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Apparatus - Stations - Department - Incidents
Barnstable County
December 4, 2015






2018 Dodge RAM 2500
August 2018




Hyannis Fire Department has begun using a different apparatus radio ID system
as of  February 19, 2018.  Essentially it is as follows.
Hyannis is planning to transfer dispatch responsibilities to the new civilian
Barnstable Police dispatch center in the spring.

C801 = Car 1 = Fire Chief
C802 = Car 2 = Deputy
C803 = Car 3 = Duty Officer Car
C804 = Car 4 = EMS Officer
C805 = Car 5 = Fire Prevention Officer
C806 = Car 6 = Fire Prevention Officer
C807 = Car7 = Training Captain
C800 = Car 8 = Mechanic Vehicle
FOX  = Engine 1 =Antique Ahrens Fox
E822 = Engine 2 = E-One Pumper
E823 = Engine 3 = Pierce Pumper
MACK = Engine 5 =Antique Mack
E826 = Engine 6 = Pierce Pumper
LT829 = Tower 1 = Pierce Tower Ladder
A831 = Ambulance 1 =Ambulance
A828 = Ambulance 2 =Ambulance
A825 = Ambulance 3 =Ambulance
A827 = Ambulance 4 = Ambulance
H821 = Rescue 1 = Pierce Heavy Rescue
Marine 808 =Marine 1 =  Fireboat
Marine 809 =Marine 2 =  Small Boat
Dive810 =Dive 1 =  Dive Truck
New Pickup = Service 1 = Pickup
C830 = Service 2 = Service Van  



2017 Dodge Ram 5500 4x4 / LifeLine Type I Ambulance
Jan 2018



2017 Pierce Arrow XT
1500 gpm - 300 gals - 100' Tower
June 2017





Pierce Aerial Instructor "Duane" waves as he completes his last day of
work with Hyannis and with Pierce.  Congrats and best wishes!
July 2017



2017 Dodge Durango
Training Captain
May 2017





Hyannis Ambulance


Hyannis Car 801 

Hyannis Car 801
2015 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV
Fire Chief Car
Sept 2015


Hyannis Car 807

Hyannis Car 807
2006 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV
Formerly Car 801
Reassigned to Training Captain
Sept 2015



Hyannis Car 830

Hyannis Car 830
2004 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV
Formerly Car 807
Sept 2015



Hyannis Car 802

Hyannis Car 802
2013 Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV
Deputy Chief Car
Aug 2013


Hyannis Pierces

Hyannis Engine 826, Heavy Rescue 821, Engine 823
Photo Dec 2012


Hyannis New Heavy Rescue

Hyannis Rescue 821
2012 Pierce Arrow XT
21' non-walkin Heavy Rescue
delivered Sept 2012
In service Nov 2012
Replaced 1985 GMC / Ranger Heavy Rescue

1985 Heavy Rescue 821
Retired 2012

Hyannis New Car

Hyannis Car 804
2012 Chevy Tahoe
EMS Officer
Aug 2012

Hyannis New Pickup

Hyannis S-800
2011 Ford F350 Pickup
Mechanic vehicle
Sept 2011



2011 Pierce Arrow XT
1500gpm / 750 gals / 60 B foam
replacing 1990 Maxim.

Hyannis Engine 826
1990 Maxim and 2011 Pierce

Chief Harold Brunelle and Master Mechanic Richard Randall
take delivery of their new 2011 Pierce Arrow XT pumper on July 12, 2011
from Pierce rep John Jenkins.


