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Members of the Hyannis Fire Department, and departments
across the Cape, remembered the attacks of September 11, 2001
on the 18th Anniversary.


Signal 5 -5 -5 -5 rung on the bell of the 1949 Mack.

In Centerville, Bill, a retired FDNY firefighter who served with
Rescue 4 in Queens and now lives on the Cape, attended
the 9/11 ceremony with COMM.

American Flags in front of Barnstable High School



The World Trade Center
July 2001
Photo by B. Crosby from Liberty island boat.

It has been 18 years now since that horrible day.
Many who currently serve in the military, and with fire, EMS,
and police departments today were young kids at the time.

Those of us who were working that day remember exactly where
we were and what we were doing at the time.

We annually recognize the 343 FDNY Firefighters who were killed that day.
Unfortunately, many more have also died since due to various
cancers and diseases related to that day. 
The suffering continues.

Memories are strange things.
Sometimes they fade or change with time.
It is important to take some time to remember
and perhaps study just what happened that day.

Those who are gone deserve our attention
and respect.

I have included a number of photos and some links
to remember that day.

God Bless America


The twin 110 story World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2
dominated lower Manhattan.

She must have closed her eyes that day....


FDNY Brooklyn Fire Alarm Office
c. 2001

There was actually a fairly impressive hurricane just off the East coast
on September 11, 2001.
Category 3 Hurricane Erin



It was a beautiful clear, sunny Tuesday morning in
New York City when the world changed at about
08:46 hours.

Many people were evacuated and rescued that day by the FDNY's Bravest
and others.  Many of those above where the planes hit were not able to
get out and their images are forever frozen in time by images such as these. 

The last decision this person ever made is unimaginable.




American Flags were sold out following September 11th
as WE stood strongly together.

Since that day, many memorials have been erected to remember
September 11, 2001. Many have pieces of steel or other remnants
of the World Trade Center towers displayed in front of fire stations,
police stations, and other public places.

The Firefighters Memorial at COMM FD

The USA Honor Flag Ceremony at the COMM 9/11 Memorial
on July 22, 2019


The 9/11 Memorial at the Joint Base Fire Station
where jets were quickly scrambled from (Otis Air Base) that morning.

Dennis Fire Department's memorial


This piece of steel from the World Trade Center is
on display in front of the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Station 3
in Florida.

The names of those lost that day are engraved on the wall at the IAFF National
Memorial site in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Idaho Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Boise has this 9/11 memorial.

The "Empty Sky" Memorial
Liberty Park on New Jersey side



Firefighters across the country, including Hyannis, remember the day
every year.

Some of our friends who served that day are no longer with us
and we miss them dearly.

It took years to rebuild and recover from that day.
The new World Trade Center One Tower (Freedom Tower)
is impressive and the view from the top is hard to forget,
as was the view from the old towers.

The base of the tower and the decision to go up or not.

The elevator ride is an event in itself.

The Observation floors in One World Tower.
Summer 2019

The WTC Memorial site includes an underground museum


FDNY Station 10 was rebuilt after the towers fell.
Today the side of the station helps remember and pay respect
to what happened that day to the FDNY


The twin towers are remembered, along with all of the names of those lost
that day within a memorial park preserving the foot prints of the two towers.

I attended a talk by Special Operations Chief Ray Downey in the Spring of 2001.
I had my picture taken with him and shook his hand with mine.
His talk was about the 1993 WTC bombing and the lessons learned.
He and many, many years of knowledge, experience, and wisdom of those
343 FDNY Chiefs, officers, and firefighters were lost in an instant
when the towers fell.


Two of the 3 towers that fell that day are remembered
by the memorial.

The third tower, "WTC 7" is often forgotten.

A wise man recently told me....
"Understanding what happened on 9/11,
starts with understanding what happened to WTC 7."

Out of Respect for All Those Lost


9-11 RESEARCH Tribute to 9/11/01 10 Year Anniversary 2011

2011 FDNY Visit to Ground Zero

Hyannis 10 Year Anniversary 9/11/2011

Cape 9/11 Memorials