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 KMEM - Memphis, TN
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Memphis International Airport
Memphis, Tennessee

Airport Diagram

Memphis FD ARFF Station 9 Airport Map



About Airport



Runway 18C / 36C   11,120' x 150'

Runway 18R / 36L   9,320' x 150'

Runway 18L / 36R   9,000' x 150'

Runway 9 / 27   8,946' x 150'



Memphis International Airport
ARFF Fire Station #9 - 2785 Rudder Rd
ARFF Fire Station #33 - 2555 Winchester Rd
Memphis, Tennessee

The Memphis International Airport (KMEM) is located in the Southeastern area of the city.
The airport is a large multi-purpose airport with civilian airline traffic, the Tennessee
Air National Guard Base, and Memphis is the "Super Hub" for world-wide operations
of FED-EX which makes it the busiest cargo airport in the western hemisphere.

The airport is protected by a variety of ARFF services.
Memphis Fire Department ARFF Station #9 is located on the East side about mid airfield.
Memphis Fire Department Station #33 is located closest to the Airport Tower central airfield.
The Memphis Fire Department Fire Station #40 is not on airport property, but is on the Southwest corner.
The Tennessee Air National Guard has an ARFF Station on the Southeast corner of the airfield.
And, FED-EX, which occupies much of the property on the Northern area of the airport also has ARFF.

Thanks to the members of Station #9 for the tour.
Photos March 2021


Memphis Fire Station #9, ARFF Station at Memphis International Airport.


Station #9 is all ARFF equipment

Memphis ARFF A-1 is a Rapid Intervention type vehicle used by Shift Commander

Memphis A-2 is a large Oshkosh

Memphis A-3 is the newest vehicle, Oshkosh Striker 3000 with piercing nozzle

Memphis A-5 is another Oshkosh with a piercing nozzle


Memphis A4

The Memphis Fleet

Facing the main runways

The "SUPER HUB" of FED-EX is Memphis.


The Airport Tower at Memphis

Memphis Airport Tower from Station #33 driveway


Memphis Fire Station #33 with bays toward street, as well as airfield.
Primarily structural and rescue apparatus.



Memphis Fire Station #40. Outside the airport, with a view of it.



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