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Items of interest on Cape Cod
Looking for your help!
CapeCodFD.com has, for five years now, tried to serve you in many ways by providing the most accurate, up to date, extensive, and interesting information possible about the fire and rescue departments in the Cape & Islands area.  Keeping up with frequent changes and digging deeper into available information is pretty time consuming when done by one person (me).  So I am looking for a little help.  I want to develop a network of volunteer 'correspondents' , members of departments covered by this site, who would be willing to communicate with me regularly to keep information about their department up to date.  If you would be interested.... READ MORE.   


Hyannis Warehouse & Osterville Mansion

4 Nov 2005 - Hyannis firefighters responded to the Old Harbor Cracker Barrel Factory Outlet on Route 132 at approximately 1700 hours.  On arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke coming the old brick and steel structure (site of at least two other multiple alarm fires).  Since the building has been boarded up and vacant for years, access to the property and to the building itself  is a problem.  The building has been known to be a shelter to homeless in the area.  A second alarm was transmitted bringing assistance from COMM, Yarmouth, Barnstable, and West Barnstable fire departments.  One civilian was transported for smoke inhalation and 4 firefighters sustained minor injuries in the blaze that tookl approximately 3 hours to extinguish.  MORE PHOTOS ...

4 Nov 2005 - COMM Firefighters were dispatched to a reported structure fire at 260 North Bay Road, on the exclusive Oyster Harbors Island in Osterville.  On arrival, a newly constructed and not yet occupied 8,300 sq ft home was heavily involved with fire extending to an attached garage and embers threatening to involve two large homes on the Delta side of the structure.  Two COMM engines and an ambulance were already committed to the Hyannis fire at the time of this fire at approximately 1949 hours.  A second alarm was transmitted, followed later by a third alarm bringing crews from COMM, Cotuit, West Barnstable, Barnstable, Hyannis, Mashpee, Sandwich, and Yarmouth to the scene. Loss estimated several $Millions.  No injuries.  MORE PHOTOS ...





October 13, 2005. The Sandwich Fire Department has a new fire chief.  Captain George Russell has been named to replace retired fire chief Dennis Newman. Chief Russell is a long time member of the SFD and has served as a firefighter, paramedic, Lieutenant and Captain.  Congratulations to Cape Cod's newest chief.


BOURNE OVERRIDE ....Posted 10/13/05
Voters in Bourne approved a Prop. 2-1/2 override vote of some 1.5 million dollars on Wednesday October 12.  The vote which passed by a considerable majority helps to keep Bourne from having to make some difficult cuts in personnel, including 5 positions at the Bourne Fire Department that would have resulted in the closing of one of its staffed fire stations.  Bourne is having a new fire station built in Sagamore (Station 3) as part of the Route 6 Sagamore flyover project eliminating the Sagamore rotary and the fire station located there since 1946.  The new station of Meetinghouse Lane is expected to be occupied in December and the override vote enables that to happen.


WEBSITE NEWS....10/9  
Those who have been following the site will notice some more changes to the Homepage format.  As mentioned before, I am trying to improve the site and make it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they are looking for.  Your comments so far have been helpful and continue to be encouraged.  Thanks.  Britt



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New Apparatus, Stations, Personnel, Incidents, Etc...


Brewster has taken delivery of its new Rescue 243.
It is a 2005 Ford E450 / Life Line.
It should be going in place soon.
Nov 4, 2005


SQUAD 1 - 80
Wellfleet has placed this 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 / Omaha Utility Body
in service as Squad 1, unit 80.  The vehicle is used for various support
activities in the town. Replaces a 1983 service vehicle.



Dive 35A
Falmouth Fire Department has completed conversion of this 1996 Ford former B-Bus
into a new Dive Rescue Vehicle for the department.  It replaces a 1981 Chevy Stepvan.
The new Dive truck is housed at headquarters.  It is equipped with several complete
SCUBA sets, is heated and air conditioned.


Falmouth Rescue Boat 2
2005 Achilles 11' rigid hull inflatable rescue boat
with a Yamaha 15 HP outboard. 
Placed in service earlier this year.


Mashpee Boat
Mashpee has taken delivery of this 2005 Edgewater 18.5' Rescue Boat.
It has a 150 HP Yamaha outboard.
The boat is not yet in service.
Nov 2005



Five of these Magnum diesel 6000w lighting plants have been delivered to the five fire districts
in the Town of Barnstable.  Each of the trailers has an elevating light tower with 4 large lights.
The trailers received by COMM, Cotuit, Hyannis, Barnstable and West Barnstable were
received as part of a federal grant and may be utilized by any of the town or district departments,
including water departments, as needed according to the grant.  


The new Sagamore Fire Station 3 is taking shape.
Oct 2005 photo

September 19, 2005




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Interesting stories from CapeCodFD.com archives.


Centerville House Fire Oct 13, 2005
Chief Peterson Memorial Oct 1, 2005
School Bus Accident Cotuit Sept 22, 2005
Ambulance Accidents & Problems Sept 2005
Kids Day - August 6, 2005
Staffing Issues - July 6, 2005
Hyannis Dalmation C.J. - June 25, 2005
West Barnstable 2nd Alarm Motel June 13, 2005
Sandwich House Fire June 9, 2005
 Marstons Mills Fire April 2005
  Plymouth and Barnstable Brush Fires
Hyannis Structure Fire Barnstable Road April 2005
New Mashpee Breaker 354 April 2005

Nantucket FD Apparatus changes Mar 2005
WBFD Chief Jenkins Retires Mar 2005

Orleans Ambulance Accident Mar 2005
New Mashpee Run Cards Mar 2005
Plymouth Station 5 Shutdown Feb 2005

Many of us have spent some pretty big bucks over the years to keep up with
scanner listening.  Just a few years ago when the Cape went to the "800 Mhz
Trunked Radio System" it meant that our older scanners could no longer hear
some of the important radio traffic at major incidents because incidents were
assigned "OPS" (Operations) channels that, unlike each of the fire alarm channels,
is not rebroadcast (Simulcast) over the old low band frequencies so that department
issued pagers can hear dispatched calls.  A variety of scanners, "Trunk Trackers"
have made it possible to follow the action and done so quite nicely.

