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        In 1972 'Emergency!" the TV show aired every Saturday night at 8:00 PM on NBC. The show brought
        awareness to the new concept of Fire Department Paramedics to the public.  Based on the Los Angeles
        County Fire Department's Paramedic Program, the show starred two paramedics working with Squad 51
        at Station 51.  Johnny Gage (Randolph Mantooth) and Roy Desoto (Kevin Tighe) set an example that
        inspired paramedic programs across the country, changing EMS in America like nothing else had prior to
        the show.  The two medics were part of the team at Station 51 and responded to all the good calls.  They
        were professional, demonstrated great skills, and did so with humor from time to time.

        Many of us, including myself, went on to become Fire Department Paramedics because of that show. It
        lasted 5 years, ending in 1977.  By the time it ended, Cape & Islands EMS System had been well established.
        CIEMSS celebrated its 30th Anniversary (1974-2004) with a conference and annual meeting held in Hyannis
        on May 19, 20, and 21.  The guest and Keynote speaker was Randy Mantooth (John Gage).  He and his
        wife Kristen spent several days on the Cape, spending time with CIEMSS people and sightseeing.  Both
        were very friendly, patient, and fun to be around.  Award winners at the Annual Meeting were presented
        their awards by Randy. 

        These are the photos that were taken during the Mantooth's visit to the Cape.  They are not in any order.
        If you want a hard copy of any of them, please contact me via email.  Britt