Hyannis Dive Truck

Hyannis Dive 810
2001 International / Road Rescue
Former Ambulance 825
In service as Dive Truck Summer 2011
Replaced 1996 International / Road Rescue Dive Truck


Hyannis New Ambulance

Hyannis Ambulance 825
2011 International / LifeLine
In Service June 2011

Hyannis Wrecker

Heavy Utility 824
1992 Military 5 ton Wrecker
In service 2010
Replaced similar 1967 Wrecker

1967 (1999) Wrecker with plow on

Hyannis New Car

Car 805
2010 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV
Fire Prevention
August 2010


Hyannis Fire Boat

Marine 808
2009 Metal Craft "Firestorm 30"
1750 gpm Fireboat
September 2009



Hyannis Boat

Fireboat 808
Hyannis utilized this former USCG boat until their new fireboat was delivered
Shown May 2009

Hyannis New Van

Car 806
2009 Ford Van
Fire Prevention
July 2009


Hyannis New Car

Car 803
2009 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV
Shift Officer Vehicle
March 2009


Hyannis Fire Boat

Fireboat 808
Former USCG boat was taken out of service in 2008
Specs are being developed to build a new fire rescue boat

Hyannis Marine 808
Shown in May 2005


Hyannis Dive Truck

Dive 810
1996 International 4700 / Road Rescue Type I
former Ambulance 828
April 2008

Hyannis New Ambulance

Ambulance 828
2007 International / Road Rescue Type I
June 2007

Hyannis New Chief Car

Car 806
Hyannis new Fire Prevention 806 is former Car 802
1995 Ford LTD.  Dec 2006

Hyannis New Chief Car

Car 801
Hyannis new Fire Chief Car 801 - 2006 Dodge Durango on right
along with Deputy Car 802
June 2006

Hyannis New Dive Truck

Dive 810
1992 Ford E450 / Road Rescue Type I
Formerly Rescue 827
March 24, 2006

Hyannis New Ambulance

Ambulance 827
Hyannis has placed this new 2005 International / Road Rescue
Type I ambulance in service as Ambulance 827.
January 2006
It replaces the 1992 Ford / Road Rescue that will now become the Dive Truck.

Former R-827 to become Dive 810
Jan 2006

Hyannis New Lighting Plant

Hyannis has one of these new Magnum 600w Generator / Lighting towers.
It is one of five received by local fire departments.
The lighting plant can be used for extended operations without committing
a fire engine to lighting.  Oct 2005

Hyannis New Engine

Engine 823
2005 Pierce Arrow XT 1500 gpm / 750 gal / 50 Class B foam Pumper.
Delivered February 2005 - In Service June 2005

Engine 823
The engine has a tilt cab, pre-connected attack and trash lines on the rugged bumper, rollup doors on the rescue body, a ladder rack, and 6 man cab.
The new engine will go in service following a training period.

Engine 823
The new engine 823 will replace this 1975 Maxim 1500 gpm engine.

Hyannis New Deputy Car

Car 802
2004 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV
Deputy Chief Vehicle
September 2004

Hyannis Fire Prevention Car

Car 806
1995 Ford LTD
Formerly Car 802 is now assigned to Fire Prevention
September 2004

1992 Ford Broncho Car 806
Retired September 2004


Hyannis Dive Truck Out of Service

Dive 810
Hyannis Fire Department's old Dive Truck was damaged by an electrical fire and has been
taken out of service.  2004


Hyannis MDU

Mass Decontamination Unit
Hyannis has received a Decon trailer as part of the State program of assigning
these trailers to departments with hospitals.
June 2003

New Equipment Approved
Hyannis has authorization to purchase a new Pumper to replaced the 1975 Maxim
Engine 823.  This funding was approved over a year ago but no specific plans
have been determined at this time.  June 2003

Hyannis voters approved a new ambulance at the May 2003 meeting.
This would replace Rescue 827. June 2003


Hyannis New Rescue

Hyannis Rescue 825

Dec 2001

2001 International / Road Rescue Type I Ambulance
EMS 335
Replaces 1988 Ford / Yankee Coach Ambulance

Hyannis new EMS Vehicle

Hyannis Car 804

Spring 2001

2001 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV
EMS Officer Vehicle


Hyannis Shift Commander Vehicle

Car 803

2000 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV

 Lettered for Shift Commander


Hyannis Mechanic's Vehicle


2000 Ford F350 4x4 Pickup Truck


Hyannis's 1985 GMC / Ranger Heavy Rescue Truck originally had a 500 gpm pump and 300 gallon water tank located just behind the cab.  The pump and tank were removed and a new roll up door style compartment added in its place in Spring 2001.

