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August 2012

COMM FD personnel participated in an SCBA Air Endurance circuit course during
the month of August 2012.  All members donned SCBA in full PPE and proceeded
thru the course completing a number of basic physical activities, simulated fire fighting activities,
and other activities that required certain skills that were duplicated until the low air alarm sounded.
At that point personnel were to take a rest position and see how long their residual air lasted.
Everything was timed and documented.
The course is part of an ongoing SCBA training program designed to
re-enforce essential life safety skills.


Captain Richard Sargent Group 1 prepares to go thru to course.

Captain Sean Greene Group 3 (Dept Training Officer) encourages Capt Sargent.

On Air, climb a 14' roof ladder.

Walk thru a cone course, transferring soft balls to empty cones.

Drag about 75 lbs about 100 feet, simulating advancing a hose line.

Conduct some simulated overhaul actions.

Using a sledge to move a weight along a skid.

Crawl thru about 10 foot tunnel.

Drag the department dummy (one of them) about 50 feet.

Carry a couple hose rolls

and repeat until low air alarm sounds...

Next up, Lt Matt Dillon