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Tuesday March 30, 2003
Liberty Commons Nursing Home
Route 28, Chatham


Captain and Paramedic Kathy Eldridge was assigned as EMS Officer
and was responsible for organizing much of the chaos in the lobby area.

Eastham Lt. Jennifer Smith worked in triage area with others from several departments.

Capt Eldridge, CIEMSS Director Len Nelson, and Harwich Chief Remillard
discuss the operations.

Captain Eldridge, EMS Officer.

Triage tags and tape.

Some of the 'walking' patients were moved out to awaiting buses for transport to
a safe facility.

Patients were loaded into buses.

About 7 patients were actually transported to CCH in Hyannis.  This was part of the
larger scale of the drill, which not only tested the capabilities of the Chatham fire department,
but also those of the mutual aid system, CMED communications system, and CCH.

The Command Post was set up in the Chatham Police Department's communications trailer.

Inside the command post, the incident was tracked and documented for
lessons learned.  About 20 patients, including at least 2 DOAs were
managed all together.

Ambulances from Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Brewster, Harwich, and Dennis
responded to the scene along with fire apparatus.

Chatham Captain and Paramedic Peter Connick was the officer on the first arriving engine.


Thanks to the Chatham Fire Department for access to this training exercise.
Job Well Done !


Additional pictures of this drill may be posted in the future.




Britton Crosby