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       Remembering the Past
Old Cape Cod Firehouses  page5

Cape Cod's earliest firehouse dates back to the early 1800s.  Since then, quite a number
of stations have been built, added to, renovated, closed, sold, torn down, or otherwise retired
from service.  This features takes a look back at some of these firehouses and there after life.


Mashpee Fire Station built c. 1979.  Mashpee's fire station on Route 151 was completely
renovated in 2001.  Here the new addition (left side) takes shape next to the 1979
structure.  Parts of the old station were used, while parts were torn down.  The station
looks completely new today.

Mashpee Fire Station built c. 1979.  The new Mashpee station was
built on a short road off Route 151 across from a new police station.
The all wooden building served from 1979 to 2001.  The rapidly
growing town required additional apparatus and personnel that this
station could not provide.  Photo c. 1990s.

Mashpee Fire Station c. 1950.   It was originally the Town Hall from
1870 to 1950.  The large old station was added onto on the left in
to house a pumper. The old station was closed in 1979 and
was destroyed in a fire in 1983.  Today it is the site of a Dunkun
Donuts shop. 

Mashpee Fire Station since c. 1950.  The 1967 International
brush breaker, 1970s Pontiac Ambulance, and 1970 Ward
LaFrance pumper pose in front of the station on Route 130.

Mashpee Fire Station c 1950.  Photo c. 1970s.



Falmouth Fire Station 1 - Rescue Barn built c.1985.  This 3 bay
structure was located behind the 399 Main Street Station on the
site of the 1919 Falmouth Fire House. It served as the Rescue Barn
until it too was torn down in 2002 as the new station was being

Falmouth Fire Headquarters built c. 1929.  The station was built
in 1929 next to the original station which was located about where
the Rescue Barn is on the right.  It remained essentially unchanged
until 2003 when a major addition and renovation was completed.
The old station was kept, completely renovated, and remains a
part of today's headquarters.

Falmouth Fire Station built c. 1929.  at 399 Main Street.

Falmouth Fire Station 1 built c 1929.  The modern brick station was built next
to the old headquarters.

Falmouth Fire Station built c. 1929.  The alarm room at headquarters.

Falmouth Fire Station built c. 1919.  This station on Main Street served as the
headquarters until 1929.  It was then used for storage and maintenance until
it was torn down in 1985.

Falmouth Fire Headquarters c. 1919. The 1919 apparatus of Hose 5 is
shown in front of the headquarters station.

Falmouth Fire Headquarters c. 1919.  Falmouth's motorized apparatus is shown
in front of the old headquarters c. 1920.

Falmouth old Station 2 in Woods Hole.  Photo Sept 2003.

The old Woods Hole Station is right next to the draw bridge... the "mainland" is on the other
side of the drawbridge.  Sept 2003

Falmouth Fire Station 2 Woods Hole built c. 1912 and improved in 1919.
This station located on Main Street (Water Street) Woods Hole remains today
as a community building. It is located adjacent to the draw bridge.  It housed
a 1927 Ahrens Fox and 1938 Maxim city service ladder truck until the new
Woods Hole station was built in 1976 on Woods Hole Road.

Falmouth Fire Station No.3 North Falmouth built c. 1950.  The North Falmouth
station is located at 204 Old Main Street at the corner of Wild Harbor Road.
It replaced the original North Falmouth fire house.  Here the 1953 Diamond T
of Engine 3 is shown next to the 1939 County Brush Breaker No. 1 (C15).

The old North Falmouth Fire Station as it looks Sept 2003.

North Falmouth Sept. 2003.

Falmouth Fire Station No.3  North Falmouth built c. 1915.  It served until 1950.

Falmouth Fire Station No.5  East Falmouth -  The old East Falmouth station was moved
down the road and is now a private home on Route 28 in East Falmouth.

Falmouth Fire Station No.5 East Falmouth built c. 1930 is now a private home.

Falmouth Fire Station 5 c. 1930.  The East Falmouth
Fire House wasw located on Route 28 just west of
the present Davisville lights.  It served initially as
Station 4 and then as Station 5 until it was replaced
in 1980.  The station housed a engine up front and
a tanker behind it.

Falmouth Fire Station 4 East Falmouth built c. 1930. Engine 4 started out in
East Falmouth.  It was then relocated to West Falmouth.  The East Falmouth
Station became Station 5.

Falmouth Fire Station No.5 built c. 1930.  This photo shows
the 1938 Maxim of Engine 5 and the 1935 Ford tanker.

Falmouth Fire Station No.5 - East Falmouth.  With the 1938 Maxim pumper.



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