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee. A few new deliveries (not included at this time).Falmouth new Amb 36, Mattapoisett new Amb, and sandwich new Car 442.

Check 07-01-15  Updated Home Pages. Added photo feature of Hyannis Lt Knowlton retirement..

Check 06-13-15  Added feature with photos from 2015 Lynnfield SPAAMFAA Fire apparatus Muster..

Check 06-04-15  Updated Home pages. Added new Plymouth Forestry Engine 8-1. Also updated photos of Plymouth Rescue 1, Breaker 173, Breaker 375, and A-5.COMM has retired the 1967 Maxim Breaker 316   SANDWICH FD REGRETS PASSING OF RETIRED FIRE CHIEF FRED ALVEZI, AGE 88, ON JUNE 2, 2015

Check 05-30-15  Updated Home Pages. Added new Wellfleet Tanker 96.

Check 05-26-15  Updated Home Pages. Updated Nantucket A-3, Nantucket Airport Station, Truck 1, and Truck 2.

Check 05-15-15  Posted photos from a Working fire in Bourne at the former IHOP.

Check 05-12-15  Updated Home Pages. Added several new and  several updated apparatus from Martha's Vineyard including: Aquinnah C-310, T-333, R-361. Chilmark ATV, Jet Ski. Tisbury M-667, M-668. Oak Bluffs C-500, Amb Oscar 91, Oscar 92, new Engine 522, M-569., MCI Trailer.  Edgartown new Engine 221, new Tanker 233. Photos of temporary Oak Bluffs stations and new station construction.

Check 05-08-15  Updated Home Pages. Added new Mashpee Forestry 357. Posted a feature called ON THE ROAD AGAIN! Winter Trip 2015 that features photos of a lot of Florida stations and apparatus as well as Punta Cana and even a few fireboats.

Check 05-05-15  Posted a feature on the Cuttyhunk Island Prescribed Burn conducted on May 4, 2015. ALso updated Cuttyhunk photos of Station, Engine 1, Engine 2, Utility, Cuttyhunk Profile, and Patch page.

Check 05-03-15  Posted feature photos from the 7th Annual PTown Run to the Top held on May 2, 2015.

Check 05-01-15  Added COMM Wrecker and feature of Hyannis Fire at Hyannis Yacht Club.

Check 04-29-15  Updated Home Pages. Added or changed the following apparatus pages: Dennis new Amb 104, West Barnstable new Forestry 288, BCTRT Truck 905, Trailer 906, Trailer 907, Trailer 908, Sandwich DEP, Tech, Haz, Harwich Tech. Orleans Dive trailer. Also updated some Roster and Station pages related to apparatus changes..


Check 04-26-15  Updated Home Pages. Added Plymouth/Carver Brush Breaker Drill and some updates to FDNY Fireboats P13. Also added  West Barnstable Forestry 288.. Update Duxbury ATV, DCR Dist 2 ATV, Middleboro ATV, Onset ATV,

Check 04-18-15  Updated Home Pages. Added photos from Brush Fire Training at Crane Wildlife in Falmouth April 18, 2015. NOTE: Crosby's retired from BSO Dispatch effective April 10, 2015.

Check 04-17-15  Added Photos from Barnstable County Tech Rescue Team Dive Drill in Bourne April 16, 2015. NOTE: CAPE WIDE NEWS IS NOW FOUND AT CAPECOD.COM (no longer with WXTK.)

Check 04-07-15  Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee Car 350, Car 371, Car 373. New photo feature on RIT Train the Trainer at COMM FD April 7, 2015.
Run Stats for 2014 updated.

Check 04-04-15  Added some Historic FDNY Fireboat photos Page 12, Page 13, and some Marine 9 photos. HAPPY EASTER! Eastham FD regrets to announce passing of Ret Capt Brian Edmunds. OBIT

Check 03-28-15  Updated Home Pages.  New Wellfleet A-97 and A-98, and new S-80. Added Sandwich ATV.  Updated Orleans C-171. Cape Tech Rescue vehicles relocated from Brewster to Harwich. Sandwich has a "new" station "Station 19" at the Canal Power Plant housing their Foam Tanker 465.

Check 03-21-15  Updated ARFF CRASH TRUCK features with new photos for Otis/MMR and Punta Cana, and new pages added for Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Naples Florida.  Added Guest Photo Feature of Cocoa Florida Boat Fire by Ben Dottridge.

Check 03-19-15  Update Home Pages. New apparatus including Cotuit A-262, Sandwich ET-452, and Bourne's Mass Dist 1 Haz Mat ORU Truck 12. Updated Bourne C141, Bourne C144
NEW BOURNE FIRE CHIEF  Norman "Spanky" Sylvester.
Note passing of Provincetown Fire Rescue District Chief Ronald White
New features on North Charleston SC Fire Museum, and a COMM Car Fire.


Check 03-17-15  Back from Vacation. Updated and added some new pages and photos to Fireboats feature. Alexandria, Va  Baltimore MD  Charleston SC  Jacksonville FL  Miami    New York City  Port Canaveral FL   Tampa    More updates to follow.

Check 02-13-15  Added several historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Page 13.

Check 02-10-15  A couple events posted. Chili Challenge coming March 1, 2015.

Check 02-04-15  Updated Home Pages. Added several new Historic FDNY Fireboat images to P12, P13, P14. Minor update to Hyannis run stats. Updated a few other pages.

Check 01-15-15  Updated Home Pages. Joint Base Cape Cod - MMR E407, Middleboro FF-3. Preliminary RUN STATS for 2014 show some significant changes in department ranking! FALMOUTH FD to #1!


Check 01-02-15  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! Added a few historical photos of FDNY Fireboats to P13 and P14.


Check 12-31-14  Added Photo Feature of Retirement of Hyannis FD Capt Craig Farrenkopf

Check 12-30-14  Added Photo Feature Retirement of COMM Lt John Tavares.

Check 12-27-14  Updated Home Pages. Added new Bourne  . Also pictures of new Middleboro Forestry 3 and the Joint Base Cape Cod Engine 407 just delivered. Added a photo feature on COMM Medflight Dec 27, 2014

Check 12-21-14  Added new photo feature Mashpee Structure Fire Great Neck Road North.

Check 12-19-14  Added new photo of FDNY Fireboat David A Boody P12.

Check 12-14-14  Updated Home Pages. Added new Harwich Ambulance 73.  Added photo feature on COMM Santa 2014 and Stuff-a-Bus 2014.

Check 12-08-14  Posted feature on Falmouth 2nd Alarm Spring Bars Road at 00:50 hrs Dec 8, 2014. 

Check 12-06-14  Added a new Historic FDNY Fireboat photo Thomas Willet on P13.

Check 12-03-14  Posted feature on Hyannis Structure Fire Village Marketplace 241 Steve's Street.

Check 12-02-14  Remembering Worcester Dec 3, 1999 15 Years Later

Check 12-01-14  Updated Home Pages. Update photo of COMM A-327. Added feature on Falmouth Stump Dump Fire Blacksmith shop Road.

Check 11-19-14  Updated Home Pages. Added new COMM A324, A327. Added new Historic FDNY Fireboat photos to FDNY Page 13.

Check 11-14-14  Added several historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Fireboat Feature  FDNY P12, P13, P14.

Check 11-10-14  Added features to recognize Veteran's Day 2014 and of the Hyannis BMA In Flight Emergency landing at the airport Nov 10.

Check 10-28-14  Updated Home Pages.
New Brewster Ambulance 244, updated Harwich C-70, updated Orleans Marine 601, new Duxbury Squad 1. Updated station photos PTown Sta 5, DRC Dist 1 Shawme, Duxbury HQ, Plymouth Station 7, Harwich Police. Updated some rosters. Added a feature on COMM Appliance Fire 102814.

Check 10-26-14  Added some more historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Page 13.

Check 10-24-14  Updated some Roster, Station, and Department Pages. This included an update of the newest Sandwich FD radio number assignments.

Check 10-14-14  Updated Home Pages. Posted arrangements and times for retired Hyannis FF Robert McGorty. Also added a number of Historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Fireboats section, P12, P13, P14.  Added a fun audio clip of the FDNY wishing well to retiring Brooklyn Dispatcher 102.

Check 10-12-14  Updated Home Pages. Updated Bourne E124 photo, Sandwich C441, C442. Added several photos to the Historic FDNY Fireboats P12 and P14. Also check out a very cool audio on You Tube of the FDNY Fireboat Radio Roll Call test in 1938. Added a new feature called ON THE ROAD 2014 with some photos of stations and apparatus from the PA-DE-MD area. Also added a feature from the Sandwich Fire Department's 2014 Open House.

Check 10-09-14  Added a feature on COMM Fire Dept recognition and promotions Oct 6, 2014. Note: Retired Hyannis FF Robert McGorty has passed away Oct 8, 2014.

Check 09-25-14  Revised and Updated Home Pages. Added new Harwich Forestry 67, Car 70, updated Marine 77. New Yarmouth C561, Marine 563. Updated Orleans Marine 602. New COMM ATV 309. Added feature of Maxim 100th Anniversary at Greenwood Sept 20, 2014. Added some more FDNY Fireboat historical pictures P12, P13, P14 and a new page with the Anne Arundel County, MD Fireboat 19.

Check 09-21-14  We regret to announce the passing of Horace Manley "Gus" Crosby III (Uncle Gus)    on Sept 19, 2014 at age 73. My mentor in the fire   department. A 33      year member of the COMM FD.    His leadership, commitment, passion, humor, and      friendship will be missed by all who knew him .      
     Remember Gus.

Check 09-10-14  Updated Home pages. Celebrating 14 Years Serving the Universe on the web since    9-11-2000. Thank you all for your support and visits! Stay safe out there! 

Check 09-08-14  Added photos of Hyannis 2nd Alarm at 135 Main Street.

Check 09-03-14  Updated home pages. New Chatham A184 in service. New Dennis 9/11 Memorial to be dedicated on Sept 11, 2014.

Check 09-01-14  Updated Home Pages. Added some more historic FDNY Fireboat photos to FDNY 12, FDNY 13, FDNY 14Happy Labor Day 2014.

Check 08-24-14  Posted Barnstable County Fire Chiefs 2014 Firefighter Entry Level Exam info

Check 08-16-14  Updated Home Pages. Updated Sandwich C442, C449, C467, M439. Former Sandwich Air 449 out of service. Updated Mashpee F-353. New Wareham EMS A3 in service. Updated pictures on some Cape Cod fire rescue boat pages CC1 CC2  CC3 CC4 CC5  CC6  CC7. Updated some Rosters and other pages.

Check 08-10-14  Updates. A few additional photos and an article added to Historic FDNY Fireboats page 12.

Check 08-07-14  Several additional Historic FDNY Fireboat photos added to Pages 12 and 13. The collection of images are over 100 years old. The collection of historic FDNY fireboats on this site are perhaps the most comprehensive and extensive on the web thanks to those who have contributed them for all to enjoy!

Check 08-06-14  Updated Home Pages. Added Medflight for COMM/WB at Mills Airport. Also added Harwich Marine 77, updated Orleans C171 and C179,  New historic FDNY Fireboat photo was also recently added.

Check 07-30-14  Updated some of the Dept Profiles.

Check 07-24-14  Updated Home Pages. Added about 38 new historic photos of FDNY Fireboats Page 13, Page 14. Added some new ARFF photos to the Barnstable Municpal Airport page and from the Philadelphia International ARFF. Working on a few other page updates.

Check 07-22-14  Added some additional guest photos to the Sandwich 5th Alarm from June 26. Also added new page for Stamford CT Fireboat, updated new Wilmington, Delaware Fireboat, and guest photos of St John and Mt Pleasant, SC fireboats.
Note: Sorry for being a little behind on some other badly needed updates. Been a little busy, or as they say, "Workin' on it."

Check 07-01-14  Guest photos of the Sandwich 5 Alarm fire on June 26, 2014. Also added more historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Page  13 and Page 14.

Check 06-25-14  Added photo features from Maxim Fire Apparatus 100th Anniversary held in Middleboro June 21, 2014 and photo feature from the Rhode Island Antique Fire Apparatus Society meet in Johnston RI on Sunday June 22, 2014.

Check 06-22-14  Updated Home Pages. Added new photos of Fireboats... FDNY Page 14 "Archer" , the Cranston RI Marine 3, Dartmouth MA Marine 1, and new North Kingston RI Marine 5.

Check 06-15-14  Updated Home Pages. Aquinnah new A-93, Chilmark new T-133, update E121, West Tisbury new B731, new ATV, mew Amb W-90, update E721, T733, T734 , Tisbury new S-641, Tech Rescue TR-3,  update C610, E622, E623, Foam 8, Oak Bluffs ESU, update O-91, O-92, O-93, O-94, Edgartown M267.  Updated associated Rosters, Stations.

Check 05-27-14  Added a large number of historic FDNY Fireboat photos to the FDNY Fireboat Pages 12, 13, and 14. John "J.J." Burke new Sandwich Deputy Chief.

Check 05-20-14  Updated Home Pages. New apparatus Bourne A133, Plympton A-2, Plympton B-183, reassigned Plympton E-3,  Plymouth Rescue 1. New photos Marion B-127, E3, Tower 1. Orleans new Deputy Geoff Deering. Mashpee new Deputy Jack Phelan.

Check 05-12-14  Updated Home Pages. Harwich new E64, updates A62E65, M78.
Congratulations to Orleans retiring fire chief William Quinn Jr and new Fire Chief Anthony Pike. Also to new West Barnstable Deputy Chief David Paananan.
Added a few photos to Fireboats pages Guest FB 343 and FDNY P13

Check 05-07-14  Updated a few pages. Added a couple new photos to FDNY Fireboats Page 14.

Check 05-06-14  Updated Home Pages. Updated photo Orleans C166. Posted photo feature from the 2014 PTown Run to the Top.  Please note that photos from this years event, as well as 2012 and 2013 are available for viewing and purchase at


Check 04-29-14  Added Link to new CapeCodFD Videos page on YouTube. Check out various videos from incidents and events.  Note Active Duty death of Duxbury Firefighter John E' "Jack" Thomas .

Check 04-23-14  Added photo feature on Mashpee Brush Fire in conservation area near Compass Lane, Mashpee Neck on 04-22-14.

Check 04-22-14  Updated Home Pages.  Added some guest photos of Cotuit Fire on 4-21-14. Added a few Historic FDNY Fireboat photos to Page 13 and Page 14.

