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Updated September 25, 2018

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     Ground breaking for the new Hyannis Fire District Headquarters Fire Station took place at 0900 hours on Monday, May 8, 2017.
     Since then, the station has begun to take shape as construction crews work each day on the first phase of the project.
     The new fire headquarters is being built next to the present fire station at 95 High School Road Extension, near the center of the 9.5 square mile district, which is considered the commercial and transportation hub of Cape Cod. The $18.5 million, 33,000 square foot station is being built in two phases, allowing the present station to remain in operation through completion of phase I. Phase I includes 4 double deep drive thru bays, and the 2 story offices and living quarters side of the new building.     
     Once the move-in takes place, the old station will be torn down and phase II will begin, adding 3 additional double deep drive thru bays. A separate mechanical repair shop facility will also be built on the grounds.  The construction is expected to take 18 - 24 months (putting completion around the end of 2018).
     The approval of funding for the project took place on April 9, 2016 at a special district meeting. The vote provided a 73% approval for the project. Three previous votes failed to get the required 2/3 majority for funding the project. The original building needs study goes back many years and the plans were reduced in scale (cutting about 22,000 sq ft) and changed several times to reach a projected cost limitation point before reaching the final approved version.
     The new station will replace the present station opened in 1965, 52 years ago. The old station was added onto and renovated in 1987.  When originally opened, the Hyannis Fire Department had only a few permanent firemen and was primarily a call fire department responding to about 600 incidents annually.
     Today the Hyannis FD is a modern fulltime staffed fire department with 12 personnel per shift (4 groups), and a day staff including fire chief, deputy chief, 2 fire prevention officers, a training officer, an EMS officer, a mechanic, a maintenance person, and administrative staff. The department responded to approximately 6,500 incidents in 2016 (about 18 calls/day average).  The apparatus fleet includes 3 pumping engines, 1 quint aerial ladder tower, 1 heavy rescue truck, 4 ALS ambulances, 1 dive rescue truck, 1 30' 1750 gpm fireboat, a number of support cars and vehicles. Dispatch is provided by on duty firefighters within the facility.

    Dispatching was taken over by the civilian dispatchers at the Barnstable Police Department on June 28, 2018.  This transfer included the use of CAD programs and the digital generated voice dispatch program known as "Purvis."


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September 2013 Proposal









| Fire Station Plan | Latest Update | Construction Progress | Preparation | Planning | Older Facility |

UPDATE: Photos September 24, 2018

Hyannis Fire Stations September 24, 2018
Night of the "Last Supper" at the old station.
Weeks away from the move to the new station.

The new Headquarters just weeks from opening

September 24, 2018



| Fire Station Plan | Latest Update | Construction Progress | Preparation | Planning | Older Facility |

UPDATE: Photos September 19, 2018

Hyannis Fire Headquarters construction.
September 19, 2018


UPDATE: Photos August 31, 2018

Hyannis Fire Headquarters construction.
August 31, 2018




UPDATE: Photos August 8, 2018


Hyannis Fire Headquarters construction.
August 8, 2018




UPDATE: Photos July 21, 2018

Early morning photo of future Hyannis Fire Headquarters
July 21, 2018


UPDATE: Photos July 13, 2018


UPDATE: Photos June 19, 2018

Hyannis Fire Alarm
One of the more significant changes at the Hyannis Fire Department is the transfer
of dispatching services to the new civilian police-fire dispatchers at the Barnstable
Police Department's updated Communications Center at 1200 Phinney's Lane.
The dispatching began on June 28, 2018.  It included the use of "Purvis" which is
an digitally generated voice dispatch program.  Additionally, the department has
included Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) with computers in apparatus.




UPDATE: Photos June 26, 2018

Hyannis Headquarters
Photos June 26, 2018



Hyannis Station
June 26, 2018

Hyannis Fire Station
Last days of dispatching as transition takes place
to Barnstable Police communication center.
June 26, 2018





UPDATE: Photos June 2, 2018

Hyannis Fire Station
June 2, 2018





UPDATE: Photos May 1, 2018

Hyannis Fire Station
May 1, 2018



UPDATE: Photos April 17, 2018

Hyannis Fire Station
April 17, 2018



UPDATE: Photos December 30, 2017

Hyannis Fire Station
December 30, 2017


UPDATE: Photos October 13, 2017


UPDATE: Photos September 25, 2017


UPDATE: Photos September 14, 2017

September 14, 2017
Construction crews accidentally took down all incoming phone lines to the
fire station.  Backup plans were implemented to keep emergency operations
and department business going while crews made repairs.


UPDATE: Photos September 5, 2017


UPDATE: Photos September 1, 2017


UPDATE: Photos August 4, 2017


UPDATE: Photos July 26, 2017


UPDATE: Photos June 26, 2017






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UPDATE: Photos May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017
Ground breaking day.

Acting Fire Chief Dean Melanson and retired Hyannis Fire Chief Harold Brunelle
who was chief for 19 years and headed the effort to build a new fire headquarters
in Hyannis for many years until the facility was approved in 2016.


UPDATE: Photos March 30, 2017


UPDATE: Photos April 2016






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UPDATE: Photos April 11, 2016

New Fire Station Approved 2016

After several years of planning, with a number of failed votes, Hyannis Fire District
finally approved construction of a new Fire Headquarters at the April 9, 2016
special district meeting.

73% of voters approved the $18.5 Million project which will build a new
station on property next to the present station on High School Rd Ext.
The approximately 33,000 square foot station was significantly reduced
in size to achieve a budget that could get approved.


UPDATE: Photos January 2014

The station was flipped taking into consideration the need to keep the
present station operational while the new station was to be built.






UPDATE: Photos July 2, 2013


The Hyannis Fire District has been working on plans for a new Fire Headquarters Station
that would be built on the site of the current station if approved by voters. Plans are still
being adjusted in an attempt to reduce the potential costs.
July 2013



UPDATE: Photos July 2, 2013

The Hyannis Fire District purchased 3 parcels of land surrounding the current fire
headquarters on High School Road Ext. for the purposes of building a new fire station.
The current headquarters built in 1965 has simply been out grown and inadequate
for the department needs. Public meetings are held in 2012 to inform the public
of the needs and potential for moving forward with a new station soon.

A full house at the Hyannis Fire Station, Oct 2005
Some options are being evaluated relative to the department's station needs. 
The station originally built in 1964 has already been added onto and renovated
 a couple times, but has no further room for expansion.  On site parking,
training areas, office space, and living space are among the concerns in
addition to the full apparatus floor.




| Fire Station Plan | Latest Update | Construction Progress | Preparation | Planning | Older Facility |


The one bay Hyannisport Fire Station was closed
in the 1980's.  The station was sold off as part of the
funding mechanism for the new fire station.


Early 1970's

When opened in 1965