Hyannis picked up a surplus 1967 International 5 ton all wheel drive heavy duty military wrecker a couple years ago. It has been painted red and white and is in service for heavy rescue work as well as serving other communities as needed. It has a 10 ton front winch, 23 ton rear winch, and 10 ton - 18 foot boom for lifting.







The Hyannis Fire District has been working on plans for a new Fire Headquarters Station
that would be built on the site of the current station if approved by voters. Plans are still
being adjusted in an attempt to reduce the potential costs.
July 2013


The Hyannis Fire District purchased 3 parcels of land surrounding the current fire
headquarters on High School Road Ext. for the purposes of building a new fire station.
The current headquarters built in 1965 has simply been out grown and inadequate
for the department needs. Public meetings are held in 2012 to inform the public
of the needs and potential for moving forward with a new station soon.


A full house at the Hyannis Fire Station, Oct 2005
Some options are being evaluated relative to the department's station needs.  The station originally built in 1964 has already been added onto and renovated a couple times, but has no further room for expansion.  On site parking, training areas, office space, and living space are among the concerns in addition to the full apparatus floor.







Hyannis Happenings

Hyannis Captain Eric Farrenkopf retiring after
45 years on the Department July 24, 2018.

Hyannis Lieutenant Kevin Black
retiring in Aug 2018.


Hyannis Captain / Fire Inspector retiring
Aug 2018


A lot of things are happening at the Hyannis FD these days.

Car 3
The department recently put the Shift Commander, Captain or Lieutenant,
in Car 803 (Car 3) on a fulltime basis.  Previously the officer rode on an
Engine or Ambulance. The change enables the officer to more effectively
run the shift and incidents.

New Radios
The department recently issued all members new radios
which replace the old pagers carried by personnel for recalls.
The 8 channel radio receivers have a variety of settings allowing
personnel to be alerted by group or all call.  The Unication G5
radios are small and are able to monitor a variety of frequencies
including 400 mhz UHF and 800 mhz frequencies.

Hyannis recently took delivery of all brand new Scott 5.5 SCBA.
The 5500 psi 45 minute bottles represent the latest in safety and
technology.  Each Engine carries 5 packs, the Tower and Heavy
Rescue has 6 packs and lots of spare cylinders. SCBA are also
carried in ambulances and all cars.


The transition of dispatching duties from the Hyannis Fire Station
to the new communications center at Barnstable Police took
place over a few days this week.  The new "Purvis" automated
voice dispatch went in service and use of the new CAD program
also went in service.

Hyannis Fire Alarm

The new communications center at the Barnstable Police Station
will soon (expected week of June 25, 2018) begin dispatching for
the Hyannis Fire Department. A dozen civilian dispatchers were
hired by the BPD and have been trained to dispatch the Hyannis
Fire Department as well as Barnstable Police.

The Comm center has 4 console positions, at least one of which
will be dedicated to Hyannis FD. Each dispatch station is setup
with about 7 computer displays including 911, CAD, mapping,
and touch screen radio controls.

As dispatching begins, so too will the use of a new CAD system
and a new "voice" on the radio.  The Computer Aided Dispatch
(CAD) system will use RedAlert to manage calls. As dispatchers
enter information into CAD, another program known as PURVIS
will quickly formulate and announce (dispatch) calls using a
computer generated, tone, voice and format. 

The new system is in use by a number of departments across the country, including Boston, but this will be a first on Cape Cod.

So when you begin to hear the new voice on the radio
you will know where it is coming from.



A section of the old Motorola console at the Barnstable PD.

KCD 454
Firefighter/Paramedic Andy "Operator K" Kleamenakis
working the dispatch desk at the Hyannis Fire Station
recently.  Firefighters have worked the desk and dispatched
in the Hyannis Fire Station as long as anyone can remember.
That is about to change.


New Fire Station
The new station is continuing to take shape.
The department anticipates moving in to phase I of the building
sometime late in the summer.  Once moved in, the old station
will be torn down and phase II will complete the new building
with 3 additional bays.




Hyannis recently made several permanent appointments and promotions and has rearranged personnel on shifts.

