Correspondent  Program

The List So Far


Thanks for considering becoming a Correspondent.  Here is the plan.
1.  I would like to develop a network of 'Correspondents' representing each of the fire rescue departments covered by this website.
     Members of each of the Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Plymouth County fire and ems departments that would be
     willing and able to communicate from time to time with me regarding changes, news, corrections, etc... about information on your departments.
2.  Correspondents to help me keep the information about their department up to date, accurate, and useful.
      It is important to me to have the information about each of the departments be accurate, up to date, and useful.  Some of you have some
      great information that would be good to share and we can work together to do that.
3.  Start by checking my data
     The first way you can help is to review that information I have posted about your departments.  Check it for typos, incorrect spellings,
     out of date data, etc...  Check the fire department profile.  Check the department Roster.  Check the fire apparatus profiles.
     I make mistakes, help me make corrections.  Also, let me know if there is something missing that should be included.  I want to have
     the most accurate and complete information possible.
4.  Can we make it better
     Once we know the data that is posted is good, can we make it better?  Would more extensive inventory type data about equipment
     carried, or department personnel rosters, or more historical information or other stuff make the site better.
5.  Your help is appreciated
      This is a low budget operation. It is all 'out of pocket' work for me, but I enjoy it and don't complain.  I do find it difficult at times
      however, mostly because of time, to visit each of your stations as often as might be nice.  So your help really makes it easier on
      me and will help keep the site as good as it can be.
6.  Get started now.
      Email me.  There is no formal interview process.  No test.  No hiring process.  If you want to help, and you are most welcome to,
      just look over the information or send me an email.  I will do my best to get the updates online asap.  It would be nice to hear from
      you from time to time even if there are no changes, just to stay in touch. 
    CHECK - Accurate contact info...addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, 'official websites', radio information, personnel information including: staffing levels, EMTs, Medics, officers, run stats and history, town info, police dept info, etc... If it is wrong or information is missing, let me know.
    CHECK - Radio Number, Station Assigned, Year, Make, Model, Manufacturer, Cab style, color, engine, transmission, pump capacity, tank size, foam, deckguns, ladders, hose carried including supply line, handlines, etc... SCBA, spare bottles, generator capacity, smoke ejectors, saws, thermal imaging cameras, AED, first aid equipment, special equipment such as jaws, airbags, jacks, winches, or other equipment that would be good to know about for mutual aid or general interest. 
     CHECK - There are always things going on... hirings, retirements, promotions, shift changes, new apparatus plans, new equipment purchases, fire station renovations, reassignments, long term out of service notices, special events, parties, fund raising events, funny stories, lessons learned, significant incidents, fires, accidents, or other subjects of interest.  No real limits to this category.
     CHECK - I have considered the possibilities of posting personnel rosters... you know how you're always try to remember that guy's name... Perhaps even linking their names to their email addresses if people would like.  There are so many new faces on the Cape, its hard to get to know everyone, but it would be a good resource.  There are other ideas out there as well.  Your suggestions are welcome.