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P4 - NY - World Trade Center Memorial

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August 8 - 20, 2019
This Summer trip included visits with family and MLB baseball games,
as well as the usual fire stations, fireboats, and scenic sights.

It has been a few years since I was in New York.
Time to visit the World Trade Center Memorial.
Getting around New York is easiest underground where there isn't traffic.

The "E' Train goes direct to the WTC

This greets you when you come out of the subway station at the WTC

One World Trade Center
aka the 102 story Freedom Tower

The Memorial site for the 9-11-01 WTC towers

The North and South Towers (WTC 1 and WTC 2) are remembered by these
memorial pools featuring water falls and inscribed names of those lost that day.

New World Center towers continue to rise.

Terry S. Hatton was Captain on Rescue 1

Special Operations Command Chief Raymond Matthew Downey Sr
was the only member I know that I knew of the 343 lost.  I met him
in the Spring of 2001 when he talked about the 1993 bombing of the
WTC and the likelihood of future attacks. He was highly experienced
as were so many of the leaders lost on 9-11.

I believe Michael J Lyons was the brother of a friend from the Cape.

Peter James Ganci Jr was the Chief of Department, highest ranking member,
killed on September 11, 2001.

Chaplain Mychal F. Judge has been recognized as the first of the 343 Firefighters
killed that day.  He was struck by a body falling from above.

FDNY Station of Engine 10 and Ladder 10
Located in the fall zone of the towers on September 11th
at the corner of Liberty St & Greenwich St.
The street in front of the station was being worked on,
so apparatus was outside.

Ladder 10

Engine 10

A visit to the WTC Memorial should include a walk over to "The Ten House"
to see the bronze memorial on the outside of the station.

The September 11 Memorial Museum
Mostly located underground at the 16 acre WTC Memorial.

The foundations of the twin 110 story World Trade Center Towers
are located below ground at the Memorial.

Many of those lost were never recovered because the where vaporized by the
explosions that brought the towers down.  Their remains are remembered
by this wall.

Obviously the FDNY took a severe hit that day.  Many apparatus were destroyed.
Ladder 3 and a couple other apparatus are on display within the memorial.

One of many thick heavy steel columns that supported the 110 story towers
at the foundation level.

Faces of some of the approx 3000 people who perished in horrible ways that day.

One World Trade Center and the 52 story 7 World Trade Center
which replaced the often forgotten 47 story WTC Building 7
which also fell that day, despite not being struck by any aircraft.

Looking up at the new One World Tower from the plaza.
It is not the same as the old towers, but brings back memories.

One World Observatory
I had many mixed emotions about going up the new tower.
I had been up the old towers a couple times.
The view was amazing.
Go for it.

The price is worth it.
The security is like going through an airport these days
but I didn't have to take off my shoes.... so not too bad.

The inside of the elevator is all video screens so you get a unique experience.

There are 3 levels of observatories at the top.

Statue of Liberty still stands guard

Staten Island Ferries continue to run

Looking over to Jersey City

Looking North up the Hudson to midtown.

The Empire State Building in the center (hazy) and several of those new
highrise buildings on the skyline.

Looked like a race

North this way

A little Black and White version of the Big Apple

The window glass reflects in photos.  This one of the acre square pool of the South Tower.

If you know where the FDNY Marine Division is located, you might be able to see
the boats at Marine 6 in Brooklyn.  Looks like either M-1 or M-9 (Big Boat)
may be out of service or visiting at the Marine Division.

Zoom in on one of the many buildings under construction.
Guys in orange working way above street level.

So I wondered what that strange structure was when I arrived at the WTC
from the subway.  It turns out, there is a huge shopping center (Mall)
within the structure and area below.

After leaving the WTC via subway, I got off around Times Square.
It is a busy, crazy place with the biggest TV screens advertising stuff.

I just happened to walk by this place.
The FDNY educational (fire prevention) and official store.




P4 - NY - World Trade Center Memorial

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