Congratulations to Captain Gregory Dardia, Lt Jeffery Lamothe,  Lt Nate Coughlin and Lt "KC" Pike who were all made official in Nov 2015.

Captain Eric Farrenkopf
Lt Thomas Lanman
Lt Keffery Lamothe

Captain Gregory Dardia
Lt Jeffery Huska
Lt Kevin Black

Captain Eric Kristofferson
Lt Robert Hennessy
Lt Nate Coughlin

Captain Mark Storie
Lt Brian Lawrence
Lt Kenyon "KC" Pike

Fire Chief Harold Brunelle
Deputy Chief Dean Melanson 
Training Captain Thomas Kenney
Fire Prev Capt William Rex
Fire Prev Lt John Cosmo
EMS Supervisor Michael Medeiros
Master Mechanic Ronald Buscemi

Posted Dec 4, 2015



Former Hyannis Firefighter

Brett D. Grandaw

Former Hyannis Firefighter / Paramedic Brett Grandaw, age 55,
passed away on November 18, 2015.

Brett started out in Canton, NY and became a paramedic at Northeastern
University. He joined the Hyannis FD and served for 23 years as a firefighter
and paramedic, also serving with the MA-TF-1 FEMA team for 17 years,
which included deployment to the bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics
and to New York City on 9-11-01 for the World Trade Center collapses .

After leaving the Hyannis FD, he went on to get a degree in Mortuary Science
from the State University of New York at Canton and served as a Licensed
Funeral Director working with the Seymour Funeral Home in Potsdam, NY.
Brett also continued to serve on the Pierrepont Volunteer FD as the First
Assistant Chief and as a New York State Fire Instructor until his death.

His passing came after a brief hospitalization at the Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

Visiting will be Monday Nov 23, 2015 from 1300-1600 and 1900-2100 at
the Seymour Funeral Home, 4 Cedar St, Potsdam, NY.

The mass and burial will be Tuesday Nov 24, 2014 at 1100 hrs
at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Canton, NY followed by a private internment
at the St. Mary's Cemetery in Canton.

Brett was a good friend, a good firefighter, and a good paramedic.
He leaves behind two children, Samuel and Natalie, as well as many
family and friends.



Captain Craig Farrenkopf of the Hyannis FD will be retiring with some 45 years of service in December 2014. He became call firefighter in 1969 and a fulltime firefighter in 1972. He is a founding member of the Hyannis FF IAFF Local 2172. He has served many years as a Captain. "Captain Craig" is one of a family of firefighters including his father Richard who served as a Hyannis Fire Chief, his brother Rick who retired as a Dennis Captain, brother Eric who is also a Hyannis Captain, and brother Kent who is Deputy Chief in Harwich.

Mark Storie will be promoted from Lieutenant to Captain replacing Captain Farrenkopf.





Hyannis Fire Department Fire Prevention Officer Lt Donald Chase (center)
retired after 34 years of service to the Hyannis Fire District on July 2, 2013.
Fire Chief Harold Brunelle and Deputy Chief Dean Melanson were among the
many who wished "Lt Don" well on his last day of work!





Hyannis Personnel with new Heavy Rescue 821
Dec 2012


10 Year Anniversary
Hyannis Fire Department
Remembrance of the September 11, 2001 Attacks
Sept 11, 2011


Hyannis Firefighter "Rescue" Dan Clough
Retired March 19, 2011
after 36 years with the Hyannis FD.
Sadly, Danny passed away unexpectedly 7 months later
on October 19, 2011

Hyannis retired Fire Chief Richard Farrenkopf
Father of Hyannis Captains Craig and Eric, Dennis Captain Richard,
and Harwich Captain (Deputy) Kent Farrenkopf.
Passed away January 2011

Hyannis Lieutenant Roger Cadrin
Retired December 2010
after 38 years of service with Hyannis FD

Hyannis Looses A Friend

Hyannis Fire Department
Regrets to announce the passing of 12 year Hyannis Fire Department
Mascot and Dalmatian "C.J." on Saturday June 25, 2005.
C.J. had become quite sick in recent months and firefighters had to
make the difficult decision recently to euthanize the station mascot.
C.J. will be missed by all the guys and the many children who looked
forward to seeing "The Fire Dog" on visits to the fire station.