Now comes some potentially bad news for those of us that have invested in
Trunk Trackers.  Soon some of them will not be able to follow radio traffic
and the only solution may be to buy newer scanners with newer technology.
Its all quite complicated and new to me still, but basically, the 800 Mhz
frequencies shared by public safety and cellular phone / Nextel like systems
has experienced quality problems.  Re-Banding is an attempt to reallign
frequencies and try to make everyone better off someday.  The process of
changing will require all public safety 800 Trunked radios to be reprogrammed
at some expense and us scanner listeners will have to buy new radios to

I would not recommend buying any Trunk Tracking radios until it is clear
which ones will work under the new plan.  The lower priced ones on the
market, that work great now, may not soon.

For more information, I recommend reading more on the following sites:
Uniden Info on Re-Banding

Scan Cape Cod Website - Lots of Good Info
800 Radio Info
Caldwell's Antenna for Cape info




August 13, 2005


Check it Daily

Tim Caldwell's

 Cape Wide News
Daily Emergency News 



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The latest In Service Apparatus and changes...

Apparatus News


The latest In Service Apparatus and changes.

NEWEST POSTING: November 5, 2005
Cotuit Lighting Plant, Otis C401, C402, C422, C425, Falmouth Dive 35A, Fal RB-2, Wellfleet Squad 1
Wellfleet S-80 2005 Chevy / Omaha Service Vehicle Nov 05
Mashpee R-362 Ambulance Back in Service - Loaner out of service Nov 05
Falmouth RB-2 2005 Achilles 11' rigid hull inflatable boat Nov 05
Falmouth D-35A 1996 (2005) Ford E450 former B-Bus Dive Truck Nov 05
Cotuit C-425 2004 Kawasaki Mule Fire Prev Nov 05
Cotuit C-422 2005 Ford F150 Pickup Truck Fire Prev Nov 05
Cotuit C-402 2005 Chevy Suburban SUV Command Vehicle Nov 05
Otis C-401 2004 Ford Expedition SUV Fire Chief Nov 05
Cotuit Lighting 2005 Magnum 6000w Lighting Plant
(also Barnstable, Cotuit, Hyannis, W Barnstable)
Nov 05
COMM Lighting 2005 Magnum 6000w Lighting Plant
(also Barnstable, Cotuit, Hyannis, W Barnstable)
Oct 05
Brewster HR-241 2005 Peterbuilt / Marion 20' walkin Heavy Rescue Sep 05
Yarmouth E-45 2005 Pierce Enforcer 1500/500 Pumper  Sep 05
Yarmouth E-47 1985 Pierce Arrow 1250/500 Pumper  (was E45) Sep 05
Mashpee R-362 Loaner ambulance from Bridgewater FD (acting R-362) Sep 05
Barnstable M-219 1992-2005 Boston Whaler 27' Fire Rescue Boat Aug 05
COMM E-306 2005 Pierce Quantum 1500/500 Rescue Pumper Aug 05
COMM C-320 2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV Deputy Vehicle Jul 05
Falmouth Marine1 2005 Viking Welding 31' 350 gpm Fire Rescue Boat Jul 05
Cotuit M-266 2005 Edge Water 20' Yamaha 150 Rescue Boat Jul 05
Mashpee B-354 2005 International / PolyMax 650/1000/50 Brush Breaker   Jun 05
Hyannis E-823 2005 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/750/60 Pumper Jun 05
Yarmouth M-40B 2005 Yamaha Jet Ski Rescue Craft Jun 05
Mashpee C-373 1995 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Fire Prev Car (former C372) May 05
Yarmouth R-54 2005 Ford / Med Tec Type III Ambulance (EMS 342) May 05
W.Barn ET-296 1985 Pierce / 2005 complete refurb 2000/3000 Engine Tanker May 05
Provincetown C-191 2004 - Ford Explorer SUV Fire Chief   May 05
Orleans C-171 2005 - Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV Fire Chief May 05
Orleans C-179 2002 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV - Deputy Chief (Former chief car) May 05
Orleans C-166 2005 - Chevy Silverado Pickup w/cap. Fire Prevention May 05
Plymouth  B-172 2003 Freightliner FL60/2005 EJ Murphy 200/650 Breaker Apr 05
Orleans  F-169 1994 Ford F350 50/225 Forestry Truck Apr 05
COMM  R-327 1998 Freightliner FL60 / Medic Master Type I (Loaner Amb) Mar 05
Falmouth Car 29 2005 Ford F350 4x4 Pickup - Mechanic Mar 05
Middleboro  Car 91 2005 Ford Excursion 4x4 SUV Duty Officer Mar 05
Middleboro  Eng 6 2005 HME-Ahrens Fox 1500/750 Pumper Mar 05
Onset  Car 4 2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV First Responder/Command car Mar 05
Falmouth C-32 2005 Ford Excursion 4x4 SUV Deputy Car Mar 05
COMM R-326 2000 Freightliner Ambulance back in service - repainted. Mar 05
W.Barn T-298 1975 Dodge 3500 gallon Tanker (while ET296 refurbishing) Feb 05
Rochester L-1 1974 Seagrave 100' Aerial Ladder (Former Yar L41) Feb 05
Plymouth E-3 1986 Ford C8000/Farrar 1000/750 Pumper (former E4) Feb 05
Bourne C-147 1994 Ford LTD Crown Vic sedan. Fire Inspector (former C141) Feb 05
Orleans R-173 2004 Ford E450/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance. Feb 05
Sandwich A-449 1999 Ford / 2004 Superior Lighting/Air Supply Unit. Feb 05
Sandwich T-465 1973 (2004) - GMC 1500 gallon Foam Tanker Nov 04
W.Barn P-290 2004 - Ford F350/Knapheide 4x4 100/200 Patrol Truck Nov 04
Yarmouth LT-41 2004 - Pierce Dash 2000/300 100' Aerial Tower Oct 04
Sandwich C-440 2004 - Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup Truck Oct 04
Plymouth Eng 4 2004 - Pierce Dash 1500/750/50A Pumper. Oct 04
Harwich M-76 2004 - 14' Aluminum Rescue Boat Sept 04
Bourne C-141 2004 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV Fire Chief Sept 04
Wareham Eng 1 2004 - Pierce Dash 1500/750/40/40 Pumper. Sept 04
