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Made Sense to Me

    When I was growing up (not that long ago...) there was a way of describing our country that made me proud and made good sense to me.  It went something along the lines that the Unites States of America is a special place because it is a 'Melting Pot."  What was meant by that (at least the way I understood it) was that here in the good old USA, people could come (legally) from anywhere in the world, with little or nothing to their name, and become Americans.  They could learn our language (English).  They can learn about our traditions, our forms of government, our culture, and they can join us and become Americans, unique 'just like us.'  It didn't matter what a person's skin color, race, heritage, economic status, religion, or whatever - if the person wanted to be an American, they were welcome.  They could work, save, own property, start businesses, educate their children, invest their wealth, and become as successful as they wanted to be.  They could participate in our capitalist, free enterprise system in the pursuit of happiness for their families (and they didn't need a government program to do it...).  They could win, lose, and win again as long as they stuck to their dream and worked hard. The "American Dream" brought millions to our shores. Our country is unique and special that way I believe.  The success stories of people coming from all around the world, becoming Americans, and making great contributions to our history are inspiring.  It makes your heart feel good when you think about what people have done over the centuries to come here, tame the wild, establish businesses, families, invent great things, give their lives for freedom of others, etc...

    So did something change?  If so, who changed it and why?  Can we still be a melting pot if everyone is allowed (encouraged) to speak different languages?  Can we still be a melting pot if people are divided into all sorts of "____ - American" (faction) groups.  Can we still be a melting pot when groups (based on skin color, sexual orientation, religions, etc...) are given preference over other Americans in the name of political correctness?  Must we 'group' everyone?  Can we maintain a country we can be proud of if millions of our 'residents' are not even here legally?  In our nation of laws, how do we accept that as being right? Or does right and wrong not mean anything anymore?  Our country was established by people with predominantly Christian faiths, who when they left wherever they came from, settled here so that they, and their neighbors, could practice their faith freely, while respecting the rights of their neighbors to also practice their faiths freely. Our cultural heritages and traditions were rich in faith and religious practices (our holidays, etc...)  Now we have this political correctness culture thing that seems to be out to prevent or destroy our basic, foundational long time traditions.  What is going to happen to our 'melting pot'?  What is our future without our unique 'American" traditions? 

   I think the melting pot was one of the greatest concepts ever devised by mankind.  Taking people from all cultures, races, backgrounds, religions, economic levels, and mixing them together to be a single great nation.  A nation that has a culture, a common way of communicating, common traditions, and laws that are supposed to protect the rights and freedoms of every individual.  A nation that is based on Constitutionally guaranteed liberties and rights of the individual, while encouraging all to be part of 'one' great nation.  I don't know, maybe I am way off base, but I think we are losing some of that which made us special, and I am frustrated that some of our elected and 'non-elected'  officials are allowing the basic structures of our great nation to be damaged by political correct (B/S) ness. What good could possibly come from the meltdown of the melting pot?  What chaos is ahead if 'groups' are pitted against other groups, with different languages, cultures, social philosophies, etc...?  It makes no sense...  .How do we bring back the traditional 'melting pot?