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October 12, 2019
P1 New Station  P2 Memorial  P3 Memorial  P4 Open House

The new Hyannis Fire Headquarters was recently completed and the dedication
ceremony was held on Saturday October 12, 2019. The ceremony also included
the dedication of a new Firefighters Memorial and an open house for the public.


The main entrance for the public.

Some of the apparatus on display out front. Other apparatus goes out rear doors.


The Hyannis Firefighters Memorial Park was dedicated.

During the memorial dedication.

Raising of the USA and State flags.

The center piece of the memorial are twin granite towers representing
the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center. A piece of steel from
the WTC is included in this memorial.


The station was built in two phases allowing the old station to remain operational
until the move into the first half of the station was made. The main 4 drive thru bays
house primary apparatus.

The second phase included the addition of these 2 drive thru bays and the repair shop.

The repair shop

Repair shop bay

There are multiple screens throughout the building displaying calls and other important information.

The front doors of the station are by-folding.

Equipment for washing and drying turnout gear

EMS cleaning and supply rooms

Turnout gear is in its own room just off the apparatus floor.

The station includes a fire pole from the second floor to the gear room.

Bunk rooms are located on the first floor

Each bunk room has a set of lockers and two bunks

A medical evaluation room is located off the main entry.

Inside the front door

The ceiling in the entry includes a Maltese cross.

The upped level of the foyer

Administrative offices including fire prevention, EMS, Chief, Deputy, and District offices.

Chief's office

Conference room

Training officer

Break room

The primary training room can serve as a multi-purpose center with technology to support
Emergency Operations or other functions as needed.

A multi-screen display can be used to monitor multiple channels or one large display.

The watch room could serve as a dispatch center if necessary
although Hyannis is now dispatched off site at the Barnstable Police Facility.

Duty offices for personnel to complete reports.


P1 New Station  P2 Memorial  P3 Memorial  P4 Open House