Wareham C-1 2004 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV Fire Chief Sept 04
Mashpee C-350 2004 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4xSUV.  Shift Commander Sept 04
Falmouth L-26 1991 - Emergency One 110' Aerial Ladder Truck
            (2004 Refurb - back in service Sept 2004)
Sept 04
LowCape R-598 2004 - Ford E450 / 2000 Road Rescue Type III  (EMS 378)
             (Refurbished/rechassied after April 2004 MVA)
Sept 04
Hyannis C-802 2004 - Dodge Durango 4x4 Deputy Chief Car Sept 04
Hyannis C-806 1995 - Ford LTD Fire Prevention Car Sept 04
PTown C-191 2004 - Ford Expedition 4x4 SUV Fire Chief Car Sept 04
Eastham S-160 2004 - Ford F250 4x4 extended cab Service Truck. Sept 04
CIEMSS MCI 2004 - MCI Trailers #1, #2, #3,and #4. Aug 04
Harwich R-63 2004 - Ford/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance (EMS 353) Aug 04
Harwich R-62 2001 - Ford/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance (EMS 352) was 63 Aug 04
Harwich R-73 2000 - Ford/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance (EMS 354) was 62 Aug 04
Rochester B-194 2004 - International / Brodeur 300/685/30 Brush Breaker July 04
Yarmouth C-51 2004 - Ford Expedition 4x4 SUV.  Fire Chief Car July 04
Yarmouth C-52 1999 - Ford LTD Crown Vic. Utility Car. (Formerly C51) July 04
Onset SQ-1 2004 - Chevy 2500 Pickup w/utility. Squad truck. June 04
Marion E-1 2004  -E-One Typhoon 1250/685/30 Rescue Pumper. June 04
Marion E-4 1984 - Ford/E-One 1250/500 Reserve Pumper (Formerly E-1) June 04
Sandwich Haz Mat 2002 - Wells Cargo 20' Haz Mat Support Trailer. June 04
Sandwich Tech 2002 - Wells Cargo 20' Technical Rescue Support Trailer. June 04
Sandwich R-457 2004 - Ford E450/1999 Braun Type III Ambulance.  (EMS 307)
                Refurbished/Rechassied by Lifeline.
June 04
Nantucket HR-1 2004 - Freightliner FL80/E-One 20' walkin Heavy Rescue. June 04
Dennis R-105 2004 - Ford F450/Horton Type I Ambulance. (EMS 346). May 04
COMM Hover 310 2002 - 14' Scat Hovercraft.  (finally in service after mech probs) May 04
Lower Cape R-599 2004 - Ford E450/Lifeline Type III Ambulance. (EMS 379)
                Refurbished/Rechassied 2000 Road Rescue
April 04
Oak Bluffs E-524 2003 - Emergency One 1500/750 Pumper. (Eng 4) Oct 03
Dennis E-106 2003 - American LaFrance Eagle 1500/500/40 Rescue Pumper.
                ALS, Jaws.
Mar 04
Dennis E-115 1988 - Emergency One 1500/500 Pumper. (Former E-106) Mar 04
Falmouth Med 34 2004 - Ford Expedition 4x4 SUV. Paramedic Unit. Mar 04
Bourne R-136 2004 - Ford E450 / Horton Type III Ambuloance.  (EMS 306) Feb 04
Truro C-471 2004 - Ford LTD Crown Vic.  Fire Chief Jan 04
Yarmouth R-56 2004 - Ford E450/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance (EMS 340) Jan 04
W.Tisbury T-734 2003 - International/USA 1250/2200 Tanker. Fall 03
P-Town E-193 2003 - HME/Ferrera 1500/750 Pumper. (Eng 3) Dec 03
Falmouth R-39 2003 - Freightliner M2/Medic Master Type I Amb .  (EMS 313) Nov 03
Sandwich D-456 1987 - Ford E350/Yankee Coach Type II. (repainted) Nov 03
Sandwich B-463 1953 - Studebaker 250/1000 Brush Breaker. (Major Refurb) Nov 03
Falmouth R-38 2003 - Freightliner M2/Medic Master Type I Amb.  (EMS 312) Nov 03
Middleboro Marine 3 2003 - Diamondback 20' Airboat. Oct 03
Chatham C-391 1998 - Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV. Deputy vehicle. (Former C-181) Oct 03
Chatham C-392 1996 - GMC Sierra Pickup Truck (Fire Prev) (Former P-180) Oct 03
WBFD P-290 1989 - Chevy Patrol Truck - new 100/200 Skid Tank upgrade. Oct 03
COMM C-301 2003 - Ford LTD Crown Vic. Fire Chief.  Sept 03
Bourne C-142 2003 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV. Shift Commander. Sept 03
Bourne Spec Haz 2003 - Avenger 20' Special Hazards Trailer. Sept 03
Sandwich C-460 2003 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV. Shift Commander. Sept 03
Sandwich C-468 1995 - GMC Pickup Truck. (Formerly 460) Sept 03
Wellfleet R-97 2003 - Ford E450 / Wheeled Coach Type III Amb. (EMS 367) Aug 03
Nantucket Airport T-3
2003 - GM Hummer 200 gal RIV ARFF. Aug 03
Nantucket Airport T-1 2002 - Oshkosh T1500 1000/1500/195 ARFF Truck. Sprg 03
Nantucket Airport T-2 1989 - Oshkosh T1500 1000/1500/195 ARFF. (Refurb, was T-1) Sprg 03
Chilmark Amb 2003 - Ford E450 Type III Ambulance.  (EMS 385) Aug 03
Chatham C-181 2003 - Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV.  Fire Chief. Aug 03
Chatham C-180 2003 - Ford F250 4x4 Pickup Truck. Aug 03
Yarmouth C-51 1999 - Ford LTD. Fire Chief Car. Aug 03
Yarmouth C-59 1993 - Ford LTD. Utility car/paramedics.  (former C-51) Aug 03
Rochester L-1 1955 - Maxim open cab 75' Aerial Ladder.  (was Lakeville L1) July 03
Truro R-486 2003 - Ford E450/Braun Type III Ambulance (EMS 371) July 03
P-Town R-197 2003 - Ford E450/Lifeline Type III Ambulance (EMS 377) July 03
COMM R-326 1999 - Freightliner/Medic Master Type I Ambulance (EMS 326)
                (Back in service after rehab from engine compt fire)
July 03
Eastham SH-158 1991 - International 4x4/Metal master 175/500/20A Special
                Hazards/Forestry Truck.  (Former CCNS F277)
June 03
Orleans SH-168 1993 - International/Road Rescue Type I Special Hazards Truck
                (Formerly R172)
