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Posted September 11, 2021

We made a little road trip to Ohio in August 2021 to visit the family
and go to some baseball games.

"Nana" gets the good seat.

Nana, Mom, and grandson #2.

All together now

National Anthem at Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio
Texas Rangers vs Cleveland Indians
August 24, 2021

A beautiful ball park on a great night for baseball

Starting pitcher for Indians

Ump check

Home team home runs get a little fireworks display

Warming up in the bull pen for Cleveland

Amazing catch in outfield


The Cleveland skyline

The ball park

Eyes on the big screen

Red Sox in town for 3 games
August 27, 2021

Starting pitcher warming up in the bull pen

The National Anthem

Already knows what to do

Here comes dad

Visiting dad at the office

Friday Night Fireworks tonight

Red Sox vs Indians
August 27, 2021

Friday Night Fireworks



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