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       Crosby Yacht Yard Fire   Posted  01/03/2004. Updated Dec 5, 2012
         Photos by Britton Crosby

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        COMM FD Chief  John Farrington commanded the fire on side 1.  This is the largest fire the Chief commanded in
          his 30 years as chief. 

        Ladder 307 had been out of service all day for some maintenance.  It went in service just 3 hours before the fire
          and served a vital roll it battling the fire. 

        Firefighter Tom Miskiv and Captain Byron Eldridge were on standby coverage at Station 3 with E304 when the
          fire came in.  Engine 304 was first due and operated at full capacity for hours.  The 'on duty' crew responded in the
          ambulance from Hyannis returning from CCH. 

        Engine 302 and Sandwich Tower 450 operated from the parking lot of Nauticus Marine on side 4.  The tower
          operated 2 large streams from the bucket. 

        The Barnstable Sheriff's Department ECC (Emergency Communications Center) S-39 responded on the 3rd
          alarm.  BSO personnel and a COMM Dispatcher operated as a 'field com' unit on the scene. 

        Chief Farrington moved command into S-39.

         Master streams were operated for several hours after the fire was contained to extinguish the fire.

        On side 4, the Oyster Harbors Marine side of the fire, crews battled extreme heat and smoke during the fire.
          Engine 305 was the first company on this side and with limited access operated very close to the fire.  A deckgun
          and 7 handlines operated during the fire from E305 which was steaming during the height of the blaze.

        The OH Marine building and boat racks were fully involved from the radiant heat behind them.

        Oyster Harbors shed side 2 of the fire.

        Captain Glenn Clough was the officer on E305.

        Throughout the fire, firefighters fought successfully to save the flag.  

        COMM FD Deputy Chief Craig Whiteley commanded operations on side 2, the Oyster Harbors Marine side
          of the fire.

        Firefighter Barton and O'Melia were on Engine 305.

        Fire to the left... fire to the right... smoke so thick...

        Better late then never.... the Mashpee Tower 356 was brought in after containment to operate on side 2.

        Hyannis Fire Department responded with the Fire Boat 808 and operated in the smoke on side 3 from the water.
          The deckgun and a handline operated on the fire.

        Fire  Boat 808 is the only true fire boat in the area, stationed in Hyannis.  It took over an hour to reach the scene
          but was able to operate for several hours.

        The Hyannis boat operating on side 3.

        COMM Firefighters celebrate the survival of this yacht on side 4.

        Members of  'engine company 322' enjoy a break after the fire  courtesy of the Cape & Islands Red Cross Canteen.


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