June 03
Chatham M-399 2003 - Zodiac 15' rigid hull inflatable Rescue Boat. June 03
Chatham Tech 2002 - Wells Cargo 20' Tech Rescue Support Trailer June 03
Otis FM-416 2002 - 1000 gallon Foam Trailer.  (new number) June 03
Otis Tec 417 2000 - Wells Cargo Tech Rescue Support Trailer.
                 (new number)
June 03
Otis Haz 418 1989 - Wells Cargo Spill Control Trailer.  (new number) June 03
Falmouth C-28 2003 - Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV.  Shift Commander. May 03
Mashpee R-361 2003 - Ford E450/Lifeline Type III Ambulance (EMS 316) May 03
Mashpee R-362 2003 - Ford E450/Lifeline Type III Ambulance (EMS 317) May 03
Eastham T-157 1997 - GMC/Almonte 500/2000 Tanker. Apr 03
Onset E-2 2003 - HME/Smeal 1500/750/25A Rescue Pumper Apr 03
Otis T-403 2002 - Oshkosh T1500 1520/1500/210 ARFF with 52' Snozzle Mar 03
Bourne E-123 2002 - Emergency One Typhoon 1250/750 Rescue Pumper. Jan 03
Orleans R-172 2002 - Ford E450/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance. (EMS 362) Dec 02
CCNS F-277 2002 - Ford F450 4x4 / Boise 200/280 Forestry Truck Dec 02
Sandwich R-459 2002 - Ford E450/1997 Braun Type III Ambulance.  (EMS 309)
              (Lifestar Refub/Rechassied)
Nov 02
HAZMAT Haz 12 1996 - Freightliner/Hackney Dist 1 Haz Mat Truck reassigned
               to Plymouth Station 6.  No longer at Bourne Station 3.
Nov 02
Sandwich T-464 1980 - AM Gen Mil/2002 Fire One 300/2000/200A Tanker Nov 02
COMM C-328 2002 - Ford Ranger Pickup Truck. Fire Prev. Nov 02
Mashpee C-371 2002 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV. Fire Chief Nov 02
Mashpee C-372 2002 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV. Deputy Nov 02
Orleans C-171 2002 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV. Fire Chief Nov 02
COMM E-303 1987 - Pierce Arrow 1500/950/30 Pumper.  (Refurb, was E315) Nov 02
Eastham C-161 2002 - Ford Explorer 4x4 SUV.  Fire Chief. Oct 02
Wellfleet C-81 2002 - Chevy Tahoe 4x4 SUV. Fire Chief Oct 02
Vineyard Airport T-941 2002 - KME R1500 1250/1500/230 ARFF. Sept 02
Vineyard Airport T-943 1987 - Walter B1500 1000/1500180 ARFF 
                (renumbered, was 941)
Sept 02
Lakeville R-2 2002 - Ford F450 /     Type I Ambulance. Sept 02
Lakeville L-1 1976 - Maxim 85' Aerial Ladder.  (formerly COMM L314) Sumr 02
Brewster BT-235 1959 - Kaiser Mil/2002 Greenwood 300/1100 Breaker/Tanker Aug 02
Mashpee C-373 1994 - Ford LTD utility car. July 02
W.Barn E-294 2002 - Pierce Dash 1500/750/40A CAFS Pumper. June 02
Dennis L-110 1994 - Emergency One 110' Aerial Ladder (renumbered, and
               dedicated as H&L 110, was L108)   6/8/02
June 02
Sandwich B-461 1978 - Mil 6x6 / 2002 SandFD 250/1000 Brush Breaker. May 02
COMM E-305 1983 - Mack 1250/1000 / 2002 EJ Murphy Refurb. May 02
Vineyard Airport T-942 2002 - E-One Titan 1000/1000/130 ARFF. Apr 02
COMM L-307 2001 - Pierce Quantum 1500/500 105' Quint Aerial Ladder.
Apr 02
Chatham R-184 2002 - Ford E450/Lifeline Type III Ambulance. (EMS 358) Apr 02
Falmouth C-31 2002 - Ford LTD Crown Vic. Fire Chief Mar 02
Falmouth C-33 2002 - Ford Expedition 4x4 SUV.  EMS Officer. Mar 02
P-Town E-190 2002 - Freightliner/Ferrera 1250/500/30/20 Pumper. Mar 02
Rochester R-207 2002 - International/Horton Type I Ambulance. Feb 02
Bourne E-121 2001 - HME /Smeal 1250/750 Rescue Pumper. Feb 02
Eastham R-162 2001 - Ford E450 / Wheeled Coach Type III Amb.  (EMS 364) Feb 02
Hyannis R-825 2001 - International/Road Rescue Type I Ambulance  (EMS 335) Dec 01
Bourne B-127 1974 Mil 6x6 / 2001 150/400 Brush Breaker.  12/7/01 Dec 01
Harwich R-63 2001 - Ford E450/Road Rescue Type III Ambulance (EMS 353) Dec 01
Brewster R-244 2001 - Ford E450/Wheeled Coach Type III Amb. (EMS 349) Dec 01
Orleans L-176 1974 - Maxim 1000 gpm 85' Aerial Ladder. (Major refurb) Nov 01
Orleans F-169 1978 - Dodge 4x4 50/225 Forestry Truck Nov 01
Mashpee LT-356 2001 - Pierce Dash 2000/300 100' Aerial Tower quint. Nov 01
Orleans S-170 2001 - Ford F250 Utility Body Service Truck Oct 01
Truro F-480 2001 - Ford F350 4x4/Fire One 200/250 Forestry Truck. Aug 01
Sandwich C-441 2001 - Ford LTD Crown Vic. Fire Chief Sumr 01
Dennis R-103 2001 - Ford F450/Horton Type I Ambulance (EMS 344) July 01
Dennis R-104 2001 - Ford F450/Horton Type I Ambulance (EMS 345) July 01
Dennis R-105 1995 - Chevy/Horton Type I Ambulance. (EMS 346)  (Was R103) July 01
Wellfleet L-93 1086 - Duplex/LTI 1500/400 75' Quint Ladder. Jaws July 01
Hyannis C-804 2001 - Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV. EMS Officer. May 01
Bourne R-135 2001 - Ford E450/Horton Type III Ambulance. (EMS 305) May 01
Falmouth Hover 2001 - Scat Hovercraft and trailer. (donated) May 01
P-Town E-195 2001 - Freightliner/Ferrera 1250/500 Pumper. May 01
Cotuit B-267 2001 - International/EJ Murphy 250/750 Brush Breaker. Apr 01
Chatham E-185 2001 - Pierce Dash 1500/500/30/20 Rescue Pumper. Jaws Apr 01
Mashpee B-353 1973 - AM Gen 6x6 / 2001 V-Tec 250/500 Brush Breaker Apr 01
Bourne C-144 2001 - Ford F150 4x4 Pickup Truck. Apr 01
Bourne B-129 1971 - Jeep 6x6 / 2001 150/750 Brush Breaker.  (Refurb) Spng 01
Harwich E-69 2001 - Emergency One 1500/500 Rescue Pumper. ALS, Jaws Apr 01
Orleans E-175 2001 - KME 1500/750 Rescue Pumper. ALS, Jaws Apr 01






