Structure Fire, rear of Cash's Auto Body Shop,
251 Barnstable Road, Hyannis
Approximately 21:40 Hrs Sunday April 17, 2005
Working Fire Assignment
Photos Britton W Crosby



Hyannis Tower 1 (829) sets up the stick.

A moderate smoke condition was found within the building
upon opening up.


Fire engulfed two vehicles behind the Body Shop with
some extension to the exterior of the building.

Hyannis Engine 822 was first in on the fire.
Two lines were stretched.

Hyannis Deputy Chief Melanson took command.


Lieutenant Tom Kenny signaling from a window.

Fire is out - Job well done.

Hyannis Engine 822 first in, followed by Tower 829.
Engine 823 was third in, along with Rescue 825 and the
Heavy Rescue 821.


COMM Engine 302 and Rescue 326 covered Hyannis
Headquarters station while HYFD was out.



Both COMM Engine 302 and Hyannis Engine 823
are nearing retirement.  Their replacements are in and
once training is completed and equipment is placed,
the two 1975 engines will be gone.