Check 04-21-14  Added feature - Cotuit 2nd Alarm Santuit Road.

Check 04-15-14  Added feature - West Barnstable House Fire Barnhill Road.

Check 04-14-14  Updated Home Pages. Updated photos for Wellfleet C81, Harwich C60, C72, Brewster C231, Yarmouth E43, A57, COMM C308, F318, H311, Plymouth E8

Check 04-12-14  Updated Home Pages. New COMM M310, C308, Bourne E123, B129, Falmouth Med 34. Updated photos Carver E1, F25, B26, T1 Features added: BMA Emergency Landing, Carver Recruit Graduation, Bourne Crane Accident, COMM Water Rescue.

Check 04-10-14  Added some photos and updated information to FDNY Fireboats Historic Pages
FDNY Page 12 Pre-1900Page 13 1900-1950, and Page 14 1950-2000.  Also added photos and updated some Cape Cod Fireboats Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5.  Added photos and update New Bedford area fire boats.

Check 04-08-14  Added about 50 new Historic FDNY Fireboat pictures and split pages to fit them.... FDNY Page 12 Pre-1900Page 13 1900-1950, and Page 14 1950-2000.

Check 04-05-14  Update home pages. Plymouth Police LODD 4/1/14 Officer Gregg Maloney, age 43.
Added a few historic photos to FDNY Page 13.
New COMM Marine 310.
Falmouth FD promotions include Deputy Chief Timothy Smith.

Check 03-29-14  Wake & Funeral information for Boston FD Lt Edward Walsh and FF Michael Kennedy posted on Page 2.

Check 03-27-14  Saddened by the tragic loss of 2 Boston Firefighters on April 26, 2014 at Box 1579 at 298 Beacon St in the Back Bay. Lt Edward Walsh E33 and FF Michael Kennedy L15.
Posted guest photos of Bourne 3rd Alarm and Cape Canaveral Fireboat.

Check 03-20-14  Added some guest photos of the New Bedford Fireboat 41. HIT 2 MILLION VISITORS ON MAR 20, 2014!

Check 03-17-14  Updated Home Pages. New apparatus including Barnstable A203, Plymouth Engine 7, Kingston Engine 1, Engine 3, Car 3.

Check 03-09-14  Updated. Added a few more historical FDNY Fireboat photos and a couple guest photos of San Diego boats.

Check 03-07-14  Updated Home Pages. Added feature from 10th Annual 2014 Hyannis Chili Challenge. Added a new Fireboat Page for Charleston SC Area with guest photos and added guest photos for Dartmouth MA Fireboat and San Francisco Fireboat. Also added links to some fireboat videos.

Check 02-26-14  Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Sandwich House Fire Race Lane. Also made features for Hya BMA Inflight Jan 2014 and a fire on Russell Road Plymouth from Jan 2014. Updated 2013 Run Stats10th Annual Firefighters Chili Challange in Hyannis Sunday March 2, 2014.

Check 02-18-14  Added photo feature... Punta Cana Vacation 2014 (sorry it was too nice not too!). Also added ARFF pages for Miami International and Punta Cana International airports.

Check 02-03-14  Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Hyannis Mechanic Randall Retirement. Added some photos of FDNY fire boats on Page 13.

Check 01-29-14  Updated Home Pages. Posted initial estimated 2013 Cape Cod Run Stats. New Mashpee A-362 in service. New Chilmark Tender 133 in service.

Check 01-25-14  Updated Home Pages. Added a few photos of FDNY Fireboats Page 13. New Eastham Fire Chief Mark Foley. New Sandwich Fire Chief William Carrico.

Check 01-12-14  Added COMM Working Fire off Rte 28 / Acadia Drive Marstons Mills.


Check 12-31-13   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

Check 12-27-13   Added a couple  historic photos of FDNY Fireboats Page 13.

Check 12-14-13   Added a few historic color photos of FDNY Fireboats Page 13.

Check 12-13-13   Update Home Pages. New apparatus updates: COMM C328, Mashpee A361, A363, C350, C373. Also Carver new C1 and Forestry 25. Plympton has a new Tanker 1. Update Bourne reassignments: new Eng 121, Eng 123, Eng 124, Eng 125, new Breaker 130? Orleans renumbered a few units: Car 167, Marine 601, M-602, M-603, ATV 604 and Special Hazards 610.
Added a few historic FDNY Fireboat photos.
Updated a bunch of Department Rosters.
Falmouth has new Run Cards and districts.
Check out Brewster Fire Rescue new Website.

Check 12-10-13   Update Home Pages. Added a couple historic FDNY Fireboat pictures to FDNY Page 13



Check 12-10-13   Update Home Pages. Added a couple historic FDNY Fireboat pictures to FDNY Page 13

Check 12-07-13   New feature 2nd Alarm Hyannis 174 Main Street Dec 7, 2013.

Check 12-02-13   Updated Home pages. Updated the Worcester Six Tribute from the Dec 3, 1999 fire.
A couple more FDNY Historic Fireboat photos added to Page 12.

Check 11-26-13   Added a bunch of new historical FDNY Fireboat photos, updated Page 12 and added a new Page 13.

Check 11-25-13   Updated Home Pages. Added new feature Dennis Capt Richard Farrenkopf Retirement and a Dennis Dryer Fire on Fenway.

Check 11-21-13   Added photo feature of COMM Working Structure Fire Loomis Lane, Centerville on Nov 20, 2013.

Check 11-16-13   Added another historical photo on FDNY Fireboats Page 12.

Check 11-14-13   Added a few more historical photos on FDNY Fireboats Page 12.


Check 12-08-13   Update Home Pages. Look Back at Crosby Yacht Yard Fire 10 Years Ago.

Check 12-07-13   New feature 2nd Alarm Hyannis 174 Main Street Dec 7, 2013.

Check 12-02-13   Updated Home pages. Updated the Worcester Six Tribute from the Dec 3, 1999 fire.
A couple more FDNY Historic Fireboat photos added to Page 12.

Check 11-26-13   Added a bunch of new historical FDNY Fireboat photos, updated Page 12 and added a new Page 13.

Check 11-25-13   Updated Home Pages. Added new feature Dennis Capt Richard Farrenkopf Retirement and a Dennis Dryer Fire on Fenway.

Check 11-21-13   Added photo feature of COMM Working Structure Fire Loomis Lane, Centerville on Nov 20, 2013.

Check 11-16-13   Added another historical photo on FDNY Fireboats Page 12.

Check 11-14-13   Added a few more historical photos on FDNY Fireboats Page 12.



Check 11-14-13   Updated some information  added a few more photos on FDNY Fireboats Page 12.

Check 11-11-13   Updated some information on FDNY Fireboats Page 12.

Check 11-10-13   Updated Home Pages. Added a few more Historic FDNY Fireboats  photos to the Fireboats special feature. Onset Acting Fire Chief Raymond Goodwin.

Check 11-04-13   Updated and added a Historic FDNY Fireboats page to the Fireboats special feature.

Check 10-29-13   Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich C467, C455, rehab TL450. New Bourne C141, C144. Delivery of Engine 121. A couple minor additions to Fireboats section FDNY Old Boats.

Check 10-27-13   Updated Home Pages. New feature on Falmouth 2nd Alarm structure fire on Route 28. Added some more historical photos of FDNY Fireboats.

Check 10-20-13   Updated Home Pages. New Orleans Ambulance 174. Added more RARE and HISTORICAL FDNY Fireboat photos thanks to John Landers.

Check 10-13-13   Feature of Farewell to Onset Fire Chief Howie Andersen.

Check 10-12-13   Initial photos of the services for retired Onset Fire Chief Howard B. "Howie" Andersen.

Check 10-10-13   Updated Home Pages. New feature on COMM Boat Operator Training Class. Also added some more historic and extremely rare FDNY Fireboat pictures to FDNY Old Boats page.

Check 10-05-13   Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich Ambulance 456. Onset Fire Dept regrets to announce the passing of recently retired, long time Fire Chief Howard B Andersen on Oct 4, 2013.

Check 09-30-13   Added feature that somehow got lost in the shuffle... Hyannis Lt Don Chase Retired July 2, 2013. Sorry for the delay on that one!

Check 09-29-13   Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of COMM Apparatus E303, E304, E305, E306, L307, A324, A325, A326. Page for Sept 11, 2013 Remembering. Page for Cotuit Night Medflight .
Added some new Historic photos of FDNY Fireboats on FDNY Page 2.

Check 09-18-13   Updated Home Pages. New units Orleans Car 179, Provincetown Amb 197, Mashpee C-372., Wareham C-4.  Reassigned units Hyannis Car 807, Orleans Car 171 and Car 166.  New look for West Barnstable Forestry 290. Refurbished Wareham Rescue 1. New Feature on Provincetown Drill with Sandwich Fire Boat 439.

Check 09-09-13   Updated Home Pages & New Formating.
Updated Tisbury Fire Station and Nantucket Memorial Airport Station pages. Removed Tisbury old Station 2, Police EMS barn, and Nantucket Airports old Sta 2.

Check 08-23-13   Minor update. Posted new Brewster FD patch and updated Patch Pages.

Check 08-22-13   Updated Home Pages. New apparatus including: Eastham Engine 155, Barnstable Forestry 212, Wellfleet Car 81, Hyannis Car 802, CCNS Forestry 277 and Fuels 1, Brewster Car 249, Brewster Mule now ATV 245, Harwich C60 & C72. Updated COMM C320, Orleans LT176, MMR Trailer 413 OOS transferred to BCTRT Dive Trailer 908, , Dennis A105 now assigned Station 2, E112 back to Dennis Sta 1.  Made associated changes to Station pages. Added a few more Historic Fireboat guest photos to FDNY Fire Boats Page 2.

Check 08-18-13   Updated Home Pages. Added Fireboat pages for Bridgeport, ,CT...Buffalo, NY...Kingston, Ontario... Mystic, CT...New Haven, CT... Norwalk, CT... Toronto, Ont...
New Feature Orange County Choppers "Fire Bike.

Check 08-15-13   Added historical FDNY Fireboat photos FDNY P2

Check 08-01-13   Updated Home Pages. New apparatus. Brewster Car 231, C248, C249. CCNS F277. Truro E482, ATV. Middleborough Engine 2, Wareham Engine 1.  Barnstable County Tech Rescue Team Truck 905, Trailer 906, Trailer 907.
Updated Brewster Dept page. Added feature page Sandwich Fireboat 439, added photos of new Mystic CT Fireboat, updated Cape Cod boat pages adding newer Barnstable, Dennis, Orleans, Sandwich, Yarmouth boats.
Note Middleborough LODD David Brier July 22, 2013.

Check 07-18-13   Updated Home Pages. New feature COMM Deputy Chiefs. Update Falmouth Cars 1113 and 14.

Check 07-11-13   Updated Home Pages. Posted new feature on Retirement of Hyannis FPO LT Don Chase. Updated COMM FD and Car 301.

Check 06-29-13   Posted new feature - COMM FIRE Passes Command with retired Chief John Farrington and new Chief Mike Winn.

Check 06-28-13   COMM Chief Farrington retired and Fire Chief Michael Winn is the new COMM FD Chief.  MORE TO COME

Check 06-23-13   Updated Home Pages. Added Sandwich Marine 439. Updated Duxbury A1, A2, S2, and Forestry 49.  Updated Kingston Boat. Updated Middleboro C1, C3, C4, E2, E6, S2. Updated Rochester A207 and A208. Updated Marion C1 and Breaker 127. Updated Lakeville HQ

Check 06-09-13   Updated Home Pages. Updated photo Plymouth L2, A3, A5. C6. Photos from Lynnfield Muster 2013. Photos of new Sandwich Fire Boat M-439.  Note: Bourne new Deputy Chief David Pelonzi. Note passing of retired Yarmouth Fire Chief John H. Clemence.

Check 05-29-13   Updated Home Pages. Feature on Nantucket FD Welcomes Heroes.

Check 05-08-13   Updated Home Pages. New feature on Falmouth Controlled burn at Crane Wildlife on May 6. Also new Falmouth C-28. Updated photos of West Barnstable Tender 286.

Check 05-06-13   Updated Home Pages. Added new feature on Provincetown Run to the Top 2013.

NOTE: I have started a new SmugMug photos page known as Many more photos from the Run to the Top 2013 can be seen and ordered if you would like! Check it out.

Check 04-30-13   Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee Engine 351. Added a few features: COMM Brush fire Curry Lane. Mashpee Brush Fire Park Place Way. Impressive Controlled brush burn at MMR.

Check 04-28-13   New feature Hyannis 2nd Alarm Enterprise Road.

Check 04-20-13   Updated Home Pages. New Plymouth C1, C2, C4, C5, refurbed Ladder 2, Plymouth EMS (Brewster Amb) units AT1, A2, A3, A5, A6. New Kingston Boat, refurbished Ladder 1. Updated photos of  Kingston Special Hazards and former E3 now out of service. Updated photos of DCR Dist 2 Breaker 19 and Tanker 1. Updated photo Mashpee C371. Mashpee E351 is out of service until new E-One is delivered. New feature of Four Hyannis Fires on Pilgrim Ln and Baxter Rd at the same time.

Check 04-13-13   Added feature COMM House Fire Westwind Circle Osterville with a Firefighter MAYDAY called.

Check 04-06-13   Updated Home Pages. Updated photos West Barnstable Tender 286, COMM Forestry 317.

Check 04-03-13   Updated Home Pages. House fire on Nottingham Dr, Centerville. New COMM Fire Chief Michael Winn announced. Oak Bluffs Chief Forend to retire.  Brewster Ambulance takes over EMS in Plymouth.
Created a new page for audio and video links.

Check 03-31-13   Updated Home pages. New Carver Breaker 27, new Carver Hovercraft, new Onset ATV Unit 1, updated photos Bourne B127, B129, Yarmouth F 49, Carver B23, Carver T1, Carver C2. Onset Ladder 1.
Special Feature New Carver Breaker 27. Special feature Onset Recruit Training. Special Feature COMM House Fire Hitching Post lane.

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Check 03-23-13   Added feature from Barnstable County Wildfire brush breaker training drill at MMR today.

Check 03-17-13   Added feature. Brush Fire Sandwich Power Lines.
Updated photo of refurbished Duxbury Engine 1.

Check 03-17-13   Added feature Taunton 3rd Alarm Oak Street.

