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Barnstable County Control
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Barnstable County Control.......... KCB 781............The Mutual Aid Center for Cape Cod................ Located at the Barnstable Sheriff's Department Communications Center in Barnstable village.............. Also home of Police communications............ Barnstable CMED Emergency Medical Service communications.................. Southeastern Massachusetts District 1 Hazardous Materials Response Team dispatch..................911 PSAPS..................Fire Dispatch for Barnstable, Bourne, Mashpee, and West Barnstable................ and more..............

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Barnstable County Control

(Barnstable Sheriff's Department)



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Barnstable County
Sheriff's Dept.


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1 - Mailing Address

Mailing Address Street Address Village, State, Zip
Barnstable County Sheriff's Dept.
Public Safety Communications
3165 Main Street Barnstable, MA 02630
Barnstable Fire & Police Academy 155 Flint Rock Road Barnstable, MA 02630


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2 - Telephone

To Reach.... Dial.... Notes....
Emergency (local) 911  
Emergency (7 digit) 508-362-3131 Barnstable/W Barnstable Fire
Emergency (7 digit) 508-759-4411 Bourne Fire
Emergency (7 digit) 508-477-1234 Mashpee Fire
Emergency Medical (800) 800-352-7141 EMS Hotline
Non-Emergency (BSO) 508-375-6111 Communications Center
Non-Emergency (Bourne) 508- Bourne Fire
Non-Emergency (Mashpee) 508- Mashpee Fire
Director of Technical Services 508-375-6100 Director Ralph Swenson
Director of Radio Operations 508-375-6102 Director Peter Thomas
Asst Director Radio Operations 508-375-6017 Asst Dir Crystal LaPine
Radio Techs 508-375-6108 County Radio Repairs
BCI 508-375-6125 County Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Dispatch Fire/Pol/Mut Aid 508-375-6106 Primary Dispatcher
Dispatch C-MED 508-375-6105 CMED Operator
Dispatch 911/Mashpee Fire 508-375-6104  
Dispatch 911/Bourne Fire 508-375-6103  
Dispatch Backup Console 508-375-6107  
Dispatch FAX 508-362-5104  
House of Corrections 508-375-6200 Control room
Fire Academy 508-771-5391  
CIEMSS Office 508-771-4510  


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3 - Official Websites

Website for.... Web Address Notes


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4 - Department Profile

Profile Subject.... Information Notes
Department Name Barnstable County Sheriff's Dept  
Town Served All Cape & Islands area  
County Barnstable County  
Region Located in Mid Cape Cod  
Area Served All of Cape Cod area  
Population Served Approx 270,000 year-round Estimated 1 million summer
Population Density    
Town Established    
Department Established 1940's  
Service Provided Police-Fire-EMS-HazMat-Other Radio  
Type of Department Law Enforcement Communications  
Facilities (1) Communications Center
(2) Fire Police Academy
2 Separate Agencies
Personnel 25 Dispatchers 15 Fulltime - 10 Parttime
Civil Service No  
Annual Responses    
Administrative Head Director Peter Thomas Communications Operations
Administrative Head Director Lee Paraseau Fire Training Academy


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5 - Community Profile

 The Big Map

Profile Topic... Information... Notes...
Name Barnstable County Sheriff's Department Located in Barnstable Village
Region Mid Cape Cod  
County Barnstable County  
State Massachusetts  
Town Incorporated County  
Fire District Established    
Borders North    
Borders East    
Borders South    
Borders West    
Villages County Complex Located in Barnstable Village
Major Highways    
Haz Mat    


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6 - Communications

Profile Topic.... Information... Notes...
Dispatch Agency Barnstable County Sheriff's Dept  
Dispatch Address 3165 Main Street (Rte 6A) Barnstable, MA 02630
Dispatch By 25 BSO Dispatchers 15 Fulltime & 10 Parttime
Service Provided Police-Fire-EMS-HazMat-911 PSAP-Other Dispatch Only
911 PSAP BSO for Chatham, Falmouth, Harwich, Mashpee, Otis Transfers calls to local police or fire departments
911 Secondary BSO for Barnstable Fire, Bourne Fire, West Barnstable Fire. Receives calls transfered from other agencies
911 Backup Falmouth Police backup BSO PSAP  
Personnel 15 Fulltime Dispatchers
10 Part-time Dispatchers
3 Dispatchers Mid shift
4 Dispatchers Day shift
4 Dispatchers Eve shift
Alarm System    
Computer System Windows NT  
Other Information    
Tone Test Time County Fire Mutual Aid Roll 0915
Bourne Fire 1745
Barnstable/West Barnstable FD 1800
Mashpee Fire 1800
County Fire Department Mutual Aid Tones are tested on 1st Sunday of month at 0915.


