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       Crosby Yacht Yard Fire   Posted  01/03/2004. Updated Dec 5, 2012
         Photos by Britton Crosby

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Firefighters prepare to battle the fire inside the aluminum Shed 4.

          COMM Ladder 307 operates 1000 gpm from the aerial. 

COMM Firefighters operating 2-1/2" on side 4.

        Protecting exposures on side 4.


        Hyannis firefighters working on side 4.


        Structural collapse of Shed 2 on side 4.


        Operating on side 3/4 corner. 

        Approximately a dozen 1-1/2 " lines operated at the scene.

        A slushy snow cover prevented some of the embers from causing more problems.

        The fire could be seen for miles.  Thick acrid smoke from the fire drifted westerly causing upper Cape departments to
        respond to numerous smoke calls.  The fiberglass boats, plastics, and hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel
        made the smoke very thick and gave it a distinct odor.


Lieutenant Rogers and Hyannis Deputy Melanson. 


Side  4

This historic Wianno Senior frame was stored next to shed 2.  It was saved as was the small building shown
           above on the right.


COMM Firefighters Long and Osgood working on side 4.


A  2-1/2" hose stream operating on side 4 protects the Wianno Senior frame.



        OSTERVILLE, MA.           Wednesday,  December 10, 2003      2131 Hours
        The Fourth Alarm was transmitted at approximately 2144 hours.

        4th Alarm - 2144
        E406 - Otis Engine to scene, brand patrol on Little Island
        E25 - Falmouth Engine in Staging
        E43 - Yarmouth Engine responded to scene and operated at OH Marine
        L206 - Barnstable Ladder was delayed due to staffing, in Staging
        R458 - Sandwich ambulance responded to scene

        Station Coverage on 4th Alarm
        Centerville Station 1 - E48 Yarmouth Engine - Then went to Ost Station
        Centerville Station 1 - R828 and R825 from Hyannis covered and did calls
        Osterville Station 2 - E451 Sandwich Engine - Then went to scene
        Marstons Mills Station 3 - E23 Falmouth Engine
        Hyannis Station - E112 from Dennis - Then went to Cent HQ
        Hyannis Station - L110 from Dennis
        Hyannis Station - HR241 from Brewster for regional coverage
        Hyannis Station - C181 Chatham Chief for regional coverage
        West Barnstable Station - R242 from Brewster
        Barnstable Station - E106 from Dennis
        Mashpee Station - E294 responded to Mashpee  -
                                    E294 later covered Marstons Mills
        Mashpee Station - E2 from Onset and Onset C1
        Mashpee Station - L26 from Falmouth for  regional coverage
        Falmouth Station 3 - E125 from Bourne
        Sandwich Station 1 - E6 from Plymouth
        Sandwich Station 3 - E123 from Bourne
        Bourne Station 3 - E5 from Plymouth
        Yarmouth Station 1 - E69 from Harwich
        Yarmouth Station 2 - E233 from Brewster
        Dennis Station 1 - E185 from Chatham
        Dennis Station 2 - E234 from Brewster
        Harwich Station 1 - E64 from E Harwich
        Harwich Station 2 - E175 from Orleans

        A 5th Alarm request at approximately 2149 was covered by other radio
        traffic and was not transmitted, although special calls to the scene
        made the equivalent of a 5th alarm to work at the scene.

        5th Alarm Run Card would have been...
        E451 - Sandwich Engine   (responded on special call)
E23 - Falmouth Engine  (did not respond to scene, covering Mills)
E48 - Yarmouth Engine (did not respond to scene, covering Ost)
        L356 - Mashpee Tower  (came on special call and operated at scene)
HR241 - Brewster Heavy Rescue (did not respond to scene, covered Hya)
        R262 - Cotuit ambulance, responded to scene Staging
        C371 - Mashpee chief responded to scene

        Special Call for 3 additional Aerial Ladders - 2150
        LT356 - Mashpee Tower responded to scene, operated on OH Marine
                      sector later in fire due to access problems
        LT450 - Sandwich Tower responded to scene, operated water tower Nauticus
                    Marine side 4.
        L297 - West Barnstable Ladder staged and crew operated at scene
        L41 - Yarmouth responded and crew operated at scene

        Special Calls
        E451 - Sandwich Engine to staging
        M808 - Hyannis Fire Boat responded to scene and operated from water side 3
        S370 - Mashpee pickup responded with Diesel Fuel
        S-29 - Falmouth pickup responded with Diesel fuel
        C-371 - Mashpee Chief to scene
        C-441 - Sandwich Chief to the scene
        ISU - The Fire Marshall's Incident Support Unit  spent 2 days on scene
        USCG - Coast Guard pollution control trailer responded



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