Check 03-14-13   Updated Home Pages. New Dennis A107. Updated photo Harwich A73. New Eastham M153, Lighting unit, and ATV.. New Truro ATV, and updated photos Truro A486 and A487. New Barnstable County Tech Rescue Unit, Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. Updated photos Red Cross 227.
New Wellfleet Fire Chief Richard Pauley Jr
Updated Frequencies for 800 Mhz Trunking System.

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Check 03-10-13   Updated Home Pages. Guest photos page has some pictures from last weeks North Falmouth 2nd alarm House Fire. New feature Hyannis 2 alarm House Fire on Irving Ave this morning. Feature photos from 9th Annual Cape Cod Firefighters Chili Challenge held today in Hyannis.

Check 03-01-13   RADIO RE-BANDING HAS OCCURRED ON CAPE. Scanners may need re-programming to work. See Headline Page.
Falmouth FD retired Fire Chief James Rogers passed away.
Bourne Deputy Chief Dan Doucette is retiring.

Check 02-27-13   Added feature Centerville House Fire.

Check 02-24-13   Updated Home Pages.  Falmouth House Fire. Wellfleet Fire Chief Daniel Silverman will retire at the end of the month. Congrats!  New Wellfleet Chief will be Richard Pauley Jr.

Check 02-01-13   Added page remembering BSO Dispatcher James Verrochi. Also added photos from Bourne House Fire Oak Bluffs Rd Jan 27.

Check 01-29-13   Updated Home Pages. Info of services for BSO Dispatcher Jimmy Verrochi.

Check 01-27-13   Updated Home Pages. Barnstable Ladder 206 refurbished. Red Cross 225, 227, 229. Bourne House Fire Oak Bluffs Rd.
NOTE: BSO Dispatcher Jimmy Verrochi passed away on Jan 23, 2013. Info to follow regarding services..

Check 01-13-13   Updated Home Pages. New COMM F317.  Preliminary 2012 Run Stats posted.

Check 01-06-13   Updated a few pages. West Barnstable E294 back in service after refurb.




Check 12-31-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated some News pages.


Check 12-21-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated Radio Pages with new "Narrow Band" EMS frequencies.
Radio Page.

Check 12-16-12   Update of Home Pages. Feature with 2012 Stuff-A-Bus.

Check 12-05-12   Update of Home Pages. Hyannis HR821. New MMR Crash Truck 405. Updated photos of BMA 816, 817, and 820. Feature on COMM SCBA Wall Breach training. Updating of Dec 10, 2003 Crosby Yacht Fire with previously unpublished photos.

Check 11-30-12   Update of Home Pages. New Hyannis HR821 is In Service. Photo Feature 3 Alarm Brewster Church Fire.

Check 11-21-12   Quick update. Barnstable Fire Dept new Deputy Chief is Peter Burke Jr.

Check 11-12-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of Hyannis E826, HR-821. Updated Dept profile info Falmouth, Hyannis, Harwich. Falmouth new Acting Deputy Chief Timothy Smith.

Check 10-30-12   Added feature on Hyannis Structure Fire on Iyannough Road (Rte 28) on Oct 29.

Check 10-29-12   Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee Car 371. Updated photo MMR B-408. Hurricane Sandy effecting the Cape area - Stay Safe!

Check 10-20-12   Added new Photo Feature of Barnstable Municipal Airports Disaster Drill 2012 held on Oct 18, 2012.

Check 10-17-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of Wellfleet Apparatus:  S80, C81, F90, M92, L93, E94, E95, T96, A97, A98, A99, Spec Haz,, Lighting Trailer and Brewster M247.  Added some photos of a MedFlight call to Wellfleet.

Check 10-14-12   Updated Home Pages. Feature page on West Barnstable Engine 292 refurb.  Updated ARFF feature with new MMR Page.

Check 10-12-12   Updated Home Pages. Photos of new MMR Foam 403, Foam 404, Car 401, Car 402, Car 412, Car 422, and Car 423.

Check 10-05-12   Updated Home Pages. New Yarmouth Ambulance 54, reassigned A57, updated photo E47. Dennis FD received  new Engine 115. Dennis also made numbering changes to several apparatus... Car 103 now Deputy, A106 was A103, E-111 was E107, E-112, E114 was E106, E-115 new engine. Made adjustments to rosters and stations. 

Check 10-01-12   Updated Home Pages. New Lakeville Engine 2. Updated photos Middleboro E6, R1. Yarmouth C-560. Updated some rosters and station pages.

Check 09-30-12   Updated Home Pages. BIG UPDATE!
Yarmouth new Boat and renumbered C560.
Features added and updated...
COMM FD SCBA Entanglement Training  Sept 24.
Yarmouth 2nd Alarm Old Town House Rd  Sept 25.
Dennis Deputy Robert Tucker Retirement Party Sept 28
Spectacular Sandwich Tupper Road Structure Fire Sept 29.. 
New ARFF Page added Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, Glens Falls, NY.
New Fireboats page added Lake George, NY Fireboats.  .

Check 09-18-12   Updated Home Pages. New feature on Cape Cod 9/11 Memorials. New Bourne A-134, Carver C-3, Dennis Marine 118. Updated photos of Brewster A242, A243, A244, E233, E234, Truro T484, E483, E485, A599.

Check 09-10-12   Updated Home Pages. Hyannis new Heavy Rescue 821 delivered. Falmouth FD prepares for 9/11 Memorial. Spectacular Rainbow / sunset on Cape Cod. See Headlines page.

Check 09-08-12   Updated Home Pages.

Added several new features...
FDNY Visit 2012, FDNY Fire Museum, a
New York 3rd Alarm, and a look at the New Jersey 9-11 Memorial. Also a look at COMM FD SCBA Training, Fenway Park Pesky Tribute, and Boston Box 52 Asso pictures.

Check 08-30-12   New feature Cotuit 2 Alarm House Fire Main Street. Also a few new photos of Boston Fire Boats.

Check 08-28-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated Yarmouth C-40, new Forestry 46, Chatham new C-390, new C-392, update photo E-186 and Chatham Tech Trailer, Orleans Boat 167B, new boat Marine 178. Updated Duxbury Squad 2 and ORV 1. Added new Fireboat pages for Cambridge, MA fire boat and Winthrop, MA fire boat. Also added a few new pictures to Massport fire boats. New page with updated photos of Logan Massport ARFF apparatus.

Check 08-19-12   Updated Home Pages. New COMM C-301, Hyannis C-804. Mashpee F-350. Falmouth new ATV Ranger 1. Harwich reassigned C-72 and Dive 75.

Check 08-03-12   Updated Home pages. Photos of Boat Rescue off Osterville. Updated MMR C401, Mashpee HQ. Added photos of COMM 300 and Westville, NJ Fire Boat 7.

Check 07-22-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated pics of COMM E303 and E304 (Thanks Collin). Note Falmouth has reassigned the 1996 E-One foam pumper formerly Engine 21 to Engine 22. The 2009 Pierce Arrow that was E22 is now Engine 21. Updated MMR Foam 404 and new cars 401 and 402.

Check 07-17-12   Updated Home Pages. Updated FDNY Fireboats pages of the Fireboats feature, with new photos from the 2012 FDNY Marine Division Blessing of the Fleet in July 2012.

Check 07-15-12   Added pages to Fireboats Feature including:
                        Alexandria, VA, Annapolis, MD, Bayonne, NJ, Jersey City, NJ,
                        Old Saybrook, CT, Weehawken-North Hudson, NJ,
                        Woodbridge OWL, VA,

Check 07-11-12   Update & Re-Launch of ARFF Crash Truck Feature pages.

Check 07-08-12   Updated Home Pages.

Check 07-04-12   Update Home Pages. Updated Yarmouth M-40B, Forestry 49,
                       Car 57, Spare Ambulance. Updated Dennis Car 111, Marine 118.
                       Chatham new Car 181.   New feature July 4 2012 Celebrations.

Check 07-03-12   Happy 236th Birthday America!
                        July 4th, 2012

Check 06-29-12   Updated Home Pages. Added feature page for Horry County, SC
                        Fire Boat 2.


Check 06-20-12   Updated Home Pages. New Rochester Ambulance 208. Updated photo
                        Barnstable Marine 218. Added pages to Fireboats feature including
                        Beverly, MA Marine 1, Plymouth Fireboat 1, and Tisbury Fireboat.

Check 06-09-12   Update of Home Pages. New feature on Lynnfield Muster 2012.

Check 06-06-12   Updated Home Pages. Photos from Martha's Vineyard visit this past
R-361, R-362 ATV. Note: Aquinnah E-322 is no longer in
                        Aquinnah, but is serving on Cuttyhunk (Gosnold). Aquinnah also has new
                        Fire Chief Simon Bollin C-310, with the retirement of Chief Walter
                        Delaney in 2011.
                        Chilmark has put a newer vehicle in service as S-141.
                        Former R-161 out of service. Also Chilmark ATV and Jet Ski.
                        DCR - Patrol 1-3 and Forestry 1-5
                        Edgartown new Amb E-91, EMS Car E-93, Boat 269, also pics of  E223 
                        and E225.
                       Martha's Vineyard Airport Car 900.
                       Oak Bluffs updates C500, C510, Marine 567, DEP,
                       Special Hazards MDU. OB EMS new Amb O-90. u/d O-91, O-92, O-93,
                       O-94, O-95.
                       Tisbury fire department has still not moved into the  new Fire-EMS
                       Station, but hopes to this summer. New Tisbury Harbormaster/
                       Fire Boat 668. Tisbury EMS T-93.
                       West Tisbury (Tri-Town EMS) A-93.
                       Mass Military Reservation has acquired a "new" Oshkosh P-19 Crash
                       Truck for Foam 404. Also u/d photos of Ladder 406 and Engine 407
                       Barnstable Fire Chief Robert Crosby will be retiring at the end of June. 
                       He has served as Chief since 2003. Deputy Frank Pulsifer will become
                       Chief upon Crosby's retirement.
                       Dennis Deputy Chief Robert Tucker will be retiring as well after many
                       years on the DFD. Promotions effective July 1, 2012 include Deputy
                       Chief Robert "Buster" Brown, Captain Donald Babineau, and Lt. Edward
                       Gula... Congrats to all!

                       Personal Note - June 6, 1972 (40 years ago) was one of the first fires I
                      went to (age 12) at TV game show host Gene Rayburn's home on
                      Seaview Ave in Osterville. An important moment in time.


Check 05-31-12   Updated Home Pages. Nantucket E1 and newest E4R1, and A1
                        Photos of Bourne House fire on Beach Road and
                        Sandwich garage fire on Great Hill Road.

Check 05-11-12   Updated Home Pages.  New Eastham S-160 and Sandwich Ambulance 458.

Check 05-09-12   Posted feature on 4th Annual P-Town "Run to the Top" held on May 5
                        to raise money for Cape Cod FF/EMS Cancer Fund.

Check 04-26-12   Updated Home Pages. Added more photos of
                        West Barnstable Structure Fire.
                        New Brewster Ambulance 242, Yarmouth Forestry 40, Forestry 49.
                        Plymouth County Plane 1-0.   Updated some rosters and stations pages.
                        Special Attention - 4th annual "RUN TO THE TOP" of the
                        Provincetown Pilgrim Monument will be on Sat May 5, 2012.
                        Fund raising for Cape FF/EMS Cancer Relief Fund.

Check 04-25-12   Quick update. Feature of West Barnstable
                        Structure Fire Navigations Road.
                        Newly refurbished  Brewster A-242

Check 04-15-12   Posted new Feature on the 2012 Plymouth County Brush Breaker Drill.

Check 04-14-12   Updated Home pages. New Chatham Ambulance 182,
                        Mattapoisett Engine 1, Onset Marine 388. Photos from Mashpee
                         brush/shed fire on April 13 and West Barnstable Brush fire on April 14.

Check 04-06-12   Updated Home Pages. Added Harwich Engine 65, West Barnstable F-290,
                        DCR Dist 1 Incident Support Unit Trailer. New photos COMM B-316,
                        DCR B-6, Sandwich T-464.  Added photos of new Plymouth Fire Boat.
                        Updated some new Call Signs on Cape.

Check 03-31-12   Updated Home Pages. Photos of new Yarmouth Forestry and Harwich
                        Engine 65 arrival. Also new regional Tech Rescue Trailers. 
                        Mashpee new Deputy Chief Thomas Rullo started recently.

Check 03-28-12   Made some updates on History Page.

Check 03-22-12   A few updates to Home Pages. Added some pictures from
                        brush fire in Falmouth yesterday. New page Dispatch Centers on Cape

Check 03-21-12  Added some links to some very cool old videos of Cape Cod
from the "old Days" on Page 2... Headlines page.
                       Thanks to the Falmouth Fire Department for posting them!
                       Well worth watching some never before seen stuff from the 1940s,
                       1950s, and 1960s!

Check 03-19-12   Updated Home Pages. Added Plympton Fire Department to the site
                        including Station, Roster, and apparatus C1, C189, E1, E2, T1, B184,
                        F185, A1. Also added new Carver Rescue 2.
                        Updated photos of Carver Sta 2 and Sta 3.

Check 03-14-12   Updated Home Pages. Photos Feature
                        Hyannis 3rd Alarm at the Calvary Baptist Church,
                        25 Lincoln Road, March 12, 2012.

Check 03-10-12   Updated Home Pages.  8th Annual Chili Challenge Hyannis.

Check 02-27-12   Updated Home Pages. Updates on Duxbury B-47,
                        Kingston A2, C5, E1, E2, Foam 11. Also updated station pages
                        Duxbury & Kingston. Updated Bourne & Orleans patches.

Check 02-26-12   Updated Home Pages. Added / updated a couple Patches to Patch pages.
                        8th Annual Firefighter Chili Challenge in Hyannis coming Sunday,
                        March 11, 2012 from 1200 - 1500 hrs at Hyannis Resort &
                        Convention Center. Great time, Great chili, Great Music!

Check 02-25-12   Updated Home Pages. MMR L406, E407, Heavy Rescue 411.
                         Fall River E-12 (former COMM E-304).

Check 02-13-12   Updated COMM Run Cards

Check 02-13-12   Updated Home pages. Added feature on Hyannis 2nd Alarm 1029
                         Iyannough Rd (Rte. 132) at Condo complex.