Hyannis Fire Radio - 868.2125
Hyannis FD had a number of concerns with the Cape's 800 mhz trunked radio system.  In building coverage was not satisfactory in a number of major buildings within Hyannis including Cape Cod Hospital, the Cape Cod Mall, Barnstable High School, and others.  As a result Hyannis experimented with a number of options ranging from low band repeaters to 400 mhz to 800 mhz options.  Hyannis has now (June 2002) begun simulcasting its communications on both 33.94 and a NEW 868.2125 conventional channel.  Hyannis retains its 800 mhz trunked talkgroup as well as its 460.625 channel.   More to follow.... June 2002.
Hyannis Fire Department - Busiest on Cape!
Once again, HYFD is the Cape's busiest Fire Department.  Hyannis responded to 5,657 runs in 2001, an increase of 370 runs over the 5,287 runs in 2000.  This is a 7% increase in runs making it an average of 15.5 runs a day.
Hyannis runs with 11 personnel per shift, one of them serving as a dispatcher.

Hyannis Tower 829 displays the colors in the weeks following Sept 11, 2001. Several HYFD personnel responded as part of MA-TF1 FEMA team to the WTC spending 8 days at ground zero.







Hyannis Working Fire
55 Iyannough Road (Rte. 28)
October 29, 2012
Post Hurricane Sandy

Hyannis Engine 822
Disaster drill at Barnstable Municipal Airport
Oct 18, 2012


Hyannis 3rd Alarm
Calvary Church

West Main Street
March 13, 2012

Hyannis 2nd Alarm
1029 Route 132

February 12, 2012

Hyannis 4th Alarm
Hyannis House Apartments

290 west Main Street
October 31, 2011
One woman later died from injuries sustained in the fire.
Dozens of residents evacuated.

Hyannis 2nd Alarm
39 Pearl Street

March 18, 2011

Hyannis Firefighter Dan Clough
Driver of first due engine to Pearl Street fire
on his last night at work prior to his retirement
at 0800 hrs on March 19, 2011 after 36 years of service.
Danny was son of former Fire Chief Glenn Clough.
His son Ryan is a Hyannis Firefighter/Paramedic.

Hyannis Motel Fire
447 Main Street

March 4, 2011

Hyannis Working Fire
General Patton Drive

February 20, 2011

Hyannis Working Fire
Walnut Street

January 26, 2011

Hyannis Boat Fire
Hyannis Marine 808 in action
Pleasant Street
Nov 24, 2010


Hyannis Iron House Fire
Corporation Road
Tuesday - January 26, 2010 - 0115 hrs
4 alarms

BMA Airport MCI Drill
October 22, 2009

Hyannis Laundry Fire
Baxter Road
September 8, 2009
Working fire

Hyannis Apartment Fire
161 Winter Street
July 13, 2008 - 0600 hrs
Working fire

Route 132
May 23, 2008 - early morning

Old Cracker Barrel Factory
Route 132, Hyannis
November 4, 2005 - 1700 hrs
2 Alarms

Auto Body Shop
251 Barnstable Road
April 17, 2005
Working Fire

Barnstable Housing Fire
32 Sea Street Ext
October 21, 2002 - 0630 hrs
2nd Alarm


Hyannis Man Burned in House fire

 Hyannis Fire Department responded to a house fire at approximately 0900 hours on April 2, 2002.  Police reportedly were first to arrive at the house located on Winter Street at the corner of Chestnut Street.  Heavy smoke was coming from a 2nd floor bedroom.  Firefighters rescued a male who was severely burned and unconscious.  The fire was quickly controlled and the victim was transported to CCH due to a delay in medflight availability. A police officer was also treated for smoke inhalation resulting from initial rescue attempts.  COMMFD & Yarmouth FD assisted HYFD.


Hyannis 4th Alarm Fire at Cape Crossroads Condos...FIRE





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