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Fire Department

Department Profile


The Hyannis Fire Department was established in 1896.......................Hyannis is one of 5 independant fire districts within the Town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA.......................Hyannis FD protects approximately 15,000 residents within a 9.5 square mile area...................Hyannis is the largest commerical area on the Cape with a large day time population.....................Hyannis operates with 11 personnel per shift, with a minimum of 9 working......................Hyannis operates from 1 fire station....................There were 5,780 incidents in Hyannis in 2002...................1,384 Fire responses and 4,398 EMS runs................


Hyannis Fire Department
95 High School Road
Hyannis, MA  02601
Run Cards
Emergency 911
Emergency 508-775-2323
Business     508-775-1300
FAX            508-778-6448
Dispatch     508-775-1300
Radio          33.94   114.8
Radio          853.2125   203.5
800 Talk     37616
Fire Alarm  KCD 454
Dispatched by Hyannis FD

Fire Chief Peter J. Burke Jr (07/2017)

Hyannis Fire District
Barnstable, Massachusetts
Barnstable County
Mid Cape Cod Region

Established 1896
1 Fire Station     20 Apparatus
54 Personnel  54 Career  0 Call
 Apparatus 800-839

Area             9.5  Square Miles
Population    15,000   (2000)
Density        1,579 per sq mile

Fire          xxxx
EMS         xxxx
Total        6,628
(2017 stats)

Sta.1    Sta.2
Sta.3    Sta.4

3 Engines
1 Tower
0 Brush
4 Ambs
8 Cars
5 Misc

  Hyannis Local 2172  

Total Personnel: 54

Career Personnel: 54
(1) Fire Chief,
(1) Deputy Chief,
(4) Shift Captains,
(8) Shift Lieutenants,
(36) FFs, 
(2) Fire Prevention Officers,
(1) Training Captain,
(1) EMS Officer,
(1) Mechanic,
(2.5) Admin Secs, 
(1) Maintenance

(27) Paramedics,
(2) EMT-I,
(29) EMTs,
(0) First Responders

IAFF: Local 2172. Personnel are civilian.

There are 4 groups of (12) personnel, with a minimum of (10) per shift (includes dispatch)
Each group works an 8 day, 42 hour week comprised of (1) 24 hour shift 0800-0800, (2) days off, (1) 24 hour shift 0800-0800, and (4) days off.  
The work week is (1) on, (2) off, (1) on, (4) off.  (1-2-1-4)
Station staffing is: (12) Station 1, includes (1) FF on dispatch 
The minimum staffing is (9) Station 1, includes (1) FF on dispatch

Dispatched by:
Civilian Dispatchers at Barnstable Police Department as of  June 2018
Previously by Hyannis Firefighters on rotating basis.

Station 1 staffing is (1) Captain, (2) Lieut, (9) FFs

Fire Chief Peter J. Burke Jr.  C1 (Car 801)  July 24, 2017-    
           (Served as Barnstable FD Deputy 2012-2017)
Deputy Chief Dean Melanson  C2 (Car 802)  (1999-Present) (Acting Chief 2016-2017)

Fire Prev Officer Lt  Thomas Lanman   C5 Car 805
Fire Prev Officer Gregory Shopshire    C6 Car 806
EMS Supervisor Mike Medeiros (P)     C4 Car 804
Training Captain Tom Kenney (P) (2015) C7 Car 807
Master Mechanic Ronald Buscemi (2015) C8 Car 800

Group A: Captain Jeffery Huska (P) 
                Lt  Jeffery Lamothe (P)
                Lt  Ryan Clough (P)
Group B: Captain Gregory Dardia, 
                Lt Brian Lawrence  (P)
                Lt Dave Webb (P)
Group C: Captain Eric Kristofferson (I), 
                Lt. Robert Hennessy
                Lt Nate Coughlin  (P)
Group D: Captain Mark Storie  
                 Lt Kenyon "K C" Pike  (P)
                 Lt Peter Nigorka (P)


Acting Chief Dean Melanson - 2016-2017
Acting Deputy Eric Farrenkopf - 2016-2017
Retired Fire Chief Harold Brunelle (Car 801)  Chief 1998-2016

Call Personnel:0
(0) Call personnel    
Updated 09/20/18

Barnstable Police Department

Barnstable Police Department
1200 Phinney's Lane
Hyannis, MA 02601
Emergency 911    Emergency  508-775-1212
Business  508-775-0387     Fax  508-790-0062

Police Chief Matthew Sonnabend (East 1) 2018

Past Police Chief Paul MacDonald  (Easy 1) 2006-2018


Hyannis Information

Barnstable Incorporated as a town 1639
Hyannis Fire District Established in 1896

Hyannis Fire District
Area 9.5 Square Miles
Population Approx 15,000
Fire District Tax $1.61 Residential per thousand
Fire District Tax $2.50 Commercial per thousand

Town of Barnstable Website

City/Town Name: Town of Barnstable
1990 Population: 40,949
2000 Population: 45,187
2003 Population: 48,907
Registered Voters: 33,783
2000 School Enrollments: 7,763
2000 School Enrollments: 6,667
Population Over 65: 8,285
Square Miles: 60.17
Public Road Miles: 348.44
Income Per Capita 1999: $25,554
Median Family Income: $54,026
EQV Per Capita: $240,195
Avg. Tax Bill: $2,784
Residential Tax Rate: 7.92 
Commercial Tax Rate: 9.04
Operating Budget: $112,989,323

Massachusetts Municipal Association

City/Town Name: Town of Barnstable
Community Profiles: http://www.mass.gov/dhcd/iprofile/020.pdf
City/Town Hall Address: 367 Main St.
City/Town: Hyannis
State: MA
Zip Code: 02601
Business Hours: 8:30 a.m.­4:30 p.m. (Mon­Fri)
County: Barnstable
World Wide Web Address: http://www.town.barnstable.ma.us/
Area Code: 508
Main Telephone: 862-4000
Main Fax: 775-3344
Police Department: 775-0387
Fire Department: Hyannis Fire Department  775-1300
Public Works: 790-6300
Planning: 790-6290
Schools: 790-6440
Library: 428-5757
Town Clerk: 862-4044
City Council: 862-4610
Board of Selectmen:
City Clerk:


