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Orlando is located sort of in the middle.  The Orlando Station 1 is a
very impressive facility located not far from the Orlando Amway Center
and downtown.  It is home to a bunch of apparatus.


Tampa's Fireboat 1 has changed a bit since we last saw it.
It has also had some issues and has been out of service for a long time
while repairs are made.

Tampa's Boat 2 is still good to go.


Seminole, FL Station 29 in Pinellas County
They have a boat.


Treasure Island FD, Pinellas County

This former Clearwater engine, sporting the recognizable old color scheme,
was on loan to Treasure Island.

This well maintained "Cosmopolitan" pumper was in the station
and ready to roll, or surf if necessary.



Treasure Island, FL Pinellas County
Police - fire - Rescue boat behind the station.

St. Pete Beach Fire Station


Saw this someplace and had to get a picture.
Unauthorized use of my name.  But, if it's good pizza, I'll let it pass.


Dunedin, FL Fire Station 60 in Pinellas County

Dunedin, FL operates Fireboat 60

Clearwater, FL Pinellas County new Fireboat 44
MetalCraft 32'

Heading out for some evening training


St. Petersburg, FL Pinellas County
Reserve Engine at Station 13

St Petersburg reserve Truck company at Station 13

St. Petersburg "Master Station" in the downtown is home to many units
with Engine 1 and Engine 5 running out of two sides of this "super station"

Engine 5 is just down the road from the Tampa Bay Rays stadium Tropicana Field
in the distance on the right.


County wide Haz Mat truck run by Engine 5 crew is huge.

On the other side of the Station is the Engine 1 / Truck 1 crew.

St Petersburg Truck 1 is first due to Tropicana Field, Home of the Rays.

Squad 1

The bell from the original station


Tropicana Field

Station 3 at Holmes Beach, West Manatee County

Holmes Island, West Manatee County
2017 Metal Shark Fireboat


Charlotte County, FL Station 7 at the Punta Gorda Airport

At the Charlotte County, FL airport in Punta Gorda



Charlotte County, FL  Punta Gorda, Engine6
is the Marine Operations Company.
The boat was out.... we'll be back.

Charlotte County, Station 6 in Punta Gorda
Engine 6 is the Marine Company staffing their boat


Charlotte County training facility and maintenance facility
not far from the Punta Gorda airport


Matlacha Fire Station on Pine Island, Lee County, FL

Lee County Ambuance

Matlacha FDs tanker




Estero, FL Lee County, Station 41
They have a boat

Estero, FL Boat 41



Bonita Springs, FL, Lee County



North Collier County, Fireboat 41


City of Naples, Monroe County
Fireboat 1





San Carlos, FD Station 51, Lee County

San Carlos, FD Station 52, Lee County


San Carlos, FD Station 53, Lee County

We found our friend and former co-worker Marcus.

This station has one of each!

Truck 53 headed out on a call

The San Carlos Station is home to a bunch of extra stuff like this forestry tractor

The Southwest Florida USAR TF-6 Team has a fleet of trucks ready to go.






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