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The latest changes, plans, orders, deliveries... and rumors...

Apparatus News


The Latest changes, plans, orders, and deliveries

NEWEST POSTING: November 3, 2005
COMM R-327 out of service, Mashpee C-370, Otis 404, 410, 412, 417, 418, Wareham C-740
Barnstable Rescue PLANNED - New Ambulance.  Barnstable approved purchase of a 2nd Ambulance in May 2004.  This ambulance would be in addition to Rescue 203 and would likely be called R204 (an available number). Specifications still need to be drawn up.  Expected spring/summer 2005.  7/04
Barnstable Boat PLANNED - Barnstable may exchange their 16' Boston Whaler Rescue Boat (M-218) with a 13' Boston Whaler from COMM FD.  Posted Sept 2005
BMA ARFF PLANNED - Barnstable Municipal Airport has been authorized a 2nd Crash Truck.  The new ARFF Truck is expected to be a similar style and size to the present ARFF Truck 820.  Unknown delivery time. Posted Feb 2005.
Bourne B-128


PLANNED - Bourne has a 5 ton Military chassis that is expected to be used to build a new Breaker 128 to replace the 1967 Kaiser 1500 gallon breaker that has been plagued with problems in recent years.  June 2005
Bourne Ladder RE_BIDDING - New Ladder Truck.  Bourne has received authorization and funding to replace its 1973 Grove 85' aerial Ladder 126.  Bids have been out and apparently two manufacturers have submitted to replace the truck.  At this time, it appears to be narrowed down to either an E-One or Sutphen 100' mid mount aerial tower quint. The new tower would be assigned to the  new Sagamore  Fire Station due to space limitations at the Buzzards Bay Headquarters. More to follow.  May 2005.  Purchase of aerial put on hold. June 2005.  Re-bidding process under way for an aerial tower. Sept 2005
Brewster L-237