DHCD Community Profile

Added Jan 6, 2002
Updated April 4, 2006



Hyannis Fire Department History

* Fire Department Organization
* Fire Chiefs
* Fire Station History
* Fire Apparatus History
* Major Fires & Incidents History
* Run Stats History



    The Hyannis Fire District was the first of Barnstable's 5 independent fire districts to be established.  When the "Normal School," a large brick structure on Main Street (where the present Town Hall / telephone building is today) was destroyed by fire on Jan 24, 1896,  only 15 days after opening, the residents of Hyannis decided they needed fire protection.  A petition to the Town of Barnstable was filed but the town rejected the request.  The result was the establishment of the Hyannis Fire District on May 6, 1896 in accordance with state regulations enabling the formation of Fire Districts. 

   A May 29, 1896 Fire District meeting authorized $1000. to purchase firefighting equipment, including (1) hand draw soda & acid water extinguisher on wheels for $300. a hand drawn hook and ladder truck for $250., (4) fire extinguishers for $100., and a roster of 15 firemen. The first firehouse was located to the rear of Keveney's store on Main Street, in the area of Center Street & Elm Street.  O. Howard Crowell was elected the first fire chief on June 16, 1896.  In 1898, the Hyannis District also began adding street lights in the area. 

   On December 2, 1904, a fire began in L.P. Wilson's Grocery Store on the northside of Main Street in the east end of town near Center Street across from the railroad depot.  The sound of church bells ringing and train whistles blowing alerted the residents of Hyannis to the fire which already had great headway.  A strong wind blowing from the east blew the fire down Main Street through its many wooden structures to Barnstable Road.  Hyannis Firemen mustered 5 pieces of apparatus but were of little avail.  Phone calls went out to other organized fire departments (Provincetown, Middleboro, and Brockton) to send help by rail.  By morning, the fire had consumed 15 buildings, including more than 600 feet of retail space along Main Street, causing $150,000 in damage.  The Universalist Church and its tall steeple came crashing down at 0305 hours.  A 69 year old sea captain, William Penn Lewis, died as the result of a heart attack while trying to save his home.  (info from CCTimes 121894). 

   In 1911, the Hyannis Fire District contracted with the private Barnstable Water Company for fire hydrants and water supply in Hyannis. In 1912, Hyannis paid $2380. for the rental of 68 hydrants. In 1914 the Hyannis Woman's Club presented the Hyannis Fire District with a "substantial and artistic drinking fountain dedicated to the use of humans and dumb animals."  The fountain located at the intersection of Main & Center  Streets is still in place.  In 1922, HFD authorized $1100. for a siren to be installed in the bellfrey of the Federated Church on Main Street.   In 1924 Hyannis bought the first motorized fire apparatus.  A Childs Motors truck with 2 chemical tanks.  They also purchased a motorized tractor to pull the 1896 hook & ladder truck.  The first turnout gear was purchased as well.  Hyannis responded to 39 calls in 1924. Hyannis began annexing Hyannisport. 

   In 1925, the Hyannis Fire Department moved into its new spacious headquarters station on 44 Barnstable Road at Elm Street.  Land was purchased for $3,000. and the building itself constructed for $21,586..  On July 2, 1926 a brand new Ahrens Fox 1000 gpm pumper was delivered to the Hyannis Fire Dept as Engine 1.  In 1928, a hose cart with 250 feet of 2 1/2" hose was housed in a rented building in Hyannisport.  In 1930 Hyannis responded to 130 calls including 1 response to Provincetown.  The first permanent fireman Edward B. Cook was hired in 1931. In 1937 a GMC 500 gpm Pumper was added as Engine 3. A 1950 Mack 750 gpm pumper was delivered as Engine 5.  In 1955 Glen Clough became the Chief in Hyannis. 

   The first rescue squad was established in 1955.  In 1966 Hyannis FD moved into a new fire house at 95 High School Road Extension.  Hyannis responded to 589 calls in 1966 including 234 fires and 355 rescues. The new 85' Aerial Ladder 1 came from Thibault in 1968. Hyannis firefighters went to a 42 hour work week in 1973 after joining IAFF Local 2122.  There were 1348 calls in 1973.

   June 1990 - Paul David Chisholm appointed at fire chief, replacing retiring chief Richard Farrenkopf. Farrenkopf was on Hyannis FD 35 years, serving as chief since 1981, when chief Glen Clough retired. Chisholm had been a deputy chief with the Dedham fire department prior to coming to Hyannis. April 1993, the Hyannis Fire District attempts unsuccessfully to take over private Barnstable Water Company  

   May 4, 1996 - Hyannis celebrates 100 years of service. November 1996 - 2 Hyannis and 4 other Cape fire department members of the Massachusetts FEMA USAR team travel to Atlanta as part of the safety team at the Olympics.  November 7, 1998 - Hyannis appoints Harold Brunelle as fire chief. November 1998 - Voters approve ambulance fees for first time.  Previously, the ambulance was free of charge.  Insurance will cover most incidents bringing revenue to the department supporting its operation. 

   Dec 17, 2003 - Several Hyannis firefighters were among those honored in Boston for their bravery in rescuing a homeless man from a fire in an abandoned warehouse on Route 132.  Captain Eric Kristofferson and firefighters Tom Corbett and Andy Kleaminakis each received the Medal of Valor.  Lt Tom Kenney, firefighter Kevin Black, and  firefighter Scott Hanson received a special award for Meritorious Group Conduct for the same January 2003 fire.



