Open Trail Road, Ridge Club, Sandwich
Monday, May 31, 2010
Approx 1235 Hrs
Photos by Britt Crosby

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Sandwich fire and police personnel attend to an injured firefighter behind a large home in the Ridge Club in South Sandwich
during a three alarm fire on Memorial Day, May 31, 2010 shortly after 1235 hours. First in firefighters had heavy smoke and
fire conditions on side C on arrival. During entry, an explosion, possibly a back draft, injured two firefighters and caused
some severe structural damage to the home. Several other firefighters narrowly escaped injuries during the explosion.
Mutual aid fire and EMS units responded to the three alarm fire from several communities across the upper Cape area.
The fire did extensive damage to the large two story home.


Off duty COMM FF Mike Simmons was in the neighborhood when the fire occurred

Sandwich Engine 453 was first due to the fire

Evidence of the explosion can be seen with an earthquake like "crack" in the roof and knocked off gutter on side D

On side C, police and fire personnel attend to two down firefighters injured during the explosion



Chimney and structural members blown off the back of the house onto the decking and yard









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May 2010