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       Crosby Yacht Yard Fire   Posted  01/03/2004. Updated Dec 5, 2012
         Photos by Britton Crosby

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Side 1 of Shed 3 not long after the complete collapse of the shed.  Ladder 307's elevated stream operates from

Firefighters operating on side 4 as Shed 3 becomes fully involved.


The radiant heat involves Shed 2.

Firefighters operate on side 4 on Shed 2.

Hyannis Deputy Melanson communicates with COMM Firefighters on Side 4.

Shed 2 and Shed 4 well involved.

Side 4.


Streams operate on exposed boats on side 4 as Shed 2 & Shed 4 are fully involved. 


Side 2 fully involved.


Handlines are operated on exposed boats. 

Shed 2 fully involved. 

Lieutenant Rogers on side 4. 

Firefighters battle radiant heat operating on side 4. 



        OSTERVILLE, MA.           Wednesday,  December 10, 2003      2131 Hours
        The 2nd and 3rd Alarms were transmitted simultaneously prior to arrival of
        apparatus at approximately 2135 hrs.
        The assignment was dispatched by Barnstable County Control.

        2nd Alarm - 2135
        E826 - Hyannis Engine arrived and pumped Crosby Circle hydrant to E302
        ET296 - West Barnstable 2000gpm Tanker drafted from West Bay town dock
                     and supplied salt water to E304 and later Sandwich Tower 450.
        HR821 - Hyannis Heavy Rescue crew served as RIT and operated on side 4.
        C801 - Hyannis Chief operated on scene
        C802 - Hyannis Deputy Chief operated on side 4
        RC229 - Red Cross Canteen unit responded to scene

        3rd Alarm - 2135
        E355 - Mashpee Engine responded to scene, crew operated on side 1
        E453 - Sandwich Engine responded to scene, pumped hydrant OH Marine to E305
        E205 - Barnstable Engine responded to scene, pumped hydrant Bridge St to E263
 (LT829 - Hyannis Tower was Out of Service and did not respond)
        R293 - West Barnstable ambulance responded
to scene, rehab duties on Cockachoiset.
        C291 - West Barnstable Chief responded and operated as Safety Chief
        EMS1 - CIEMSS Dispatched as EMS sector
        S-39   - Barnstable County Sheriff's Emergency Communications Vehicle
                    responded and set up as command post on Cockachoiset Lane.

        Station Coverage on 3rd alarm
        Centerville Station 1 - E43 from Yarmouth
        Centerville Station 1 - R458 from Sandwich
        Osterville Station 2 - E406 from Otis
        Marstons Mills Station 3 - E25 from Falmouth
        Sandwich Station 3 - E451 from Sandwich
        Hyannis Station - E48 from Yarmouth


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