Fire Chief O. Howard Crowell 1896-        FIRST CHIEF

Fire Chief Glen Clough 1955-1981
Fire Chief Richard Farrenkopf 1981-1990
Fire Chief David Chisholm 1990-1998
Fire Chief Harold Brunelle 1998-2016
Acting Chief Dean Melanson 2016-2017
Fire Chief Peter J. Burke Jr July 2017-


Area of Center & Elm St - Fire Station  1896-1925   FIRST STATION
44 Barnstable Road Fire Headquarters 1925-1965
501 Scudder Ave, Hyannisport  1930's-1980s
95 High School Road Ext Headquarters 1965-Present
95 High School Road Ext - NEW HEADQUARTERS Under Const 2017-2018



1965 Hyannis Apparatus Roster
Engine 1 - 1927 Ahrens Fox 1000 gpm Pumper (In reserve)
Engine 2 - 1965 FWD 750 gpm fm Pumper 
Engine 3 - 1949 Dodge 300 gpm Pumper  (In reserve)
Engine 4 - 1950 Ford 500 gpm pumper - tanker
Engine 5 - 1950 Mack 750 gpm Pumper
Engine 6 - 1954 Dodge 500 gpm fm Pumper (Hyannisport)
Ladder 1 - 1932 Maxim city service ladder truck
Rescue - 1954 Dodge Panel Rescue Truck
Rescue - 1956 Cadillac ambulance
Boat - 1961 Rescue Boat



