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Middleborough, Massachusetts

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A Special Profile
Custom Maxim "S" Model Pumpers

Cape Cod's last in service "S" Model Maxim was Bourne's 1968 pumper.
This unit served as Engine 2 and 4 and operated from each of Bourne's 4 stations.
It retired in 1995 after 27 years of service.

Bourne Fire Department's 1968 Maxim as Engine 2.
Same apparatus as above. Photo taken in early 1980's.

Bourne Fire Department's 1968 Maxim as Engine 4.
Same apparatus as above photos. White roof paint and reassigned as Engine 4.
Photo taken in mid 1990's.

Cotuit Fire Department in 1967. Engine 1 is a 1967 Maxim S 1000/500 pumper.
The old Caddy ambulance was Cotuit's first ambulance.

Cotuit Engine 1

Cotuit Engine 1 (E263) was a 1967 Maxim S 1000 gpm pumper. It retired in 1994.

The former Cotuit Engine 1 was purchased by a private owner.


Eastham Fire Department's 1974 Maxim S Engine 1 (E155)
Retired in 1993.


Sandwich Fire Department Engine 3 (E150) served in East Sandwich for many years.
Interestingly, it finished service with the Bourne Fire Department for a short time
before its motor failed. The 1000 gpm Hale pump is now still in service in Provincetown's
unique Quint Ladder Truck Ladder 2 (L192).

The Falmouth Fire Department had several "S" models during the 60's and 70's.
Engine 2 served in Woods Hole and finished its service as Engine 4 in West Falmouth.

Falmouth Engine 4's opencab "S" was in the West Falmouth fire house #4.

Falmouth Engine 4, hood up for engine cooling, pumps at a Woods Hole house fire.

Falmouth Engine 5 (E25) was one of Falmouth's busiest "S" models. It also had the enclosed cab.

Oak Bluffs Engine 4 is 1 1961 750 gpm pumper.

The 1961 Oak Bluffs Engine 4 (E524) is still in service.

Orleans FD's 1974 Maxim L176 has the "S" Model cab.

Lakeville Engine 2 pumping at a working fire.

Lakeville Engine 2 1987 Maxim S 1250 / 1000 pumper

Lakeville Engine 3 1983 Maxim S 1250/1000

Middleborough Engine 3 - 1975 Maxim S 1250/1000

Middleborough Engine 1 is reported to be the LAST Maxim's "S" Model to be delivered.
The 1988 1000 gpm pumper went to Maxim's hometown and the community
that purchased the first Maxim 74 years earlier. It is in service in South Middleborough.





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