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We took a little 5 day trip which included following the Connecticut River for a distance
to photograph a few fire boats.  The trip then made way west and down the Hudson River
photographing a few more boats.  We base camped in a hotel in Yonkers for a couple days
making several trips in and around New York City.  A plan to go to a Red Sox at Yankee
Stadium game unfortunately did not come to fruition, but we saved considerable money
by watching it on TV instead.  We also made our way out the north shore of Long Island
finding a few more boats and visiting the infamous 1938 retired FDNY fireboat "Fire Fighter"
  It was a brief, mostly business visit to an amazing city and a safe trip home.

Deep River, CT is on the Connecticut River.

The Deep River boat.

Scenic Connecticut River

Middletown, CT

Middletown boats

The Middletown FD Dive team was training in the river.

Beautiful 1899 Middletown Fire Station.

Portland is a small town across the river from Middletown.

East Hartford Fire Station

East Hartford HQ

Capital city Hartford, CT

Hartford HQ

Newburgh, NY on the Hudson River.

The former FDNY Marine 1 "John D. McKean" across the river in retirement.

Stony Point, NY boat.

One of the Yonkers stations

Squad 11

FDNY Marine 4 at Ft Totten, Queens


Marine Division at Brooklyn Navy Yard

Cape Cod's Hy-Line ferry "Great Point" must be getting some work done in Brooklyn.

A number of the smaller FDNY boats

The "William M. Feehan" New York's newest vessel.  aka "Marine 6"

My friend drove us to "The Stadium"

Unfortunately we were not able to get tickets for the night's game
vs the Red Sox.  For the record, the Yankees won that game.

Port Washington fireboat on Long Island

Glen Cove FD had a response while visiting

Out near the eastern end of Long Island

A visit to "America's Fireboat"

The 1938 "Fire Fighter" with its "new" original black hull paint job
after 50 some years painted red.

Even down below is freshly painted.

Built to last

The large bow monitor

A 1957 Seagrave roadside Long Island

Bellport Long Island


Patchogue on the south shore of Long Island

Greenwich CT Boat


Til the next trip!