Major Fires & Emergencies
1896 - Jan 24 - The Normal School on Main Street is destroyed by fire 15 days after opening.
1904 - Dec 2 - The "Hyannis Conflagration" destroyed 15 buildings on Main Street.
1937 - May 5 - Several brush fires, including one on Ridgewood Ave., required approximately 200 people from Hyannis, Barnstable, Yarmouth and Dennis  to control.  The new Town Fire Truck "Brush Breaker" responded from Osterville where it was being painted.  It was severely damaged when overrun by the fire.  Fires burned 2000 acres from Hyannis towards Cummaquid.
1941 - Hyannis State Teaches College fire.
1942 - A fire in a garage on Center Street caused $101,459 in damage.
1943 - A fire in the Colonial building on Main Street took the life of 1 Maritime cadet.
1944 - The Mayflower Restaurant on Main Street was heavily damaged by fire.
1959 - Feb 2 - Fire heavily damaged the Hyannis Clothing Store on Main Street.
1960 - Feb 14 - The Finishing Mill at the John Hinckley & Son Lumber Company on Yarmouth Road was struck by fire at 0555 hours.  The 2 story building was heavily involved.  All Hyannis crews responded.  Yarmouth Engine 8 covered Hyannis.  The 33 year old Ahrens Fox had been in reserve status for 16 years.  It was put in service and pumped flawlessly for hours supplying water to the deckgun on the ladder truck.  It took over 2 1/2 hours to bring under control.  It took 18 hoselines and over 4,000 feet of hose, as well as 160,000 gallons of water to bring under control.
1961 - Hyannis responded 42 times for standby coverage during helicopter landings by President Kennedy at the Hyannisport Compound.
1967 - Hyannis Lieutenant Richard E. Donoghue was killed by electricution while on duty placing a ladder near the Skating Rink.  
1969 - Jan 24 - The Senior Pizza Block on Main Street at Sea Street was destroyed in a 2244 hours fire requiring mutual aid.
1969 - Mar 8 - The Olde Harbor Candle Factory on Craigville Beach Road near Smith Street, was destroyed in a 0022 hours fire requiring mutual aid .  
1971 - Dec 23 - A mid day fire heavily damaged the Center Theater on Main Street.
1972 - July 2 - A general alarm fire destroyed the previously damaged Center Theater on Main Street.  Mutual aid responded from several communities to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby structures.
1972 - Nov 20 - Fire damaged a mercantile building on Rte 28 next to the Slate Company.
1973 - Mar 21 - The Bedford Fruit Company on Route 28 at the Yarmouth line sustained heavy damage during a night time fire. Two alarms were struck for the 0052 hrsfire.
1973 - April 29 - Fire struck the Green Brier Motel on Route 132 damaging 5 units.
1973 - June 28 - Apparatus responded to the Airport for a DC3 with a landing gear light.
1973- Dec 13 - Fire damaged one unit at the Bradford Motel on Route 28.
1974 - July 31 - Two alarm fire does major damage to a large building on Stevens Street at 1515 hrs.  Heavy smoke brought a large crowd to watch the fire.
1974 - Sept 6 - A plane crashed and burned, killing 3, at the Cape & Vineyard Power Company parking lot on Yarmouth Road at the approach to runway 24.
1974 - Dec 19 - Fire did heavy damage to a building at 235 Sea Street.  The 1118 hrs fire damaged several units in the 2-1/2 story apartment house in the 2 alarm fire.
1975 - Mar 23 - Three were rescued from the water after a plane went down in Nantucket sound south of Yarmouth's Sea Gull Beach.
1975 - May 21 - A bi-plane crash landed on the grass at the airport at 0720 hrs.
1975 - July 6 - 15 units at the Country Squire Motel on East Main Street were damaged in a spectacular Sunday afternoon two alarm fire.
1975 - Oct 4 - Fire destroyed the Kahiki Polenesian-Chinese Restaurant on Iyanough Road at the Yarmouth line at 2140 hrs. 2 alarms struck.
1976 - Jan 20 - Fire involved a large dumpster at Stop & Shop on North Street. The fire department used their 1950 Mack pumper to pull the dumpster from the building.
1976 - Jan 25 - Fire damaged a summer home on Harbor Bluff Road at 0830 hrs.
1976 - April 20 - Fire damaged a storage building adjacent to the Kennedy Skating Rink.
1976 - May - Hyannis firefighters complete restoration of their 1927 Ahrens Fox pumper. The Fox served actively until about 1953. In 1970 it was lent to Edaville Railroad's museum. In 1975 the Firefighters Association got her back and spent a year returning it to near original running condition.  Engine 1 is used for parades and other displays.
1976 - Dec 8 - Hyannis Dalmatian mascot "Cinders" died from an accidental poisoning.  The female fire dog responded to over 1,500 fires on Hyannis engines since 1972.
1977 - Jan 7 - Fire destroyed the Wheelhouse Inn in a fire described by chief Glenn Clough as one of the worst he ever fought in the midst of one of the season's biggest snow storms. The fire burned for 5 hours.
1977 - Jan 13 - A 0115 fire at Packaging Industries on Airport Road caused $100,000 damage.
1977 - Feb 23 - A stubborn fire aboard a 75 foot steel scalloper docked at the Pleasant Street docks brought help from several departments at 1530 hrs.  Firefighters stood on solid ice in the bay as they battled the fire.  3 alarms were struck.  The fire was eventually put out with foam.
1977 - June 29 - A 2 alarm fire damaged the Elk's Lodge on Bearses Way at 0445 hrs.
1977 - Aug 17 - Fire burned one man seriously at the Sea Freeze Ice Cream shop on West Main Street by the Melody tent at 0012 hrs.
1978 - Feb 4 - A 2 alarm fire destroyed a two story home at 300 Ocean Street. The house was unoccupied. Severe cold hampered firefighters at 0019 hrs.  A second fire struck a house at 53 Pine Street at 0102 hrs caused by a chimney.
1978 - Feb 25 - A 2 alarm fire destroyed a 50 year old wooden section of the Junior High School at 1315 hrs..
1978 - May 23 - Fire struck Packaging Industries on Airport Road.  The sprinkler system contained a fire in burning plastic materials.
1979 - April 27 - The landing gear on a twin engine Cessna airplane collapsed on landing at Barnstable airport. 2 people, no injuries.
1979 - June 27 - Fire destroyed a home on Winter Street.
1979 - July 5 - A suspicious fire struck the Almeida bus terminal at Center Street and Ridgewood Ave.  The large 100 x 200 metal building was heavily damaged in a two alarm fire at 1900 hrs.
1980 - Jan 29 - Fire struck two buildings in Hyannis.  The first, a house on Sterling Road.  The second, less than a quarter mile away, was a shed on Straight Way.  Both occurred at 1322 hrs.
1980 - Nov 1 - Fire struck the Clean Jeans Coin-Op Laundry at 636 Main Street at 1515 hrs.
1981 - Feb 2 - Two firefighters injured fighting a fire in an unoccupied house on Ocean Street at 0012 hrs, 40 mph winds whipped the flames through the building.
1983 - Mar 7 - Fire damaged the Dunfey Hyannis Hotel on Scudder Ave at 1411 hrs.  One firefighter was treated for minor injuries.
1983 - May 17 - Fire destroyed a 120 year old barn at 44 Yarmouth Road.
1983 - May 19 - A smoky blaze did major damage to the Chase Laundry at 28 Willow Ave near the bus station.  3 alarms were struck bringing aid in from surrounding departments shortly after  1600 hrs.  It was the largest fire in Hyannis in 5 to 10 years according to Hyannis Chief Richard Farrenkopf.
1983 - June 6 - An electrical fire damaged the Old Harbor Candle Factory and Cracker Barrel outlet store at Route 132 forcing the evacuation of 100 employees.
1984 - Jan 27 - A house at 14 Sugarbush Lane was fully involved when firefighters arrived at 1544 hrs.
1984 - June 24 - Three alarm fire heavily damages 3 story building on Iyannough Road housing Doug's Pub at 0231 hrs. 3 firefighters injured/
1985 - April 28 - A woman died in her Merchant Mill Way home in a 2 alarm fire.
1985 - June 25 - One firefighter injured in 2 alarm fire at 299 South Street at South Bay Community re-entry. 2 story building was fully involved.
