MacMillan Wharf
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Friday  June 29, 2007  Approx 0830 hrs
Photos Britt Crosby

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The Provincetown Fire Department was alerted around 0830 Hours on Friday June 29, 2007 when the approx 50' wooden fishing vessel "Ancora Praia" caught fire at the end of the MacMillan Wharf in the center of Provincetown harbor.
      Engine 194 arrived first driving out onto the pier next to the smoking vessel.  Engine 193 arrived behind E194 and used 30' of suction hose to draft water from the harbor to fight the fire.  Additional units including Engine 190, Ladder 192, Engine 195, and all of the ambulances in town.  Chief Michael Trovato commanded the fire with dozens of P-Town firefighters working for approximately 2 hours at the scene.  The USCG and harbor master, as well as Provincetown Police Departments assisted.  Truro Engine 483 covered PTown HQ during the fire.
      There was apparently some welding taking place when hot embers got into void spaces in the dry wooded hull, igniting the fire.



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Photo Britt Crosby 2007