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7 - Radio

Profile Topic.... Information Notes
Dispatch Barnstable Fire "Barnstable Fire Alarm" KCB 781
Dispatch Bourne Fire "Bourne Fire Alarm" KNAW 393
Dispatch Mashpee Fire` "Mashpee Fire Alarm" KCF 574"
Dispatch West Barnstable "West Barnstable Fire Alarm" KCB 781
County Fire Mutual Aid "Barnstable County Control" KCB 781
Barnstable Sheriff's Dept "Barnstable Sheriff's Dept" KCA 376
Barnstable CMED VHF "Barnstable CMED" KAG 389
Barnstable CMED UHF "Barnstable CMED" KAG 416
CCNS Channel "Barnstable" KCB 739
Mass Environmental "Barnstable" KDU 573
Colonial Gas "Barnstable" KCI 412
COM Electric "Barnstable" KLP 338
County Complex "Radio" KJF 772
Dispatch Freq Low 33.48 (PL 114.8) Barnstable Fire
Dispatch Freq Low 33.48 (PL 114.8) West Barnstable Fire
Dispatch Freq Low 33.64 (PL 114.8) Bourne Fire
Dispatch Freq Low 33.68 (PL 114.8) Mashpee Fire
County Freq Low 33.70 (PL 114.8) Barnstable County Control
Other Freq Low    
Dispatch Talkgroup 800 Barnbstable 37264 Barnstable Fire 800
simulcast on 33.48
Dispatch Talkgroup 800 Bourne 37296 Bourne Fire 800
simulcast on 33.64
Dispatch Talkgroup 800 Mashpee 37648 Mashpee Fire 800
simulcast on 33.68
Dispatch Talkgroup 800 W Barnstable 37840 West Barnstable Fire 800
(not yet in use 9/2000)
County M/A Talkgroup 800 38032 Mutual Aid Dispatch A-8
Admin Talkgroup 800 37936 Fire Administration A-10
Operations 1 Talkgroup 800 38064 Operations 1 C-4
Opertations 2 Talkgroup 800 37968 Operations 2 C-6
Operations 3 Talkgroup 800 38000 Operations 3 C-8
Cape Public Safety 800 36464 Police & Fire A-9
800 Trunked Radio System 15 Freqs in trunk  
Direct Freq 800    
Other Radio    


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8 - Personnel
Profile Topic.... Information Notes
Sheriff James Cummings  
Technical Services Director Ralph Swenson  
Director Radio Operations Peter Thomas  
Asst Director Radio Operations Crystal LaPine  
Operations Assistant Alfred Crocker  
Senior Dispatcher James Fletcher  
Total Personnel 25  
Fulltime Personnel 15  
Dispatchers 15  
Dispatcher Affiliation    
Union Charter    
Work Week 40 hour 7 day week
Work Schedule 8 hour shifts 0000-0800...0800-1600...1600-2400
Shift Staffing 3 on Midnight shift
4 on Day shift
4 on Evening shift
May be a mix of fulltime and parttime dispatchers.
Shift Minimum same  
Parttime Personnel 10  
Dispachers 10  
Certified Personnel    
Certified Paramedics    
Certified Intermediates    
Certified Basics    
Certfied First Responders    
Haz Mat Techs    
Rescue Divers    
Technical Rescuers    


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9 - Facilities


Facilities... Address... Village, State, Zip
Communications Center 3165 Main Street, Route 6A Barnstable, MA 02630
Barnstable Fire Academy 155 Flint Rock Road Barnstable, MA 02630


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10 - Apparatus Roster

TOUR - Take a Full Tour of all of the following apparatus...

County Radio Station Type Description


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11 - Department History

Profile list..... Information.... Notes.....
Department History    
Apparatus History    
Personnel History    
Major Fires History    
Major Haz Mat History    
Major EMS History    
Other History    


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12 - Incident History

Year Total Responses Fire Incidents Ems Incidents


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13 - What's New

Profile Topic.... Information Notes


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14 - In The News

Profile Topic..... Information Notes
Major Fires    
Major Haz Mats    
Major MVA    
Major Medical    


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15 - Photo Albums


Album Title Topic Notes
Fire Stations    
Hot Shots    


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16 - Mutual Aid Run Cards

District Type of Incident Area
Barnstable Fire All Cards  
Barnstable Municipal Airport All Cards  
Bourne Fire All Cards  
Brewster Fire All Cards  
Centerville (COMM) Fire All Cards  
Chatham Fire All Cards  
Cotuit Fire All Cards  
Dennis Fire All Cards  
Eastham Fire All Cards  
Falmouth Fire All Cards  
Harwich Fire All Cards  
Hyannis Fire All Cards  
Mashpee Fire All Cards  
Orleans Fire All Cards  
Otis Fire All Cards  
Provincetown Fire All Cards  
Sandwich Fire All Cards  
Truro Fire All Cards  
Wellfleet Fire All Cards  
West Barnstable Fire All Cards  
Yarmouth Fire All Cards  
State Mobilization Plan All Cards  
Martha's Vineyard Plan All Cards  
Nantucket Plan All Cards  





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