1985 - June 25 - Hyannis is host to 63rd Annual New England Fire Chiefs convention at the Dunfey Hyannis Hotel.  Many new apparatus on display
1985 - Dec 2 - Three alarm fire damages law offices at North Street & Winter St.
1986 - Jan 5 - Fire damaged a basement at22 Keel Way at 1743 hrs.
1986 - Feb 25 - A house behind the Backside restaurant on Main Street was heavily damaged by an afternoon fire.
1986 - Mar 23 -  A two alarm fire struck the Cromwell  Court apartments on Barnstable Road at 0140 hrs. One firefighter hurt in the blaze.
1986 - June 4 - Fire damaged the well know Stop & Shop sign above the super market at the corner of North and High School Road.  1046 hrs.
1987 - Jan 5 - Firefighters pulled a woman from a burning house at Uncle Willy's Way at 0030 hrs.
1987 - Mar 26 - A 2 story Old Colony Blvd house was destroyed by a 2 alarm fire at 0110 hrs
1987 - April 17 - Fire damaged a barn at 48 Camp Street at 1915 hrs.
1987 - Sept 3 - Hyannis firefighters fought a fire at 1878 Sea Street in a 1-1/2 story house. A family of 4  escaped safely.
1987 - Oct 31 - Two alarm fire damages Richard's Gallery and a restaurant at Main and Ocean Street. 0100 hrs fire seriously burns one woman and injures several others
1987 - Nov 23 - Hyannis firefighters dedicated a plaque at the Hyannis station to their custodian and friend Wayne Bump, 54 who is retiring due to cancer after working for HYFD for 10 years.
1988 - Jan 15 - Hyannis firefighters battled a stubborn fire at the Cape Cod Chrysler garage on East Main Street. The two alarm fire resulted in heavy damage to the building at 1545 hrs. The fire rekindled at 2030 hrs and two firefighters were injured at the second fire.
1988 - April 13 - Fires damaged a building at 459 South Street and a 58 foot fishing boat at the Ocean Street Docks within 1-1/2 hours of each other. The boat fire destroyed the Sea Swan II at 0512 hrs in a two alarm fire. Both fires, and several others considered suspicious and related.
1988 - May 6 - Fire broke out in an apartment at Cromwell Court apartments on Barnstable Road sending 2 dozen residents out into the rain at about 2200 hrs.
1988 - May 14 - Spectacular fire destroys 2-1/2 story house at 459 South Street at 0521 hrs. Second fire at property in weeks.  Burns to ground.
1988 - June 7 - Two alarms struck for a 3 acre brush fire that threatened the Yachtsman Condos near Kalmus Beach.
1988 - July 24 - Firefighters had to use Jaws and Airbags to free a man trapped between a locomotive and a loading dock at the Cape Cod and Hyannis railroad.
1988 - Sept 21 - Firefighters from Hyannis and Yarmouth responded to a boat fire in Lewis Bay near Egg Island at 1403 hrs.  The 30 foot power boat was fully involved with back smoke visible for miles.
1989 - Jan 28 - Fire struck 4 train cars at the Cape Cod & Hyannis rail yard.  One was destroyed and 3 damaged.  Suspicious.
1989 - Mar 11 - One unit at the Green Brier Motor Lodge on Route 132 sustained extensive damage during a fire around 0400 hrs. 30 people were evacuated from the 19 unit motel.
1989 - Mar 17 - Fire destroyed the concession stand at the Hyannis Drive in Theater off Route 132.  The theater has been closed and will be developed as a shopping center.
1989 - Mar 30 - A propane gas tank exploded and fire damaged the pool area at the Holiday Inn on Route 132.
1989 - May 23 - Fire damages Montillio's Bakery at 294 Main Street at 2030 hrs.
1989 - July 15 - Fire broke out at the Packaging Industries plant on Airport Road at 0800 hrs.
1990 - Feb - HYFD honors retiring Deputy Chief John McHugh. McHugh served with Hyannis FD for 38 years, serving as a Captain for many years and finishing as Deputy Chief.
1990 - Sept 22 - A 42 foot boat burned out of control in Lewis Bay about 1700 hrs forcing 4 passengers to flee.
1990 - Dec - Hyannis Firefighters worked to rescue 55 stranded Pilot Whales on Squaw Island.  Most did not survive the stranding.
1991 - Aug 23 - Two fires related to Hurricane Bob damaged homes on Greenbrier Lane and Delta Lane.  Both related to power outages.
1991 - Nov - Firefighters respond to numerous false alarms and problems at the Cape Plaza Hotel as 600 police officers attend a convention there.
1992 - May 27 - A house at 137 Windshore Drive damaged by a fire. A mom and two young children escaped uninjured.  One Hyannis firefighter knocked unconscious by a fallen ceiling.
1992 - June 6 - 2 alarm fire at 73 Ridgewood Ave.  Three residents escape at 0606 hrs.
1992 - Aug 1 - Two firefighters injured fighting a fire in a former cement plant off Route 28 near Puffer-bellies at 2316 hrs.
1992 - Dec 9 - Fire did heavy damage to a home on Point Lane in Hyannisport.
1993 - Mar 18 - Two children were taken to the hospital, along with their mother following a fire in the home at 41 St. Joseph's Street.
1993 - May 22 - Fire damaged the Knights of Columbus Hall at 1030 Falmouth Road at 0024 hrs. Two alarms struck.
1993 - July 31 - Firefighters rescue a cat from a fire at 21 Lewis Bay Road.
1993 - Sept 28 - Suspicious fire heavily damages building off Ridgewood Ave by Pufferbellies Nightclub.  Two alarms.
`993 - Nov 22 - A rail car was heavily damaged in a fire that threatened nearby propane storage tanks at the Hyannis rail yard at 1700 hrs.
1993 - Dec 8 - Hyannis' new Tower Ladder was first used at a building fire at 51 Bay View Street at 0353 hours.
1994 - Feb 23 - A woman is killed in a head on accident on West Main Street near the Melody tent at 0015 hrs.
1994 - April 19 - A 2 alarm fire damaged a building at the rear of 349 Main Street at 2351 hrs.
1994 - June 2 - A 32 year old woman was rescued by police and Hyannis firefighters from a fire on South Street.
1994 - June 21 - 5 alarms were transmitted rapidly for a fire at the Nam Vets Center building on Main Street at Basset Lane.  The fire threatened several buildings in the congested area of Main Street.  Hundreds of onlookers watched as firefighters successfully contained the 2140 hours fire with the help of several Cape departments.
1994 - Sept 22 - The new State Haz Mat team was summoned to the Tara Hyannis hotel on Smith Street for a chemical spill in the basement that sent several civilians to the hospital.
1994 - Oct 24 - A plane crashed into Lewis Bay at 2215 hours during a heavy rain storm.  Two were killed in the small plane.  A major mutual aid effort was required to make the recovery using dive teams, USCG, police units, etc..
1994 - Nov 5 - Three fishermen rescued from breakwater at Hyannisport.
1994 - Dec 7 - Hyannis FD Chaplain, Father Edward Duffy of St.Francis Xavier is memorialized at age 72.
1995 - April 6 - Fire involving approximately 77 discarded 55 gallon chemical drums and other debris raged behind the airport on Mary Dunn Road causing concerns for water department wells in the area.
1995 - July 28 - Fire guts half of Duplex at 45 Louis Street forcing two families from home at 2000 hrs.
1995 - Aug 23 - The Hyannis Harborview Hotel on Ocean Street was well involved when firefighters arrived at 1430 hours.  A strong wind and a delay in notification resulted in heavy fire conditions.  4 Alarms were sounded bringing assistance from several departments.  The Hyannis Tower ladder operated its master streams in successfully containing the blaze.  Several firefighters were injured and treated.  None of the occupants was injured.
1996 - Jan 10 - Private jet skids off end of runway into a snowbank at airport during a snow storm at 1540 hrs.  None of 4 on board were injured. 
1996 - Aug 3 - Careless smoking blames for a fire in the elderly housing complex at 500 Old Colony Blvd.  One resident was in serious condition and later died. Many others had to be evacuated at the 0026 hrs fire.
1996 - Oct 16 - A smoky blaze damages a 2nd floor nurses lounge at CCH at 1100 hrs.  About 30 patients were evacuated from the medical/surgical floor.
1996 - Nov 26 - A 3 alarm fire heavily damaged the CHAMP House rooming house at 14 East Main Street. Two people burned. One died later.