PLANNED - Brewster has been approved for a federal grant of $570,000.  With some additional funds from Brewster, the department is planning to purchase a new 100' Aerial Ladder to replace the 1983 American LaFrance Ladder 237 purchased in 1993.  The new ladder would be Brewster's third ladder truck, but first new one.  Posted Sept 2005
Brewster R-243 DELIVERED - Brewster's new 2005 Ford / Life Line Type III Ambulance has been delivered.  Painted red, it will serve as Rescue 243.  Nov 5, 2005
PREVIOUS POSTING  The new Brewster ambulance has apparently been rejected after failing to meet specifications and pass state inspection. On order for some time, the 2005 E450/Wheeled Coach Type III ambulance was to replace the 1989 Rescue 243 Unfortunately the ambulance failed to meet Brewster specs twice and has been rejected.  Brewster will be re-advertising for bids for a new ambulance or possibly two.  Updated April 2005.  New Specs out Aug 2005 - Lifeline Bid.
Carver R-1 PLANNED - Carver Fire Department is planning a Heavy Rescue.  It would be a 4 door cab forward, non walk-in style with rollup doors. Planning to seek funding in spring 2005. It would replace the present 1986 GMC/Ranger Rescue 1.  Posted Feb 2005.
COMM R-327 OUT OF SERVICE - LOANER - A Freightliner / ALF Type I Ambulance is on loan to COMM FD while two more ambulances go out to be repainted (again). The loaner ambulance put in service March 19 will be called Rescue 327.  R324 will go out first, followed by
R325 (both 2000 Freightliner/ALF MedicMasters)  March 20, 2005.  R-327 removed from service Oct 2005 upon return of R325.  Nov 3, 2005
COMM Engine ON ORDER - Voters approved purchase of a new Pumper in FY-06.  The new engine, a Pierce Quantum, will replace the 1983 Mack Engine 305.  It would be delivered in June 2006. May 2005  - updated July 2005
Eastham E-156 PLANNED - Eastham voters approved replacement of the 1986 Ford / E-One Engine 156.  Bids are going out and should be awarded by June for a 1500 gpm / 1000 gal Rescue pumper with a CAFS system to replace the 19 year old engine.  May 2005.
Eastham R-162
PLANNED - Eastham has also approved replacement of its two ambulances.  The 1999 Rescue 163 and 2001 Rescue 162 would both be replaced.  More to follow.  May 2005
Edgartown R-263 ON ORDER - New Ambulance.  Ford / Horton Type III Ambulance for Rescue 263.
To replace 1994 Rescue 263. Posted 11/04 
Falmouth R-37 PLANNED - Falmouth Fire Dept expects to order a new ambulance soon to replace the 14 year old 1991 Ford Rescue 37.  It is not yet determined who will be awarded the bid or how the apparatus would be assigned.  June 2005  
Hyannis R-827 ON ORDER - New Ambulance. Expecting a 2004 International/Road Rescue Type I Ambulance.  To replace 1992 Ford Rescue 827.  Expected fall 2004 delivery.  Posted 6/03.  Updated 4/04
Mashpee Boat DELIVERED - Mashpee has taken delivery of a new 18' Edgewater / Yamaha 150 Rescue Boat.  (Sept 2005) 
Mashpee C-370 ON ORDER - Mashpee is expecting delivery of a new 2005 Ford F450 4 door extended cab Pickup Truck with a utility body to replace the 1989 Ford Pickup C-370.  It is expected in Nov 2005.  Nov 3, 2005
Middlborough L-1 REFURB - The 1989 Maxim Middleborough Ladder Truck is being refurbished at Middleborough PolyMax Corp.  04/05
Nantucket L-1 ON ORDER - New Ladder Truck.  Nantucket has been approved to purchase a new ladder truck to replace the 1987 Spartin/LTI Ladder 1.  7/04   The new ladder will be a quint apparatus with a 105' Metz Aerial / platform, 1500 gpm pump and 180 gallon tank with 20 gals of foam on an HME 1871 chassis.  It would be delivered early in 2006.  Updated 03/05
Nantucket AMB PLANNED - A new ambulance, possibly 4x4, is being planned.  June 05
Nantucket Tanker PLANNED - Nantucket is also planning a new tanker truck to replace one of its older tankers (Tanker 1).  June 2005.
Nantucket Eng PLANNED - Nantucket is also planning a replacement engine for one of its older engines. probably Engine 2.  The new engine may be similar to the wildland  style Engine 3 tpurchased in 2002.  It would be likely assigned the Siasconset Station.  Updated June 2005
OakBluffs R-562 AWAITING DELIVERY - New ambulance to replace 1995 Rescue 562.  Mar 2005
Oak Bluffs reportedly received the new MedTec ambulance and after a brief time, returned it.  It is unknown what happens next.  May 2005
Onset E-1 REFURBISHING - Onset is refurbishing the 1988 Maxim F pumper Engine 1. Expected to get a fully enclosed cab, light tower, and some body work. Mar 2005 
Orleans R-174 PLANNED - Orleans will be replacing its Rescue 174 that was destroyed in an accident ion March 11, 2005.  The new ambulance is expected to be a Ford/Lifeline Type III. May 2005. Updated June 2005 
Otis F-404 ON ORDER - Otis is expecting delivery of a new Oshkosh 1500 gallon Crash Truck in the spring of 2006.  The new crash truck would replace the 1975 Oshkosh Foam 404.  There is some concern that its delivery may be effected by base mission changes, but as of this time it is expected to be delivered with the white over red color scheme of Foam 403.  Nov 3, 2005
Otis E-410 ON ORDER - Otis is expecting delivery of a new 2006 American LaFrance Eagle 2000 gpm / 750 gallon 4 door cab forward pumper in the spring of 2006.  The new engine will be painted red with a white roof and white stripe.  It will have a rescue style body.  The new engine would be a 3rd engine with E406 and E407 remaining in service.  Nov 3, 2005 
Otis S-412 ON ORDER - Otis is also expecting delivery of a new 2005 Ford F450 Pickup with an extended 4 door cab and utility body.  This vehicle will replace the 1986 Dodge ramp truck 412.  The new vehicle will be called Squad 412.  Nov 3, 2005
Otis T-417 ON ORDER - Otis is expecting delivery of a new 20' Technical Rescue Trailer to replace the older 16' Tech 417 trailer.  It will be arriving winter 2006.  Nov 3, 2005
Otis T-417 ON ORDER - Otis will also replace its 20' Haz Mat Spill Containment trailer 418 with a new 24' Spill Containment Trailer. Expected winter 2006.  Nov 3, 2005
Plymouth Breaker PLANNED - New Brush Breaker.  Another Freightliner chassis has been received and will be sent out to EJ Murphy for construction of another breaker. Posted 10/04
Chassis is still at Sta.2 waiting to be sent out. Updated March 2005
Provincetown E-194 ON ORDER - Provincetown has approved funding for a new pumper to replace Eng. 194.  The new engine will be similar to the most recently purchased Eng. 193. The new pumper would be housed at the Johnson Street Station and will replace the 1980 Mack Engine 194.  It is anticipated that the new engine would be delivered approximately summer 2006.  Updated June 2005
Sandwich Engine APPROVED - Sandwich voters approved funding for a new Rescue Pumper at this years town meeting.  The new engine would be assigned to Station 1.   The present Engine 451 would be reassigned to Station 3 and the 1987 Pierce Engine 453 would replace the 1972 Maxim F Engine 452 at Station 2.  Updated June 2005   
Sandwich Breaker PLANNED - New Brush Breaker.  A military 5 ton chassis will be used to build a new brush breaker to replace the recently retired 1967 Kaiser Breaker 462. No specifics on when the breaker will be built.  Sandwich has rebuilt two breakers in recent years with work done in house.  Breaker 461 and Breaker 463.  7/04
Tisbury L-651 PLANNED - New Aerial Device.  Plans are underway to replace the 1960 Ford/Maxim Ladder 651.  The new truck would be a quint type apparatus, either a snorkle or aerial, possibly an E-One/Bronto Skylift snorkle. A new station is also planned as any new apparatus would not fit into the present Vineyard Haven Station. posted 4/04. Updated 11/04.
Truro E-483 APPROVED - Truro residents approved the purchase and replacement of their 1969 Chevy/Maynard Engine 483.  April 2005.
Wareham EMS R-2 ON ORDER - Wareham EMS has awarded a contract for a 2005 Ford E450 / Road Rescue Type III Ambulance to replace a 1995 Rescue 742 Posted 03/05
Wareham EMS C-740 ON ORDER - Wareham EMS will be placing a Pickup Truck in service as unit 740 replacing the director's Expedition.  Nov 3, 2005
W.Barn Quint GRANT - W.Barnstable Fire Department has been awarded a $350,000 grant to purchase a 75' Quint.  It is not yet known if this will be a new or used apparatus. WBFD currently operates a 1967 Maxim aerial Ladder 297.  Posted 2/05
W.Barn C-291 APPROVED - West Barnstable voters approved purchase of a new Fire Chief's vehicle.  The previous Car 291 was privately owned by the chief that recently retired.  More to follow.  May 2005
Wellfleet S-80 PLANNED - Wellfleet has approved the replacement of their 1983 Ford service truck Squad 1 (80).  More to follow.  May 2005
Wellfleet F-90 PLANNED - Wellfleet is awaiting a response to a Grant request to replace their  1970 Dodge Forestry 90.  May 2005
West Tisbury B-732 PLANNED - New Brush Breaker.  Plans to replace 1959 Ford/Maynard Brush Breaker 732. Posted 11/04
Yarmouth C-52 ON ORDER - New Deputy Chief vehicle on order.  May 2005





