- Falmouth Headquarters Fire Station 1 - 

Ambulance 39
(EMS 313)

2019 Ford F550 4x4 / Life Line Type I
Full ALS, Zoll Monitor / Defib
Stryker Power Load Stretcher


[MF-xxxx] Placed in service Jan 2019
Assigned to Station 1
First of this style ambulance in Falmouth

Replaced 2003 Freightliner M2/ALF Aero Medic Master Type I
In service since Nov 2003
Assigned to Station #1

Replaced 1989 Ford E350 / EVF Ambulance
Reassigned to Sta.5 in March 2007
Unit repainted red/white in Fall 2011
Reassigned to Station 2 in Summer 2015
Replaced A38 which became spare at Sta 5



Original colors