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KHYA - Hyannis, MA - BMA
- 02 - Pre-1992


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< 02    > BARNSTABLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT > BMA - Hyannis, MA - Pre-1992
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Barnstable Municipal Airport
Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA

Airport Diagram


Runway 6/24 (NE/SW)
5425' x 150'

Runway 15/33 (SE/NW)
5252' x 150'

Hyannis Airport Tower
Hyannis Airport Ground

Civilian Municipal Airport
ARFF by Airport Personnel
Hyannis Fire Department

About Airport

Photo of BMA

The "Operations Building" at Hyannis Barnstable Municipal Airport
was probably built in the 1960's. It housed the crash apparatus until 1998
when a new facility was built. This building was located on the west
side of the airport, next to the terminal and not far from the tower.

Believed to be the first "new" crash truck at the Hyannis
Barnstable Municipal Airport was this 1958 Ford / Maxim
Crash Truck equipped with both foam and dry chemicals.

A former military crash truck from 1940's may have served
in Hyannis prior to this apparatus.

This truck was actually featured in a Maxim advertisement
in 1958.

The 1958 Ford / Maxim Crash Truck was demonstrated at an October 1959
open house and dedication of the new Barnstable County Fire Academy
located in the woods behind the airport.



The crash truck and Hyannis fire department apparatus
responded to the airport for planes on fire in a hanger
in the early 1960s.




BMA Truck 228
In 1964, the body from the 1958 Maxim was put onto a 1964 International
chassis. The crash truck was known as Truck 228.
(The Town of Barnstable & Forest Fire Department had been
assigned 210 - 229 radio numbers in those days)

BMA Truck 817
The crash truck was later assigned as Truck 817
utilizing a Hyannis FD assigned number during the 1990s.


Hyannis Engine 2 (82)
The Hyannis Fire Station was located on Barnstable Road
at the corner of Elm Street (Opposite North Street).
Their new Engine 2 (82) was delivered in 1965.

Hyannis Engine 2 (82)
1965 FWD / Farrar 750 gpm / 1000 gallon pumper was designed to
respond to the airport. It was equipped with pump & roll capability
and had a foam system allowing it to act as a crash truck, as well
as serving its structural fire duties. The Hyannis Fire Department
has jurisdiction over the airport.

Hyannis Engine 2


Hyannis Engine 6 (86)
In 1968 Hyannis built another engine, specifically designed
to fit into the small Hyannis Port fire house.
It was also an FWD / Farrar 750 / 1000 pumper
similar in many ways to Engine 2. Due to height restrictions
in the station, it did not have the deck gun as Engine 2 did.
Engine 6 eventually ended up at Hyannis HQ when the
Port station closed.
It also served at the airport as well in its final years.

A bi-plane off the runway at Hyannis in 1970s.

This plane went down on approach to runway 24 in the Cape & Vineyard
Power Company parking lot in 1970s.

A large aircraft crash landed on the beach at Lewis Bay  in West Yarmouth
during the 1980s.

The West Yarmouth crash required extrication in addition to preventing fire.


Engine 6
The former Hyannis Engine 6 was operated by the BMA Operations
as a crash truck c.1990-1992.

Engine 6
A foam turret was added to the cab.
Engine 6 served after the 1964 International went out of service
and before the new 1992 ARFF Truck was delivered.


BMA Truck
This 1970's Walter Crash Truck originally served at Nantucket Airport.
It came to BMA briefly from about 1989 to 1992.





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