Check 02-11-12   Updated Home Pages. New Harwich A-63, updated A-62 and A-73.
                         Updated/added paged for Duxbury Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, A-1, A-2, Eng 3,
                          Marine 1ORV 1, Kingston C-1, C-2, C-4, C-5, A-1, A-2, Foam 11,
                          Plymouth A-2, A-6.  Updated a number of Rosters.

Check 02-09-12   Updated Home Pages. New Bourne Breaker 128, Harwich Dive 72,
                        Marion Squad 2, Lakeville Engine 3. Updated photos of Marion
                        Ambulance 395, Rochester A-207, A-208. Posted some pictures of
                        Fall River E-12 (former COMM E-304).

Check 02-06-12   Updated Home Pages. Patriots came close,, but Giants won the Super

Check 02-04-12   Updated Home Pages. New Dennis Car 101, Car 111, Brewster Mule,
                        Orleans Mule, Red Cross C-225. Surplus boats for Dennis, Orleans,
                         SUPER BOWL SUNDAY....

Check 01-28-12   Updated Home Pages. Major update and Re-launch of Fire Boats Feature
                         with addition of boats from Perth Amboy, NJ, Camden, NJ, Wilmington,
                         DE, and Delaware City, DE.
                         Note: Passing of long time Oak Bluffs Fire Chief Nelson Amaral
                         on January 17, 2012 after 56 yeras on Oak Bluffs FD and
                        35 yrs as Chief.

Check 01-17-12   Updated some 2011 Run stats.

Check 01-14-12 - Updated Home Pages. Added preliminary Cape Cod 2011 Run Stats.

Check 01-04-12 - Added photos of Falmouth 2nd Alarm Fire at Quissett Harbor
                        Boat Yard

Check 01-01-12 - Updated Home Pages. Added new Barnstable Engine 202,
                        updated photo of retiring Engine 202, new Barnstable ATV 213,
                        updated photos West Barnstable Air & Lighting, Plymouth Engine 1,
                        Middleboro Engine 1, Lakeville new Engine 3.  Added pages for
                        State DFS ISC 3 and Rehab 6 assigned to Middleboro Sta.3
                        (thanks MEB). Updated some rosters and station pages.


Check 12-28-11 - Added Photo Feature of Christmas in Nashville with many FD photos.
                        Also updated Fireboats feature with Nashville Fire Boat and ARFF section
                        with Nashville International Airport ARFF.
                        HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!

Check 12-18-11 - Posted arrangements for Capt Young, retired Harwich FD.

Check 12-17-11 - Updated Home Pages. Harwich E68 refurbished, E65 out of service,
                        Special Hazards 72 out of service.  MMR L406 & E407.
                         Harwich FD regrets to announce passing of retired
                         Captain Bruce Young 12/17/11

Check 12-08-11 - Updated Home Pages. New Yarmouth Amb 54. Updated photo West
                        Barnstable SH-287., Air Supply. Added Provincetown Airport to ARFF
                        LODD WORCESTER FF JOHN DAVIES, Rescue 1

Check 12-06-11 - Updated Home Pages. Onset C1, Wareham EMS MCI Trailer,
                        Lakeville A2, C1, C2, Middleboro E1, Carver EMS A1, C3.
                        Updated photos of Marion HQ, Carver HQ. 
                        Updated Rosters and station pages

.Check 11-23-11 - Added photo feature Commissioning of Massport Fire Boat "American
                         United."  Updated Boston and Massport Fire boat pages.

Check 11-21-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added photos of new Provincetown Airport
                        ARFF 199. Pics of Duxbury HQ renovation. A few pics from Massport
                        Fireboat "American United " dedication 11/21/11... More to come!

Check 11-12-11 - Updated Home Pages. Photos of Falmouth A38 & A39 new red paint jobs.
                        Also new pics of Mashpee LT356 and Foam Unit 4. Also updated Harwich
                        Car 61 and  Car 71. New Provincetown Airport ARFF 199 has been

Check 11-04-11 - Posted guest photos of Wareham 3rd Alarm fire on Main Street, Nov 2
                        and photos of Fuel Tanker rollover on Route 6 in Yarmouth, Nov 2.
                        Updated Hyannis 4th Alarm (Oct 31) to a Fatal fire.
                        Congratulations to Peter Connick, new Deputy Chief at Chatham FD

Check 11-01-11 - Hyannis 4th Alarm, 290 West Main Street.  Updated Home Pages.
                        Added new pictures for Sandwich Engine 451 and Amb 456.
                        Note the passing of former Lower Cape Ambulance EMT Ursula Silva.
                        Checkout new Tisbury boat.

Check 10-19-11 - Hyannis FD regrets to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of 
                        recently retired firefighter Dan Clough.
Arrangements are incomplete.

Check  10-18-11 - Updated Home Pages. Photo feature of
                          Dennis Chase Ave Multi-Department drill.

Check  10-07-11 - Updated Home Pages. New Harwich C60, C75. Orleans A173.
                         New photo Brewster L237.  New pics Barnstable Marine 219.

                    New Boston Fireboat 1 and new Massport Fireboat 31
                    pages added to Fireboats feature.

Check  10-01-11 - Updated Home Pages. New Hyannis S-800, C-807, Haz Mat Trailer
                          Harwich DEP Trailer, Brewster Car 249., Dennis Ladder 110 Refurb..

Check  09-20-11 - Updated Home Pages. Updated several Department pages.
                         New Falmouth Fire Chief Mark Sullivan and Deputy Chief Michael

Check  09-11-11 - Added Sept 11, 2011 10 Year Anniversary Memorial in Hyannis
                         to Special Features.

Check  09-07-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added Portsmouth, NH Fireboat to
                          Fireboat Feature.
                         Also updated Halifax Page with Charlottetown, PEI Fireboat.
                         and Updated Cape Cod Boats pages.
                         Tribute to September 11, 2001 10 Years Later.
                         A look back at 11 Years of Online

Check  08-27-11 - Updated Home Pages. Updated Yarmouth new Engine 43, E44, E42,
                         E45, E47, A53, C51, Yarmouth Department, Yarmouth Roster,
                         Yar Sta 1, Sta 2, Sta 3.  New Orleans Ambulance 173.
                         Brewster Car 249.

Check  08-29-11 -Updated Home Pages. Pictures of Falmouth Fire.

Check  08-27-11 - Updated Home pages. Hurricane Irene approaching.

Check  08-07-11 -  Updated Home Pages. New feature FDNY VISIT 2011.

Check  07-24-11 - Updated and added Fire Boat Pages, including boats in New Bedford,
                         East Providence,  Mystic CT, Newark NJ, and the newest FDNY boats
                         "Three Forty Three", "Fire Fighter II"  and "Bravest" as well as special
                         looks at older boats "Smith" and "Harvey"

Check  07-20-11 - Updated Home Pages. New Hyannis Engine 826..
                        New Plymouth Tanker 3, Marine 1 photo, Tanker 2  photo,
                        Engine 6 photo. Updated Hyannis, Plymouth Rosters.
                        New DCR 2 Tanker 2, Patrol 2-2..

Check  07-12-11 - Updated Home Pages. Hyannis new Engine 826 delivered.

Check  07-03-11 - Updated Home Pages. Hyannis new Amb 825.. New photos of E-823

Check  06-28-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added photos of Washington DC Fireboats and
                         updated Fireboat Pages.

Check  06-09-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added some photos on Fireboats pages for
                         Eastham and Jacksonville, FL..   New features on
                         P-Town at Smoke House and Rhode Island Antique Fire Apparatus muster
                         June 5, 2011.

Check  06-01-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added some guest photo of Falmouth Fire from
                         May 14 and of unique wildland fire apparatus on way to Alaska. Also
                          video link for recent  Canadian Air Bomber demo on Martha's Vineyard.

Check  05-15-11 - Updated Home Pages. PTown new Amb 196, Eastham Boat and future
                         Marine 152, Orleans Engines 175 and 177, new photos C166, LT176,
                         Marine 167A, Brewster F240, Dennis Amb 105, West Barnstable C280,
                         T286, Squad 287,, C291,  photo Falmouth HR 31,
                        MMR photos update E407, B408, E410, HR 411, S415, Tech419,
                        Bourne new C143
                        Also pics of future apparatus for Truro, Eastham, MMR.
                        New feature Falmouth W/F 111 County Road.
                        New Chatham Police Station to open soon.

Check  05-12-11 - Updated Home Pages. Orleans E175 and E177.
                         Updated Orleans Roster - new radio assignments.
                         Updated some quick links (live scanners) at top of pages.

Check  04-26-11 - Updated Home Pages. New Orleans E175 and Brewster Forestry 240

Check  04-24-11 - Updated Home Pages. Posted new Features...
                        Crosby Retirement Party photos and Sandwich Harrington Funeral photos.
                        Updated apparatus: West Barnstable U-287, Ptown A196, Wareham F401

Check  04-20-11 - Feature - COMM Structure Fire Ginger Lane, Centerville

Check  04-16-11 - Updated Home Pages. Wareham B401 and West Barnstable Utility 287.

Check  04-14-11 - Updated Home Pages. Guest photos of new PTown Amb 196 and
                         Yarmouth Engine 43. Photos of Harrington funeral.
                        AWAY ON APRIL10, 2011.

Check  03-30-11 - Guest photos of Dennis Barn Fire and Mashpee house fire on
                         Holly Way 032711.

Check  03-28-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added two features...
                         Mashpee Brush Fire South Cape Beach on
                         Mar 27, 2011 and Dennis Barn Fire on Highbank Road, March 28, 2011.
                        VINCENT HARRINGTON.

Check  03-27-11 - Updated home Pages. COMM E303 went in service 03/23/11
                          at Station 3,  E305 reassigned to Station 1. | 
                          Mashpee Brush fire at South Cape Beach 03/27/11.

Check  03-21-11 - Additional Guest photos of Hyannis fire added on Guest Photos page. 
                        Also posted feature of Hyannis Lt Roger Cadrin retired 12/19/10.

Check  03-20-11 - Additional photos added to Hyannis Clough and Hyannis Pearl Street fire features.

Check  03-19-11 - Updated Home Pages. Features on Hyannis FF Danny Clough Retirement
                         and  Hyannis 2nd Alarm Structure Fire 39 Pearl Street on March 18,
                         2011.   (ADDITIONAL PHOTOS WILL BE ADDED AS THEY ARE
                         PROCESSED 18:15)

Check  03-16-11 - Updated Home Pages. Feature on
                          COMM 2 Alarm Structure Fire at Peck's Boat Yard.

Check  03-14-11 - Updated Home Pages. New feature on
                         7th Annual Firefighter Chili Challenge held in
                         Hyannis on Sunday March 13.

Check  03-12-11 - Updated Home pages. 7th ANNUAL CAPE COD FIREFIGHTER
                         CHILI CHALLENGE  IN HYANNIS MARCH 13, 2011

Check  03-04-11 - Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Hyannis Fire 447 Main Street
                        Also added additional photos to Hyannis General Patton Fire feature

Check  02-27-11 - Updated Home Pages. Former West Barnstable Deputy Craig Pye has passed away. 

Check  02-20-11 - Feature - Hyannis House Fire General Patton Drive

Check  02-15-11 - Feature - Centerville House Fire Shootflying Hill Road.

Check  02-14-11 - Updated Home Pages. Harwich E68 in service. New photos of A63. Eastham A162,
                        Yarmouth Car 551.

Check  02-08-11 -  Feature - Working Fire Bldg 3596 Gaffney Street, MMR Mass Military reservation.

Check  02-04-11 - Updates. COMM Engine 304 in service. Former COMM E303 sold to Harwich FD as
                         future Engine 68

Check  01-28-11 - Feature - Congrats Debbie Abbott Eastham FD Retired.

Check  01-26-11 - Feature - Hyannis House Fire Walnut Street.

Check  01/24/11   Feature Orleans 2nd Alarm Baxter Lane.  Bourne Fire Chief Martin Greene sworn in.

Check  01/23/11  Updated Home Pages. 2010 Run Stats and 10 Year Run Stats 2000 vs 2010.
                       A few photos from COMM FD Crosby Sendoff on Jan 21, 2011. 
                        New Bourne Fire Chief Martin Greene.

                        READ MORE

Check  01/11/11   Feature on Funeral of Hyannis Fire Chief Farrenkopf

Check  01/05/11   Updated Home Pages. New Eastham Ambs 162 and 163, photos of T157, SH158.
                        New Mattapoisett Forestry 1. Deleted Brewster BT-235 from active lists.
                        Updated several other pages.
                        Hyannis FD retired Chief Richard Farrenkopf passed away Jan 3, 2011.

Check  01/02/11   Updated Home Pages. Feature on Barnstable Polar Plunge Jan 1, 2011.


Check  12/30/10   Updated Home Pages. 2010 IN REVIEW. Guest photos of Cotuit Garage Fire.
                        New Oak Bluffs EMS A-562 / Oscar 90.

Check  12/09/10   Updated Home Pages. Added pages on Osterville House Fire and new COMM Engines
                        E303 and E304.

Check  12/06/10   Update Home Pages. 

Check  11/24/10   Photo Feature - Boat Fire Hyannis Pleasant Street.

Check  11/10/10   Photo Feature = Yarmouth Deputy Chief Kelleher Retirement.

Check  11/09/10   Updated Home Pages. New MMR Army Tenders 04 and 05. Updated a few Rosters,
                        Dept Pages, Station Pages. Falmouth Acting Fire Chief Mark Sullivan, Acting Deputy
                        Michael Small. Yarmouth retirement of Deputy Robert Kelleher and new Deputy
                        Phil Simonian.

Check  11/01/10   Updated Home Pages. New Eastham Car 151. Welcome to new Brewster Fire Chief Robert Moran.

Check  10/27/10   Updated Home Pages. New COMM C-329, updated BSO S-39.

Check  10/21/10   Updated Home Pages. Posted new feature on Cotuit 3rd Alarm house fire on 10-20-10

Check  10/19/10   Working on getting site updated to new server. Seems to be FIXED. Thanks for your patience.

Check  10/11/10   Having problems with site host, Site updates since Sept 20, 2010 have not posted.

Check  10/03/10   FIRE PREVENTION WEEK 2010
                        Brewster FD regrets to announce passing of Call Fire Capt / Rescue Lt Keith Coulter on
                        Sept 28, 2010, a 30 year member of Brewster FD.
                        Wake Monday Oct 11 and graveside service Tues Oct 12, 2010 at 1100 hours.
                        New Brewster Fire Chief Robert G. Moran begins service in October.
                        West Barnstable Asst Chief Ron Goodale has taken a  Chief position in Upton, MA.
                        Dennis Captain Paul "UMack" Cabral is retiring Oct 3, 2010. Congrats!
                        Updated photos of COMM C322, C323.

