Memorial  Tribute to
Captain Robert W. Johnson
Harwich, Massachusetts  -  January 2, 2010
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"Bobby J"

 The following photos were taken at the memorial tribute to Harwich Fire Department Captain Robert W. Johnson
who passed away from brain cancer on December 26, 2009. Captain Johnson, better known as Bobby J. was a
30 year veteran of the Harwich Fire Department. He had served as a firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, shift officer, and
Captain  Fire Inspector prior to being stricken approximately 15 months ago. Bobby J was a man of many talents and
enjoyed everything from cars to music. He served as President of the Harwich Fire Department Firefighters Union
Local 2124 for many years. His leadership and dedicated service extended to the Professional Firefighters
Of Massachusetts (PFFM) and the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).
Bobby J was married  to his wife Laurel for 35 years.
His battle against cancer brought the help of many friends and throughout it all
Bobby J's sense of humor, compassion, and love for his friends prevailed.



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Photos by Britt Crosby