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September 2, 2016 - October 27, 2016


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DAY 41

    Another beautiful sunny day in southern California.  Off to an early start in the rental car again. Heading up from Newport Beach to Long Beach again and a couple small boat stations, including Fire Station 21 located at Alamitos Bay Marina and the Rescue Boat 2 station at Long Beach Shoreline Marina. 

    Then it was over to the Los Angeles City Fire Station 49 to see the (Queen of the fleet) Fireboat 4, the "Bethel F. Gifford" built in 1962.  Had a great visit there checking out a truly historic classic fireboat.

    Next stop, LA City Fire Station 112 and the big boat, Fireboat 2 the "Warner L. Lawrence."  It is located on the Main Channel in San Pedro next to the Battleship USS Iowa Museum. 

    LA City Station 110 is home to Fireboat 5 at Cabrillo Marina in the West Channel. FB-3 was filling in for FB-5 (which was out for servicing) but FB-3 was also out when I visited.

    Then it was off to LA County Fire Station 110 at Marina Del Rey.  LA County Fireboats 110 and 310 are located at Marina Del Rey as are several boats of the LA Co FD Lifeguard boats.

    It was a very full day with a lot of LA city driving, getting back to the campground at Newport Dunes after dark, but very satisfied with all the visits and good conversations with the boat guys in both LA City and County.

STATES: CA  - (1) State today / (22) different States & (4) Provinces so far
DISTANCE: Using rental car  / 7,941 miles for the Trip so far
FIREBOATS:  (77) Long Beach Lifeguard Boat 1  (78) Long Beach Lifeguard Boat 2 
(79) Los Angeles City Fireboat 4  (80) Los Angeles City Fireboat 2  (81) Los Angeles City Fireboat 5  (82, 83) Los Angeles County Fireboats 110 and 310  (84-87) LA County Lifeguard fireboats

Long Beach Fire Station 21 at Alamitos Bay Marina.
Home to one of the Long Beach Lifeguard fire rescue boats.

Rescue Boat 1 at Station 21, Alamitos Bay Marina, Long Beach


The Long Beach Lifeguard's Headquarters at Junipero Beach overlooking the Long Beach area.

The Port of Long Beach container terminals.

Long Beach is home to the retired "Queen Mary"

Long Beach Lifeguard Fire Rescue boat 2 is located at the Long Beach Shoreline Marina
just south of the city.



It wasn't clear exactly what was going on with this LA County ladder truck
but the "Trailer Truckies" in context across the tiller cab caught my eye.


LA City Station 49 and home to Fireboat 3 and 4 is located on Yacht Street
at the East Basin.


LA City Fireboat 4 "Bethel F Gifford" is the oldest of the in service LA City boats.
Built in 1962, this boat is not the most powerful of the LA boats, but it is clearly
the "Queen" of the fleet.  Meticulously maintained, it is one of the classics
at 76' feet, it can pump 9,000 gpm.

Pump control room down below off the engine room



Los Angeles City Fire Station 112
located at Berth 86, in San Pedro along the Main Channel
is home to the LAFD big boat - Fireboat 2 "Warner L. Lawrence"

The 105' long "Warner L Lawrence" was built in 2003.
At the time the most powerful fireboat in the world.
It operates with the Voith Schneider Cycloidal Drive system,
also used by the new Long Beach Fireboat 2.
The boat can pump 50,000 gpm.
It is the largest of LA City's (5) fireboats.

Fire Station 112 is located right next to the Battleship USS Iowa Museum.


LA City Fire Station 110 is at the Cabrillo Marina in the West Channel.
Fireboat 5 is assigned here, but was out when I visited.


Up the coast a little (like an hour drive) is Marina Del Rey, another large marina with many boats
located within Los Angeles County.  Fireboats 110 and 310 are located behind LA County
 Fire Station 110 which also operates an engine and quint tillered ladder truck.

LA County Fireboat 110 and 310
Marina Del Rey.

Fireboat 110 is nearly identical to the LA City Fireboats 1, 3, and 5.


Located on the other side of Marina Del Rey is the Los Angeles County FD Lifeguards
Marine Station and fleet of vessels.








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