Check  09/25/10   Sandwich FD regrets to announce the Sept 22, 2010 passing of retired EMS Officer /
                        Paramedic James W. Silva
, age 59.  Wake Sunday Sept 26 3-7 at Nickerson Bourne in Sandwich.
                        Funeral Monday Sept 27, 2010 1000 hrs at Nickerson Bourne Funeral Home , Route 6A in
                        Sandwich. MORE

 Check  09/20/10   Updated photos Bourne A-136, Sandwich C-460.
                         Police pages Bourne, Falmouth, MSP, Sandwich.
                        Added some patches.

 Check  09/19/10   Updated Home Pages. Oak Bluffs EMS Rehab O-95, Tisbury Foam 8,
                         new photos Edgartown Amb 263, Ladder 251, Engine 222, Vineyard Airport 941 and 942.
                         New Feature Oak Bluffs Fire Museum. New fire station under construction in Tisbury.
                        Added Vineyard Police Departments. Some News Page updates

 Check  09/07/10   Updated Police Pages.

Check  09/05/10   Updated Home Pages. New: Sandwich C455, Brewster C231, C232, Truro A487.
                         Lower Cape A599. Updated rosters and station pages. New feature Hurricane Earl.
                         Updated photos of Provincetown HQ, Station 5, Wellfleet HQ, COMM HQ, Sandwich Station 3.


 Check  08/27/10  Updated Home Pages. Third page added to Air Force One Visits Cape Cod feature.
                        New Red Shirt Friday page added.
                        Updated photos on apparatus pages C402, Foam 405, E406, E407, B408, Cotuit Marine 266.
                        Photos of MMR HQ, Cotuit HQ.
                        Mutual Aid Run Cards updated.

 Check  08/21/10  Updated Home Pages. New feature Air Force One Visits Cape Cod.

 Check  08/13/10  Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich C460, photos Car 443, C467.
                        New Plymouth C-7, updated photos Plymouth E1, R1, E9, C1.
                        New Duxbury Car 2, Marine 1, Marine 2, photos Breaker 48.

Check  08/08/10  Updated Home Pages. New: Falmouth Breaker 18, Harwich Amb 62, Amb 63, Amb 73.
                        Updated photos Harwich Engine 68, Ladder 66. New Chatham Amb 183.
                        New Hyannis C-805. New DCR District 1 Tender 7
                        Some updates to Rosters and other pages.
                        Updated Brush Breaker Feature including 1946 Dodge Power Wagon formerly Falmouth B-30
                        and new Falmouth Breaker 18.

Check  08/02/10  Feature photos of Bourne 2nd Alarm House fire on Squateague Harbor Road August 2, 2010.

Check  07/26/10   Updated Home Pages. New Falmouth Breaker 18 delivered.

Check  07/11/10   Updated Home Pages. New Brewster A-243. New Harwich A-63 and S-70.
                         Guest photos of old Otis Crash Truck & Model.

Check  07/02/10   Updated Home Pages. HAPPY JULY 4TH 2010!
                          Added photos from Lynnfield Muster 2010.
                          Updated some info on Yarmouth FD page.

Check  06/04/10   Updated Home Pages. Added a few more photos to the Sandwich 3rd Alarm feature.
                        New CCNS Station has opened. New CCNS Tender 279. new CCNS Patrol 1,
                        updated photos of CCNS  270,  and new Falmouth C12.

Check  05/31/10    Update. Added initial photos of Sandwich 3rd Alarm fire on Open Trail Road, the Ridge Club,
                         that injured two firefighters. Later update is likely.

Check  05/17/10    Updated Home Pages. Announcement of death of active Kingston Fire Department
                         call FF David J. Hanson - Funeral May 19, 2010
                         Congratulations to Roy E. Jones III upon his retirement as Fire Chief of Brewster FD.
                         Former Dennis chief Paul Tucker is serving as the interim fire chief in Brewster until a
                        permanent replacement is selected. New photos of Harwich Ladder 66, Forestry 67, and
                        Special Hazards 72. Also Brewster E234. Feature photos of 2010 Tri-State Muster held on May 16.

Check  04/20/10    Updated Home Pages. New Yarmouth Ambulance 53 delivered.

Check  04/16/10   Updated Home Pages. Posted info on FUND RAISER FOR Dan "Flippy" O'Connell.
                        Posted info on retirement of Brewster Chief Roy Jones.
                        Also updated some links and guest photos

Check  04/15/10   Updated Home Pages. New units Barnstable P-200, Sandwich C-442A, P-440, Dennis C-102,
                         Dennis M118, Orleans M-167. M167A, M167B, S-170, C-171, S-178, C-179.
                         New photos Yarmouth E42, E43, E45, A54, C51, . New photos Yar Sta 3, Harwich HQ,
                         Brewster HQ, Eastham HQ, CCNS Wellfleet Station, Wellfleet HQ,
                         Updated Rosters Sandwich, Yarmouth, Orleans.

Check  04/06/10   Updated Listening Live Page

Check  04/04/10   Updated Home Pages. Added some previously unseen photos to 2007 Wareham 100th feature.
                        Added another page of photos to Onset Fire feature. Updated Listen Live Page.

Check  03/30/10   Posted additional pages of photos from Onset Fire.

                        HIGHWAY. MORE

 Check  03/28/10   Updated Home Pages. New apparatus pages for DCR District 1 DCR Forestry 5, DCR Tanker 7,
                         (removed B5, Tanker 833, Forestry 831). New pages for DCR District 2, Car 2-0, Car 2-3, Kubota,
                         (removed DCR 2-4  B18) Added new Bourne A-136, Updated Bourne Marine 131,
                         State Haz Mat ORU 12, Updated several Rosters and  Dept pages.

Check  03/23/10   Updated Home Pages. Updated Fireboat feature with new Massport Marine Unit 2.
                        Update and additional pages to Brush Breaker feature.  Updated History Page.
                        Update Carver B23 and new Carver A2, Update Marion C-1.  New Sandwich F-468.

Check  03/15/10   Updated Home Pages. New Special Feature on 6th Annual Firefighter Chili Challenge in
                        Hyannis on March 14, 2010.

Check  03/12/10   Updated Home Pages. Updated 2009 Run Stats. Photos Chester, NH 2nd  Alarm.

Check  03/09/10   Updated Home Pages. New Rochester Engine 193. Fire in Wareham Dangelo Road.

Check  03/07/10   Updated Home Pages. New feature on Osterville Fire Station - My Hometown Firehouse.

Check  02/01/10   Updated Home Pages. New feature Provincetown Apparatus featuring new and old
                        P-Town fire apparatus

Check  01/26/10   Updated Home Pages. New Photo Feature 4 ALARM FIRE HYANNIS at the Iron House.

Check  01/14/10   Updated Home Pages. Updated top links.
                        New Sandwich A457, new Provincetown L192, new Lower Cape A598, updated Onset T147.
                        New photos PTown E190, E193, E194, E195. New Osterville Fire Station now open.
                        New photos West Barnstable HQ, Ptown HQ and Station 5,  Preliminary Run Stats for 2009.
                        Updated department pages, rosters, several other pages.

Check  01/04/10   Updated Home Pages. New photo feature Memorial Tribute to Bobby J

Check  01/01/10   Happy New Year 2010!


Check  12/27/09   Passing of Harwich Capt. Robert Johnson

Check  12/24/09   Updated Home Pages. Merry Christmas!

Check  11/25/09   Updated Home Pages. Happy Thanksgiving!  Notice of the Worcester 10th Anniversary
                        recognition of the SIX firefighters killed on Dec 3, 1999.
                        Memorial being held on Dec 3, 2009. More

Check  11/20/09   Updated Home Pages. Added Lakeville L1, C2, Hovercraft, updated A1, A2.
                        Updated new Marion A394, S-1. New Mattapoisett C1, Unit 1.
                        Added New Onset Rescue 1, updated B148, S3. Rochester ATVs.
                         Plymouth A2, Special Operations, Engine 9, Engine 10, C1, C2, C5, C7, C8, Spill Trailer 2, DEP,
                         Marine 1. updated Plymouth Station assignments.
                        Wareham new Foam Unit 2, C1, C2Mashpee Foam Unit 4, new Car 373.
                        Updated Rosters to reflect changes.
                        Barnstable new Deputy Chief Frank Pulsifer.
                        Plymouth new Deputies Michael Young and Donald Brown. Batt Chief changes on Dept Page

Check  11/09/09   Updated Home Pages. Updated ARFF Pages and added Fireboat page for Hyannis Marine 808.
                        Added New Brewster E234 & E239. New Sandwich E453 in service and E452 reassigned.

Check  10/24/09   Updated Home Pages. Added new photo feature BMA Hyannis Airport Disaster Drill Oct 22, 2209

Check  10/03/09   Updated Home Pages. Updated Falmouth C14, E20, E22, E23, C27, Sandwich new C468,
                        photos E451, A456, "new" Naushon Forestry fire truck. Hyannis Marine 808.

Check  09/09/09   Updated Home Pages. Added Fire feature, Hyannis Baxter Road 09/08/09 and feature on
                        new Hyannis Fire Boat Marine 808.

Check  09/04/09   Updated Home Pages. New Cotuit C260. Falmouth new Engine 22 and 23 delivered.
                        Otis USCG amb now called A424 (not 322).  Updated Cotuit & MMR rosters.
                        Info on new COMM and Cotuit 450 mhz radios.
                  CAPE COD FD WILL BE ONLINE 9 YEARS ON SEPT 11, 2009 !
                  Thanks for your many visits and kind words!

Check  08/27/09   Updated Home Pages. Updated Nantucket Apparatus, new E1, E2, E3, E4, E7, L1, T1, T2, HR1,
                        A1, A4, Spec Haz 1, Spec Haz 2, DEP1, DEP2, MDU, MCI5, C1, C2, C4, C5, Utility 5, and Station 1.
                        Updated photo feature on Fireboats with new Portland, Maine fireboat.

Check  08/16/09   Updated Home Pages. Updated changes to Falmouth Unit IDS for C-11, C-12, C-13, C-14,
                        C-27, Dive 30, HR-31, new A-35. New photos E23 and C28. Updated Station Pages info and photos
                        FA1, WH2, NF3, WF4, EF5. Updated Falmouth Roster and Dept pages. Updated Mashpee Sta1 and
                        Sta2, Mashpee Roster, Mashpee Dept, new photo B353. Updated info and photos of Otis/MMR
                        MA National Guard 179th and 180th Engineers apparatus including 179-FF1, 179-TFFT2, 179 T3,
                        180-FF1, 180 TFFT2, 180 T3, MMR Roster. Change to USCG Amb, changed from A311 to A322

Check  08/11/09   Updated Home Pages. Added patches for Tisbury EMS and Tri-Town Ambulance.
                        Also added new photos of new Dennis Police HQ and Harwich Police HQ / Harwich Dispatch Center
                        Updated Wellfleet A99 and Dennis A103. New photos of Brewster E234 & E239. Updated rosters for
                        Yarmouth and Wellfleet.

Check  08/02/09   Updated Home Pages. Added additional photos to the
                        Also added pages and updated the FIREBOATS feature including boats from
                        Jacksonville, Philadelphia, and Providence.

Check  07/31/09   Updated Home Pages. New photos Nantucket Station 5 (Tuckernuck Island), Nantucket Brush 5,
                        Nantucket Marine unit.

Check  07/10/09   Updated Home Pages. Yarmouth 3rd Alarm / Tier 3 Haz Mat / Level 3 MCI..
                        New Hyannis C805& C806..

Check  07/01/09   Updated Home Pages. New Banner. Updating page format.

Check  06/13/09   Updated Home pages. Notice of passing and services for  Bourne retired call Capt Edward Braley.
COMM A325 in service, Otis Army TFFT 1. TFFT 2, Tanker.
                        Updated photo new Naushon fire station. Updated info on ARFF Pg 10 P-15 Specs.
                        Marion FD interim fire chief named (Story)

Check  06/02/09   Updated Home Pages. Updated Hyannis M808.
                        Added Aquinnah C110, updated E321, E322, T333, R361, new A90,
                        Aquinnah HQ., Aquinnah Roster.
                        Added Chilmark Jet Ski, updated E121, E122, E161, S141, new B131, Chilmark Station 1,
                        Chilmark Station 2, Chilmark Roster.
                        Updated DCR Dist 1 P830, P831, T833, MV RAT, DCR MV Station. Updated DCR Dist 1 Roster.
                        Added Edgartown Dive 241, DEP Trailer, updated Edgartown Station 1, Station 2, Edgartown Roster.
                        Updated Oak Bluffs L551, A562, A563, A564, Oak Bluffs Roster .
                        Added Tisbury EMS T-93, MCI Trailer, updated Tisbury Amb T90, T91, Tisbury Roster.
                        West Tisbury new Dive 770, updated E721, B731, T734, M767, Amb Whisky 90, Car W93.

Check  05/05/09   Updated Home Pages. New COMM A-326, COMM Dive 319, Dennis A-103, Hyannis C-803.
                        New photos of Wellfleet M-92, Hyannis E-826, CCNS F270.
                        Updated some Yarmouth apparatus station assignments. Updated rosters.
                       Added a few more photos to Wellfleet Station feature.

Check  05/03/09   Updated Home Pages. Back from Vacation. Added new photo Features on Hawaii Visit,
                        Hawaii Fire Departments. Also updated and added photos to USA Fire Stations, ARFF,
                        and Fireboats.

Check  03/26/09    Updated Home Pages. Mashpee Station 2 is completed and opened part-time.
                        Updated Wellfleet info... they have moved into the new Wellfleet Headquarters at 10 Lawrence
                        Road. Old Wellfleet Station 2 decommissioned. Added Wellfleet lighting Plant,
                        COMM new A324 in service, Orleans new F169 in service. Cotuit new Boat 268.
                        Updated Rosters for Mashpee, Cotuit, COMM, Yarmouth, Orleans, Wellfleet, Middleboro,
                        Mattapoisett. Mattapoisett Chief Ron Scott retired, new Acting Chief Andy Murray.

