West Barnstable Fire Department  
  Training Exercise  
    June 8 - 9, 2002    
Photos Britton W Crosby

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West Barnstable crews work on protecting exposures as the building continues to burn.

Engine 294 is a 2002 Pierce Dash Compressed Air Foam Pumper.

Foam is applied to side 2

The ability of the foam to stick is clear.

Fully involved and through the roof

E294 drafts as the building becomes fully involved.

Foam has been applied to the right side of the roof.

Radiant heat is considerable and the exposures are directly exposed.

Looks like Christmas....

Its hard to not put it out....

Smoke darkens and thickens as the roof is nearly gone.

The flag still waves.....

A rare photo of the photographer.

It is interesting to note that the portion of the roof that was covered
earlier with foam (lower right corner) is the last portion to become

Foam covered roof still not involved.

Second generation Firefighter Jeremy Cadrin.

A good time was had by all....

The End