The Army National Guard at Otis has taken delivery of a couple of these
awesome apparatus. The TFFT "Tactical Fire Fighting Truck" is a product
of Oshkosh / Pierce. The concept is a multi-functional standardized fire
apparatus that can be deployed and function in multiple capacities.
It resembles most a crash truck, carrying 1000 gallons of water,
pumping 1000 gpm via a separate motor, with class A and B foam
capabilities. It has 2 turrets capable of 250 and 500 gpm flow.
It also is set up as a structural apparatus with a top mounted control
panel, ground ladders, preconnected hose lines, and a hose bed.
It can function off road for forestry action, capable of managing any
types of terrain, including puddles up to about 48" deep.
Lastly, the apparatus comes equipped with rescue air bags and
TNT Jaws tools. All TFFT apparatus are equipped at the factory
and are identical, with a lot of equipment and tools already mounted
in designated places. The apparatus has a GVW of 66,000 lbs,
a wheelbase of 210 inches, and an over the road speed of up to
62 mph. It can carry a crew of 6 firefighters by utilizing a midship
crew compartment. The apparatus is designed to be loaded onto
transport aircraft for assignment anywhere around the world
when needed.

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