Check  03/10/09    Updated  Home Pages. Photos of 3 alarm fire at Cape Cod Animal Hospital in Marstons Mills.

Check  03/03/09    Updated Home Pages. Photos of Middleborough Tower 3.  Engine 2, new State
                         District 1 Haz Mat Squad 14 stationed in West Yarmouth.
                         Photo feature of Lakeville House Fire on Bedford Street. Updated Haz Mat Page and
                         several other pages.    

Check  02/08/09    Updated Home Pages. New Yarmouth Fire Chief  Michael Walker started Feb 1st. 
                         See HARWICH FIRE website for info about "A Night with Bobby J." benefit dinner
                         on Feb 28th. More...

Check  01/28/09    Updated Home Pages. Updated and added DCR units for Vineyard. P830, P831, T833, RAT.
                         Also New Acting Chief Daniel Doucette in Bourne. Updated 2008 Run Stats.
                         Updated info on BMA, Truro, PTown pages.

Check  01/21/09    Updated Home Pages. New Map posted reflecting station changes.
                         New Chatham Car 391, New Sandwich Amb 459, New Provincetown L192
                        Added Hot Shot pages 2007, 2008, 2009 and Feature Photo pages 2007, 2008, 2009 .

Check  01/09/09    Updated Home Pages. Updates to 2008 Run Stats.

Check  01/07/09    Updated Home Pages. Updated Scan Live Links. Updated several Fire Department Pages.
                         Updated several department Rosters. Updated P-Town L192. Updated some
                         links on Communications page.


Check  12/31/08    Updated Home Pages. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
                         Updated Bourne Car 142, C144, C147. Plymouth E2, E5, E8, E9, E10, B176

Check  12/16/08    Updated Home Pages. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Check  11/26/08    Updated Home Pages. New feature Mashpee Condo Fire. Updated some Rosters,
                         apparatus pages. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Check  11/17/08    Updated Home Pages. New Acting Chief Robert Kelleher Yarmouth FD,
                         new Chief Michael W. Carrier Middleborough FD. Provincetown L192 damaged in MVC.
                         Photo new Otis USCG A311 MMR Car 402, MMR C412. Sandwich EDS Drill photos.

Check  10/29/08    Updated Home Pages. Added new pages for Brewster C231, M246, DEP, Orleans M172A, DEP,
                         Yarmouth C58, Mashpee A363, DEP, West Barn T286, U287. Onset Tanker 147.
                         Updated Station pages, Department pages, Roster pages. Updated Run Card for Orleans.

Check  10/27/08     Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee A363, Plymouth E5, E2.
                          YouTube videos and info about Vote Nov 4, 2008.

Check  10/03/08    Updated Home Pages. Changes made reflecting the change of the Otis Fire Department to
                         Mass Military Reservation Fire Dept. Fire Prevention Week 2008 - Oct 5-11

Check  09/26/08     Updated Home Pages. Updated several Rosters, News pages. New Harwich A63, A62, A73

Check  09/24/08     Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of Fal B16, A37, D35A, Fal DEP Trailer,
                          Sand T464, C442, Marion S2. Also Yarmouth Station 3  recently closed due
                          to budget cuts. New links to Cape Wide News.

Check  09/11/08     Updated Home Pages. Added some 9/11 photos, Sandwich T464, Car 442, Onset Tanker 147.

Check  09/09/08     Remembering September 11, 2001
Updated Home Pages. New photos Barn C201, C210. Yar spare . ambulance, fire prev trailer.
                          Chat C392, DEP. Plym C1, C2, C6, C7, C8 changes.  Wellfleet HQ.
                          Truro's new Fire Chief Brian Davis.

Check  09/01/08     Updated Home Pages. Updated Otis Foam 403 and Foam 404, Oak Bluffs Car 510.
                          Added some Fireboat pictures to Fireboats and some Otis apparatus to ARFF pages.
                          Updated Rosters for Oak Bluffs and Gosnold.
                          Note: Temporary New link for Cape Wide News is
Check  08/22/08    Back In Service / Following hard drive crash.
                        Updated Home Pages. Photos of new Otis Foam 403 and Foam 404, Otis TFFT,
                        Orleans Amb 172, Tower 176, Naushon brush truck and tank,
                        Cuttyhunk Pickup, Naushon Station added. Osterville Station demolition photos,
                        People photos 1 and 2
Additional updates coming. Good to be back!

Check  07/23/08      Updated Home Pages. Updated a number of Department Profile pages.
                           Temporary Osterville Fire Station open. Added link to a You Tube video
                            of the Hyannis Fire on Winter Street.
Hyannis Structure Fire
Check  07/13/08      Added feature on morning house fire in Hyannis at 161 Winter Street.

Check  07/07/08      Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee A362. New Yar A56, Engine 48. New Nantucket A1.
                           New Chilmark Breaker 131. Photos of new Cotuit Chief Olsen
                           Updated several Dept pages and rosters, including Dennis, Nantucket, Chilmark, Yarmouth,

Check  06/30/08      Updated Home Pages. Photos of new Otis P4 crash truck 404, Foam 403, Breaker 408,
                           Car 401 and the TFFT in action. Also photos of Wellfleet HQ station construction.
                           Also some recent updates to Apparatus Pages, Fire Departments Page, Fire Stations Page. 
                           HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE JULY 4!

Check  06/21/08      Updated Home Pages. Updated layouts and reorganized some pages to reduce duplication
                           and confusion (hopefully). A second Apparatus News page (3A) added.

Check  06/19/08      Updated Home Pages. New Mashpee A-361. Orleans Fire Chief William Quinn.
                           Otis Fire Department to become Massachusetts Military Reservation Fire Department.
                           Vineyard Muster coming July 27, 2008.

Check  06/02/08      Updated Home Pages. Note: Change in Hyannis conventional 800 frequency
                           from 868.2125 to 853.2125.  Updated some Nantucket photos L1, apparatus assignments,
                           & Roster. Acting Truro Chief Brian Davis update.

Check  05/23/08      Updated Home Pages. New features Harwich Oil Tanker Crash on May 14, 2008,
                           Hyannis IHOP fire May 23, 2008, updated Brush Breaker feature with new photos
                           of 1949 County No.4, added article submitted by Robert Winston on
                           Fire Season in S.E. Mass. Also updated MA Fire Stations page.
                           New Orleans A 172, New Chatham A 184, New Brewster A 244, new Hyannis Dive 810.
                          Added some patches to Patch page.

Check  05/21/08      Updated Home Pages. Feature photos of Falmouth Fatal Fire on May 17, 2008.

Check  05/12/08      Updated Home Pages. Apparatus news updates. Posted guest photos of
                           Fireboat from Prince Georges County, MD Fireboat 858.

Check  04/17/08      All Station and Apparatus pages updated to standardized photo sizes of 650 pix.
                           Added Feature on Mashpee Brush Fire Turner Road.

Check  04/16/08      Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Falmouth House Fire on Currier Road.
                          Also added new photos of Sandwich Station 1 & Station 3, Engine 453.
                          New Orleans Ambulance 172 delivered. A few new Guest photos.
                          Made some adjustments to home page widths by reducing photos to 650 wide.

Check  04/07/08      Updated Home Pages. New Yarmouth E42 and Ambulance 55 in service.
                           Changes made to Yar Roster & Station assignments.

Check  04/02/08      Updated Home Pages. Added new photos of Bourne Car 143,
                           Carver Boat, Plymouth Tower 1, Plymouth Special Operations,
                           Updated station assignments for Middleborough apparatus and Plymouth apparatus.

Check  03/31/08      Created Cape Cod Fire... THE BLOG!  A new page that we can use to communicate
                           and share information, etc. Check it out!

Check  03/29/08      Updated Home Pages. Added some You Tube Links to the Fire Boats Page.
                           Also added some interesting new links.

Check  03/27/08      Updated Home Pages. Updates and corrections to some Dept Profiles.
                           Special Feature on Otis Brush Breaker Training.

Check  03/09/08      Updated Home Pages. Several Guest Photos posted, including a
                           structure fire in Oak Bluffs, photos of the new Chilmark Brush Breaker
                           being built, and an old West Tisbury brush breaker.

           awarded Site of the Year 2008-2009 by Dave's

Check  03/07/08      Updated Home Pages. New features Cape & Islands Red Cross 6th Annual
                           Heroes Breakfast and Cotuit Medflight call. 2007 Run Stats Updated.

Check  03/06/08      Updated Home Pages. New feature on Wellfleet Fire Station ground breaking.
                           New Barnstable Car 201
                           Made some changes to home page design.

Check  02/16/08      Updated Home Pages. Announcement for 4th Annual Chili Challenge coming March 1, 2008
                           Hyannis. Made a few corrections on other pages.
                           Notice of Duxbury Safety Conference Aug 16, 2008.

Check  02/06/08      Updated Home Pages. Mashpee has begun site prep on the new  Station 2.
                           Updates on some apparatus news.
                           Guest photos of Mattapoisett 3rd Alarm fire.
                           Updated photos of Provincetown Whaler's Wharf fire for 10th Anniversary.

Check  01/31/08      Provincetown Whaler's Wharf 10th Anniversary gathering notice for Feb 9, 2008.

Check  01/23/08      Updated Home Pages. New Yarmouth Station 3 opened.
                           New Dennis Engine 107 in service. Updated Dennis apparatus assignments.
                           Updated Sandwich apparatus assignments. Updated Rosters for Sandwich, Yarmouth,
                           Dennis. Plymouth. Updated a few Department profiles.
                          Added photos & updated Falmouth House Fire feature. Updated Feature Photos and Hot Shots.
                          Took News Tickers off Page 2 and made a separate page for tickers.
                          Added new Dennis backup radio freq 453.325  151.4 to Freq List

Check  01/13/08      Updated Home Pages. Bourne Tower Ladder 126 in service.
                           Created pages for Hot Shots 2007 and 2008, Feature Photos 2007 and 2008,
                           and a new On The Road 2008 page for interesting apparatus photos.

Check  01/07/08      Updated info on 2007 Run Stats. Also updated Apparatus pages.

Check  01/05/08      Added updated Favorite Links page. Added a couple new Guest Photos.

Check  01/03/08     
                           NEW PAGE DESIGN INTRODUCED. All New Home Pages.
                           Headlines. Apparatus. Stations. Dept News. Dispatch Center. Features. Guest Photos.
                           Working on Favorite Links page.  Each of those pages have been reorganized
                           so look them over closely to find your favorite information spots.
                           Photos of new W Barnstable Amb 293 and Yarmouth E42.
                           Photos added to Feature Vermont Fire Stations
                           Early 2007 Run Stats. More changes en route.


Check  12/27/07      Updated Home Pages. New Otis S-415 in service, W Barn A-293, Sandwich E-451.
                            Added buttons on directory bar. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

 Check  12/04/07      Updated Home Pages. Photos of Otis S-415, Otis Foam 416, Marion Ladder 1, Marion C-1,
                            West Barnstable A-293. Updated rosters for Otis, Marion.

Check  12/03/07      Updated Home Pages. New Dennis E107 delivered. New West Barnstable ambulance delivered.
                           Fire station news from Carver, Nantucket, and Wellfleet. Marion has an aerial platform.
                           Updated several news pages.

Check  11/25/07      Updated Home Pages. Updated Fireboats Pages, adding 2 for Cape Cod Boats and
                           New Philadelphia Fireboat. Updated Brush Breaker Pages adding a new page.
                           New Feature on retirement of West Barnstable Bob Crocker.

Check  11/09/07      Updated Home Pages. Updated Yarmouth DEP Trailer & Fire Prev Trailers,
                           Dennis DEP Trailer, Orleans DEP Trailer, Eastham DEP Trailer, Truro DEP Trailer,
                           Provincetown New Amb 198, Added a few new links. Updated several Rosters.

Check  10/29/07      Updated Home Pages. New Cotuit A-262 in service. COMM
                           C-323 and DEP Trailer. Updated Cotuit E265 Jaws/Airbags/ALS. Updated PTown A-198, FM-199.

Check  10-27-07     DID YOU MISS US?  Sorry for the inconvenience.
                          We were down for about 24 hours or so due to a problem at the hosting company.
                          WE'RE BACK. Thanks for your concern and phone calls/emails.
                           Updated Home Pages.  Added more of Brian Messier's photos
                           of the Bourne 5th Alarm. 

Check  10-22-07     Updated Home Pages.  New "guest photo" feature on 5 alarm
                          Bourne fire at Mezza Luna Restaurant. Hyannis Marine 808 retired.

Check  10-19-07     Updated Home Pages.  New Feature on Wareham 100th Anniversary & Parade.

Check  10-13-07     Updated Home Pages. New feature Cape Cod Hospital Drill Oct 10, 2007.

Check  10-08-07     Updated Home Pages. New COMM C322 and C323.
                          Updated photos Otis trailers 413, 417, 418, 419

Check  09-23-07     Updated Home Pages. New Bourne A-135, L-126 retired.
                          Wareham Fire District 100th Coming in October.

Check  09-15-07     Updated Home Pages. Farewell to Sandwich FD Lt. David Boles.
                          Mashpee Road Race.

Check  09-11-07     Updated Home Pages. Notice of death of Sandwich Lt. David Boles.

Check  09-06-07     Updated Home Pages. Updated photos of Otis B408, B409, E410.
                          Updated ARFF pages of T.F. Green Airport apparatus. 
                         Also updated Providence Fire Stations, RI Fire Stations.and RI Fire Stations.
                         7th Anniversary Coming!

Check  09-04-07     Updated Home Pages.  Additional info on Boston services.
                          Local department brings back a familiar voice....

Check  08-31-07     Updated Home Pages. Info on Boston Firefighters killed in LODD
Paul J. Cahill, age 55, Engine 30 and Warren J. Payne, age 53, Ladder 25.
Some new links worth checking out on Links page.

Check  08-30-07     Updated Home Pages. News from Boston of two firefighter deaths at E30/L25.

Check  08-27-07     Updated Home Pages. Updated Otis Dept, Roster, Station, and
                          apparatus pages  to new station. Updated photo Otis E407.
                          Also updated Sandwich pages.  New Sandwich Amb 456.

Check  08-24-07     Updated Home Pages. New Sandwich E451 delivered. New Otis
                          Station opens.  New Orleans Website. Old Orleans E178 retired.

Check  08-19-07     Updated Home Pages.

Check  08-06-07     Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Otis Second Alarm fire
                          at the 3 in 1 store.

