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On December 3, 1999

6 Firefighters gave their lives

in Worcester, Massachusetts

The fire, the rescue efforts, the recovery efforts, the community support, the international attention, the media coverage,
the memorial ceremonies, the Presidential visit, the fund raising efforts, the coming together, the families.

No fire has had a greater effect on so many firefighters.

The memories of the Worcester Six...

Firefighter Paul A. Brotherton - Rescue 1

Firefighter Jeremiah M. Lucey - Rescue 1

Fire Lieutenant Thomas E. Spencer - Ladder 2

Firefighter Timothy P. Jackson - Ladder 2

Firefighter James "Jay" F. Lyons, III - Engine 3

Firefighter Joseph T. McGuirk - Engine 3

...Will last in our minds and hearts forever.

Slide 289 "Drum Beat"


Slide 290 "Worcester Officers"

A silence like none other in a city took over Worcester
that day. Only the sound of bag pipes and marching footsteps
could be heard.


Slide 291 "Worcester Officers"


Slide 292 "Worcester Officers"


Slide 295 "Worcester Officers"


Slide 297 "Worcester Firefighters"


Slide 300 "A Hug"


Slide 309 "Flags Bearers"


Slide 321 "Honor Guard"


Slide 334 "Emerald Society"


Slide 336 "Pipers"


  Slide 337 "Bag Pipers"


Slide 343 "Color Guard"


Slide 344 "Color Guard"


Slide 345 "Color Guard"


Slide 357 "Pipers"


Slide 372 "Trumpet"


Slide 362 "Senator Kennedy"

  Senator Ted Kennedy was among the many politicians and
others who attended the service at the DCU.
Both President Clinton and Vice President Gore
were also in attendance.


The above photos were taken by Britton W Crosby
See more of my Worcester Photos.

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This feature was originally posted in 2001.
It has been updated as of Dec 2013.