1997 - Aug 23 - Three alarms for a stubborn fire in a vacant building at 84 Bassett Lane. Three firefighters sent to hospital with minor injuries. Building was full of foam mattresses and other materials that made extinguishment difficult in 0547 hrs fire.
1997 - Dec 7 - Spectacular fire destroys furniture storage building on Route 28 near Walton Ave. The fire at 1612 hrs shut down Route 28 to traffic for a period of time after a hose burst from vehicles going over it.  Deckguns and ladderpipes utilized in 2 alarm fire.
1997 - Dec 15 - Apartment house fire at 576 Main Street displaces 10 residents at 0215 hrs.
1997 - Dec 30 - Two die in a house fire at 19 Home Port Drive. Two others escaped.
1998 - April 27 - Woman died in house fire at 10 Bodfish Place at 1300 hrs, possibly caused by cigarette in a mattress.
1998 - Oct 14 - Man found dead in in a small shed fire at Hyannis rail yard at 1900 hrs.
1998 - Oct 16 - Construction worker electrocuted at Cape & Islands Steel, off Airport Road as steel comes iin contact with 14,000 volt power lines.
1998 - Oct 21 - Two alarm fire in apartment above 569 Main Street shortly after 0300 hrs. Police and fire personnel evacuated 15 people safely.
1998 - Oct 28 - Fire caused by a candle damages duplex at 22 Fresh Holes Road at 0030 hrs.
1998 - Oct 30 - A smoky fire causes damage to vacant Laundry building on Cape Cod Mall property off Route 28 at 2300 hrs.
1999 - Feb 18 - A former laundry building on the Cape Cod Mall Property, Route 28 side, was destroyed in a spectacular 2 alarm fire in the afternoon.  Apparently set. Second fire on property within months.
1999 - Mar 1 - Woman injured in a fire at 58 Spruce Street.
1999 - May 19 - A house fire at 29 Mary Dunn Road. A 44 year old male died from smoke inhalation. The fire was apparently set.
1999 - May 30 - A 2 alarm fire heavily damaged a  home on Mark Ave at 2056 hrs. Fire was apparently electrical.
1999 - July 2 - A twin engine, private jet plane slid off the end of Runway 24 at Barnstable Airport coming within 15 feet of Route 28.  No fire, no injuries.
1999 - July 4 - Fire causes $50,000 damage to Sea Street Market. at 1148 hrs.  One firefighter treated for heat exhaustion.
2000 - Mar 17 - In a bizarre St. Patricks Day snow storm, a large corporate jet, landing down wind, skidded off the end of Runway 24, across Route 28 (just missing several cars) and into the TJ Maxx parking lot.  The occupants of the jet walked off uninjured.  Approximately 1,200 gallons of jet fuel spilled into the drainage system.  No fire and no serious injuries.  Luck of the Irish perhaps.
2000 - Aug 19 - 19 year old woman set self on fire at 310 Barnstable Road office building. Sprinkler system activated.  Victim flown via Medflight to Boston burn center.
2000 - Aug 23 - Firefighters extinguished a fire in an abandoned warehouse at Route 132 and Bearse's Way late afternoon. Building is frequented by the homeless population.
2000 - Aug 30 - Man dies in car fire on Squaw Island at 0229 hrs.
2000 - Sept 17 - Five people rescued by boat from Hyannisport jetty at 1643 hrs as tide and high waves traps them from reaching shore.
2000 - Oct 23 - Fire claims lives of an elderly couple at 74  Estey Avenue.
2000 - Nov 21 - Fire damages home at 12 Hill Street.
2000 - Nov 29 - Rescuers took 45 minutes using Jaws to extricate driver in car vs tree crash on North Street following a police pursuit.  Medflight called.
2001 - Jan 18 - A dumpster fire at the Cape Cod Hospital loading dock contained chemicals. Several employees treated.
2001 - Jan 22 - A major gas leak at Sid's Furniture required the closing of Route 28 for several hours.  Fortunately two small fires self extinguished and there was no explosion.
2001 - Feb 21 - Fatal head on crash Craigville Beach Road near Smith Street.  Jaws used to extricate victims in 0100 hrs accident.
2001 - Mar 3 - Two separate chemical spills at CCH handled by firefighters in Haz Mat suits.
2001 - Mar 12 - Firefighters, Police, USCG, and steamship authority participate in disaster drill on Ferry Eagle.
2001 - April 8 - Two die in headon crash on Craigville Beach Road at 1335 hrs.
2001 - Aug 24 - Two escape injury as their  Cessna 150 crashes in woods shortly after take off from Barnstable Airport after hours at about 0100 hrs.  The plane ended up in the woodsw off Willow Street.
2001 - Sept 11 - Firefighters join other American in shock over terrorist attacks and loss of 343 FDNY firefighters at World Trade center.  Several Hyannis firefighters, members of the Massachusetts FEMA Urban Search & Rescue team, were deployed to ground  zero as part of the first arriving help from the outside, going to work that afternoon and operating for about a week.
2001 - Oct - Firefighters coping with numerous ""Anthrax" scares following terrorist threats.
2001 - Oct 13 - An elderly man died in house fire at 35 Bishops Terrace about 1100 hrs.
2001 - Nov 10 - Firefighters rescue woman from 2nd floor of house on fire at 78 Ridgewood Ave early in the morning.
2001 - Nov 26 - A 4 Alarm fire caused heavy damage to the Cape Crossroads Condos on Route 132 (800 Bearses Way).  The 0315 hours fire in the occupied condo began in a 3rd floor ceiling and heavy fire was visible in the sky as first alarm companies approached.  The 2nd alarm was transmitted prior to arrival and the 3rd alarm soon after arrival.  Deckguns and ladder pipes as well as several handlines contained the fire.  No injuries.
2002 - April 2 - A man died from burns sustained in a bedroom fire at 191 Winter Street.
2002 - June 20 - A woman was seriously burned in a fire at the 132 South Street Harbor House Apartments. Two other family members were also injured in the 0244 hrs fire.
2003 - Jan 4 - A homeless man was rescued from a burning warehouse on Route 132.  The former Old Harbor Cracker Barrel factory was heavily damaged in the fire that occurred during a heavy snow storm.  Firefighters had to cut through welded doors to gain access.  The rescue was made using a thermal imaging camera.
2002 - Jan 24 - Fire crews worked to contain a 250 - 500 gallon kerosene spill in Hyannis Harbor.  The fuel leaked from a truck bound for Nantucket at about 1600 hrs.
2003 - Jan 27 - Firefighters responding to an automatic alarm at the Town Hall found water running from a broken sprinkler system.  Damage about $200,000.
2003 - Mar 30 - A smoky three alarm fire threatened the west end of Main Street at 0026 hrs. The fire at Woody's Restaurant at 525 South Street is at the intersection with Main Street.  Fire was blowing out the windows and threatening buildings across the street soon after firefighters arrived. The restaurant was best known as Villa Vechione Italian restaurant for many years during the 1970s and 80s.
2003 - April 23 - Two teenagers were killed when the vehicle they were operating struck a tree on Greenwood Ave.  Speed was a contributing factor.
2003 - July - Former Chief Glenn Clough passed away.  He joined Hyannis FD in 1942 and became chief in 1955.  Highly respected, he was instrumental in the founding of the Barnstable County Fire Academy and many other aspects of the fire service on Cape Cod until his retirement in 1981 after 39 years of service.
2004 - Jan 8 - Hyannis firefighters battled bitter cold all day as they tended to the safe off loading of 10,000 gallons of liquid propane from a tanker truck that tipped over in rough seas aboard the Steamship Authority vessel Katama. The tanker truck tipped over around 0800 hrs just off Nantucket.  A decision was made to return to Hyannis harbor arriving about 1100 hrs.  The area surrounding the docks, not far from Cape Cod Hospital was evacuated as a precaution as the situation was managed throughout the day. No leak occurred.
2004 - Jan 10 - Firefighters put out a fire in a home at 57 Spring Street that displaced 6-8 residents at 1350 hrs.




