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Ned's Point Road
Friday   August 19, 2022   Approx 1321 Hrs

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Guest Photos - Thanks to Jonas Merrill

The Mattapoisett Fire Department was alerted to a possible explosion and structure fire at
approximately 13:21 Hrs on Friday, August 19, 2022. The Mattapoisett Boatyard was located
at 32 Ned's Point Road.

On arrival units encountered heavy fire and thick black smoke involving one building.
A strong 25 mph wind was blowing on shore essentially toward the road where apparatus parked.
There were 5 major buildings on the property, all exposures to the original building.
A 3rd Alarm was transmitted quickly, bringing surrounding departments to the scene.
A special request went out to the New Bedford Fire Department for their Fireboat,
a Ladder Truck, and a couple engine companies.

Additional Fireboats from Dartmouth and Wareham Harbormaster worked along
with the New Bedford boat to fight the fire from the water side.

Water mains in the area were of smaller diameter and soon were not able to support
the GPMs or pressure required. Crews went to work using about 4 engines to
establish a relay pumping water supply from a larger water main between
3000' - 4000' feet away.

To establish additional water supply, two Tanker Task Forces were requested
from Plymouth and Bristol Counties. Dump tanks were set up on a side street
and tankers got into a rotation dumping water and refilling at a larger main
on Route 6.

Ultimately the fire was declared a 5th Alarm, although the number of apparatus
and resource called to the scene was probably more. Approximately 100 firefighters
and multiple chief officers, along with 19 Engines, 2 Ladders, 10-12 Tankers,
10-12 Ambulances, the 3 firefighting boats, the State ISU and Rehab,
the Providence Canteen, numerous law enforcement agencies, utility companies,
and more responded to the scene and operated for about 5 hours or more before
the fire was under control.

Thick black smoke filled the horizon for hours.
Electricity in the area was shut off for safety throughout the incident.
When done, 5 major buildings were destroyed, dozens of vehicles
and boats were destroyed.
At least 1 serious injury and several minor injuries were reported.
Cause of the fire was still under investigation
There were early reports of explosions and concerns about propane
and other hazards were reported.

Several guest photos provided by Jonas Merrill


Thanks for the guest photos!


Smoke was visible from the Scenic Highway to I-195 towards Mattapoisett.


Looking across from the Mattapoisett Town Pier.

Fire streams from New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Wareham Harbor Patrol boats.

News helicopters circled over head


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