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Riding with the Bravest

March 29 & 30, 2001
April 12 & 13, 2001

Photos Britton Crosby

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9 - FDNY Brooklyn Communications

Inside the Brooklyn Communications Office (CO) April 13, 2001.
Person on left (FDNY Shirt) is Decision Dispatcher (DD). The DD reviews each call taken
by the Alarm Receipt Dispatcher (ARD) and sends call to the Radio Out Dispatcher for
broadcast of the alarm. The Starfire computer system makes response recommendations
based on info given. It is approved or changed by the DD.
The sttatus console to the right is next to the Voice Alarm Dispatcher..
Brooklyn maps on wall behind the radio out dispatcher show Engine and Ladder status.

Brooklyn - Engines on left / Ladders on right.
White lights are normal - Green Responding - Red out of service / not available.

Next to the Decision Dispatcher is the Voice Alarm Dispatcher. The VAD alerts the
stations of incoming runs and provides a wide range of support services and notifications.

The Critical Information Dispatch System (CIDS) provides in vehicle information
and preplans for certain buildings. The dispatcher on left is entering CIDS info.
The Radio Out Dispatcher is shown broadcasting a run on the right.
The ARD positions taking 911 calls, direct calls, ERS calls, etc... are located to the left.

"Brooklyn phone alarm.... for a fire reported at...."
The voice of Brooklyn... Operator 290... Transmits calls as they appear on the computer
screens in front of him. He also enters data on apparatus status into the SEP and sizeup of fire.

The Dispatch Out position includes the Status Entry Panel (SEP) with color buttons...
computers displaying new runs and unit status, as well as the radio itself.
Note the "I Love NY" cup and the New York Times.
ON AIR signs lightup when the radio carrier is open.

Stationed not far from the Brooklyn CO is a large firehouse housing
Engine 207, Ladder 110, Satalite 6, Battalion 31, and Division 11.
It also houses the Field Com Unit which responds to all 2nd alarms
and special incidents.


Brooklyn Communications can be monitored at




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