Check  08-02-07     Updated Home Pages. Made some corrections and updates to Rosters
                          and a couple others.

Check  08-01-07      Updated Home Pages. Word of Dr Lloyd Bremmer passing away, a
                           Founding Father of advanced level EMS on Cape Cod.
                           Added feature on Baltimore Firehouse Expo 2007.
                           Also updated photos of a number of Fireboats, including
                           new Baltimore Boat 'Frazier'
                           Added MOTOR HOME FOR SALE.

Check  07-11-07      Updated Home Pages. New Wellfleet Forestry 90, New Hyannis
                           Ambulance 828, new West Barnstable Car 280.  Updated photos of
                           several Wellfleet units 93, 95, 96, 97, 99 and West Barnstable C291.
                           Feature on new Otis Fire Headquarters and County Communications
                           Center move in.

Check  07-05-07     .Updated Home Pages.  Updated some Police pages. Also added pictures
                           on future West Barnstable Tanker and Oak Bluffs Ladder 551.

Check  07-01-07     .Updated Home Pages.  New Oak Bluffs L-551. New Harwich Chief Flynn
                          & Deputy Clarke as well as Acting Deputy Quinn in Orleans.

Check  06-29-07     .Updated Home Pages. Updating format of Home Pages for larger photos.
                           New feature on Provincetown Boat Fire June 29, 2007  and
                           Charleston Nine Tribute. Delivery of new Hyannis A828.

Check  06-21-07     .Updated Home Pages.  Respects for Charleston, SC 9 Firefighters killed
                           in Line of Duty on June 18.

Check  06-11-07     .Updated Home Pages.  Updated photos on Tisbury E621, E622.
                          West Tisbury E722, B731, B732, T734, M767. Chilmark E121, R161.
                          Oak Bluffs A562, E521, E522, E524, HR561. State DCR Station Vineyard.
                          Updated several news pages and station pages.

Check  06-07-07     .Updated Home Pages.  New Harwich Marine 76, Dennis Marine 119.

Check  06-01-07     .Updated Home pages. New Brewster C-230, Forestry 238, Dennis M-118
                           Photos of new Dennis Police HQ, West Yarmouth Station 3, Updated
                           Edgartown E-222, E-225, Chilmark E-161, Several Rosters, News Pages, etc.

Check  05-25-07     .Updated Home pages. New photo features on BCFTA, Falmouth Decon
and CIEMSS Annual Meeting.

Check  05-20-07     .Updated Home pages. New Otis Fire Chief Walter Stecchi and new
                           Yarmouth Deputy Chief Robert Kelleher.  Infor on Duxbury 1st Annual
                           Firefighter Safety & Survival conference.

Check  05-14-07     .Updated Home pages. Notice of death of West Barnstable Lt.
                           Christopher Hussey

                           Updated photos Chatham F187 and Orleans F169
                           Feature on Centerville House Fire.

Check  05-04-07     Updated Home Pages. Added feature on Barnstable High School

Check  04-30-07     Updated Home pages. Added new photos on Nantucket Brush Fire April 1.
                          Also info on Chilmark E-161. Updated calendar.  Added some photos and
                          historical info on Plymouth fires in the past in the Brush Breaker feature.

Check  04-23-07     Updated Home pages. New photos added to West Falmouth House Fire..
                          New photos of Bourne Marine 130,  Engine 124, Mashpee C373
                          Plymouth E6,  DCR Car 1-0, Patrol 4, Breaker 5, Breaker 6, Tanker, Car 1-9
                          Updated a number of department News pages.

Check  04-16-07     Updated Home Pages. West Falmouth House Fire. Edgartown E222

Check  04-07-07     Updated Home Pages. Falmouth Tanker 18 Out of Service.
                          Updated Higden Bay Fireboat link.

Check  04-02-07     Updated Home pages. Feature on Nantucket Mutual Aid brush fire.

Check  03-29-07     Updated Home pages. Updated photos Harwich A62, A63, A73. Brewster
                          L237, C231. Bourne  E123. Lakeville C1, C3, new Tanker 1. Carver C1, C2.
                          Duxbury MCI Trailer. Feature on Rochester Structure Fire Clapp Road.    
                          Orleans Chief & Deputy to retire.

Check  03-25-07     Updated Home pages. New COMM C321, New Harwich A-63.
                          Harwich A-62, A-73.  A few corresponding Roster Updates and a
                         couple corrections. 

Check  03-15-07     Updated Home Pages.  Photos of new Falmouth A-37, C29A, DRC Car 3,
                          and West Barnstable's new C-280. Also updated some Rosters. Also
                          updated Also added pages for new Dennis Boats that do not yet have
                          official numbers  BoatBoat, and Gosnold E2 and Lighting plant.  
                          BCFTA Ladder 1.

Check  03-12-07     Updated Home Pages.
                          Added feature on Cape Cod Firefighter's Chili Challenge 2007.
                          Added Brewster Car 249.

Check  03-07-07     Updated Home Pages. Posted Falmouth St. Patrick's Day fund raiser on
                          Calendar. Also added <EMTS INC> and <Bill Watson's new Book "Alone
                          on an Island>

Check  03-04-07     Updated Home pages. Added Stastions Map to home page 1.
                          Added some photos of Boston Fire Stations and Fireboats.
                          Added New West Barnstable Run Cards.
                          Added several links.

Check  03-04-07     Updated Home pages. Photos of new Brewster L237 delivery, new C249,
                          Dennis Marine unit.

Check  02-25-07     Updated Home Pages. Info on plans for new Duxbury HQ and
                         DCR Patrol 4. Some additional info added to Boston fire pages.

Check  02-23-07     Updated Home Pages.  Photos of new Plymouth E3, E6, and Tower 1
                          (MEB Photos)
                          New Feature.... Boston 6 Alarm Fire Endicott Street, North end

Check  02-15-07     Updated Home Pages. Notice of Yarmouth FD Deputy Chief Peter A.
passing away on 2/14/07
Check  02-10-07     Updated Home Pages.  Added new Yarmouth Car 59.  Updated several
                          department news pages.

Check  02-09-07     Updated Home Pages...Photos of 2nd Alarm in Bourne, Chickadee Lane.

Check  02-08-07     Updated Home Pages...Did a significant update on Brush Breaker feature,
                          added a page and a number of new photos throughout.

Check  02-07-07     Updated Home Pages. Photos of Mattapoisett New Rescue 1, Car 1,
                          Marine 1, Onset Breaker 147 and Sandwich Car 467.
                          FIRST DUE PHOTOS of Bourne House Fire 2 Easting Road.

Check  01-25-07     Updated Home Pages. Updated Plymouth FD pages, apparatus
                          assignments, and roster. Added photos of Plym B-375. Changes in
                          Kingston Car 1, Car 2.

Check  01-20-07     Updated Home Pages.  Updated 2006 Run Stats. Added new photos of
                          Boston-Massport  Fireboat 1 at Logan Airport.  Checkout Calendar for
                          Mashpee events.

Check  01-14-07     Updated Home Pages.  Added links to "Official Department Websites"
                          on home page. Also added new Tisbury E621 info.

Check  01-09-07     Updated Home Pages.  Added W Tisbury B-732. A few other minor
                          corrections made.

Check  01-06-07     Updated Home Pages. Posted initial 2006 Run Stats. Updated Fire Dept
. Updated  Fire Department Pages.  Updated News Pages.

Check  01-01-07     Updated Home Pages. New Barnstable Harbor Splash photos.


Check  12-30-06     Updated Home Pages. New Year, New Banner, New Look,.
                          Happy New Year to All.
                          Posted Cape Cod Times Article from Dec 26, 2006 on

Check  12-22-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Harwich Car 61, Chatham Forestry 187
                          delivered.   Updated News pages Bourne, Yarmouth, Harwich, Chatham.

Check  12-07-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Bourne A-133, photo A-134, Hyannis C-806,
                          Onset DEP & USCG,   Plymouth B-171, Boat 2, B-375, Yarmouth LT-41
                          training. Passing of Ret Sandwich Chief Bernie Jones, Ret WBFD Rescue
                          Capt Bob Black Jr, and Ret Sandwich FD "Sparky" Donovan.

Check  12-01-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Barnstable S-200, former A-203 sold, Roster

Check  11-29-06     Updated Home Pages.  Best wishes to Peter 'Cappy' Snow,
                          retiring Dennis FD

Check  11-23-06     Updated Home Pages.  Posted photos of Bourne 2nd Alarm 35 Old
                          Plymouth Road.

Check  11-22-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updates Otis 402, 404, 410, 412, 413, 417, 418, 419
                          New Otis HQ  construction. Mashpee Medflight incident.  Happy

Check  11-17-06     Updated Home pages.  Some apparatus news.  A couple Links added.
                          Mashpee House Fire photo feature added late.

Check  11-15-06     Updated Home Page. New Nantucket Engine 2.  New photos of Sandwich
                          Tanker 464 and 465.

Check  11-06-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updates made to LINKS Page.

Check  10-30-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Sandwich C442 and Refurbished Amb 458
                          Updated roster. Updated Station Pages. 
                          Added a new Link to IRELAND FIRE DEPTS.

Check  10-20-06     Updated Home Pages

Check  10-08-06     Added new Special Feature on Bourne's 1939 Buffalo Engine 3.

Check  10-06-06     Updated Home Pages. Photos of new Truro E483, C471, Eastham C151,
                          C161, Sandwich Car 441, more photos of Harwich 1928 Maxim. Haz Mat 12
                          reassigned to Sagamore. Updated Rosters Bourne, Sandwich, Harwich,
                          Eastham Truro, Plymouth. Updated Station info BB1, MB2, SG3,
                          PO4, PL6.  Updated Cape and Plym County Apparatus pages.
                          Also updated several dept News Pages.

Check  10-03-06     Updated Home Pages.  New photos COMM E305, Marine 313, Marstons
                          Mills Station 3

Check  09-27-06     Updated Home Pages.  COMM E305 in service, E303 reassigned. New
                          photo COMM Sta.2  Updated COMM Roster

Check  09-25-06     Updated Home Pages. New Otis Foam 404 in service. Also pre-delivery
                          photos of Otis Engine 410. Also new Nantucket Ambulance 2
                          Feature on Harwich 1928 Maxim Engine 1. Updated Otis Roster.
                          Updated Nantucket Roster. Updated some radio freqs for trunk system

Check  09-17-06     Updated Home Pages. New Edgartown Chief updated. New photos Dennis
                          and Yarmouth Stations. Updated a couple Roster pages. Also some News
                          pages. Updated Police pages.

Check  09-13-06     Added a link to a great video on the Worcester 6 fire and the memorial. 
                          Check it out.

Check  09-09-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added photos of new Bourne Tower Ladder 126,
                          New Carver Rescue 1Carver Lighting, New Yarmouth Amb 53, also
                          Marion S-2, Lakeville E2, E3, Breaker 85,   Sagamore Station 3, West
                          Yarmouth Station 3 Construction, Onset Station, Lakeville Station.

Check  09-06-06     Added Link to Alternate Cape Wide News  link due to some problems with
                          the server on their new site.

Check  09-04-06     Updated Home Pages.  Feature Falmouth Boat fire.

Check  09-03-06     Updated Home Pages. New Hyannis and Barnstable Run Card updates. Updated Rosters for
                          Cotuit, COMM, Hyannis, Yarmouth, Dennis. Updated apparatus assignments COMM appar.
                          New pages E305, A53 and A104.

Check  08-24-06     Updated Home Pages.  Harwich 67 in service.

Check  08-16-06     Updated Home Pages.  Photos new COMM E305, Dennis A-104, Dennis C-109.

Check  08-03-06     Updated Home Pages. New Harwich F-67, new photos Dennis F-108, Amb 105, Hyannis C-801.
                          Updated some rosters, and news pages.

Check  08-01-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Plymouth Breaker 175 and Bourne A-134.

Check  07-14-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added photos of COMM 2nd Alarm Fatal fire on June 21, 2006.
                          Updated a couple News pages.

Check  07-10-06     Updated Home Pages. Added feature on COMM Medflight Call. New Lower Cape Amb 599.
                          Also new photo Wellfleet E95

Check  06-29-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated Info on new Scanners. New appara includes PTown E194 and
                          Hyannis C801.  Updated info Nantucket FD Roster and Dept Info.

Check  06-15-06     Updated and changed design of some Home Pages... News, Apparatus, Stations.  Added 
                          photos of new PTown Engine 194. Photos of Hyannis HU 824 with plow.

Check  06-12-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added new photos Chatham A-182, Eng 185, Marine 399, Orleans F-169
                          Also updated some News Pages.

Check  06-05-06     Updated a BUNCH OF STUFF. Updates to Home Pages. New photos added to apparatus
                          listings include: Chatham A-182, Aquinnah Amb Alpha90, Chilmark Amb Charlie 90 and ATVs,
                          West Tisbury Amb Whiskey 90, Tisbury Tower 651, Squad 641, Boat, Car 610, Tisbury Ambs
                          Tango 90 and Tango 91, Oak Bluffs Ambs 562, 563, EMS Oscar 93, and 564, Oak Bluffs Boats 567
                          and 568Car 510, Edgartown ambs 262 and 263, Forestry 230, Dive.  Station pictures updated new
                          Chappy  Station in Edgartown, Oak Bluffs Station, Tisbury Station 2 and Ambulance, West Tisbury
                          Station 1 and 2, Chilmark Stations 1 and 2, Aquinnah Station.  Added West Tisbury Fire Tower.
                          Updated Department info on Chatham. Updated rosters for Cotuit, Chatham, Aquinnah, Chilmark,
                          West Tisbury, Tisbury, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown.   
                          Updated Fireboats pages with Oak Bluffs fireboat photos.

Check  05-26-06     Updated Home Pages. New Cotuit C-261, Marion Ladder 1. New photos Marion E4, Sq1,
                          Plymouth Spill Trailer. Car 11, Car 12,  Posted Plymouth-Wareham brush fire as feature.

Check  05-22-06     Updated Home Pages. Dennis new C-100 pickup truck. Updated Correspondent info. 

Check  05-12-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated apparatus pages including Mashpee M-359, A-361,
                          BMA Spill Trailer, BCFTA Units, Plymouth MDU, Boat 1, Lighting Plant.  Updated photos Plym
                          Stations. Updated Department News pages.  Updated a few rosters. Image of new Otis Crash

Check  05-01-06     Added link to

Check  04-26-06     Updated Home Pages.  New photos Barnstable A-204, Dennis C101, C102, C109. Chatham MDU.

