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       Crosby Yacht Yard Fire   Updated 01/03/2004
         Photos by Britton Crosby

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        The Aluminum shed (Shed 4) was a twisted carcass of steel.  Fiberglass yachts were a melted, unrecognizable
        mess.  Other boats were simply no longer.

        The aluminum shed was built in the early 1960sand was approximately 150' x 50' is size.

        The rear of  Shed 4 and the remains of the older 100' x 50' Shed 2.

        The south side of  Shed 4 was the immediately exposure of the original fire building.  The distance between the
        three  buildings only a matter of a few feet.

        Shed 3, the 280' x 80' wooden shed where the fire is believed to have started was completely destroyed.  The
        adjacent boats and shed at Oyster Harbors Marine is on the left.

        Looking through what was the overhead door on side 1 of the big shed 3 through the destruction.  Oyster
        harbors Marine recently built the two wooden (un-sprinklered) storage sheds in the background on Little Island.
        There ws a district fear during the fire that the massive brands flying towards those sheds would cause the
        fire to spread to Little Island.  Fortunately, it did not.

        The left side (Side 2)  of the original fire building was a 150' x 30' storage shed and a 100' row of rack storage
        belonging to Oyster Harbors Marine were also destroyed.

        Looking from the water side at the twisted remains of  Shed 4.

        Only a few heavy timber posts from the interior of Shed 3 remain as evidence of the huge structure that once
        stood here for over 75 years.

        The Historic Osterville water front has changed forever.  The loss of  historic wooden yachts and memories are
        irreplaceable.    The cause and final dollar loss are yet to be determined, but estimates in the multiple millions
        may put this at the level of one of the largest losses in the state.   

        The view from above 10 days later.  Oyster Harbors Marine had already cleared the burned shed and boats
        on side 2.  The smoothed area in shed 3 reflects the area cleared during the fire investigation.

         The yacht basin showing the proximity of the Little Island sheds to the main fire.


        Crosby Yacht's main shed on the left.  Nauticus Marine is located in the center with the green lawn.   The West
          Bay town dock (next to Nauticus) was used by ET296 to draft.


        The potential residential exposures surrounding the complex were fortunately never endangered. 


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