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General Alarm Fire
Taunton, Massachusetts
The Taunton State Hospital
Hodges Avenue
Sunday  March 19, 2006
Approx 2000 Hrs

Photos by Britt Crosby

Taunton Fire Department received mutual aid from as many as 18 fire departments in two counties
as they battled this general alarm fire at the Taunton State Hospital complex off Hodges Avenue
on Sunday March 19, 2006 at about 2000 hours.  The fire involved a large 3 story brick section
of the complex with severe exposures and serious water shortage problems. Many master streams
and elevated streams operated for several hours to bring the fire under control.  Water was drafted
from a nearby river in addition to the use of many hydrants throughout this section of the city.

Engines drafting from the river.

Middleborough Engine 4 on a hydrant.



Copyright Britt Crosby