Maxim Motors Fire Apparatus

Middleborough, Massachusetts

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A Special Profile
Early Maxim Apparatus

Centerville-Osterville Fire District's first fire apparatus were two 1926 Maxim
500 gpm pumpers. Engine 1 here was assigned to Osterville.
It served until replaced by a commercial Ford / Maxim in 1950.
(COMM FD Collection)

Centerville-Osterville Fire District's 1926 Maxim Engine 1.
(COMM FD Collection)

Harwich Fire Department 1928 Maxim.
(Harwich FD Collection)

Harwich Fire Department 1928 Maxim Engine 3 painted white.
(Harwich FD Collection)

Wareham Fire Department's 1925 Maxim Engine 1

Chatham's first motorized apparatus was this 1926 Maxim 500 gpm pumper.


Chatham's 1926 Maxim


Falmouth Fire Department's 1938 Maxim city service ladder truck.
(Falmouth FD Collection)

Falmouth Fire Department used this 1938 Maxim city service ladder
truck for many years. Ladder 2 was assigned to Woods Hole.

This unique 1938 Maxim 500 gpm pumper had a 1000 gallon water tank.
It served as Engine 5 in East Falmouth.
(Falmouth FD collection)

Falmouth's Engine 5 500 gpm / 100 gallon 1938 Pumper.
It later served in Mashpee from 1963 to 1970.
(Howie Smith collection)

Yarmouth Fire Department's 1950s Maxim Engine 1.

Falmouth Fire Department's Engine 1 used this 1956 Maxim first due into the 1970's.
(Falmouth FD Collection)

Falmouth Engine1 1956 Maxim 750 gpm


Falmouth refurbished Engine 1's Maxim in the 1970's following an accident.
It was repainted the trendy lime color of that time and served as Engine 32
in reserve for a number of years.

Falmouth's 1956 Maxim Engine 32 in reserve.

Oak Bluffs Fire Department on Martha's Vineyard had an entire fleet of Maxims.
This is the Manufacturer's photo of Engine 2.
(Sandwich FD's collection)

Oak Bluffs Fire Department Engine 3

Onset Fire District's Engine 1 Maxim
(Onset FD's collection)

Wareham Fire District, Onset Fire District, and the Wareham Town Fire Department
apparatus in a great group photo taken in the 1960's. All three departments were big
Maxim users. Several Maxims are still in service in these departments.
(Onset FD Collection)

Barnstable Municipal Airport crash truck was a 1958 Ford / Maxim.


Nice old Maxim well decorated...Lynnfield muster.



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