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October 28, 2015
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Barnstable Municipal Airport, along with the Hyannis Fire Department and neighboring
communities participated in a Mass Casualty Incident Drill on Wednesday October 28, 2015.
Approximately 2 dozen "victims" were moulaged with various gruesome (Halloween worthy)
realistic looking injuries and then placed on an old school bus simulating an aircraft fuselage.
Several cars and a dumpster were set on fire to add some realistic crash scene conditions.

The airport crash truck was dispatched and an airport crash response initiated bringing
Hyannis and neighboring fire /rescue crews to the scene.  The Incident Command System
and MCI protocols were put in operation as crews attacked fires, practiced extrication
on several vehicles, conducted triage and treatment of patients, and utilized many of the
skills needed when disaster like incidents occur.

The weather was not pleasant (pouring rain and a strong wind) just as it usually isn't
when actual emergencies happen.  The incident response began about 5:30 PM
and concluded about 2 hours or so later with crews being fed and rested.

This drill is conducted about once every 3 years as required by the FAA.
In addition to BMA and Hyannis, crews came from COMM, Barnstable, West Barnstable,
Cotuit, Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, Chatham, Eastham and the Red Cross.
Cape Cod Hospital also participated as many of the "victims" were transported
to the hospital as they would be normally.



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