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                                        Headquarters Fire Station

Fire Stations
   The C-O-MM Fire Rescue Department operates from three fire stations to protect our 26 square mile fire district.  

  Marstons Mills  


                         Centerville - Fire Station 1 - 1875 Falmouth Road

                         Firefighters Memorial at the Centerville Fire Station


Fire Stations

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     Our Headquarters is the Centerville Fire Station located at 1875 Falmouth Road (Route 28) in Centerville.
      All administrative offices, including the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, and Fire Prevention are located here. Additionally, our communications center, information technologies office, and training facilities are located here. The department mechanic also has a shop at this station.
   Offices of the fire district Clerk Treasurer and Prudential Committee are also located within this building.

     This station, known as Station 1, was built in 1990.  It replaced one of the district's original  fire stations built in 1926 at 565 Main Street. The old fire station was simply too small to house modern fire rescue equipment and the personnel needed to operate it.

    Apparatus assigned to Station 1 includes two engines, one of which is our rescue pumper carrying the Jaws of Life and other specialized equipment. Our quint aerial ladder truck is also assigned here, as is our large brush breaker used for brush and forest fires. We have an ALS ambulance and a number of other rescue related units including boats, a hovercraft, and our dive team trailer.

    Staffing at the station includes the shift commander (Captain), and five other firefighters, at least one of whom must be a paramedic. The minimum staffing is a shift commander and three firefighters. A dispatcher is also always on duty 24 hours a day.

The Old Centerville Fire Station




                             Osterville - Fire Station 2 - 999 Main Street

                 Memorial to the department's first fire chief Bernard S. Ames.
Fire Stations

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      Our Osterville Fire Station, known as Station 2, is located at 999 Main Street in Osterville.
     The oldest part of this station was one of the two original fire stations built in 1926.  The station has been added onto numerous times, the largest addition coming in 1962 adding two double deep bays capable of housing the larger apparatus.
     This station was originally Station 1 and served as Headquarters until the new Centerville station was built in 1990.

     Apparatus assigned to this station includes one engine and one ALS ambulance, as well as a boat and a utility vehicle.
     Staffing at the station is an officer (Lieutenant) and two firefighters, one of whom is a paramedic.


                        Marstons Mills - Fire Station 3 - 270 Route 149

Fire Stations

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     Our third, and newest fire station is Station 3, located at 270 Route 149 in Marstons Mills. 
     This station was opened in 2003. It replaced the original Marstons Mills station that was built in 1975. That station was a steel structure that was not designed for fulltime staffing.
     This station boasts three drive through apparatus bays and spacious living quarters for personnel. The station has radiant heat in the floors and is protected by a full fire alarm and sprinkler system.
     Apparatus assigned to Station 3 includes one engine, one forestry unit, and an ALS ambulance.  There is also a rescue boat at this station.
     Staffing includes an officer (Lieutenant) and two firefighters, at least one of whom is a paramedic.

The old  Marstons Mills Fire Station 3 


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