- Sandwich Fire Station 19 - 

Foam Tanker 465

1973 GMC 7500 / 2004 Foam Tanker
1500 gallon Class B 1% ATC Foam
(gas / standard)
Portable pump - 3000 gpm foam deckgun

[MF-xxxxx] Originally 1973 GMC Tanker
Was Sandwich Tanker 1 (148) in East Sandwich.  It was later 448.
It went out of service in the 1990s.
The chassis was utilized to build the new foam tanker in 2004.
In Service Sept 2004
Assigned to East Sandwich
Reassigned to NRG Canal Power Plant Bldg 19 Mar 2015

Newer military chassis will be used for upgraded tanker 2018.










Sandwich Foam Tanker 465
Sandwich FD utilized the 1973 GMC 7500 chassis of their old Tanker 1
to build a unique Foam Tanker. The new tanker has a 1500 gallon poly foam
tank that will carry 1% Class B ATC foam.  The tanker must be fed by an outside
water supply and has (4) 5" intakes on the rear.  The reason for the 5" intakes is
a huge 3,000 gpm foam deluge gun mounted on the left rear of the truck.  The
deckgun can throw a stream of foam 325 feet.  The tanker is expected to go into
service soon and will be stationed in East Sandwich Station 2.