Barnstable County Control
Barnstable CMED
Barnstable-Bourne-Mashpee-Orleans-West Barnstable Fire Alarms

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The Barnstable County Sheriff's Department Communications Center
(also known as the "Radio Shack") is located in this building
"on the hill" behind the County Complex in Barnstable village.
It is behind the court houses and next to the House of Correction.
Look for the big antenna.
Welcome to BSO.
The radio room at the "Shack" has expanded to a 5 position console.
Positions include...
1. County....closest to right in this photo. County does all police radio
traffic as well as Barnstable County Control Mutual Aid Dispatch.
2. CMED.... Shown to left with seated dispatcher.
3. 911 / Mashpee Fire to left of CMED is primary 911
position and Mashpee Dispatch.
4. 911 / Bourne Fire Alarm...Located at far left of console.
5. Supervisor console....not pictured... is located where photo was taken.
The other end of the console.
Left of photo is Bourne Fire Position, Mashpee Fire in center.
CMED and County at far end of console to right in photo.
The County Position. Mutual aid and majority of Sheriff's Dept
radio traffic is done at this position.
Alarm panel is in upper left. Security screens in lower left.
Two main CRT screens are (left) the log and (right) the radio.
This position also has a 911 position and regular phone bank.
Part of the mutual aid center is the county map and a magnetic status
board used to track all fire and rescue apparatus in the county.
Tags with unit IDs are kept in the appropriate fire stations as
assigned. If the unit is taken out of service or dispatched on mutual
aid, the tags are moved appropriately.

The mutual aid board is on wheels and can be positioned
anywhere in the room as needed.

Barnstable CMED was the last position to be upgraded to the
Motorola Elite radio system.
CRT on left is the log. CRT on right is the radio.
Below the radio is a matrix used for patching hospitals and
ambulances together.
Lower left is another 911 phone bank.

On CRT screen, you can see 6 large dark boxes. These are the
tower sites (transmitter sites) within the CMED system.
They include...(1) Bourne (2) Falmouth (3) Barnstable (4) Orleans
(5) Truro (6) West Tisbury. Each of these have several channels
which are selected by a scroll ch.2,4,5,7,8.

Additional boxes include special channel 4 backup (repeater sites)
located in Bourne & Orleans and tone activators for each hospital.

There are also transmitters for 155.280 and 155.340 used for
Vineyard communications and out of county CMED to CMED

The ability now exists to conduct many other possible radio
patches which could include CMED to 800 trunking, or other as
may be needed. The large white box upper right of CRT is where
multi-selected radio channels are shown... patching one voice to
many places if needed.

The Matrix....white buttons on right are hospitals (1) TOB (2) FAL

The rows of colored buttons represent the towers....
left to right are (1) Bourne (2) Falmouth (3) Barnstable
(4) Orleans (5) Truro (6) W Tisbury.

A CCH Patch is in progress....CCH white button "unlit" and CCH
tower on (3) Barnstable site is "lit" activating a patch. The CRT
also shows the "highlighted" box for the Barnstable site making
the connection between the ambulance....via radio hospital.

Red button at bottom is talk button.

Old Radio transmit buttons have been replaced by CRT positions.

This is the main screen for the County position.

Each radio channel has a button.. A mouse click and you are
transmitting. Channels are organized in pages with Tabs...
Police and fire radios are accompanied by transmitters for CCNS,
utilities, and more.

Doors in the facility are unlocked by a radio click. The garage door
can be opened. Bells in fire stations and all tones are done now
with a click of this screen.

The time is displayed in upper right corner.

Lightning bolts are transmit buttons for mouse curser.

The Fire alarm position, including Bourne and Mashpee looks
like this.

Green boxes are tones. Blue boxes are radio transmitters.





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