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The latest apparatus retired, damaged, replaced...

Apparatus News


Retired, damaged, replaced

NEWEST POSTING: November 3, 2005
COMM R-327 out of service
COMM R-327 Loaner Ambulance Out of Service Nov 05
Yarmouth E-47 1975 Maxim F Pumper (Retired) Sept 05
Yarmouth R-56 2004 Ford/Road Rescue Ambulance (Damaged in MVA Aug 2005) Aug 05
Mashpee R-362 2003 Ford/Lifeline Ambulance - (Damaged in MVA aug 2005) Aug 05
Hyannis E-823 1975 Maxim F Pumper (Retired - to BCFTA Aug 2005) July 05
COMM E-302 1975 Mack 1250/1000 pumper - retired July 05
W. Barn T-298 1975 (2005) Dodge Tanker taken out of service. Mar 05
Middleboro Eng 3 1975 Maxim S Pumper (Retired) Mar 05
Orleans R-174 2000 Ford / Road Rescue Type III. (Damaged in MVA Mar 11, 2005) Mar 05
Chilmark B-132 1954 Ford / Maynard Brush Breaker.  (Retired) Nov 04
Marion Sqd 3 1981 - GMC / E-One 250/500 Rescue Truck.  (Retired) June 04
Sandwich B-462 1967 - Kaiser/1980 T.Young 250/1000 Brush Breaker.  (Retired) June 04
Nantucket Eng 2 1984 - FWD / Seagrave 1500/500 Pumper.  (Retired, replaced by HR-1) June 04
Hyannis D-810 1979 - Ford / Yankee Coach Type III Dive Truck.  (damaged by fire) Feb 04
W.Barn P-290 1989 - Chevy Patrol Truck.  (Damaged in MVA Feb 2004) Feb 04
Wareham Eng 5 1975 - Maxim Pumper. (Retired) Sept 04





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The latest plans, rumors, and news about fire stations....  More below...

Plans, rumors and things to come.

Sta.3  Yarmouth   The Yarmouth Fire Department has received approval and funding to develop plans for a new West Yarmouth Fire Station No.3.  The new station would be built on town owned property at the intersection of Buck Island Road and Town Brook Road, West Yarmouth.  Initial plans are to construct administrative offices at the new station as well as apparatus room and living quarters.   April 05 
Sta.2 Edgartown Word of plans to build a new fire station on Chappaquidick Island in the town of Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. Nov 04
Sta.1 Wareham Wareham Headquarters will now be called Station 1.
Wareham Station 1 (East Wareham) will now be Sta. 4
Sept 04
Sta.2 Mashpee There are plans to build a new sub-station in the New Seabury section of town.  No specific time table. July 04
HQ Wellfleet There have been discussions about the possibility of building a new centralized fire station in Wellfleet.  The present fire / police station has been outgrown by both departments.  The construction makes it difficult to add onto.  The  
HQ Nantucket There are plans to build a new public safety / police / fire complex on Nantucket to replace the two outgrown facilities.  Funding was approved in spring 2004.  The present fire station is not adequate to house all of the apparatus inside, or house additional staffing. July 04
HQ Oak Bluffs Rumor has it, there are plans to construct an addition on the Oak Bluffs fire station. June 04
HQ Tisbury There are plans to build a new public safety fire /ems complex in Vineyard Haven.  The current station is not adequate for new apparatus.  The ambulance is currently housed in the police station. June 04



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Construction and renovation news...


New Fire Stations, Renovations, Changes

NEWEST - Construction under way on new Sagamore station in Bourne    and the new headquarters station at Otis.  May 2005

