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Cape to Cleveland (indirectly) and Back Again

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3-Richmond & Oceanic Volunteer FDNY

Road Trip - May 2021
Day 2, May 5, 2021, continued with a visit to the Oceanic Volunteer Fire Station
on Staten Island.

Volunteer Fire Departments
While driving around Staten Island I came across two of the Volunteer Fire Stations
in operation within the FDNY jurisdiction.
The first station was the (unstaffed) Richmond Engine CO. No.1 station.
Then, I was fortunate to find the Oceanic H&L CO. No.1 Station with a member
in house who provided a great tour of the historic old firehouse.
I believe there are a total of 5 Volunteer Fire Companies within FDNY area
that are still active.

Staten Island
I know nothing about this antique engine other than it was parked at a home
on Staten Island. Lettered up as E343 obviously dedicated to remembering 9/11.


Richmond Engine No.1
Active Volunteer Fire Station
Staten Island
Company serving its community since 1905.


Oceanic H&L CO. No.1
Oldest Active Volunteer Fire Station
Staten Island

Founded in 1881, Oceanic is the oldest operating Volunteer Station within the
five FDNY Boroughs. It has approximately 36 members and operates a Seagrave
Pumper Engine No.1, a 1993 Brush Fire Unit, and a 1959 Brush Fire Unit.
The station is located in an area known as Travis on Staten Island.
It is dispatched by the FDNY for all calls within its response district
which amounts to approximately 900 calls annually. The members
are well trained and work together with the paid FDNY members.
The historic station has been in its current location since about 1902.
Interestingly, Staten Island was protected only by volunteer fire companies
until 1905 when the FDNY also began providing service. 





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