Incident History
Year             Fire            EMS              Total
1930                                                       130
1966             234              355                589
1973             454              894             1,348
1980          1,036            1,964            3,000
1990          1,256            2,579            3,835
1992          1,218            2,772            3,990
1993          1,254            3,132            4,386
1994          1,382            3,367            4,749
2000                                                    5,287
2001           1,431            4,226           5,657                                           
2002           1,384            4,398           5,780
2003                                                    5,795
2004                                                    5,899
2005           1,344            4,469           5,813
2006           1,333            4,510           5,843
2007                                                    5,825
2008           1,252            4,796           6,048
2009           1,167            4,632           5,799
2010           1,193            4,921           6,114
2011                                                    6,072
2012                                                    5,972
2013                                                    6,329
2014                                                    6,619
2015                                                    7,002
2016                                                    6,503
2017                                                    6.628

Updated 01/22/18



Hyannis Radio

Hyannis Fire Radio Call Sign.................KCD 454............."Hyannis Fire"
Hyannis Dispatch ID.............................Hyannis Fire Alarm
Hyannis Fire Frequency........................33.94 Mhz..............PL 114.8
Hyannis County Frequency...................33.70 Mhz..............PL 114.8
Hyannis Fire Admin Ch.2.....................460.625 Mhz.........Admin Channel
Hyannis Fire NEW 800........................853.2125...............Conventional 800 mhz
Hyannis Fire 800 Talkgroup..................37616....................Simulcast on 800 and 33.94
Hyannis Radio Tone Test......................1800 Hours
Hyannis Apparatus Numbers.................800-829                (Originally 80-89)

Barnstable Police Radio Call Sign.............KCA 374..............County Call sign
Barnstable Police Dispatch ID..................KCA 374............."Barnstable Police"
Barnstable Police Frequency....................855.2125 Mhz.......Conventional 800
Barnstable Police Old Freq......................155.970 Mhz.........Old BPD radio
Barnstable Police County Freq.................155.565 Mhz........ Old Ch.1
Barnstable Police 800 Trunk Group..........38096...................Not utilized
Barnstable Police 800 County Group........36496...................County Talkgroup
Barnstable Police Unit IDs........................"E" Easy Cars

Barnstable Water Company...................... 


Hyannis Station Apparatus Assignments

Station 1........Hyannis
E2 Engine 822.....1992 Emergency One 1250/1000/60 Foam Pumper
E3 Engine 823.....2005 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/750/50 Pumper
E6 Engine 826.....2011 Pierce Arrow XT 1500/750/50 Pumper
T1 Tower 829.....1994 KME Aerial Cat 2000/150 / 102' rm Aerial Tower Quint
R1 Rescue 821....2012 Pierce Arrow XT 21' Heavy Rescue Truck  (Jaws)
A3 Ambulance 825....2011 International / Lifeline Type I Ambulance  (EMS 335)
A4 Ambulance 827....2005 International / Road Rescue Type I Ambulance  (EMS 337)
A2 Ambulance 828....2017 Dodge Ram 5500 / LifeLine  Type I Ambulance  (EMS 338)
A1 Ambulance 831....2015 International / Life Line Type I Ambulance  (EMS 336)
H.U. 824........1992 (2010) Mil 6x6 Heavy Utility 10 ton 18' boom Wrecker
C8 Car 800..........2011 Ford F350 Utility Body Pickup Truck  (Mechanic)
C1 Car 801..........2015 Dodge Durango 4x4 Fire Chief Car
C2 Car 802..........2013 Ford Explorer 4x4 Deputy Chief Car
C3 Car 803..........2009 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Duty Officer Vehicle
C4 Car 804..........2012 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 EMS Officer Vehicle
C5 Car 805..........2010 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 Fire Prevention Vehicle
C6 Car 806..........2016 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV Fire Prevention Vehicle
C7 Car 807..........2017 Dodge Durango 4x4 SUV Training Officer
S1 Service 1....... 2018 Dodge RAM 4x4 Pickup Truck
M1 Marine 808.....2009 Metal Craft Firestorm 30 1750gpm Fireboat
M2 Boat 809.........1966 13 foot Boston Whaler Rescue Boat
D1 Dive 810.........2001 (2011) International / Road Rescue Type I Dive Rescue Truck
Foam...............Foam Trailer
Ice...................Ray Ice Sled
Lighting...........2005 Magnum 6000w Lighting Plant

