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Winter Trip 2015
February 14 - March 15


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    So of course I was curious about fire protection on the island. I asked the person who was responsible for making sure we made it safely back to the airport if she could ask the driver of the van to slow down enough for me to get a couple pictures of the one fire station between the resort and the airport. Unfortunately, the van filled up before we boarded so we ended up taking the big bus instead.  To my surprise, as we approached the "fire station" they called out my name on the bus and pulled off the road and onto the ramp of the station, stopping for me to get off and take my pictures, before continuing on to the airport. I was thrilled, but also a bit embarrassed wondering what the other passengers were thinking of this strange brief detour.

     The state of art apparatus here was probably the yellow Ford with the cracked windshield. I didn't see much hose on any of the apparatus and can only imagine what they have, or don't have, for equipment. There were two personnel in the station, probably to staff the "ambulance."  Essentially, my understanding is, if there is any sort of major fire at one of the resorts, help is coming from the airport, eventually, to fight any fire. 

    The airport has several ARFF apparatus, at least one tanker, and a couple ambulances.

    So we enjoyed our week in the tropical sunshine and we pleased to get a few pictures of the fire trucks before we headed back to Ft Lauderdale for the next phase of the trip.







On the Road Again!  Winter Trip 2015

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