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Sandwich Approves New
Police & Fire Station




Voters in Sandwich have approved construction of a new Police Station
to be built on the town owned land at Quaker Meeting House and
Cotuit Road. 

In addition, a new Fire Station 3 will be constructed
on the same land to replace the Forestdale Station presently on Rte 130.
The fire station is substantially smaller than what was originally proposed
a couple years ago, but will provide facilities that the present Station 3
does not have.

The May 2, 2016 Town Meeting also approved funds to add onto
the East Sandwich Station 2 providing living space that the present
station has never had in anticipation for future staffing of that station.

The present Headquarters is expected to remain in downtown
substantially as is.

The town sought an additional 8 personnel to open the
East Sandwich station ASAP but funding was not approved.



Sandwich Fire Department

Sandwich Fire Department
The Town of Sandwich has three fire stations.

Station 1 in Sandwich was built in the 1950s and added onto
a couple times since. The station was not built for modern
apparatus or staffing.

Station 2 in East Sandwich was built in the 1970s as a call station
with little or no space for modern equipment or staffing.
It is currently unstaffed.

Station 3 in Forestdale was also built in the 1970s and is similar
in design to the East Sandwich station. Fire fighters made it
livable when the station was eventually staffed in 1993, but space is
very insufficient for the apparatus or personnel.

In 2013, the town put forth a proposal to voters for a combination
Police and Fire Headquarters to be located near Cotuit Road and
Quaker Meetinghouse Road and a second station that would be
built on property at the High School.

The plan was to abandon the three antiquated fire stations
and the one antiquated police station and have two modern
facilities to replace all of them.

The vote failed and Sandwich continues to face the challenge
of replacing or upgrading fire stations and a police station.

Update March 2015







Unstaffed Station 2 Route 6A in East Sandwich

Staffed Station 3 on Route 130 in Forestdale.

Architects view of proposed combination fire and police HQ
that failed to be approved in 2013.