Check  04-23-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added more pages to ARFF Feature from recent trip to Fla.
                          Photos from Providence, Atlanta, Orlando, Phily, and some guest photos of DFW.
                          Barnstable A-204 in service.

Check  04-11-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updates made to Wellfleet Dept profile and Roster.

Check  04-04-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated dept profiles for Hyannis, COMM, Barnstable, West Barnstable,
                          Cotuit.  Also updated some News pages.

Check  04-03-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Features.  Sandwich Fire TowerPlymouth Brush Breaker Drill.
                          Dennis 2nd Alarm.  Also West Barnstable Medflight.   Additional photos Eastham Ship Wreck.
                          Bourne Car 143.  Nantucket L1.  Updated Bourne, Nantucket, Plymouth Rosters. Added some
                          guest photos of Worcester Airport ARFF Page 10.

Check  03-28-06     Updated Home Pages. NEW Photo Feature ARFF Crash Trucks.  Photos of new Nantucket Metz
                          Aerial Ladder being delivered.  Photos of West Barnstable Medflight.

Check  03-26-06     Updated Home Pages.  Photos of BMA ARFF 817. Updated 816, 820, BMA Station.  Also Photos
                          of new Brewster A-242.  Updated Marine 246 and Brewster HQ.  Updated Eastham E156. Updated
                          photo of Wellfleet F-90. Photo Wellfleet Sta.2.  Added Station & photo of Provincetown Airport
. Updated Rosters Hyannis, BMA, Dennis, Brewster, Eastham, Provincetown.
                          Updated some news pages.  Updated Britt Pages.

Check  03-14-06     Updated Home pages. Apparatus updates - Hyannis Dive 810. A few other updates
                          with more to follow on Barnstable A-204, Brewster A-242, BMA ARFF 817, and Plym B-175.

Check  03-20-06     Updated Home Pages. Added new photo feature Taunton General Alarm at the State Hospital.

Check  03-19-06     Updated Home Pages. Some color changes.  Eastham E156 now in service.
                          Updated some links, contents, other pages.

Check  03-17-06     Updated Home Pages. Added Carver EMS and Mattapoisett EMS to Dept Page and Rosters.
                          Updated some associated pages.  Letter from Fire Marshal on Bourne Fire.
                          Happy St. Patrick's Day

Check  03-16-06     Updated Home Pages, apparatus news. New Mattapoisett Ambs 412 and 413. New Wareham
                          EMS C-740, Amb 742, Quad, Lighting Plant.  New photos of Wareham Ladder 1. Photos of
                          Onset Air Supply and Squad 3.  News pages... Onset, Wareham EMS, Mattapoisett.
                          Posted new Wellfleet Chief Daniel Silverman.  Updated EMS pages. A few Rosters.

Check  03-14-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added new in service vehicles (Photos pending) Wareham EMS 740 and
                          new Ambulance 742, Bourne C143, Plymouth B-175, Dennis C101.  Also added some new links.
                          Still looking for some 'correspondents' to represent some departments... check the list to see if
                          your department is covered or not.  Thanks.

Check  03-11-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Sagamore Station 3 open.  New photos Ahrens Fox Feature,
                          Fire Stations Maine, Fireboats Portland and Boston,

Check  03-08-06     Updated Home pages.  Posted MEB photo of new Tisbury Ladder 651.  Also that the Bourne
                          Fire Department expects to occupy the new Station 3 on Thursday March 9, 2006.

Check  03-01-06     Updated Home Pages.  Posted Special Feature...Mashpee 2nd Alarm Housefire.

Check  02-28-06     Updated home Page.  Made some changes and additions to Cotuit apparatus.
                          Did some minor editing of Nov 4, 2005 Osterville 3rd alarm.

Check  02-26-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated Vineyard apparatus, stations, depts, rosters, and news to reflect
                          some new information... a couple apparatus added and updated new photos, just info...
                          Added new features West Barnstable L297 Dedication and Working Fire County Road Bourne.

Check  02-22-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated some Dept News pages.  Updated some Rosters.

Check  02-21-06     Updated Home Pages...  L297 and L237 out of service pending new apparatus.  Updated Apparatus
                          from Cape Cod Page.  Updated some photos of apparatus.

Check  02-16-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added some photos of Nantucket's new Metz Aerial ladder at the factory.
                          Also updated apparatus news items including Bourne's ambs, Barnstable's amb, Brewster's ladder
                          and amb, and several other minor updates.  Bourne plans to move into new station soon and the
                          old station is to be razed on March 1st.

Check  02-13-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Logo added to pages.

Check  02-08-06     Updated Home Pages.  New Eastham A-162 & A-163
                          Major update of Favorite Links Page

Check  02-05-06     Updated Home Pages.  West Barnstable L207 delivered.

Check  01-30-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated Tisbury info on Dept, Roster, and apparatus 641News page.
                          Updated some radio info, changed some freqs in 800 trunk system.
                          Added a few photos to Fire Boat Feature... Barnstable, Falmouth, and German boats.

Check  01-29-06     Updated Home Pages. Updated department some profiles for the Vineyard departments
                          Aquinnah, Chilmark, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, W. Tisbury, MV Airport.
                          Added some apparatus profiles for Vineyard 141, ATV, 262, 263, 564, 567, 568..
Updated Station profiles for Island departments, and corresponding Vineyard rosters.
                          Island profiles and news pages updates were done via phone, and do not all have photos.
                          Updated Sandwich Run cards to reflect brush and special call listings.  Added some info
                          to the Task Force run card on Island Response plans
Check  01-27-06     Updated Home Pages.  New photos Duxbury A1, C3, E2, E3, S1, Haz. Kingston A1.
                          Middleboro C2. Carver C1, C2. Marion Spec Haz, DEPDuxbury, Kingston, Marion Rosters.

Check  01-26-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated Contents PageKingston Apparatus, Kingston Roster

Check  01-23-06     Updated Home Pages.  Changed Listening Live links so that a separate window will open.
                          This should allow you to continue to look at this site while listening to your favorite feed.
                          Updated Run Stats for 2005 and previous years.
                          Corrections & update to Plymouth Roster and Plymouth apparatus assignments, new Squad 1,

                    New Onset Air SupplyWareham E5 reserve engine added.

Check  01-22-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated Listening Live links.  Updated some Roster Pages.

Check  01-21-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added new Mashpee C370, Onset DEP, Onset USCG, Sandwich DEP.
                          New Photos Bourne Sta.3 

Check  01-17-06     Updated Home Pages.  Updated News Pages and added news pages for Island
                          and Plymouth County Departments.

Check  01-15-06     Updated Home Pages... Changed Titles, added page 12 Favorite Links
                          Hyannis A-827 in service
                          Run Stat Updates
                          Updated most of Cape department NEWs pages.

Check  01-13-06     Updated Home Pages. Updated 2005 Run Stats. Updated photos BA & WB Lighting Plants,
                          2003 Chat A-183, Chat HQ, Kingston FD photos, Appar news....

Check  01-07-06     Updated Home Pages.  Added photos Wellfleet Spec Haz Trailer, Yar C52.
                          Photos of new Eastham E156 delivery.  Worked on Contents page...about 1/2 updated.
                          Working on run stats for 2005.

Check  01-04-06     Updated Home Pages, Dept Profiles, Hyannis A-827

Check  01-03-06     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006
                          Updated Home Pages, Apparatus, Stations, Rescues to Ambulances


Check  12-30-05     Updated Home Pages, including apparatus info
                          Updated Departments Kingston, Duxbury

Check  12-21-05     Updated Home pages. 
                          New Orleans R174, and R173 photos.

Check  12-18-05     Made changes to frames format, eliminating top banner.

Check  12-14-05     Made some adjustments to Home Pages
                          Added missing Favorite Links back to Page 2 Home Page
                          Updated some apparatus - R243, R174
                          Fixed some bad links and update some Rosters

Check  11-28-05     Added a Special Feature 2nd Alarm North Falmouth House of Pizza 11-27-05
                          New photo Mashpee B354
                          Several new photos added Brush Breaker Feature... Middleboro, Mashpee

Check  11-24-05     Added a couple MORE pages of photos from the Osterville Fire 11-04-05

Check  11-19-05     Updated home pages. 
                          Updated info Plymouth Appar, Middleboro, Onset.
                          Updated Brewster, Eastham, Falmouth profiles
                          Added Correspondent's Page

Check  11-09-05     New Frames format
                          Updated Apparatus S80, Car 2, Hya Lighting
                          Updated several other pages with typos, etc

Check  11-06-05     Updated Home Page
                          New apparatus...Brew R243, Wellfleet Squad 1
                          New Special Features... Hyannis Fire Rt132 and Osterville Fire

Check  11-03-05     Updated Home Pages, Apparatus updates Otis, Fal, Mash, Cotuit
                          Updated Apparatus Page
                          New Otis 401, 402, 422, 425.  Falmouth Dive 35A, RB-2. Cotuit Lighting Plant.

Check  10-19-05     Updated Home Pages
                          Added "CORRESPONDENT PAGE' for updating
                          Added "Print" buttons to Rosters and Freq Lists so you can print those pages.
                          (Most pages will not print now with new Home format)

Check  10-15-05     Updated Home Pages
                          Added George Russell as Chief Sandwich, Fixed some links on OOS Apparatus list

Check  10-13-05     Updated Home Page.  News on Centerville fire 626 Craigville Beach Road,
                          Added new COMM Lighting Plant, updated COMM Stations page, Roster

Check  10-09-05     Updated Home Page Format, New Look.

Check  10-05-05     Updated Home Pages...Calendar, Feature photo, Headlines, Special Features
                          Memorial to Chief Robert Peterson

Check  09-22-05     Updated Home Pages
                          Apparatus updates, Headlines
                          Cotuit Bus MVC
                          Apparatus photos Acting R362, C372

Check  09-19-05     Updated Home Page
                          Tribute to Chief Robert A. Peterson

Check  09-17-05     Updated Home Page... Hot Links added

Check  09-15-05     Updated Home Pages
                          Updated Yarmouth E45, E47
                          Updated Department news pages, some profiles,

Check  09-09-05     Updated Home Pages
                          Think About It... Never Forget 9-11-01

                          New Home Sub Pages uploaded
                          Updated many of the "Main" Pages
                          New Look for 5th Anniversary

Check  09-02-05     Updated Home Page.
                          Added Hurricanes to Think About It.

Check  09-01-05     Updated HOME PAGE... Katrina info

Check  08-31-05     Updated HOME PAGE

Check  08-21-05     Updated Home Page
                          Added feature on Osterville Drowning
                          New Thinking About It... Global Warming

Check  08-08-05     Updated Home Page - Link to WTC Tapes
                          Updated HR241, M219,

Check  08-08-05     Updated Home Page
                          Added several pages to American LaFrance Feature from
                          Factory Tour
                          Updated C320, C328, E823

Check  08-07-05     Updated Home Page
                          Added Special Feature photos of KID'S DAY 2005

Check  07-19-05     Updated Home Page
                          Added to "Think About It!"

Check  07-06-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated Falmouth Apparatus pages - added new Marine 1
                          Updated  Cotuit M-266, Wareham C-1, Appar Page,
                          News Pages
                          New THINK ABOUT IT item

Check  07-01-05     Updated Home Page
                          Added Barnstable M-219
                          Updated several Roster pages

Check  06-29-05     Updated Home Page
                          Added a new "Opinion" Section called "THINK ABOUT IT!

                    Updated / Added some Links on Links Page
                           Updated and added some listening live links
                           Updated photos Fal 29, Sagamore Sta3,

Check  06-24-05     Updated Home Page

Check  06-15-05     Updated Home Page
                          New photo feature, West Barnstable motel fire, Craigville Motel

Check  06-10-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated Fireboats Feature - M808 photos
                          Updated Middleborough Pages, Apparatus pages,
                          Updated some Rosters

Check  06-09-05     Updated Home Page
                          Photo Feature Sandwich House Fire / Cat Rescue 48 Main St.
                          Updated Hya M808, Yar M2,

Check  06-06-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated Yarmouth Marine 40B

Check  05-20-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated several Apparatus, Station, and Roster Pages
                          Updated News Pages

Check  05-16-05     Updated Home Page

Check  05-12-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated a couple Station Photos - Bourne 1, Cotuit,
                          Updated some apparatus photos - Bourne 141, 143, 147, COMM 306,
                          Orleans C171, 179, Chat C181

Check  05-04-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated photos & info - Orleans C166, F169, C171, L176, C179
                          PTown C191, Eastham C151

Check  05-02-05     Updated Home Page
                          New Feature - Britt's Favorite Fire Stations.  Photo essay.

Check  04-28-05     Updated Home Page.

Check  04-26-05     Updated Home Page, Apparatus, Contents, Rosters
                          Updated photos - DCR Car 2, Breaker 6, WBFD P290
                          Updated photos - DCR Fire Tower Falmouth
                          Updated Rosters - DCR (was DEM)

Check  04-23-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated Brush Breaker Page - added 2005 Fire Season photos
                          Photo Feature - Marstons Mills Structure Fire

Check  04-20-05     Updated Home Page
                          Updated Appar Pages - C147, R326, R327, L26
                          Updated Brush Breaker Page - added Plymouth Fire Photos

Check  04-17-05     Updated Home Page.
                          Updated Appar Pages - B354, E306, M76, Middleboro E6
                          Updated Fireboat Feature - FDNY "Fire Fighter" and D.C. "John Glenn"
                          Updated Brush Breaker Feature - B354 photos
                          Added Feature - Hyannis Structure Fire Chase Auto Body

Check  04-04-05     Updated Home Page - New Mashpee Breaker 354

Check  03-30-05     Updated Mack Fire Apparatus Feature - now over 300 Mack Photos !
                          Updated Fire Boats Feature

Check  03-27-05     Updated all Main Pages with "New Banner"

Check  03-21-05     Updated Home Page - Added new Plymouth Breaker 172
                          Updated Brush Breaker Feature - Plymouth B172
                          Updated Apparatus Pages - Onset Car 4, Middleboro FF2, Boat 2, Rochester
                          C190, Ladder 1, Orleans F169.
                          Updated News Pages, Apparatus Pages

Check  02-10-05     Updated Home Page. 
                          Updated Links Page - added links