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       Remembering the Past
Old Cape Cod Firehouses  page6

Cape Cod's earliest firehouse dates back to the early 1800s.  Since then, quite a number
of stations have been built, added to, renovated, closed, sold, torn down, or otherwise retired
from service.  This features takes a look back at some of these firehouses and there after life.


Otis Crash Station built c. 1960.  The present crash station was built in 1960 on
the east side of the airfield along with a new tower.  Apparatus includes a
military ambulance, a 1954 Ward 750A pumper, a 1944 Diamond T brush
breaker, a 1952 American LaFrance O-10 crash truck, 1953 0-11 crash
truck, 1960 O-6 Cardox Truck, and a 1950s Ford chief pickup truck.

Otis Crash Station built c. 1940s.  The Otis fire department operated from
several fire stations (as many as 5 or 6) at one time.  The crash station was
located on the west side of the airfield.  It was made from several buildings
put together and was known as a cold place in the winter.  It housed the 1944
brush breaker, 1954 Ward 750A, 1946 Cardox truck, (2) 1952 American
LaFrance O-10 crash trucks, and a 1953 American LaFrance O-11 crash
truck.  It closed in 1960.

Otis Crash Station.  Photo c. 1956.

Otis Fire Station 4 built c. 1940s.  Located on East Hospital
Road, this station housed a brush breaker and two pumpers
in earlier days.  This photo in 1980s.  It is now station 2
and houses a brush breaker and pumper.




Sandwich Fire Station 1 built c. 1955. Sandwich build its present headquarters
on Route 6A in 1954.  It was added onto again in the 1970s.  Here the 1975
Ford ambulance, 1972 Maxim Engine 2, and 1953 Pirsch 65' ladder truck
are shown in front of the station in 1975.

Sandwich Fire Station c. 1930s.  When the Sandwich fire department was
first organized (c. 1930) its equipment was housed in this brick building behind
the old Daniel Webster Inn on Main Street.  The building housed Sandwich
apparatus until 1955.  Here apparatus includes a 1948 Cadillac, 1935 Chevy
rescue truck, 1931 Ahrens Fox pumper. 1947 Diamond T pumper, 1932
Ford forest fire truck, and 1938 Ford/ Buffalo brush breaker.  Photo c. 1954.

Sandwich Fire Station.  Photo c. 1954.




Bourne Fire Station 1 built c. 1933.  The Buzzards Bay station was built in
1933 at 130 Main Street.  This 1941 photo shows the apparatus including a
1928 Reo pumper, 1939 Ford state forest fire truck, 1934 Buffalo engine,
1924 Maxim hose wagon, 1938 Buffalo city service ladder quad, and Chevy
chief car. 

Bourne Fire Station built c 1933.  Members of Company No.1 pose in front
of the Buzzards Bay station in 1936.

Bourne Fire Station - Cohasset Hall c. 1925.  The first fire house in Bourne
was in Buaazrds Bay on Main Street (about where the present station is).  The
Buzzards Bay Progressive Society began using it as a fire house c.1907.  The
old house burned to the ground as firefighters battle two blazes near by in 1931.
Here apparatus of the newly formed Bourne Fire Department is shown in 1925.

Bourne Fire Station 2 built c. 1800s.  The Monument Beach fire station
was originally a stable.  It became a fire station around 1925.  This photo
was taken in the 1990s before the station was 1994.

Bourne Fire Station No.2 in Monument Beach.  Photo c 1939 with 1939
Buffalo Engine 3 and 1930 Reo Engine 2.

Bourne Fire Station 3 built c. 1948.  The Sagamore station is
located on the Sagamore rotary at Route 6 and Route 3 at the foot
of the Sagamore Bridge . Photo c. 1980s shows 1979 Ford mini
pumper of Engine 4 (later Squad 1).

Bourne Fire Station no.3 built c. 1948.  Members pose with 1948 Buffalo
Engine 6 and 1932 Buffalo Engine 4 in front of the Sagamore station.

Bourne Fire Station c. 1925.  Before a fire station was built in Sagamore
(1948) apparatus was housed in Harold Champion's barn on what is now
Old Plymouth Road. This photo shows the 1925 Model T chemical engine
that was delivered on April 16, 1925. 

Bourne Fire Station no.4 built c. 1946.  The Pocasset fire station on
Barlows Landing Road was built to replace the first Pocasset station
which was in the old Pocasset School House in 1932. Originally 2 bays, the
3rd bay was added in the 1970s.  This station is still in use.

Bourne Fire Station No.4 - Pocasset.  Photo c. 1990s.

The original Pocasset Fire Station as it looks today. Sept 2003.


The Old Pocasset Fire Station as it looks in Sept 2003.

Bourne Fire Station c. 1932.  The first Pocasset fire station was in the old
Pocasset school house near where the present station is located.  It housed
Engine 5, a 1934 Buffalo pumper.



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