Station  .........Barnstable Municipal Airport  (Not HYFD)
Foam 816......1999 Ford F450 100 AFFF Rapid Intervention Vehicle
Foam 817......2006 Emergency One 1500/1500/200/500 ARFF Crash Truck
Foam 820......1992 Emergency One Titan III 1250/1500/200 Crash Truck 




Hyannis Sample Run Cards
(As listed at BCC 1-16-2002)

1ST E823-LT829-E822-HR821-A827-C801    
WF E826-E45   HY-E205 HY-A326
2ND E205-E303-LT41-A326-C301-RC229   HY-E294 HY-A262  WY-E43 SY-E115 
3RD E294-E43-L307-C201   HY-E305 HY-E263  MM-E453 FO-E451  SA-E123
SG-E125 WY-E115 SY-E106  WD-E69 ND-E233
4TH E305-E263-E115-A56-C51   HY-E453 CE-E355 MM-E451 FO-E407 WY-E106  SY-E69 WD-E233
5TH E453-E106-E355-C441   HY-E451  CE-E351 MM-E407 FO-E123 SA-E125 SG-PLE6 WY-E69 SY-E233 WD-E64 HA-E185    EH-E177  MA-E25
6TH E451-E69-E351-A262-C101   HY-E407 HY-A324 CE-E25  MM-E123  FO-E124  PO-E122  MB-ONE1 WY-E233 SY-E64 WD-E234  ND-E239  BR-E175 OR-
LADDERS LT41-L307-L206-L110-L66-LT356-LT450-L237  
BREAKERS B316-B295-B267-B354-B461  
FORESTRY F49-F317-F290-F108  
TANKERS ET296-E303-ET352-T464-T414  
BOATS M40A-M311-M218-M266-M312-M313-M117-M359-M74-M469A  


















1ST E823-LT829-E822-HR821-A827-C801    
WF E826-E205   HY-E303 HY-A54
2ND E303-E45-L307-A54-C301-RC229   HY-E294 HY-A262  WY-E43 SY-E115
3RD E294-E305-LT41-C201   HY-E43 CE-E263 MM-E453 FO-E451 SA-E123
WY-E115 SY-E106- WD-E69 ND-E233 HA-E64
4TH E43-E263-E453-A262-C51   HY-E115 HY-A56 CE-E355 MM-E451 FO-E407
WY-E106 SY-E69 WD-E64 HA-E185-EH-E177
5TH E115-E355-E106-C441   HY-E69 CE-E451  MM-E351  MA-E25 
WY-E64  SY-E233  WD-E234  ND-E239 BR-E175  OR-E158
6TH E69-E451-E64-A56-C101   HY-E351 HY-A324  CE-E25  MM-E407  FO-E123
SA-E125 SG-PLE6  WY-E233  SY-E234  WD-E239
ND-E177  EH-E175 BR-E155 OR-E95
LADDERS L307-LT41-L206-L110-L66-LT356-LT450-L237-L26  
BREAKERS B316-B295-B267-B354-B461  
FORESTRY F317-F49-F490-F108  
TANKERS ET296-E303-ET352-T464-T414  
AMBS A204-A324-A55-1326-A54-A325-A53-A293-A262-A105-A104-A361-A457  
BOATS M218-M311-M40A-M266-M312-M313-M117-M359-M74-M468  



















1ST E823-LT829-E822-HR821-A827-C801    
WF E826-E303   HY-E205  HY-A54 
2ND E205-E45-L307-A54-C301-RC229   HY-E294  HY-A262  WY-E43  SY-E115
3RD E294-E305-LT41-C201   HY-E43  CE-E263  MM-E453  FO-E451  SA-E123  SG-E125  WY-E115  SY-E106  WD-E69  ND-E233  HA-E64
4TH E43-E263-E453-A262-C51   HY-E115  HY-A56  CE-E355  MM-E451  FO-E407  WY-E106  SY-E69  WD-E64 HA-E185  EH-E177
5TH E115-E355-E106-C441   HY-E69  CE-E451  MM-E351  MA-E25 WY-E64
SY-E233  WD-E234  ND-E239  BR-E175  OR-E155
6TH E69-E451-E64-A56-C101   HY-E351  HY-A324  CE-E25  MM-E407  FO-E123
SA-E125 SG-PLE6  MA-E23  NF-        WY-E233
SY-E234  WD-E239  ND-E177  EH-E175  BR-E155
LADDERS L307-LT41-L206-L110-L66-LT356-LT450-L237-L26  
BREAKERS B316-B295-B267-B354-B461  
FORESTRY F317-F49-F290-F108  
TANKERS ET296-E303-ET352-T464-T414  
AMBS A324-A204-A55-A326-A54-A325-A53-A293-A262-A105-A104-A361-A457  
BOATS M311-M218-M40A-M266-M312-M313-M117-M359-M74-M468  




















1ST Alm FM817-FM820-E822-A827-E823-HR821-
A825-Foam trailer
W/F E826-A828-E42-A204   HY-E306  HY-A262
2ND Alm E306-E305-A262-A55-C301-RC229   HY-E112  HY-A293  MM-E453  FO-E407













1ST M808-M809-H821-A827-A825-E823-D810-M40A   HY-E294  HY-A324  HY-M218
2ND A828-A55-M218-M300-C301-RC229   HY-A324
3RD A293-E42-M266-C311-M313-C201    




updated 9/1/06











Note:  The run cards above are a partial listing provided for quick reference only.  Additional coverage assignments for other fire departments were left off for simplicity purposes.  These run cards are in effect as of the date posted with them.  It is interesting to use the run cards to track and compare the flow of apparatus to fires in various parts of town.  It is important to remember that these cards reflect resources available when they were written.  Additional apparatus, changes in station assignments, staffing issues, and individual department policies may have changed since these cards were written.  This may  have an effect on the actual apparatus response to incidents when they occur.