Maxim Motors Fire Apparatus

Middleborough, Massachusetts

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A Special Profile
Maxim Brush Trucks

Maxim built Barnstable County Forest Fire Service's third generation brush breakers.
This 1958 Maxim breaker designated C14 carried 800 gallons of water.
It was assigned to the West Barnstable Fire Station until 1982.

Maxim built this large brush breaker in 1961 for the Barnstable County Forest Fire Service.
C13 was originally housed in the Orleans Fire Department.

C13 eventually made its way to the Eastham Fire Department.

Eastham put a unique "smile" on the old C13.


C13 finished out its service in the Brewster Fire Department.
It was designated B255 until retirement in the 1990's.

The old County Breaker C13 (Brewster B255) lies in state behind Brewster Harbormaster Spring 2001.

Brewster also owned the former Barnstable County C12. This 1963 Maxim breaker was originally
assigned to the Dennis Fire Department. In Brewster it was designated B235.

Brewster's 1963 Breaker 235 retired in 2000.

Maxim built this 1962 International 500 gallon brush breaker for the Town of Barnstable
Forest Fire Department. Originally designated as breaker 212 assigned to the Centerville
Fire Station, it was purchased by COMM FD in 1975. It was retired in 1995.

Maxim's photo of Lakeville's 1964 brush breaker Engine 4.
(Sandwich FD collection)

Lakeville Forest Fire 2 - 1964 International/Maxim 575 Gallon Breaker.

Marion Breaker 1 is a 1964 International / Maxim 750 gallon breaker.

COMM Breaker 316 is a 1967 Maxim custom brush breaker with a 1000 gallon tank.
Originally built by the Town of Barnstable Forest Fire Department and assigned to the Osterville
Fire Station, it was bought by COMM FD in 1975, It is presently assigned the COMM HQ.


Middleborough Fire Department's Forest Fire 1 was built by Maxim in the 1980's.





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