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May 3, 2009
Photos Britt Crosby
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Honolulu International Airport

Honolulu International Airport

Honolulu ARFF Headquarters.

Honolulu ARFF Headquarters.

Honolulu International Station 2
"Reef Runway Station"

Honolulu International Station 2
"Reef Runway Station"
Temporary tent facility to house Striker apparatus that is too large to fit in the station.

The original Reef Runway station (behind the tent) houses spare apparatus

Also located at the Reef Runway station is a boat house for a fire rescue boat.

Hickam Air Force Base shares runways at Honolulu International and has their own crash station.

Y4 is a 1500 gallon Oshkosh Striker

Station 1 has two 1500 gallon Strikers.

Y5 is one of the 3000 gallon Oshkosh Strikers with a snozzle.

Y12 appears to be surplus apparatus at Station 1.

ARFF services at all Hawaii Airports provided by the State of Hawaii.

Y3 is one of the 1500 gallon Strikers at Station 2

Y7 is the second 1500 Striker at Station 2

Y6 is a 3000 gallon Striker

Y7, Y6, Y3
Station 2

Located behind the first line apparatus, are the spare Oshkosh trucks


Kahului International Airport is the largest airport on the island of Maui.

Kahului International is protected by one ARFF station.

Kahului, Maui ARFF Station.
photo taken from jet window April 2009

R3, R4, R2, R1 (R5)

Maui ARFF Station

Rescue 1 is a 1500 gallon Oshkosh Striker.

Rescue 2 is also a 1500 gallon Oshkosh Striker.

Rescue 3 is a 3000 gallon Striker


The reserve crash truck is a 3000 gallon Oshkosh Rescue 4


A smaller rapid intervention vehicle originally intended for a smaller airfield on Maui.

Rescue 5 is the rescue truck at Kahului

Command vehicles at Kahului

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Photos Britt Crosby