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The 'new' Harwich Fire / Police Public Safety Complex.
The police station (left) was opened in July. The complex shares a dispatch center.

The new Harwich Police station (left), added onto the fire station, includes a new public entrance.
The communications center is located in the center section of the complex.

Harwich Fire / Police communications center.
Fire dispatchers previously worked 24 hour shifts, while police dispatchers
worked 8 hour shifts. The 8 fire/police dispatchers now work (2) 10 hour days,
(2) 14 hour nights, and (4) days off schedule under the supervision of the
fire department in cooperation with the police department.

Four console positions are included in the new room to allow for
future growth, major incidents, training, and support.
The room is equipped with acoustics that reduce sound in the room.

Harwich "Fire" dispatch console.

The fire (left) and police (right) consoles in the new radio room.
Each dispatcher has the capability to back up the other.

The "police" console in the new communications room.


Harwich Fire Headquarters prior to renovation and addition
of the police station to the left of this building. The fire dispatch
was located within the white center section of the station.
The new comm center is actually located in the left brick section.


Former Harwich Police Station @183 Sisson Road
(just to the left of the new fire/police complex)