OT-1 Otis HQ Construction has begun on the new $13.7 million Fire Headquarters/ARFF Station at the base.  The new station will replace and combine the two present stations into one modern facility.  Ground was broken in May 2005 and construction is expected to take a year or so. May 05
SG-3 Bourne Station 3
Construction has begun on the new Sagamore Fire Station #3.  It is located on Meetinghouse Road near Old Plymouth Road.  It will replace the present station 3 which will be razed as part of the Sagamore Bridge Flyover Project.  The new station will be a brick structure with 3 apparatus bays and 3 floors of living space, approx 24,000 sq ft. It is being funded 20% by the state and 80% by the feds, approx $5 million, at no cost to the town. Expected completion Dec 2005. Posted Feb 2004. Updated May 2005 Feb 05
MI-1 Middleborough HQ Station 1 New 4 bay drive-thru brick fire station opened.  Replaced 1926 brick fire station on same site. Feb 04
SY-1 South Yarmouth HQ Station 1 New 1 bay wooden addition to house new Ladder Tower. Fall 03
MM-3 Marstons Mills COMM Station 3 New 3 bay drive-thru brick & wood FireStation.  Replaced 1975 metal station in same site. Aug 03
NAA-2 Nantucket Airport Sta.2 New steel combination ARFF/Maintenance building on east side of airport. 2002
MI-3 Middleborough North Station 3 New 3 bay brick & wood station opened.  New third station in north end. Served as HQ during reconstruction of central station. Sept 02
FA-1 Falmouth HQ Station 1 New 3 bay brick addition and full renovations of the 1929 Falmouth Headquarters station. 2002
AQ-1 Aquinnah Fire Station New wooden bay added to fire station to house rescue truck. Apr 02
PL-3 Pine Hills, Plymouth Sta. 3 New 3 bay brick fire station built in Pine Hills development, off Exit 3 Route 3.  New station for area. Sept 02
WE-2 South Wellfleet, Station 2 The South Wellfleet station has been closed due to staffing problems.  The engine that was housed there was retired when the new quint ladder arrived. Oct 02
MA-1 Mashpee HQ New bays and complete rebuilding of fire station. 2001
BA-1 Barnstable HQ Major renovations to fire headquarters. 2001
EA-1 Eastham HQ New 4 bay brick fire headquarters built on site of old headquarters. 2001
PT-5 Provincetown Station 5 Renovations of one of the oldest active fire stations on Cape.  Raised up to house new engine. 2001
WA-EMS Wareham EMS Moved into new renovated facility. Apr 01
RO-3 Rochester Sta. 3 Bays at new metal DPW barn used to house fire apparatus.  2 new bays for FireStation 3.  Mar 2005 2001/05
WT-2 West Tisbury Station 2 New 3 bay brick and wood station built to replace much smaller and older station on north side of town. 2000





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The latest on personnel and department news....

Apparatus News



- Several Firefighters from the Cape were honored at Firefighter of the Year ceremonies at Faneuil Hall in Boston on Oct 27, 2005. Hyannis and Yarmouth Fire Departments were honored for the efforts dozens of their personnel made rescuing a trapped Orleans firefighter - Mike Gould - involved in an ambulance accident back in March 2005.  The extrication with the Jaws took over an hour.  Three off duty Sandwich firefighters - Capt James Huska, FF Robert George, and FF Jason Vivieros - were honored for being in the right place at the right time and saving the life of a woman and caring for two others who were burned when a portable stove blew up at a Jimmy Buffet concert at the Tweeter Center.  Falmouth Capt James Marshall and Lt Mel Trott were also honored for making a rescue of a woman from a smoke filled apartment on Scranton Ave in May. The late night fire occurred when crews were out on EMS calls and the rescue was made before fire apparatus could be staffed properly. CONGRATULATIONS to all of these personnel for their jobs well done.  Nov 2005

- Bourne Fire Department will not have to face layoffs thanks to a successful override vote by Bourne Voters
  on October 12, 2005.  The five personnel that would have been laid off will not have to be, thus allowing
  Bourne to continue to staff 3 stations including the soon to be completed new Sagamore Station 3. 10/13/05

- Wellfleet Fire Chief Alan Hight will be retiring at the end of the year.  It is reported that Deputy
  Chief Silverman is currently serving as Acting Fire Chief.  Oct 2005

- Falmouth Firefighter & Paramedic Alden Cook has retired effective October 1, 2005.  Alden has
   been a very active member of the fire - ems service on the Cape with leadership roles in
   CIEMSS, Inc.  Best wishes to Alden in his retirement.

- West Barnstable Fire Department has announced the appointment of Captain Joseph Maruca to
   Chief of the West Barnstable Fire Department.  The appointment came at the Prudential
   Committee Meeting on September 21, 2005.  Congratulations to the Cape's newest Chief.

- Retired Harwich Fire Chief Robert A. Peterson passed away September 18, 2005 at 1712 hours.

- West Barnstable Fire Department has still not appointed a chief to replace Chief Jenkins, who
   retired in March 2005.  A retirement party for Chief Jenkins will be held on October 1. 9/9/05

- Sandwich Fire Department Chief Dennis Newman has officially retired as of August 31, 2005. 
   Long time department member and Captain, George Russell has been appointed as acting Chief.
   He is among several candidates (2 from in house) that are being interviewed for the Chief's Job.
   Best wishes to Chief Newman who completed 40 years on SFD and about 18 years as the
   Chief's position. 9/9/05

- Harwich Fire was able to hire back (5) personnel after another town vote in August 2005.  This
   restored the dispatchers and put the firefighter/paramedics that had been taken off the floor to do
   dispatching, back on the floor.  Harwich is still short of money and are not able to keep Station 2
   open 24/7 unless there is sufficient manpower on duty.

- Harwich Fire lost (4) Firefighter / Paramedics and (2) dispatcher to layoffs in May 2005.

- Sandwich Fire Chief Dennis Newman has reportedly announced his upcoming retirement date.
   Chief Newman joined the Sandwich FD in 1965 and has served as a firefighter, Lieutenant, and
   as chief for over the past decade.  May 2005

- Eastham Fire Department has a new Deputy Fire Chief, Mark Foley.  Foley has been a member
   of the Yarmouth fire department for many years and most recently served as a Lieutenant.  He is
   also the Assistant director of training at the Barnstable County Fire Rescue Training Academy.
   Congrats to Mark.   April 2005

- West Barnstable Fire Chief John P. Jenkins retired on March 12, 2005 after 32 years as Chief.  
   Deputy Chief Craig Pye acting chief.

- New Chatham Fire Chief  Michael Ambriscoe Jan 2005.

- New Dennis Fire Chief Mark Dellner Jan 2005.

- Barnstable Fire Department has appointed Firefighter Christopher Olsen as the Acting Deputy
  Chief.  (Sept 2004)

- Brewster has a new Deputy Chief William Harrison.  (Mar 2005)