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On December 3, 1999

6 Firefighters gave their lives

in Worcester, Massachusetts

The fire, the rescue efforts, the recovery efforts, the community support, the international attention, the media coverage,
the memorial ceremonies, the Presidential visit, the fund raising efforts, the coming together, the families.

No fire has had a greater effect on so many firefighters.

The memories of the Worcester Six...

Firefighter Paul A. Brotherton - Rescue 1

Firefighter Jeremiah M. Lucey - Rescue 1

Fire Lieutenant Thomas E. Spencer - Ladder 2

Firefighter Timothy P. Jackson - Ladder 2

Firefighter James "Jay" F. Lyons, III - Engine 3

Firefighter Joseph T. McGuirk - Engine 3

...Will last in our minds and hearts forever.

Slide 068 "Worc E24 & Harwich L66"

Harwich Ladder 66 side by side covering with Worcester engine 24.


Slide 085 "Rescue 1 & Ladder 206"

Worcester Rescue 1 and Barnstable Ladder 206 at Central.


Slide 097 "Units on Congress Street"

Chatham Engine 185 and Barnstable Ladder 206 at a Worcester House Fire.


Slide 108 "Cape Firefighters in Worcester"

Cape Fire Personnel in Worcester.


Slide 118 "Cotuit Engine 263 at Webster Square"

Cotuit Engine 263 covers Webster Square Station.


Slide 123 "Cotuit Crew and Worc FF"

Cotuit Firefighters with a Worcester Brother.


Slide 148 "Hyannis Rescue 821"

Hyannis Rescue 821 covering Worcester Headquarters with West Boylston's Ladder.


Slide 158 "Covering Central"

COMM Engine 304 and Barnstable Ladder 206 at Central.


Slide 159 "Barnstable Crew"

Barnstable Ladder 206 crew and Worcester Firefighter.


Slide 164 "Worc FF R1"

Slide 165 "Worc FF R1"

Worcester Firefighter at Central


Slide 256 "Memorial Morning Flag"

The memorial march and service was attended by an estimated 30,000
firefighters from around the world.


Slide 280 "Honor Guard"


Slide 283 "Honor Guard"


Slide 285 "Emerald Band"


Slide 287 "Solumn Honor"


Slide 288 "Bagpipes"


The above photos were taken by Britton W Crosby
See more of my Worcester Photos.

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This feature was originally posted in 2001.
It has been updated as of Dec 2013.